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Tenga Flip Hole, Black
Color: Black|Change
Price:$70.76+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on February 21, 2016
I have the white and the black versions of the flip hole. I started out with the white and got the black based on the great reviews the black gets. IMHO, the white is better than the black in suction and the softer texture feels more natural. The black has perhaps one advantage: if you have a longer member the inside end of the black has an orb that gives an amazing electric like pleasure sensation when it engulfs your glans. At 6.5 inches I can reach it but really have to jam my member in which sort of breaks rhythm when edging. I'm able to have hours long edging sessions with the white (3 hours is my current record with 4 hours being my dream goal). The black I can still edge but it's rougher texture is just not as pleasurable for ultra long sessions. I 'want' to edge with the white --it invites it-- whereas the black not so much.

A huge side benefit of edging and use of the Flip Hole is I have trained myself to be in control. If you have issues with or disappointment with premature ejaculation this may help you last longer; with regular use you learn how to pull back from a peak without going over the edge.

You get different sensations depending on which labeled side of the Flip Hole is facing you. When the 'Tenga' side faces you the feeling is less intense. Flip it around to the 'Flip Hole' side and the inside texture offers a nice wave of tingle to the underside of your penis and glans you will love (I know I do). Using it sideways is also good. Watching it bulge out as you enter and fill it offers its own unique sense of gratification.

Finally, the three 'buttons.' These get maximum use while edging. They are meant to be used in unison meaning pressed together on each side to tighten the hole's grip on your penis. Doing so creates more suction (the top buttons), tightness (the middle buttons) while the bottom buttons help to tighten the feeling on the base of the penis when fully inserted and also forces air out of the hole to create more suction. Best way to create suction is to insert all the way in - squeeze the bottom buttons to release trapped air - then use the top to get even more air out - release the buttons once the air is squeezed out - then slowly, very slowly, pull the Flip Hole up your shaft. The suction created feels sublimely incredible.

The included lubes are a nice bonus, however, you'll find yourself quickly needed to purchase more lube. I'm always on the lookout for a bargain so I bought a tube of Equate Personal Lubricant Jelly from my local Wal-Mart. At $2 for 4 oz what was there to lose? Well, I'm glad I bought it because it is good stuff. That said, a spritz of water to the inside of the Flip Hole (just a few drops of water) along with the Equate lube makes the Flip Hole ultra slick and smooth right from the start. Without the spritz of water it is still good if you want a less slick ride. Once I get going with the Flip Hole my own pre-seminal fluid and body warmth also loosen and slick up the action with or without a spritz of extra water. I may try Slippery Stuff Jelly lube as that is reasonably priced here on Amazon as that gets good reviews too.

Whichever one you get, you won't regret it. Just take good care of it and it will easily last more than 50 uses. I thoroughly rinse mine out with warm water after finishing then let dry totally...sometime leaving it for days on the stand drying. By thorough I mean thorough...you have to rinse until you are sure all slipperiness is gone...about 5 minutes or more.

If I could give the white six stars I would. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

EDIT 3/17/16 - I now also own the Silver Flip Hole. While I've only used it once, my first impression is White is still my favorite. Order of preference: White - Black - Silver. The silver feels undefined/unremarkable. For my taste silver is too smooth with not enough definition. With its less aggressive textures, it may be the most 'natural' feeling of the three I own so if that's what your looking for then the silver may your favorite. I also didn't feel it produced as much suction. To be fair, I may have to use it few more times to figure out how to get the most out of it. Each Flip Hole seems to have a different/preferred way of combining use of the buttons, thrusting speed and frequency to get the most enjoyment out of it. Practice definitely helps one learn the best way to handle and get the most out of these devices.

At some point soon I'm going to complete my Flip Hole collection and get the Red too. May as well have all four. These devices are great.

