Customer Reviews: Tenergy Centura 9V 200mAh Low Self-Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (2pcs card)
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on March 13, 2013
These are great rechargeables for holding a charge and powering your 9v devices. Great way to save money on 9v's each year when replacing smoke alarm batteries, etc. However the problem I've had is when I go to remove the batteries to recharge them. So far out of 6 batteries, I've had 2 which have the positive end just pop off. (it doesn't reattach). I'm currently in the process of getting them replaced with Tenergy, but do not use these for life saving devices, or if you do such as me with smoke alarms be very careful when you remove them from a device. We'll see how good the rest are when I go to remove them a year from now. :)

Tenergy customer support will not replace items ordered through amazon. So once past your 30 day return period your out of luck with these batteries. So be very careful when unplugging them when they come due for their first 6 month recharge, etc. Else you might as well plan on having some fall apart. I would have hoped Tenergy CS would have handled it better.
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on January 10, 2013
I'm sure in my 57 years that I've used hundreds of nine volt batteries--both single use alkaline and rechargeables. This Tenergy 200 mAh battery is the first one that I've ever had that the positive terminal post snapped off on the very first use! And that was from taking it out of the charger!
I can't review the battery any further. I can not put it in any device since it has no terminal. I'll stick with my previous brand, Maha Powerex, which have given me no trouble in the three years I have been using them.
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on January 12, 2012
I have a clock radio that uses a 9v battery for backup in case of power failures. When the power goes out the clock display shuts off to save power but the battery allows it to still keep time and if your alarm is set it will go off as usual. The clock has a low-battery warning light to let you know when to replace (or in my case recharge) the battery.

I was using one of the first old style NiMH 9v batteries that was not low self-discharge that had a 150mah capacity and I think around 7.2v output. When it was fully charged and I put it into the clock radio it would take literally 3 or 4 seconds for the low battery light to come on. Obviously the battery didn't have a voltage above the threshold of the warning light so it came on immediately and stayed on. The battery did have enough power to run the clock if we lost power which was good, but it was annoying that I didn't have any way to know when the battery was drained. I found out through trial and error that the battery would only last about two or three months due to it self-discharging over that time. And that was without any power outages.

So I went with this new low self-discharge 9V battery to see what would happen and couldn't be happier. It has a higher voltage so now the low battery light stays off (at least so far). I ordered these along with the Tenergy TN141 2 Bay 9V Smart Charger for NiMH 9V Rechargeable Batteries and gave the battery a quick charge to top it off before use. It has been about a month now and I just picked up the Delkin Devices DD/BATTEST MULTI RoHS AA/AAA Battery Power Tester and checked the charge level and it's still showing a full charge which is excellent, the old battery would have already been down to around 50% charge at this point. I will use the battery tester on it again when the low-battery light comes on, I may be able to use it for a while after the light comes on depending on it's charge level at that time.

Over time as my other 9v alkaline batteries fail in my smoke detectors and other devices around the house I will definitely be replacing them with these. There really isn't any reason to stay with standard alkalines batteries over these new low self-discharge type of rechargeables anymore, with a few exceptions where rechargeables just aren't a good option for a particular device. But for the majority of our devices these are the way to go, saving us a lot of money over time. Using these batteries is most likely going to eliminate having to ever buy alkaline 9v batteries again since each one can be recharged up to 1000 times. That's a nice chunk of change saved right there. For each of these new 9 volts you bought you would be saving 1000 times the cost of a 9v alkaline, which even if they sold for only a dollar apiece you would save $1000! That's absolutely ridiculous. In a "I really like that" ridiculous kind of way!

These modern low self-discharge NiHM batteries are another small but helpful innovation that makes our lives just that much easier. Highly recommended.

*** Update Sunday, June 10, 2012

This discussion got me wondering, when using NiMH low self-discharge batteries, just how long would a smoke detector give you low battery warnings, until the batteries discharged completely and the warnings stopped?

I had a Kidde NightHawk combination smoke/CO2 alarm that I could test with and like a lot of newer alarms it takes AA batteries, so I tested some Imedion AA low self-discharge NiHM batteries (three). I discharged the batteries until they were down to about 25% full, put them in and then had a long wait until I heard the first low battery warning. The alarm manual stated that using alkaline batteries the low battery warning would last at least seven days. I figured that the way these batteries discharge quicker than alkalines at the end of their life that the warning time would definitely be shorter than seven days, maybe around 2 to 5 days. However, what I found was the complete opposite! To my great surprise I actually ended up stopping the test myself before the batteries were completely exhausted. Why? Because the alarm gave me constant low battery warnings FOR THREE FULL WEEKS. I really didn't need to see just how much longer they were going to last past that.

