Customer Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Collection Volume 1
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on December 7, 2011
I'll have to admit I was pretty hesitant about purchasing this book only because I already owned these stories in two other tpb collections but my curiosity & fanboy inner demon got the best of me. Besides the hefty price tag it's a very nicely put together hardcover book thats been too long over due for fans of the original Mirage Studios comics. The art has been enlarged so the panels truly almost seem like they're exploding off the pages plus in between each issue there's commentary from Eastman & Laird respectably. Truly looking forward to more volumes down the road including the legendary "City at War" storyline, more material from the non Eastman & Laird run, the classic anthology series "Turtle Soup", Image Comic's run, & really, just about anything & everything in between. A big thanks to IDW Publishing this awesome collection.
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on December 30, 2011
Heads up to those that may not be aware; this IS a black & white book - NO color on the inside! That is how it was originally published, so it is supposed to be that way! This is a great story of the origins of the TMNT. Nice hardback cover that is in full color. Cool little commentaries at the end of each "issue" from the creators. Nice size - larger than standard comic book size (smaller than the Absolute editions). This is a must have for any comic book or TMNT fan. 5 stars!
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on May 31, 2016
If you're interested in the origin of the Turtles, this is the book for you. My first taste of TMNT was the original cartoon series from the late 80s. So, being able to buy these earlier comics for my Kindle is a treat. I was definitely too young for these in the mid 80s, as the turtles in this book aren't the fun loving, pizza eating turtles I grew up with. These turtles are more mature and harder hitting. These comics are grittier and more violent than the toned down versions seen in the shows and movies that followed. They slice, maim and even kill their enemies.

The origin story hasn't changed too much over the years, provided you ignore the 2014 film. (I do) There are some changes, though. For example, April O'Neil isn't a reporter in these comics. There are other things that have been changed over the years, but I won't spoil things for people who want to read this book and he surprised.

All said, I found this book very enjoyable. The stories are good and the artwork is great. I recommend this for all true TMNT fans.
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VINE VOICEon May 22, 2016
O.K., now THIS comic is the ultimate, original, dark undertones story of the TMNT crew. It was different back then. It was much darker with blood. This has every beginning issue of TMNT ever to come out. Even the storyline surprised me. (SPOILERS) Oroku Saki (Shredder) had an older brother instead who was in love with Tang Shen, as was Yoshi Hamato. When Tang Shen rejected Saki's older brother, he beat her! Now that's dark. I love how the black and white pages are. And the TMNT crew looked more like actual turtles instead of anthropomorphic humanoid turtles.
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on August 16, 2013
I don't own the original Mirage books, they are getting to be too hard to find and I was a fan more of the animated cartoon in my childhood. I later discovered the gritty original incarnation of the TMNT as Eastman and Laird created them.

Obviously, these are black and white, or printed with a total of 4 monocharomatic shades of grey and "sketchy" or gritty compared to modern comics. But it is amazing what the guys were able to create with such rudimentary format. Immense time went into layout, the artwork, many full page or 2 page spreads, etc. Being repackaged like this in oversized hardcover (color cover to boot) is a dream come true for some guys.

The books has some cool commentary or annotations by none other than Eastman and Laird themselves, harkening back to their early days as creators. Sometimes they are filler, but more often they give some interesting insight into what was going on behind the scenes as TMNT was getting off the ground and before it became the licensing giant for cartoons / movies / toys that it became.

Getting back to the art, I have some buddies have have some of the original issues, and digital scans of originals. Reportedly, some spots were cleaned up, or lightened as needed to re-release this in the best form possible. I take their word for it, and say that just to make the point that this might be THE best way to read these issues possible.

I hope to eventually own Volume II onward.....
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on January 9, 2012
Having been a long-time fan of Ninja Turtles in many of its incarnations and in particular the first movie (which I watched dozens of times as a kid), this collection is absolutely great if you're first getting into the comics like me. And also if you're a fan of the first movie, you should know that the comics are even better, particularly if you're a fan of the darker elements.

The original comics are amazing, even if it does delve into a bit extreme and sometimes laughable territory (such as when they end up transported to another planet). But they're quite entertaining and addictive regardless of the subject matter, and that's what really counts.

What I also love is how they developed each of the Turtles' personalities as time went on. Donatello is always the crafty and technologically-oriented one, Raphael is the angry loner type, Leonardo struggles in many situations to keep them all together, and Michelangelo is of course the comic relief, and I also love how he and Raphael's relationship ends up being close. Raphael becomes quite protective of Michelangelo, even if it is only subtly hinted at in these first issues.

Where the movies left a lot of stuff out and changed a lot of things, the comics really expand and tie everything together.

I highly recommend this collection for first-time TMNT comic readers. All of the artwork is presented on bigger pages and panels than the originals, which makes it much easier to read and follow along, and the commentary by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman on each issue is also very interesting and provides greater insight into the conception of the Turtles and the artwork.

This is really a must-have for any fan of TMNT, and I can't wait for the second collection to come out in February!!

My only complaint is that the book isn't bigger, because there were A LOT of issues in the series, so I just hope they keep putting out these collections or someday create one giant anthology because after reading this, I seriously can't get enough!!
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on March 27, 2015
What can I say... the art and the writing are top-notch 80s nostalgia. But I think it holds up well today. The printing is really beautiful with the exception of Issue #1. For some strange reason (maybe because the original was so small?), it looks a little fuzzy and not as crisp of a black and white as later issues. Almost as if it were scanned in at a lower resolution or handled as a gray scale image rather than a black and white line work.

Still... it's original TMNT. The book is beautiful overall and the interviews after each issue are AWESOME! I was and continue to be a huge fan of these earlier works. I highly recommend every volume in this release, and I own them all.
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on August 11, 2015
Includes the Raphael One-shot.
Color would only detract from the beautiful artwork and sublime layouts of these classic issues.
The original idea may have been born from an in-joke, and the original pages may have been drawn on a coffee table of a tiny shared apartment, but the results have stood the test of time. Two young writers with nothing really to prove. Just a love of the craft and a gift with the pen. Never concerned whether or not a story made sense to tell - just the willingness to tell it anyway and see where the chips fell.
Who knew it would spawn an international franchise listed among the likes of Star Wars and Doctor Who?
Sadly, this does not include the Fugitoid one-shot (Have yet to find a volume that does) but it is still a must-have for comic book backs, turtle fans, and anybody that enjoys looking through the looking-glass at a world that might have been.
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on February 27, 2016
I collected the original Mirage issues back in the late 1980's !!! I still own them today !!! This book is highly recommended to every TMNT fan who wants to own and read the original stories. These books are hardback and beautifully made and excellent quality !!! The comics are printed in very large print , making them even more easy and enjoyable to read. And the prices here on amazon are excellent too !!! Thank you IDW Publishing for releasing these books and thank you Amazon for making them affordable !!! And Thank You Keven Eastman and Peter Laird for all the wonderful TMNT stories over the years!!!
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on April 24, 2015
Like most people, i fell in love with the turtles because of the late 80s cartoon show and the action figure line. A couple years ago I started getting interested in comics and I started reading IDW TMNT ongoing and i really liked it.

Once i saw this book i new i had to get it. I love this Ultimate format. I prefer the b&w look versus the color version. It's a great sturdy book that you can sit on your table and take in every detail as you read. It also offers some great insight into the series from Eastman&Laird.

If you're a fan of the cartoon shows and want a classic TMNT feel. You can't go wrong with this collection.
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