EDIT: 4/2/16 - I now own the Red Flip Hole too. I paid a bit more for the Red as I was getting impatient for a price drop; well, it was worth the price. The Red is FANTASTIC. I knew within seconds of use that the Red would give the White serious competition as my favorite Flip Hole. I've used it twice so far and both times were great. I found myself losing control with the Red as the feeling was incredible. Loads of suction and a soft, yet thrilling ride. I'll try to post a full review of the Red at some point fully describing how delicious it is. Will it supplant the White as my favorite? Only time and regular use will tell. I'm looking forward to trying to make up my mind.

EDIT: 6/25/16 - I keep going back to the White Flip Hole. It feels amazing with plenty of suction. Order of preference: 1) White, 2) Red, 3) Black, 4) Silver

EDIT: 8/23/16 - White and Red are frequently used. Black rarely and Silver still only the one time. Reason for update: after 2 years my White Flip Hole is finally showing signs of wearing out. It still works but the 'flesh' around the buttons is pilling a bit (small wear balls like you get on old cotton sheets) and the flesh overall may be weakening: I fear it will tear at some point. I've probably used it about 50 times overall; however, when used it sees extreme and prolonged use in sessions that typically last 2 to 3.5 hours. I make full use of the buttons to create a rocking suction effect which I think is very hard on the device. I'm amazed it hasn't ripped apart with how rough I am with it. I am thorough at rinsing it after use which I believe is key to its longevity. I have a replacement in my cart ready to go and, with Prime, can have it in two days (or even same day if ordered early enough).

EDIT: 11/3/16 - I ordered my 2nd White Flip Hole on a price drop. My original White still works and is not torn (yet) but it is my favorite and I will need a new one soon. I like it so much I don't want to be without it if I'm in a 'must use the White' frame of mind (which is most of the time). I used the Black again a few weeks ago and, while it is very stimulating, it is rougher and IMHO not meant for hours long use at a time.

EDIT: 8/24/17 - My original White Flip Hole finally had to be retired. Amazingly, the TPE 'flesh' remained intact; however, a rail on one of the sides that you slide the retaining clip/stand over broke so the Hole cannot be properly used. I'm still giving this product 5 stars: I put this thing through about two years of very heavy use in hours long sessions. I picked up a Flip Zero too and rank that the worst of the Flip products. Original White is still my favorite, then Red, Black, Silver, Flip Zero.
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on December 19, 2014
I bought this in April 2014 and although it's a great product, I felt there was some issues with it I wanted to test before reviewing. This review contains details about how best to use a sex toy, so if you think that hits TMI, you are probably looking at the wrong part of the internet. I am new to this (this and the Tenga 3D sleeve are my first toys) so I'm probably not the most knowledgeable reviewer, YMMV and seek out other opinions.

Before I even start I will answer your top three TL;DR questions:
Size/Fit: I am an average(?) 6"x1½" and had no trouble, in fact if anything it's slightly larger than I'd prefer. Very big guys (settle, tiger...) have complained it's not big enough.
The texture/knobs: Yes. It really REALLY works. Better than the real thing (YMMV!)
Durability: Tenga claim a "50 uses" lifespan. I have used the 3D sleeve far more than that, and it's fine despite being a very silky, soft material. The Flip Hole is made of an even tougher material so I think it will last even longer, like years. Mine does have tiny tears across where some of the waving balls are attached, but I am quite rough with it. O_o

This arrived in an incredibly tough and professional package, almost like an artwork. It comes with three sample test tubes of Tenga's approved water-based lubes: mild, real and wild which are basically decreasing levels of viscosity, with mild being like a gel (esp. once worked) and wild being almost Astroglide-level slipperiness.