So apparently the low voltage cutoff point that triggers the warning was high enough that the NiHM LSD battery still has sufficient voltage to keep the warnings going for a long time, before it hits the steep (and quick) drop off point. So maybe a NiHM LSD 9V battery like this Tenergy might last longer than you would think as well, depending on the device used. Maybe we'll hear about how a 9V battery fares from someone in the future, either on Amazon or posted elsewhere.
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on October 15, 2010
Most 9V rechargeable batteries I've bought in years past were actually rated 8.25V and only 150 mAh (Radio Shack). I personally won't buy anything but pre-charged rechargeable batteries anymore. They hold their charge respectably for a change and I can actually use them in my flashlights. I've had great results from other brands of this technology and these are no exception. These arrived already holding a full 9V charge and are rated at 200 mAh. (Straight off the charger from this manufacturer (Tenergy V3969A1) I've seen as high as 9.4 volts.) I see this as a great benefit since it will help my wireless microphones perform to full specifications before loosing performance based on dropping voltage (Condenser microphones). I want about Ten hours of run time which these appear to be able to handle (I have yet to push mine that long to know for sure. Only 8 hours but still had over 8.5V under load). I'm glad I purchased these on sale (2 pack for $6.99) A great value at that price! I hope these will be available in the future when I need some more!
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on November 10, 2012
I bought these batteries for my Taylor acoustic guitar. Unfortunately, they won't fit in the battery holder since they are slightly larger than standard 9v batteries. They may be useful for other items, but they won't work in my guitar.

5/2014: Here's a video from Taylor guitar on modifying your 9v battery cradle to accept larger batteries; I have not tried this yet. Taylor does not recommend rechargeable batteries, but say to do this if you want to try them. Also, I have read that the new lithium polymer rechargeables may be the way to go for rechargeable 9v batteries in guitars. Again, haven't personally tried them, just info. Just be sure to use the correct charger with them.
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on December 13, 2012
2 of them broke after a few weeks. The plus contact just came off.

I had them lying on my desk and when I finally had time to call the company, they told me they only had a 90 warranty / replacement policy.

I wanted to outfit all my irrigation controllers with those, but since they do not warrant their product and she also said "it's ok", when I told her I could not buy her product in the future due to them not taking responsibility for their products, I would buy these with caution...
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on June 18, 2013
These batteries are larger than a standard 9 volt battery. They do not fit in my stuff, too big in all directions.
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on January 29, 2014
We bought a few sets of these 9V batteries for emergency backup to power small medical equipment.

Rechargeable batteries, as you may or may not know, needs to be "Fed" regularly, even if not used, otherwise they decay and will never hold they charge or the rechargeable cycle they are rated for.

We NEVER had to use these batteries, but every three months we top off the charge, as required. Yet, at the third charge, the battery terminal snapped off . . . just like that. The welding or riveting was just not right.

We corresponded with TENERGY directly to have the battery with the defective terminal replaced, but without success, despite sending pictures and explaining in great detail the defect. They insisted that 90 days was their maximum warrantee.

So . . . from my point of view . . . their warrantee equals 90 days, or, 3 charges.

We will not buy again from Tenergy because 1) We need reliable products to power medical equipment, and 2) I don't like company tat can't face up to their defective products.

Bernard Martinage
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on September 11, 2012
I bought the Tenergy TN136 4 Bay 9V Smart Charger & 8-pcs 9V Tenergy batteries for $45.99, free shipping. I use them in a Rode microphone, in 3 digital Volt/Ma/Ohmmeters, in 2 Guitar tuners, in 4 Fire alarms and in other devices.

They really are 9 volt and they really are low self discharge (as far as I can tell in 3 mo).

These things work well. So non-rechargeables 9V batteries are now obsolete here. Bought ten more 9V rechargeables for $39, free shipping (This seems more than I'll ever need, but who knows!).

I'm 77, and, the Lord wiling, won't buy any more 9V batteries for the rest of my life. If I live to be 97, my cost will be 4.30/year.

Perhaps, perhaps not. But more fun than always paying more and more for 9V batteries (I hope).
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on June 26, 2014
I've been using these Tenergy Centura 9V 200mAh LSD batteries for about two years. I'd give five stars but the battery terminals give minus four stars (totally unacceptable). They could easily correct the defective spot welding failure but choose not to do so. (Exception would be if you never have to remove the battery to recharge).

* Low Self-Discharge (LSD) -- True, actually works as expected
* Light weight

* Negative battery terminal WILL break off battery very easy.
* LSD is totally nullified if batteries are stored in warm conditions (such as an attic).
* 200 mAh (on the low end of the rechargeable)

Clarification: If it wasn't for the unacceptable negative terminal welding and having the contact break off I'd revise my rating, until then I do not recommend, your money is better spend elsewhere.
review image
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