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on September 22, 2011
Ok, my husbands tooth fell out a week ago. He's an acupuncturist and sees patients daily, and since it just HAD to be one of the front teeth, getting a tooth replacement was needed now! As we know, it costs around $1000 to get an implant or bridge done and we needed some time to get that together. I was actually Googling dental insurance plans when I came upon TempTooth. Emailed the link to the hubs; we discussed and eventually decided it was the way to go until we could get his tooth replaced next month.

Here's the truth about TempTooth: can you make a tooth in about 15 minutes? Absolutely! Will it LOOK like the actual tooth that needs replacement? Only if you have realistic expectations and want to put a little more effort into the process than the instructions say.

The pluses about TempTooth is that you CAN have a temporary tooth until you able to afford the implant/bridge. For a medium-sized front tooth, it took about 12 of the beads. You want to start with less beads and possible add more if necessary because we found that once it hardens under the cold water process, it expands and becomes a little bigger and you can't fit it in. Start with 10-12 beads and add some if necessary. It's easy, just warm them along with the tooth you are forming; remold it again

Once they are transparent, they are very easy to shape into a tooth. If it's still not right, stick it back into the very warm water and wait till the edges become transparent and work on the shape a bit more. You are looking for a good fit and a tooth that looks as close as possible to the one that you lost.

Here comes the "work" part. You must be willing to follow through to have as close to a realistic tooth as possible. Once you have the shape of the tooth, it's gonna look like a really bright light in your mouth because it's so white, LOL! Don't worry, you'll need a cup of black tea to fix this. You will have to submerge the "tooth" into the black tea (took us about 12 hours overnight) to "stain" it to the color of your regular teeth. Some will need more time; some less. Depends on how often you have your teeth cleaned!

Now... to have the new tooth look like the lost tooth takes a little reshaping. You want the tooth to have the same "length" as the original. Plus, the width may be a bit wide and/or bulky looking as well. Clipping with a nail file is a little difficult since the tooth is thick from molding it and by now, it's a hard plastic. To get around this, I used a hand rotary drill with a round, fine sandpaper attachment. DON'T let this freak you out because it's actually a lot easier than it sounds.

Secure the tooth in some small needle nose pliers so it doesn't slip out of your hand and go flying across the room once you take the drill to it, LOL! Start with short burst with the drill until you get the hang of sanding the edges of the front of the tooth while the shortening the length to match it's "sister" tooth in your mouth. You can also sand off some of the thick excess on the bottom part of the back of the tooth; just be sure you don't mess with the sides of the back that need to adhere to the 2 teeth beside it in your mouth. Trust me, this is really easy. The more I worked with it, the more I was getting into it! :D

Some of the plastic may fray and not completely sand off. Just grab the nail clippers and clip it off and rinse. All in all, it took me no longer than 30 minutes to sand the edges for form a more realistic-looking tooth. I can now add "Tooth Maker" to my list of wifely/motherly duties, LOL!!!

One thing that would really be a good idea to try is this: if you still have the original tooth that fell out, heat the TempTooth and then mold it around the original tooth. You are going to create a mold to work with. Pull the original tooth out and run the mold under cold water to harden it completely. Make another batch of the TempTooth and gently push it into your mold to form the tooth you'll be working with (but not when it's real hot or it will melt the mold). Run the tip (the root part) only of your new tooth under cold water to make it hard enough to grip when you pull the tooth out of the mold. You may have to try this method a few times to get the hang of it, but I think it just might work and I wish I had thought of it last night instead of when I finished the tooth this morning! It would be interesting to know if this option works.

Bottom line: We are both really, really please with the outcome of this product. After a little staining, a little sanding, it looks exactly like the one he lost. Do I recommend TempTooth as a temporary replacement tooth - oh HECK yeah - in a heartbeat!! My husband and I are THE biggest skeptics when something like this comes along, but at this point, we had no choice but to try it, and if it didn't work, we didn't feel like the $30 we shelled out would be too huge of a loss.

Is it as quick as 15 minutes? No, you need to put a little effort into it if you want it to look as natural as possible. It was actually kind of fun and my 4 kids got a hoot out of watching us and offering suggestions.