* I haven't tried the new fleshlights which use the same concept, but the all the technobumps etc really do work, and very well. The sensation is as intense and varied as you wish - this does take a while to learn.
* Once you figure it out, it's not hard to generate incredibly intense orgasms; well as good as my ex gave, plus it never gets tired and is always in the mood. Yes, Flip Holes (and this one in particular, with it's cross-wall feature) give very intense and accurate simulations of actual oral, deep vaginal and anal sex, more intense actually because ladies don't come with knobs on, sorry, "in". As much as, and as rough as you like it. ;)
* To give you even more TMI, the buttons increase the resistance, sensation and/or suction by pressing down on that part. In order they; 1 Simulate oral sucking and gentle biting, 2 Give "a tremendous sensation of penetration" truth in advertising! and 3 Replicate deep throat sucking or "to the hilt" intercourse. You use them in matched pairs on either side. Do not ever press two on one side especially 1 and 3, apparently this can snap the floating lever, which is Bad News Time.
* While not exactly flesh-like, it is very soft and pleasant, but firm as well. It's as close to the real thing as technology can get, I think. It does not feel or smell plasticky and cheap at all.
* It is exceptionally easy to clean. Simple slide off the locking cap, flip open and rinse out, washing with warm soapy water. I usually use it in the shower (see later) and it takes less than ten seconds to do. So, as long as it takes to use in the first place... that was a joke, btw!
* Design is very simple and clean. It would not look out of place sitting next to a Playstation.
* I don't do it, but because of it's size it lends itself well to stuffing in a body pillow, or between mattresses so you can go hands free
* Did I mention this thing will wring from you as many knee-weakening, gasping, heart-pounding, trembling orgasams as you can stand? (TMI? My pleasure. Literally :)

* This is huge, I have big hands and I really need two hands to hold in the correct position. You can use it one-handed, but it's pretty awkward and tires your wrist (wow, I walked straight into that joke) because it's actually really heavy at 540g/1lb3oz. Think about hanging half a kilo off your schlong... Also, the hinge is pretty weak-looking plastic. I would never flip it open like an old Nokia, because it would probably snap in half. Do not ever drop it - the plastic body is so thin it would probably shatter from the weight.
* The locking mechanism is simply a T-shape that the lock's groove slips over. The body groove and slide cap are made of thin plastic which flexes and warps as you hold it. It's exceptionally hard to get the spindly arms to line up properly as you slide it on, especially if you're, ah, "distracted" by something on your monitor or TV. Getting this right while concentrating on something else can be very frustrating. Ahem. It's possible to get it partly-locked and seem okay, then pop open at the most inappropriate time. It's okay as long as you pay attention.
* The 'stand on end cap to dry' is total rubbish. It fell off several times until I realised that there is no groove in the body to receive the arms, basically you stab the arm ends into the 'flesh' and hang it off that, secured by nothing. I was afraid it would fall off in a breeze or damage the interior, so I just open it, pat it dry with a clean towel and leave it to dry on an airy shelf now.
* If you live in a colder clime, you better put this in a bucket of hot water first. Trust me, cold and clammy around your wang is really unpleasant! I use mine in the shower and just rinse it out or leave it open on the shower base while showering.
* It is not quiet. At all. You know those noisy sex noises you get with the slurping and sucking and kinda-farting noises? Yeah, not discreet, at all. Also hence the reason why I use it in the shower. There is pretty much no chance you can use this without anyone passing your room or in the next room knowing that you're having 'special happy time'.
* Needs a lot of lube, but conversely you have to be careful with it. Too little and all the previously-wonderful 3D surfaces will try to tear the skin off your most precious appendage, too much and you reduce the sensations to a mushy, slippery mess.
* Just like a Playstation, the gloss 'piano black' finish readily shows every tiny scrape, scratch, dint and dust. This may infuriate you.
* Not nearly as emotionally satisfying to snuggle up to as my ex, plus it totally sucks at making the mean curry she does.

Update May 2016:
Yup still works well. I use this less frequently than the 3D polygon for all the reasons previously outlined. It is still in basically brand-new condition, after something like 100 of "50 uses" (I wasn't keeping track but it's lots more than 50, about once a week for two years).
The small tears I mentioned have not grown, or have done so an imperceptible amount.
I have found that the wear and tear on the finish has increased, and especially on the clamshell edge where you slide the lock on. This has become less reliable and more annoying, but not greatly so.
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on September 12, 2014
I have owned 2 Fleshlights and this is my first impression of the Tenga Flip Hole.

