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on September 20, 2009
My husband and I both have back problems and are overweight and in our fifties. We wanted to try inversion but wanted a sturdy, well-built table. We had also looked at and tried several tables in stores and at friends' homes. We chose Teeter because it was an established, sturdy product, and we chose this--admitedly older--model for one reason; no one complained about foot pain during inversion (in ANY of the Amazon reviews), and I had had trouble with some of the tables we tried. I am happy to report--NO FOOT PAIN! There is pressure on the arch-top, of course, and eventually it becomes uncomfortable, but it is easily relieved by going back up for a moment and then returning to the inverted position.

Also--NOTICABLE RELIEF OF BACK PAIN! After two weeks I decided to cancel my next appointment with the chiropracter--which had for several years been needed weekly just to move, but did not relieve all the pain--and after two months I have not regretted it. MUCH cheaper than chiropractic! My husband is completely pain-free; I still have some pain, but less than the chiropracter could achieve!
Two notes: I have sinus problems, and still have to invert slowly the first time down to avoid pressure and pain in my head. My husband has no trouble. Also, last week we both had colds. My husband still had no trouble, but inversion gave me a headache which lasted a couple of hours, so I did not use the table again until the sinus congestion had passed.

We are VERY happy with our inversion table! We would definately recommend this model to anyone who was interested in relieving back pain, even if they are older and overweight.
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on October 8, 2009
I purchased this inversion table from Amazon because it was a refurbished model $100 off the normal price with free shipping. These factors made it a great deal but as the description stated, some parts may not be perfect. They weren't. Some tubes have scratches in them and it appeared the unit came from a mixture several other boxes of returned units. It is fully functional as they say but did have some missing bolts. I feel it was worth what I paid for it so I'm happy with the purchase especially with the discounts from Amazon.

For the unit itself, I'm past middle age and about 240lbs and this inversion table feels solid to me. It has adjustments to make the tilting speed quick or slow and easy. I put it on slow and easy and am comfortable using it. I haven't done a complete inversion but really don't think I want to. With the tilting strap holding the table at about 40 degrees and can feel my back stretching out as much as I wanted. I think older people will find it more comfortable to start out slowly getting used to being inverted as many of us probably haven't been upside down in many years. Younger people may get used to it quickly. The unit does what it says so if you don't have the upper body strength and ability to relax your back muscles to stretch out, this inversion table might be just what you're looking for. I'm also glad I got the lowest price I could find anywhere by buying a refurbished model from Amazon.
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on November 4, 2009
I just received my refurb Teeter Hang Ups F7000S, hoping to alleviate lower back aches and pains that I've had for years, as well as hoping to eliminate occasional arm and/or shoulder pain from alignment issues in my upper back and neck. Having grown up with older brothers, I played a lot of boys' sports when I was young. I definitely got the most out of life, had a blast! I'd do it all over again knowing that one day I'd have this Teeter table!

The table arrived (BIG box, and heavy, too!), and as others have posted, it's about 95% assembled. I found the instructions to be fine, the pictures definitely helped (I prefer visual instruction rather than written), but the written instructions were also very good in clarifying details. I was able to finish the remainder of the assembly in about 20 minutes or so. It's very simple, and having done it now and being familiar with all of the parts, one could put this together in about 5 minutes if they knew what they were doing. The table is made with OUTSTANDING quality! Definitely a quality that would be found in a fitness center or gym! Not a spec of cheeziness about it!

I made a point to watch the video. IMPORTANT NOTE *** I am NOT one who normally reads manuals or watches instructional DVDs. They're always a last resort for when things don't work as planned. I prefer to just figure things out. However, having read so much valuable input from this review group, I realized that there's a serious safety matter to consider - blood rushing to the head, getting nauseous, dizziness, losing consciousness, and of course, the inevitable crashing head first onto the floor (which as the instructions say, can cause injury or even death! I think I'll try to put off that "death" thing for a while longer). The video is brief and very informative! Good stuff! I'm so glad I watched it!

Then off to the inversion table to try it out. I had my husband spot me for the first time, just in case I flipped too fast, passed out, threw up, got my feet stuck, or crashed head first causing injury or even death! Surprise, surprise, everything worked perfectly! Crossing my arms over my chest got the table slowly inverting. As I raised one arm at a time up and over my head, the table continued its descent. Slowly got my other arm up and over my head. I was at about 30 degrees or so in inversion, having set the strap to prevent the table from going further. Might have been too much, but I felt fine, so I wasn't concerned. And happy hubby was there just in case.

I found it initially hard to relax and let my spine decompress. I could feel some discomfort in my lower back, where I normally have issues. As I took in deep breaths and consciously tried to relax my body, I could feel the stretch happening and the pain and tension dissipating. Absolutely remarkable! My husband, who didn't seem terribly interested in using it (he's never had back pain or spinal issues...lucky bugger!), instantly found himself fascinated with the table. He thought it was so cool how it slowly rotated by small arm movements! I only stayed on the table for about 5 minutes, as was suggested by many users. But I can immediately tell that this will be fantastic to use! As I write this review, my back feels loose and I feel comfortable. It's a pleasantly odd feeling after all the years of expected tension and discomfort! Can't wait to flip again! Slowly, of course.

The table is a tremendous value! Amazon's price on this is exceptionally good. And the shipping was FREE and it arrived very quickly! I wasn't the least bit concerned about it being a refurb - most products are like new after visiting the factory for a second time. It's rock-solid in build quality and offers a lot of versatility in movement. Just think -- one day I could be hanging upside down like a bat!!! And while most folks get shorter as they get older, I'll just keep getting taller!

Laurie - Irving, Texas
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on June 15, 2009
I was suffering from some back pain and I bought this hoping it would help.
I bought it with rush delivery shipping so I paid nearly as much to get it fast, as I did to buy the product. It has helped, and I am getting better.