Please don't think this is a paid "endorsement" of the product either. I wish! This was a purchase out of desperation, hoping it would work, and really pleased that it did. I sell a lot on Amazon, so if you need to contact me to ask any questions, I think you can by clicking on my name above. I'll be more than happy to help you out with this. I'm also following customer comments in case I can help.

My deepest thanks to TempTooth! I really hope you have a lot of success with this because it was a lifesaver to my husband. My only suggestion would be to experiment with tints that could be included with the product to make color-matching easier.
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on August 27, 2012
I spent a total of three hours over the course of three days trying to make two usable teeth with this product. No matter how many times I tried, I could never make anything that would stay in place. There was always too much excess material or not enough. Unlike what a previous reviewer wrote, I do not consider having to take a rotary drill to the product to be a legitimate course of action, meriting a positive review.

I followed the directions exactly as stated, re-reading them several times since I could not get a positive result. I watched the movie online. No help. I am not trying to replace front teeth - these are teeth #4 and #13 on a tooth chart - on my smile, they are barely visible, but they are visible. After many hours, I was able to get one acceptable tooth that would stay in place - I think it helped that there was a little bit of my original tooth remaining in that spot; it must have given it some stability.

But either way you're left with a piece of plastic, and I could never get it to work or look right, no matter how much time and effort I put into it.

The upside was this was my last holdout, my last excuse not to go to the dentist. I finally got real with myself about how bad missing two teeth made me feel, found a good dentist, and am going through the process of getting implants. For me, Temptooth was an utter waste of time and money, and a stressful, emotional roller coaster. Based on my experience I can only recommend that you put your money towards a professional solution - if you're only missing one or two teeth, a nesbit partial is remarkably cheap.
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on November 11, 2016
Absolute lifesaver. My temporary bridge fell out and I can't afford getting permanents. So I made my own bridge with Temp Tooth, eventhough the product is not sold for that purpose, as you can see from my photos, I brilliantly crafted my own bridge thanks to this product. It helps that I have the 2 stub teeth, but basically I used 14 beads for each tooth. I did one tooth at a time starting with the stub and worked my way across. The key to making a perfect bridge with this product is don't try to shape the tooth perfectly in your mouth, because you're going to do the shaping with a straight razor blade. Just get it to fit and get it the right size. The size and fit is the most important. Once you make the first tooth, put it in the freezer for about 30 seconds. That causes it to expand and solidify. Step 2, put the tooth you just made back in your mouth. If you did it right, it should go on the stub perfectly. Step 3, do the same thing for the other stub. Now you should have two false teeth that fit perfectly over your stubs. Now the fun part: creating the middle tooth and making the bridge. All you have to do is put the 2 false teeth in your mouth and hold them in place with your bottom teeth, then make the middle tooth and shape it between the outer 2 teeth. When you're doing this, make sure the middle one is somewhat hot so that it will stick to the 2 outer teeth. Also, make sure the teeth are in relative proportions to regular teeth. Remember, they don't have to be perfect at this stage, because you're going to make them perfect later with the razor blade. Now, once you got the middle tooth in between the other 2 teeth, pull all three out altogether slowly and make sure they stay together because they will be loosely stuck together. Take a tweezer and grip one end of the bridge with the tweezer. Then, dip the entire bridge in boiling hot water for 2 