Size and Discreetness: The Fleshlight is marketed as this discreet flashlight like case. The case is actually HUGE and is so obvious a sex toy, that there's no way to keep it in the open. And it says "Fleshlight" on the side, which is most people know what that is. My penis never gets all the way to the back in the Fleshlight and can't enjoy the rear textures.The Tenga Flip Hole is sized like a large soda can. You may think that's small, but the top and bottom where the buttons are expands to fit larger girths. I'm 6in and I had no issues fitting and enjoying the back textures.

Textures: For Fleshlights, there is one texture per sleeve, so you have to keep buying to get new sensations. Each Tenga has several different ribs and bumps that are unique per model. The Red, Black, White, and Silver are DISTINCTLY different. The Fleshlight textures are practically the same as far as feeling goes. The Tenga is a gel like skin that feels lovely, the Fleshlight is kind of rough an unpleasant without loads of lube.

Funtionality: The Fleshlight has virtually no control whatsoever. They say you can control the suction with the rear cap, but you can't really. If you tighten it all the way and try to penetrate, air escapes from the creases. The tightness that you desire is not going to be achieve like that. I had to pull it out of the case and use rubber bands and get creative to have any kind of control over the sensation. The Tenga has dedicated buttons to control the shaft, the head, and suction.

Mess and Noise: The Tenga retains ALL lubricant. The Fleshlight leaks from BOTH ends. If you don't screw the back cap all the way, lube leaks out all over your bed and the floor. And it still leaks from the front, either way. And if you tighten the cap, lube and noise squirts out the back anyways. Using my Fleshlight required several towels for each use.

Cleaning *THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE*: The Fleshlight is 30 seconds of pleasure and a 30 minute clean up. The texture picks up ALL kinds of dirt and hair, the Tenga does not. You CANT use soap on the Fleshlight, Tenga you can. The Fleshlight CANT just be rinsed, you gotta sit in the bathroom forever rubbing it and running water over it. And it ROTS after less than an hour of not being cleaned and stinks forever. You have to run to the bathroom after cumming to clean that nonsense. Tenga is simple, you open it up and rinse it. Fleshlight you can't even reach the middle. You can only run water through it and the middle stays dirty. And you can't use a towel on the fleshlight because again, it picks up fibers. So you have to leave it out in the open for hours to air dry. Very discreet right? If there is ANY water inside, it rots.

The Tenga is a thousand times better and they have many products to choose from. Fleshlight is terrible, save your money. Get a Tenga.
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on July 29, 2017
I bought the highly acclaimed White flip hole

First off, my product was not clear material as the stock images show. Although it was new, the elastomer material was kind of foggy and had an oily/ greasy feel. And yet, the material felt sticky/ grabby, not smooth and glassy like the pictures suggest. Not a great initial impression.

Secondly, the inside material is too soft and squishy, jelly-like almost. Couldn't feel must of the different textures inside. Entry was also difficult because of the aforementioned sticky outside "lip" even with some lube applied. The toy itself is also very bulky. I've bought the red Cup products and those are more ergonomic for my hand and have the right amount of firmness. The suction from the Cup is also much better than this Flip Hole. The "buttons" on this thing hardly makes a difference.

This product comes with 2 ketchup-packet sized "REAL" Hole Lotion, similar to the ones found in the Cups.

I felt like I wasted my money on this product. Coming from someone who is a fan of the Tenga Cups, nearly everything about this felt like a downgrade except for the fact I can easily clean and reuse this thing.

review imagereview image
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on April 3, 2016
If you are considering this product, you probably have the Flip Hole Black and the Fleshlight open in other tabs and you're trying to decide which one to invest in. I'll tell you right now, this is the one you want. It feels far better than what you can do yourself, it's better than its competitors in many ways, and I will explain why.

Having never owned a Fleshlight, I can't speak from experience, but I can tell you that if you're going to pick up a toy, you need to be satisfied with it during the window of time after you finish. Honestly, this is where Tenga really excels. I'm generally a bit shy and embarrassed about using toys for myself, and I'm really not interested in using something crude like the Fleshlight. Tenga's products all look modern and elegant, which for me was enough to close the Fleshlight tab. I like the way that TFH looks and because of its unusual design I'm not the least embarrassed afterwards, which is a major plus in my opinion.