I am a 250 lb guy a hair over six feet tall. The Inversion table is easily adjustable to fit anyone and is very strong and very well made. There is no deflection in any part of this product that would make you feel the least bit insecure using it. The fabric that is stretched over the frame to support your torso is comfortable smooth and very stout. I am quite sure this product will outlast me.

If you follow the instructions, to adjust it to fit your body, you will find it is easy to get upside down and right side up again by just moving your arms very slowly to control the balance to tip you upside down and back again to right side up. (You will probably also need to flex your leg muscles and bend your knees just a little bit to pull yourself up about an inch to account for you getting taller while upside down) The ease with which you control the balance is really quite surprising.

It is easy to understand the instructions, and everything you need to put it together is in the box. It took me less than an hour to unpack, read about it and put it together.

When it is in the shipping box, this item is really too heavy for one person to lift. When you get the box, unpack it and carry the parts to your location of use making several trips.

You won't be disappointed. To wear it out, you'd need to be sharing it with a bunch of your friends, and still I am sure that by then you would be a very very old person.
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on April 27, 2008
Many other very good reviews have already been posted. I will simply second those sentiments. I have used the table for a few weeks now and I have worked up all the way to full vertical (it is recommended that new users take it slowly, and begin on lower inversion settings, working their way up). Hanging fully upside down the first few times is a bit disorienting, but you quickly get used to it.

The table is solid - very well built with precision hinges for tilting, easy to lock in your feet securely.

My whole family - kids and wife - are enjoying it.

My only problem, if you can call it that, is pressure on my instep when hanging. I can usually fix this by tying my shoe so the knots are at the side. I don't know if the gravity boots will help eliminate that pressure, but was interested in hearing from others who use them with this table.

We are able to leave the unit set up in our basement. However, I have tried folding it up to put it away for company if they have kids who will be playing near the equipment. If you are thinking of storing this between uses, be aware that it is heavy and a bit cumbersome when it is folded up. But given the nature of this equipment and the purpose for which it was designed, the only solution to making it more friendly for portability would undermine the quality of the product.
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on December 31, 2009
I had a herniated disc and after numerous trips to the doctor, opted to not have surgery and ordered the F7000S instead. Although heavy in the packaging it was very east to put together and very sturdy as a product. Not being a large person, but not small either, i started to use it to slowly stretch out my back and continued for appox 3 months. In less than that period of time the disc problem was completely taken care of because of the continued usasge I have not had a single recurrence of back pain or problems since. Being an avid golfer playing a minimum of 3 times a week, it certainly does tell me the value of the F7000S and what it can do for a person when used regularly.

As a side note, my wife to has on and off again back pain and she too is using it, and having great success
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on March 14, 2008
You can believe the excellent reviews of this product. I go to the chiropractor once a month and usually my back is locked up like a steel rod within 2 weeks. I got this table a week ago and I can't remember the last time my back was this loose and flexible.

Shipping was very fast - free shipping, even to Hawaii! Assembly was easy - the DVD walks you through it.

The table is very well-made, quiet, fun, easy to take down, store and set up again. I've been using it twice a day and putting it away each time - it literally takes 1 minute. I weigh 250 lbs and I've only used the 60-degree setting because I'm not ready to invert completely. I've gotten tremendous relief without even going completely upside down. Did I mention that it is fun to use? Once you have identified the correct settings, you have a very fine control of the table by slowly moving your arms and bending your knees. I really like this product.
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on February 22, 2007
It was easy to assemble. Fit and finish like a Hasselblad camera, and that is not a joke.

Totally stable in use, nothing rattles, easy to adjust for people of different height and weight.

It is absolutely silent in use, so it could even be used in a bedroom next to somebody sleeping if desired.

I feel safe when using it because it is so well-built (when you're hanging upside down, that is important!).

This was the only inversion table I could find that wasn't made in mainland China. Why do I care? Because it shows in the quality and in the thorough, English language instructions and tips for use, even a good DVD.

I was also pleased that it folded flat for storage quite easily.
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on October 23, 2009
I've only had it 2 days, not long enough to judge health benefits over time, but it arrived quickly, was fairly simple to assemble, and is extremely well-built. That last part is worth repeating: this thing is solid as a rock and is really a beautiful piece of engineering. You definitely don't want to hang upside down on a flimsy device!

I'm hoping this will allow me to reduce or even eliminate trips to the chiropractor for a minor back issue...time will tell, but it makes sense: gentle but thorough stretching. (That's what gave me the idea: my chiropractor's mechanical table provided the best relief, and I figure this is doing essentially the same thing, just using gravity instead of electricity...)
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on November 21, 2007
I've looked at Inversion Tables for well over a year. I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back and have suffered from pain for almost 2 years. Not too mention, between my parents and brother, my family has had 8 back surgeries! Needless to say, I've been looking for help/relief from daily pain.

With in the first few days of using the F7000 my back felt much better. I continue to use it just about every day. My wife has even begun to use it and is seeing the benefits as well. She has some small back issues and a defect in her hip. She has found that the F7000 helps get her whole back AND hip in alignment. While we certainly aren't pain free, we have much less pain than we used to. I anticipate we will continue to see improvements as we work the F7000 into our daily routine.

I'm glad we spent the extra money and upgraded over the less expensive models. It is very comfortable, has the traction bars, non-slip feet, and folds up if needed. This is a very solid piece of machinery and any user can appreciate the quality that Teeter puts into their product. If you're looking at inversion table it probably means you're looking to fix a back problem. Do you really want to skimp on your back therapy? Do yourself a favor, by a Teeter Hangups, and if you can afford to, get the F7000!
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