seconds. This will cause the bridge to stick together more tightly. Take it out, blow it real quick, and then immediately put it back in your mouth so that you don't lose the shape. Use your index and thumb fingers to press the front and back part together to get a tighter grip on your stubs. Also push on the part next to your upper gums to make sure that part is firmly against your gums.Repeat this step of putting the bridge in boiling hot water 1 or 2 times to make sure the entire unit is firmly stuck together. After each time, put it back in your mouth to reshape it. Now, put the whole unit in the freezer for about 30 seconds. This will cause it to solidify and expand. When you take it out, now you have a fully functioning bridge. All you have to do now is shape it to perfection with a razor blade. Just chisel two outer grooves to create the appearance of connecting teeth. And then cut away at the bottom of the bridge to create the appearance of the bottom of each teeth. If you get confused, you can look at a picture online of some teeth to get an idea of how it should look. The most important part of your chiseling is the bite. So if you have an overbite like me, you will need to cut away at the back of the bridge to give your bottom teeth room to chew. You may also want to cut away at the back of the bridge to give your tongue some room and to make it feel natural. If you did everything right, you will notice that the bridge stays in your mouth without falling out. However you will need some fixodent to make it hold all day for talking and chewing. To change the color, I soaked it in Lipton Black Tea for about 6 hours, and it came out perfectly like my other teeth. However, as you can see from my photos, the color will go away once you brush it. Anyway, what a lifesaver. I've talked to people in person and no one ever noticed the difference. This product easily saved me $3,000 that I don't have. Whoever made this product is a GENIUS!!! Thank you.
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on December 16, 2016
Temptooth is an amazing product. I was facing the reality of having to get tooth 5 and tooth 12 pulled. I love to smile, and I was heartbroken at having to go without those teeth for 7 - 10 months (the wait required to have implant process fully complete). I had discussed getting a flipper with my dentist - my cost was going to be $700. My oral surgeon told me it only costs about $30 to make and the rest is mark-up. I started doing research on the options. There was nothing but negative feedback on the flipper, so I ruled that out. In my research I came across Temptooth and started reading the reviews. For $40, it was worth a try. I had my teeth pulled last Thursday and had my tempteeth made the same day. I will agree that making a replacement tooth is easy and very quick, however there is a learning curve. It took me around 8 tries each to get a PERFECT tooth - one that looked good with the right color (after soaking the proper time in tea), fit well, installed and uninstalled well and that allowed me to close my bite while wearing. In my opinion, my tempteeth look more realistic than the crowns on the teeth behind them! I can't wait to show my oral surgeon - I had told him about he product, and he offered to help me make them! For those considering this product, it is so worth it - just be patient and willing to rework your tooth until you get it right. The package contains plenty of material, and you can rework a flop by just reheating in hot water and reshaping. I have an instahot at the sink, and the temperature was perfect. When working with the product, I found it helpful to do a slight bend in the middle before fitting the softened material in the space (the instructions have you do that after you fit it in). Hope this feedback helps! I know I'm smiling!!!
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on January 17, 2018
I really love this product so far (full disclosure: I just got this item today. I am also NOT a licensed dentist or any other type of medical practitioner. Take that under advisement when considering my review). It comes with quality tools that are useful in shaping the Temptooth and a large quantity of the little white beads that the Temptooth is made from.