Regarding the style/color choices, from what I've seen in other reviews, most people prefer the White or the Black. I own both, and I strongly prefer the White. The White has this really great tunnel with semi-solid ridges along the walls. At the end, there's a swishy ball. The White feels very smooth and nice followed by a peak in sensation when you hit the ball. It's truly amazing. By contrast, the Black tries to be very tight and intense, but there's too many things going on and it really doesn't work as well. The TFH White is an excellent product for edging and I wouldn't hesitate to choose it over Fleshlight's STU. I've also had difficulty entering the Black, but it's very easy with the White even if I don't use any lube on myself. The White is also very quiet, whereas the Black is noticeably noisy, so the White is also better if you're in an apartment.

Finally, this thing is really easy to clean. It flips apart like a clam and then you can easily clean it with soap and water. After that, you're supposed to balance it upright and half-open to let it dry, and my only complaint about this product is that it's difficult to balance it on the stand. Instead, I recommend just draining it for a few seconds then leaving it open to evaporate. Unlike the Black, with the White there's no places for water to get trapped, so it dries quickly.

In conclusion, I'm posting 5/5 and recommending it over its competitors because it looks better, it's not embarrassing afterwards, it has a very smooth and natural sensation but is more internally complex than the Fleshlight, and cleanup could not be simpler. Really, close the other tabs because this is the one you want.
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on March 1, 2015
Game changer! I am posting this review a few months after buying, using, and retiring my first Tenga. Probably put about 200 uses on it. The gel seemed to still be usable but was softening a bit. Be absolutely sure to rinse really well as soon as possible after use and dry in a ventilated area. like any other toy, if you do not rinse and dry it properly, it will develop mold in the silicone.

The only downside is trying to decide if I should get another black one or roll the dice and try another color!
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on May 21, 2017
Without going into detail, man this thing sure is a life saver. Deep enough and wide enough and with an ability to squeeze or put pressure on the top end, the base or the middle. No , it doesn't replace the real thing but it beats anything else by a mile, and sure beats using my hands.And ifmthis don't make you build up some stamina, nothing will because the first time I used it, it was over in less than 10 minutes.
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on October 10, 2017
I was so excited to get this Tenga in. But I was somewhat dissappointed when I recieved it.

For starters the piece that holds it all together is very flimsy. I feel like I have to be very careful when using it. The internal making of the product is very intricate and soft. However the sensation when you put yourself inside of it is not amazing for me. My girth is just a little too big and it does not feel well. It is also VERY noisy and creates a massive suction sound.

If I could turn back time I would not purchase this. The price point does not match the product.
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on March 16, 2014
I have used fleshlights now for awhile and I have never fallen 'in love' with them. They have all seem to make me over sensitive to the point where it isn't comfortable for a long time and have never completed a session with them. I was hesitant to get the tenga due to that reason but reading some of the other reviews made me want to try.

This is the first sleeve that I have been able to use for an entire session. The difference is the sleeve is not intended to resemble the real thing at all. They chose very different stimulating obstacles that you pass through. These feel very different but very pleasurable. I think it is the 'difference' that makes it so good. I love the "ball" at the end that receives and cradles your end...

The "buttons" are not really buttons but are attached to a firm plastic piece underneath that can restrict the diameter of the sleeve.

It does have a different way of accessing to clean which at first I was put off by but now I love. There is a retaining 'clip' that when removed allows the toy to split in half in a clam shell manner. This allows full access to the interior for cleaning, lubing or warming. I have found that lightly lubricating the interior then yourself has been the most effective.

All in all a good toy.
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on April 23, 2017
I purchased this product a couple of years ago and it has and still serves me well. The number one reason this is a great product is that is is super easy to set up and clean. I don't have to do any crazy maintenance or set up. I literally just open it up, put the lube in, go to town, rinse with hand soap in my sink for ten seconds and repeat. Bonus: it feels about 800% better than the hand at climax it just doesn't compare.
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