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on May 6, 2016
I ordered a few of these about a year or so ago, to use at home. I cured them as per instructions, WHICH SAY ... coat with vegetable oil, and BAKE in the OVEN at 350 or so for about an hour - cool, and wash the pan in warm soapy water, rinse, dry, and it's ready for use.

So it is ... for awhile. Mine have gotten worse and worse in the 'non-stick' ability. So I cleaned them thoroughly, re-cured, and tried again. Food sticks more and more.

I have been a chef for more than 30 years. Ya want a REAL non-stick pan? Go to a Restaurant Supply House, spend JUST A FEW MORE DOLLARS, like $5, and buy a REAL NON-STICK pan, the ones with the dark coating, and ENJOY! They last for years!

I have found, just a little, higher heat is a real enemy of these 'Orgreenic Pans' ... IF the stove top flame is low, they kinda, just a bit, 'non-stick' just a little better, but not by much.

I am 'rotating out' the FOUR 'Orgreenic' pans I have, buying 'Restaurant Grade' pans like I have at the Restaurant, and will spend lots less time scraping food off these 'non-stick' pans ... AS IT IS COOKING, and afterwards.
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on February 26, 2016
I cannot believe the amount of 1 star negative ratings on sticking and poor performance on a pan which is advertised as performing so greatly otherwise.
First off these pans must be " Seasoned " ....not a difficult thing. ..not rocket science......Just coat with a thin layer of vegetable oil....heat over medium flame just to the point that you see smoke . ...remove from heat. Let pan cool..then wipe pan clean.
Ive used it three times and everytime had Great results. People no need to place flame up to the heavens ....these aluminum pans conduct heat evenly & efficiently.
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on December 27, 2016
To start please. I am a very experienced cook with a culinary school degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. I had high hopes for this pan due to the hype on TV. I was hoping for something to use for quick cooking instead of my cast iron, something with easier up keep when what I was coking did not require an iron skillet:

Seemed to work ok at first. Definitely not as advertised, but ok. It quickly lessened in it not stick quality, and actually formed a stick residue on the pan. I attempted to clean this and the bottom began to flake off. I stopped use after this, I did not want to contaminate my food.

Back to my trusty cast iron. I would recommend teaching yourself to use a cast iron skillet. With the proper care, they are super easy a will last you a life time. There are several great videos on you tube to show you how to care for them. They take some time to break in, but once they are well seasoned, they are last pan you will ever need! I for one, will not stray again!
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on March 2, 2018
A couple of things not mentioned by the commercials/marketing:

1) It needs to be "seasoned" routinely. It comes with instructions on how to do this, but the pan itself is not very stick resistant without seasoning it.
2) It's only non-stick if you season it and even then, not as much as they claim. The images of eggs or burned cheese sliding out of it are very much exaggerated.

Other than those two faults, it's a reasonable nice pan. Handle is double-riveted and pretty sturdy as is the base of the pan itself.
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on April 14, 2013
I'm not sure why this pan has such bad reviews. Obviously, people are unsure how to cook with the technology. It's simple. This is a CERAMIC pan. You don't cook at high temps, it heats evenly and gets hotter at lower temps!! Season the pan 1st. I used Crisco instead of vegetable oil. I did have to wipe it down alot more because it's grease and not oil, but that was fine. I cooked an egg first. Yes, it stuck a bit, but cleaned right out with a napkin. I've done fish several times. Slides around, cooked perfectly. The next time I did eggs I sprayed just a quick spray of Pam. Eggs slid around, cooked beautifully and there was no clean up at all. The trick here guys, is to NOT cook at high temps. It's NOT needed. I have an electric stove and turn it to 6 (medium) & let the pan heat up for about 5 minutes. Then I throw in whatever I'm going to cook. The eggs I kick back down to a 4 once they start cooking. I LOVE THIS PAN!! I've only had it a month so we'll see how I feel in 6 months, but it's awesome. Respect the heat and use it correctly and it will treat you well!!
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on January 30, 2014
My grandmother told me about this great pan she saw on TV, and was sad that she didn't call and order it. I told her I am sure it was on Amazon somewhere, in which she assured me, "No it is only on TV, I had too call in a certain time period!" After rolling my eyes and having a good laugh, here the pan was on Amazon. I read the reviews and was on the fence about the product. I told my grandmother to be sure to follow all the directions the pan came with before using it, as that seemed to be the key in the reviews and what a lot of lazy people were not doing thus giving bad reviews. She followed the easy "seasoning" instructions. She LOVES the pan. Nothing sticks to it, she actually doesn't even clean the pan, she just leaves it on the stove after cooking her morning eggs because she doesn't have to use any grease or butter, and the eggs come cleanly out of the pan every time. She thinks it is the greatest thing. She has had the pan well over a year now and it looks just like the day I bought it for her. PLUS Amazon shipped it to Canada for me - WIN. I did think the overall size was kind of small to be cooking for a family, but for a single person or two, the pan is great.
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on January 17, 2013
It is pretty much a good Teflon type pan, we treated it like it said, but find that it works best with a small shot of Pam spray prior to cooking, but with the Pam it works like advertised.
The handle does stay cool to the touch the entire way through.

I wanted to add that from reading others reviews , that most people don't understand how to use a non-stick pan.
Any non-stick pan will need some kind of lubricant unless the food being cooked is oily, If you are using a cast or stainless you need to use a lot of oil or grease , thats why Pam was so amazing when it was first released, When using a Teflon or non-stick pan , you need a small amount of Pam or other non stick spray to help cook.
The major selling point originally was the cleanup with a non-stick over a stainless, Seems that the younger generation doesn't know that , too much information being lost on the way down.
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on May 2, 2018
I cook everything in it. Ev. Ery. Thing. And when it wears out, I'm gonna get another one. Buy one. Seriously. Now. Do it. Try buying cheaper knockoffs (I have), and you will be severely disappointed when they start chipping enamel into your food and waste even more money replacing them (I have) when you could've just gotten it right the first time.
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on June 21, 2012
I purchased this through Amazon so did not have some of the problems others had with upgrades and free gifts. Since I am Amazon prime I did not have to pay shipping either. I seasoned the pan as per instructions and used it for some time with zero problems just like the TV ads and it worked fine. I even left it out to use regularly as I like the size and it looked nice. Then there came a day when I wanted to put some oil in the pan for the crunch and flavor of frying - something you don't get when you use the pan dry. I don't remember what I was cooking. Anyway it browned really fast and was good BUT now the grease is burned on and won't even scrape off (altho a finger nail does seem to make some progress). Now it looks awful and food sticks to the burnt on grease.

If used only dry I suspect this would be a great product for nicely cooked and very healthy but also quite bland food.

I'd like to attach a picture but can't find a way to do it. I don't want to be bothered recording a video review because I'd have to get dressed and comb my hair for that.
review image
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on June 27, 2017
Best non-stick cookware I've ever used! Season it as directed, and it is amazing. I've never had eggs not stick to a pan, but with this, they slide right off. We still use butter for flavor, but you hardly need oil to keep food from sticking. Easy to clean, and last well. I'm buying another one so we can cook multiple dishes at the same time, but my first one is still working great. Just don't scratch it with metal utensils or harsh scrubbers, and you'll be fine.
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