I got this for my two broken teeth: one in the top front of my mouth (a baby tooth that never was displaced by an adult tooth that grew in sideways) and the other the furthest molar back on my lower jaw (about 1/2 of my natural molar remains - the middle of this molar is exposed).

Top tooth: This product is thus far great for my broken top canine tooth! It looks very realistic from a normal-interaction distance and provides enough coverage such that cold and hot foods do not cause sensitivity in that area. I imagine that it's best to remove this at night and when brushing your teeth if you're using this to provide coverage for a significantly chipped tooth, however, eating with it in was not problematic for me. It took me a few tries to get the shape right (you don't want to use too much material) as it hardens rather quickly (about 1 - 2 minutes in a 70°F room). I've removed it and put it back in a handful of times and it does just snap into place. I foresee myself using this on a daily basis - I love it!

Lower jaw molar: This tooth has been causing me more problems and is more sensitive than my baby canine. I got the Temptooth in successfully and was satisfied to be able to drink both a cold and a hot beverage without sensitivity or pain! However, I tried chewing a pretty soft burger with this in place and it caused a significant amount of pain. That's OK, though, as I don't expect plastic beads to work miracles. I have plans to restore functionality without pain to this tooth. I will see if and how Temptooth will play a role in this endeavor in the future.

Also, for whatever it's worth to anyone reading this review (and I'm including this because you may be considering this product as you're in a similar position): I recently went to a dentist who wanted to perform a myriad of procedures in my mouth for a grand total of over 6k. I have decent credit so I was able to get approved for CareCredit sufficient to cover all those procedures but, nonetheless, the prospect of potentially ruining my credit and having a sizeable monthly payment for years... Well, meh. Relevantly, she wanted to root canal and crown the two teeth discussed in this review. So, I spent a few hours online reading about root canals and crowning. I reached the conclusion that, for me, that was not a good option. A root canal is essentially embalming part of your jaw and the tooth in order to "preserve" it. I don't want to run the risk of creating deadly anaerobic bacteria in my jaw but I also don't want a gap that could lead to bone deterioration and the loosening of the tooth above my molar. What to do? Well, I've decided to stick thoroughly to an oral cleaning regimen involving 2-3x daily brushing with remineralizing toothpaste, a waterpik machine 2x a day, and a remineralizing ointment drop for both teeth and put into the waterpik machine. I was able to get an antibiotic prescription that has significantly helped calm the sensitivity in the back of my jaw (I intend to call them back up and get on their case until I get something stronger than Amoxicillin if the unprovoked dull pain isn't fully resolved, despite the front desk woman claiming that if Amoxicillin doesn't clear it up, nothing will 🤔) . I am still considering a "deep cleaning" for my level 4 teeth but want to first complete at least 8 weeks of my daily oral cleaning regime before going back and asking for a re-evaluation of the size of the gaps between my gums and teeth. I'm content to just keep using Temptooth as needed for the mostly cosmetic issue with my canine tooth. However, for my molar, I intend to try pulp capping products (after removal of really sickly tooth tissue, aeration, and decent "sterilization" of the exposed tooth material) followed, potentiality, by harder capping-like materials. FWIW, if you're interested, use your favorite search engine to read about pulp caps and the material used in contact lenses as potential tooth fillers (it's hard and protective yet breathable, kinda like your real teeth). Ultimately, if my efforts fail, I'll probably go back and just have my molar pulled but I have real hope that I will be able to preserve what remains of my teeth, in a pain free and relatively healthy state, all while saving thousands of dollars and my health in old age. All the best to everyone dealing with dental issues!
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Better than a professional quality temporary tooth glued in by a dentist that kept falling out (cost $150).
Better than a painful and clumsy partial (flipper) that gave me a severe speech impediment, created by a lab, fit by a dentist (cost $450).

I wasted a lot of money and was desperate. I read the reviews here, watched a few video demonstrations, and placed my order. I was so glad I did. I just wish I hadn't wasted so much time and money on previous "professional" fake teeth. Never again. I'll be using this product until I'm ready to get an implant. I'll also keep it on hand for future emergencies.

I've uploaded before and after photos, sorry for the blurriness. My hands shake.

> Looks as good as expensive dental fixtures I've paid for and didn't work out for me.
> Easy to work with, may take a few tries, but it's a forgiving medium. If you make a mistake, warm it up and make adjustments, or just start over.

> Getting a color match was a little difficult. It took 3 or 4 tries. I had to dip it in hot tea water 3 or 4 times before it looked like my natural teeth and caps.

Some might say a con would be not being able to eat while wearing it, but I don't consider that a con because I was told by my dentist not to eat while wearing the flipper (partial denture) that cost me $450. And a $150 professionally glued in temporary fell out twice, when I ate. With this you can eat soft foods, as long as they're not hot, because the heat can soften the tooth and this may deform it and ruin your masterpiece or make it fall out. The manufacturer does not want you to eat while wearing it, in part because they don't want you to accidently swallow it. But I ate soft cool foods with it in. Just be careful, make sure you made it a nice tight fit, and you can many soft foods while wearing it.

