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on March 2, 2017
I was unfortunately not happy with many of the theme songs on here, as they have been re-recorded and are not the original television them songs. Very misleading and I do not recommend wasting your money on any of these CD's.
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on March 19, 2017
I Love this CD set.Thanks to Amazon I was able to complete my set of all 10 cd's. This is a fun set & if you love music & tv theme songs you will love this too.
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on November 22, 2013
A great journey down memory lane. I remember most of the themes from the first five volumes of this set. After the mid Eighties, I watched very little commercial TV so the last two volumes of this set have little to offer me.

It is quite true that some of the tracks, particularly on the first volume have some equalization problems. For instance, the lower frequencies on "Beverly Hillbillies" have been greatly over emphasised. This is quite peculiar since this track is an obvious re-creation. Some other tracks have a "hollow" sound which may be an affect of the slightly pumped bass that was used to enhance the sound delivered by the cheap speakers in most TV sets. Generally, the sound quality is quite acceptable, especially if your goal is to remember the past rather than listening to it to pick out the acoustic problems of the music.

It should be remembered that these tracks were recorded as theme music for early TV series and not for other uses. Given the electronics of the time, the special needs of the networks to produce sounds that worked well with cheap TV speakers and for delivery by telephone line to their affiliates, one should not be shocked that they don't sound quite right when delivered by modern stereo equipment. However, the producers ought to have corrected the most obvious equalization problems to improve the sound when played on modern equipment.

The voice on Popeye is not the more modern Popeye that appeared on television. Apparently the track used here was from a 1930's cartoon. I'd have rather had the real TV theme.

The theme from "Lost In Space" appear on both volume one and on volume five, but these are obviously not the same recording. I rememver the version on volume five, but the volume one version may have been from the first year or so of the series. Unlike those purists that complain about the contents of this series, my memory is far from perfect when it comes to precisely identifying music from fifty years ago.

Whether or not this set has what you want depends on whether you simply want to refresh those fond memories or whether you are a purist who refuses to be satisfied by re-creations that are mostly close to the originals. If you simply want those memories, then the various volumes of this series are far more than adequate. Thus, I'm giving this volume a five dispite the various quibbles.

Highly recommended for those who simply want a strole down memory lane. Purists will need to look elsewhere.
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on December 4, 2002
What will be scary about this album for many people is the fact that they will remember almost *all* of the tunes. Did everyone really watch that much tv when they were growing up?!(See the product details for the themes included in this album.)
You don't need to be a musician to enjoy or critique this album. If musical snobbery is your calling card, you will overlook the charming aspects of the CD. Beware of self proclaimed "experts".
The enjoyable experience of hearing these old tunes will overcome some of the shaky recording quality of the themes. Some of the tunes have been re-recorded via electronic synthesis and others have been either remixed or equalized for a better sound. If you take into account the era that these themes came from and the sound engineering of the time, the producers haven't done too badly considering what they had to work with. The audio quality of a few are borderline, but considering you get over 60 themes, that's not a bad deal. Not bad at all.
Television's Greatest Hits Vol 1 is a nice way to go back in time for less than twenty bucks.
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on November 21, 2001
This CD (along with volume 2) is quite simply a perfect piece of Americana. Do you remember when you, mom, dad, and the grandparents would all watch Andy Griffith? Howbout Leave It To Beaver? Remember growing up watching goofy Gilligan with your sister or brother? You will when you listen to this CD. It brings back memories of when grandad smoked his pipe in the house, the Buick was big and loud, you went sledding in the winter, and society was by and large wholesome.
All songs are, to the best of my memory, exactly taken from the television program as they were. This is no rip-off CD where you find a collection of boring elevator music that vaguely resembles TV theme shows.
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on July 5, 2011
I'm very happy with this disc. It's true that a few of the selections aren't the original televised music, and that some sound like they were recorded straight from a 3" television speaker. But most perfectly convey the theme song, and some of the "faults" noted by other reviewers don't bother me a bit. For example, a few cuts splice the opening and closing credits into one piece, but these usually sound like two verses of the same song and are perfectly acceptable to me. The muddy sound on some selections doesn't bother me because it sounds just like television used to sound -- complaining is a bit like griping that LPs have pops and crackles. I think this disc is perfect for trips down memory lane, as well as for appreciating how well-crafted many of the theme songs were. It would be nice if original recordings could be obtained yet engineered with better sound, and I'll save my fifth star for the disc that does it.
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on August 5, 2014
Once again I've enjoyed hearing some old TV themes that brought back memories, but many of them aren't the original artists and some of them could have been cleaned up to sound much better.
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on September 26, 2016
Not all the tracks are original (some originals were destroyed when the shows ended) but a great novelty record.
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on January 9, 2013
I would definately recommend this to anyone who likes the old stuff. Take a trip down memory lane folks !
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on July 26, 2010
These DVD's are great! I've loaded each one into my iPod Touch (32GB), except for dang Volume #5, which I can't seem to find at a reasonable price! What I did was, removed the volume numbers and disk numbers from the "Get Info," so that all 390 theme songs (65 x Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 7) show in alphabetical order. Then, I play them back, without looking, and try to guess the title of each one! Some are easy, and some are tough. They're in alphabetical order for the beginner, or, turn on "Shuffle," for the more advanced listener! It's a lot of fun, and brings back fond memories!
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