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on August 24, 2015
This b look series is a great series it's not all wars nor love/sex scenes every other paragraph, there are the normal good and bad but good doesn't always win . It's not just blood sucking its a story with new kinds of demons and good guy's and a very different way to approach magic and vamps and life with humans .you don't get the same story in each book with only different characters you get new story characters with old and it's always on the move I think any fantasy or vampires demons humans and witches will really enjoy its series I haven't been able to just walk away from the story it keeps your mind busy all the time ,no same old same old blood guts sex the end it keeps you interested throughout the series. Ages from around 13 and on up I think will enjoy it .Don't get me wrong it's not perfect but die read it again in few years . Good luck
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VINE VOICEon November 9, 2009
Zoey is a crybaby, I think this is what Bella would have been like with a little more guts. Not saying that's a good thing. Zoey is starting to get flat. It seems like she's the lead character from Gossip Girls just angsting from guy to guy, trying to `make this all work' and the scary part is? She's the next High Priestess. Seriously if I were a vampire I'd be scared to death that my next High Priestess is slightly slutty, a drama queen, and shows no sense of growing as a character towards maturity at all.

The plot is... well it's like reading a very very young adult novel with some slutty scenes thrown in. Nothing really happens... but really when was the last time something huge and meaningful happened? In the first few books? It seems that Zoey is collecting men/soldiers, is gaining new powers like crazy, and still has no idea what it truly means to be a leader.

No spoiler alert here, but one of her `guys' dies... then again in Merry Gentry's novels we all thought Frost was lost to Merry, and look what happened. I have no doubt that something equally absurd may happen here. I also really am tired of reliving the drama from multiple points of views. I know many other readers hit the same point, but PC Cast (who usually writes ok to great books) went just a little bit off the deep end. Most of the time authors will progress with the plot through different POVs. Like something will happen through one character's eyes, then you can see the resolution through another character's. Here it's like Zoey drama through Zoey's eyes, then the same Zoey drama though another person's eys. Stevie Ray's drama through her own eyes, then Stevie Ray's drama through Rephaim's eyes. Blah.

The last thing that really bothered me is something a little silly. I hated that the dang book was in hardcover. I mean you can't have 4 or 5 novels in paperback then switch to hardcover. (Hear that Mary Janice Davidson and JR Ward??) But wait the publishing company re-released all of her books to be hardback so we can have a matching set! Yea! Not, guys the plot isn't good enough for a hardback, I was alright with the sluttyness, the lack of maturity and slang when all I had to pay was under ten dollars, now though you have to ask your self if the drama is worth the higher price, and the fact that if you throw it across the room it will dent your wall...
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on February 11, 2017
I love this and the whole house of night series of books. The plot and the characters are very engaging, anf you will anxiously want to read the next book!
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on March 10, 2016
This book is good from the start to the finish. It makes you keep turning the pages. Ready for the next book . . .
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on April 6, 2017
It's Ok.
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on November 12, 2016
great series
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on January 4, 2015
Great book!
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on October 30, 2009
#1 Avoid reviews that contain the ending spoilers or this book is not even going to be worth reading.

First off, this series is incredibly imaginative, so I don't want to come off sounding like the book is, well... "poopie". It's not - it's just nowhere near on par with the other books in the series. On it's own I would say it's more like a high 2 or low 3, but with so much invested in the characters, Tempted may not pull its own weight but is entertaining nonetheless.

Tempted leaves off where we left off with Neferet ushering fallen angel, Kalona, (now calling himself Nyx's consort, Erebus) into the spotlight with a grand entrance at the House of Night. Zoey and friends have escaped to the relative safety of the convent belonging to the City Cats nuns only to have to fight the Raven Mockers. Tempted begins with the clean-up and most of the book is devoted to the reorganization of Clan Zoey and planning of Kalona's downfall (they don't get that far). Much time is focused on Stevie Rae and the secrets she keeps - especially one involving Kalona's firstborn - the Raven Mocker Rephaim.

This goes on and on until 20 pages to the end when the action starts up again building up to a showdown between Kalona and Zoey. The ending comes in a rush of confusion (not at all what I was expecting) leading to a promise of answers in the next installment. So, on its own Tempted read like one big build-up to the next book with far too much time spent to building up relationships between other characters (Stevie Rae with her "Red Vampyres" and Rephaim, Aphrodite and Darius, sheesh - even Stark and Heath).

POV: One of the reasons this book felt like one big build-up and a bit disjointed was the removal of focus from Zoey. Unlike the prior books, the POV shifts between characters. Each chapter is told from the perspective of one of the characters, so indicated under the Chapter heading. I see why the authors are doing this, but I don't think it was pulled off quite as elegantly as it could have. See Shiver for an example of a book where joint POV is used to further the story telling a near singular story line. In Tempted, too many story lines are followed to give the book a cohesive feel. Whereas other books have flowed naturally, this one really felt a little more forced from the authors rather than a force of its own.

Language: It's beginning to grate on me. In any other situation, when teens (or anyone) begin hanging out together for extended periods of time, they start sounding like each other. Not here! No, we have every dialect (even made up!) from the U.S. - poor grammar included. It felt stronger (and it could have been because of the multiple POV) in Tempted than in other installments. However, the regional colloquialisms are starting to sound forced and a bit much. I would love to know from Middle America teens if they REALLY sound like this ALL the time, because I doubt it. Also, it feels like all of these really intense life experiences should be shaping and maturing the teens, and yet when Zoey faces an immortal out pops "poopie" - most people I know relax around their friends but have a different language/presentation that they may use around others. My feeling is that the authors are trying to present the characters as incredibly strong individuals that do not yield to peer pressure, but it doesn't feel true. Plus, I am tired of all the bowel movement talk.