> Don't be nervous. It's actually interesting and fun to use.
> Use very dark tea to color the tooth. My teeth are NOT considered "yellow", the caps next to my missing tooth are considered "light" colored. But it took dark tea (3 tea bags at one time) to color the product dark enough to match my caps.
> Expect to and aim to have extra material touching on the inside (tongue side). This is helpful, it will help hold it in. You'll quickly get use to it. I did, and I could never get use to wearing a flipper. It's much better than a partial (flipper or plate).
> If it's not perfect, first try just warming the piece up and making small adjustments, instead of starting from scratch.
> Read the instructions. They're simple but very useful, and will actually give you confidence.
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on March 25, 2017
I broke both of my front teeth 20 years ago. The dentist put caps on both teeth. One front tooth broke and fell out a few months ago. The tooth already had a root canal and the base remains in my mouth. Cosmetic dental work is expensive. Thanks to Temptooth my speech is back to normal and family and friends confirm how impressive this product is. I read all the instructions, watched the video and watched others YouTube videos for Temptooth. My first try in 30 minutes, I made a useable tooth. Pictured is my second tooth. I used 22 beads, I heated them using 2 Lipton black tea bags at 160° in 8 ounces of water to match my teeth color during molding. I found that closing my mouth during the molding helped a lot with comfort fit. During the first full day of wearing it is comfortable. Think of holding a small piece of chewing gum behind your teeth, the texture is similar as well as the feeling. The molded tooth is ridged and holds secure without any other product. Caution to be aware of the temperature of hot food or drinks while wearing needs to be considered and be aware of but if you're careful can be done. Mostly I remove it to eat and sleep. I also find after use that it's like a favorite piece of jewelry that you always wear, it's missed immediately when not wearing. When I take it out at night it's a more weird feeling. I only wish I found this product sooner because just speaking clearly again changes my daily life. Temptooth has great customer service and responds quickly. I couldn't be happier with this product. All that I need to say to Temptooth is Thank You!
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on February 26, 2018
Okay so I decided to try this as a temporary fix to allow me not to have to try so hard to hide my smile until i can save up enough to have some issues fixed. I was extremely skeptical that this would help at all but thought, well it’s just $35. If it works great, and if not, well I wasn’t out that much money. I’ll let he pictures speak for themselves. Needless to say I’m a huge fan now. It is far from easy, and it will take quite a few tries to get the fit right, but the great thing about this stuff is that it’s reusable, so you can keep remolding it until you get it right. I’ve spent several hours and gotten the 3 they I needed in snug and looking acceptable. I plan to make a couple extras just to have them available and ready. I can hardly wait to go to work tomorrow and smile a little more than I had. I won’t be baring my teeth for all to see, but I feel just a little more confident than I did yesterday and that’s a lot more than I’m used to. Thank you TempTooth for temporarily giving me confidence and my smile back. I can’t wait to get my issues resolved, but in the meantime, this will work. Oh and btw, easy on the tea staining. I tried it thinking my teeth needed it and I wasted some of the stuff. Apparently my teeth aren’t that far off from the color of the material used.
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on February 26, 2018
Great while waiting for implants!

Works as promised. I had a tooth pulled, I have to wait 4 months for the bone to heal before I can get an implant. At first I wasn't worried about having the gap in my molars so I told the Dr. Not to worry about a temp.

Not long after I realized it looked worse than I thought it would so I tried this and I'm glad I did because that one the Dr was charging me for was more than $200!

I screwed up the fist once and made the mistake of eating mac & cheese with a second one in (it turned a weird greenish color) but its easy enough to use and once you get the hang of it and you can reuse it if you don't like how it turned out. Overall it's a great option if you need something for a short period of time, saves a ton of money from the dentist and looks decent enough that no one can tell.

NOTE to anyone using these to fill in while waiting for an implant. You'll need to make a new one every few weeks (this is normal) because as the bone heals it will come into alignment with the surrounding bone, the old temp tooth will eventually become to big (deep) age won't feel the same. Just remelt it and reshape it to accommodate your healing!
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on January 18, 2014
Initially loved this product. Although I certainly didn't make perfect teeth from it, the teeth were good enough to at least partially wide tooth with fallen off cap. I later used the product to make tooth and now it won't come off. I had left the tooth on overnight, which I now know I shouldn't have done, but never anticipated I would not be able to remove it. I have emailed the seller for help and have received no reply. I wouldn't recommend this product, but if you do use it, make sure you remove it before sleeping.

This is an update on my use of temptooth. I was never able to remove the tooth. I ended up having to have my dentist remove it. I had tried everything I could think of to soften and remove this tooth. PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL IF YOU DECIDE TO USE THE PRODUCT. I wonder how many other people were unable to remove teeth made from this material. As far as the seller response, I had sent them an email asking for help, but received no response. I guess it was easier to post here, then it was to send me an email with some suggestions beyond what it stated in the instructions. I really WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE.
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