Characters: Little character development has occurred. However, this is in part because the events in Hunted and Tempted are both about a week apart (for the whole books). However, I am having a really hard time imagining a full-fledged vampyre like Darius falling for Aphrodite with all her juvenile melodrama. Stark has probably demonstrated the most character development and maturity. Sylvia Redbird appears briefly but is still a strong influence on Zoey and her choices (she's my favorite character). Heath has turned into a shell of a stereotypical football jock fused with a lap dog. The "Reds" versus "Blues" thing going on between the vampyres is getting a bit labored.

Story Line Turns: At the end of Tempted, Zoey's circle flies to Italy to meet with the Vampyre High Council and this is where the book leaves us. Neferet and Kalona are also there and the issue of free will/free choice becomes critical. So, it seems that at least the next installment of the House of Night will not be happening at the House of Night. This may not be a bad thing. The ending was just too rushed and TOO confusing/shocking. Rather than end as a really good cliffhanger, this makes the whole book feel like one big set-up for the next novel. Since nothing really happened until the last 50 pages, I have to wonder if I would not have missed anything if I skipped this one.

Bottom line: Only read it if you are addicted to the series. Wait to read it until right before the next book is released if you can. You will either love or hate the ending (I don't think there is a middle ground), which is ridiculously abrupt. In fact, it's not even an ending. Here is where Team Cast could take a hint from the Twilight series - use a natural ending to your advantage. If the characters seemed immature and unrealistic before, expect their language to grate on you in Tempted.
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on October 31, 2009
Wow... I just finished it, and my first thought was that the Cast's must be experiencing Writer's Block and threw this out there to satisfy their publishing requirements.

This completely lacked all of the power of the first books in the series, it was extremely hard to follow as there was no unifying theme through this book as there were in all the others.

They're supposedly fighting the Evil of All Evil, but the book was nothing but a mash up of different characters running around with absolutely no purpose.

Come on, like they'd really let Heath run around a convention of Vampyres? PLEASE!

The Tulsa HON has all but been obliterated, and the Council acts like they know nothing about it?

I think the Cast's better get back to what made this series so great to begin with and stop trying to just drag it out, which is what this felt like.... it definitely was NOT their best work, not even close.

If the next installment doesn't get back to what made them so interesting, I'll be TEMPTED to never read another HON book again.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2009
In Tempted, Book 6 of the House of Night series, things pick up for Zoey and her friends as they have just defeated the evil Kalona and ex-High Priestess Neferet. Well, actually, they aren't exactly defeated--just living on the Italian isle of San Clemente, waiting to speak to the Vampire High Council in order to convince them that they are, indeed, Erebus and Nyx Incarnate. a young, newly appointed High Priestess vampyre's work ever done? Apparently not; nor is she allowed to actually choose among the three males vying for her constant attention, or even get any restful sleep since Kalona's decided he's going to invade her dreams. So naturally Zoey and the gang hop on the House of Night jet (unchaperoned by adults, mind you) and fly to Italy in order to head off the soon-to-be disastrous recognition of Kalona and Neferet. Ummm, like the Vampire High Council couldn't figure out for themselves what those two are up to after all the death and destruction that just happened back in Oklahoma?

There you have it: the main problems with Tempted. Poking holes in this story almost became a game; even though I know it's a fantasy, too many coincidences and too much just plain luck kept pulling me out time and again. The plot moved so slowly for the first half of the book that I continually asked myself just why I had felt the need to continue with this series (particularly on the heels of the poorly edited Hunted). Quite honestly, had I not grown so attached to Zoey, Stevie Rae, and Aphrodite, I'd probably have ditched this one early on. And while I'm very glad I didn't (the final 50 pages or so made it worthwhile), I will say that it was almost too little too late to keep this reader intrigued.

Rant time: Where are the editors? Last time I complained about the typos and grammar in Hunted, and those seem to have cleared up in Tempted. But someone, anyone, please explain to me how on two separate occasions (pages 194-195 and 276-277), Zoey's point of view chapters started out in third person and shifted to first person without warning after a page or so with no break in the action? Both times I had to reread carefully to figure out 1) who was actually talking and 2) marvel that no one caught this before it went to press. Come on, editors! Get it together!

I did enjoy the differing points of view in this novel, and I think they did develop the story more fully. Stevie Rae's decision to save someone who might not be worth saving was terrific, giving her one more facet to distinguish her from her dithering friends. I am also beginning to believe that Aphrodite might be my favorite character. At least the girl knows what she thinks and is willing to say or do it. The guys in this novel? Pretty much a waste of space all around. I'm tired of hearing how hot they are; I just want Zoey to make a decision and stick with it. Which makes what happened at the end (while a stunning turn, I admit) a little puzzling as she's had difficulty making up her mind for six books now.

It's not that I hated this book; in fact, I rather found it page turning towards the end. I am just so disappointed, really. The move into Zoey saving the world from the original concept of living at the House of Night and trying to fit into the vampyre world just isn't working for me. I want the old chemistry and less of the modern slang. This review is getting three stars from me based on my former love for this series instead of the two it deserves. And from the looks of it, I may not be the only fan feeling this way about this once riveting series.
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