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on June 7, 2015
Terror Vision

Terror Vision is a great romp through low budget, campy, comedic, ridiculous horror films of the 80's. Not a horror film to take seriously, but to enjoy for what it is. It's obvious the film makers wanted to make a over the top comedy horror film that exaggerated the culture of the 80's. Everything here is a caricature and amplified of that time. It's just silly fun and a great one to watch with friends at a party! Great Blu transfer! I also think this is the film that Disney got the idea for Stitch.

The Video Dead

I like this film a lot and I'm not sure why. It's one we use to rent back in the day and it always entertained us. Even then I knew the film was pretty horrible in the acting and story department, but we all still loved it. After a viewing it on Blu and not seeing it for probably 20 years, my opinion is still the same. There is just something about the zombies that are cool and fun to watch. They kind of make up for everything else that's wrong. The story really makes no since and follows no known zombie lore. These guys just start coming out of a TV set that appears to be cursed or possessed and terrorize a small neighborhood. The main characters can't seem to figure out how to kill them and resort to using a kids bow and arrow set to sling arrows into their torsos. For some unknown reason, this neutralize them for a bit, but does not kill them. It's the funniest thing to watch them shoot the arrows into the zombies and they fall and just wither around for a bit. There is also a bizarre scene that has the kid turning on the TV and a beautiful woman appears to him, coming from the TV into reality, and starts to undress and have sex. She gets pulled back into the TV, and the kid sees a guy come up from behind and slits her throat. The guy then starts talking to the kid from the TV telling him about the zombies and that his name is The Garbage Man and he hunts the zombies. It's such a strange scene because it never figures back into the movie. You never see The Garbage Man again and you're left with that wtf felling. It really is something you'd see in a David Lunch film.
The acting is also something left to be desired. It's pretty obvious that most of the cast were not professional actors, or if they were, had very little training and no natural talent. Some of the lines and delivery is cringe worthy, especially from the kid and his neighbor girlfriend.
Still with all that, I really like this film. It's just got something entertaining about it that I can't explain and I'm glad I bought this on Blu!
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on May 11, 2017
I just realized I never reviewed this I've had it awhile. I have turned into a pretty big Shout/Scream Factory collector. Their quality is unmatched and they know just what kind of movies I love, WEIRD ones! Terror Vision is a few notches above weird, believe me! I wish they made 500 more just like it. The Video Dead is a different type of movie but pretty weird also. If you like B-movie Sci-Fi and Horror films, this is one of the better double features on the Scream/Shout label. The movies compliment each other nicely and it's not a situation where you get a classic and a dud you won't ever watch. Terror Vision had become my go-to fall asleep film. It's just pure bliss and funny and I just let my mind go and if I fall asleep, no harm. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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on April 5, 2013
It's about damn time that TerrorVision got the release it deserved. And this is it. Gerrit Graham and Mary Woronov are perfect as the swinging Puttermans, always on the lookout for the newest fad, including a brand new satellite dish that unfortunately picks up not only the local cable channels but a recently disposed creature from space. The hideous creature begins devouring the Puttermans, sometimes creepily taking over their personalities. Can the kids along with a helpful alien save the world? With the outrageous set design, kooky dialogue and other awesome cast members like Better Off Dead's Diane Franklin as the daughter and Bert Remsen as the grandfather, this is real B-movie gold. I was lucky enough to see this one in the theaters! The bonus features are abundant with interviews, commentaries and photos.
The Video Dead is a notch below the wonderful TerrorVision, about an old tv set that brings zombies into this dimension. Although the concept was good, the execution comes off a little shoddy. Overall, it kept my interest but pales next to the colorful and quirky TerrorVision.
A good double feature, but I must admit I bought this for TerrorVision!
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on March 31, 2015
Terror Vision was a multi genre movie that some viewers just won't get, I didn't know it was created by the makers of Troll and if I had, my hesitation would've vanished instantly, yes, I like Troll, but not the sequel. A character actor cast, simple special effects and a simple storyline that has too much adult innuendo for kids, though nowadays, it may seem a lot more tame.

Video Dead was about average, never was a zombie fan, but this one didn't take itself too seriously which made it work better for me. Apparently not every commentor watched both of these back to back, I watched them backwards, I admit. Shout/ Scream Factory needs to do this with many other forgotten gems, but we'll see.
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Obscure schlock from the golden-moldy daze of
cheap flicks. No Academy Award®™ visual FX,
here, but... the ENTERTAINMENT-value will de-
pend upon your age...
I'll be 69, soon: I LOVED them both.
Those of you under 19 just won't GET it; so, DON'T!
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on August 28, 2013
Most zombie fans most likely have looked for a good clean VHS of The Video Dead.

However, you'd be lucky to even find a worn copy without overspending.

It is really good to see The Video Dead on BluRay, as the picture quality is excellent.

These are by far not the best horror movies the 80's had to offer, but are still entertaining.

The Video Dead is an extremely low budget zombie flick about an old TV releasing the living dead.

It is an OK movie, and there are some good extras about making the make up effects.

I was not familiar with Terror Vision, and after watching it I was not sure what to think.

It is ONE WEIRD MOVIE, thats for sure, and had the guy from CHUD 2 in it as the dad.

LOL at Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.
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on March 22, 2013
I got this mostly for video dead, although I have seen Terrorvision years ago too. I actually liked Video Dead alot, which made me pick up this blu-ray combo deal. I haven't seen terror Vision again, although I do remember not caring for it too much. My friend watched terrorvision when he borrowed this combo from me, and he didn't care for it either. I wish they wudda found a better movie to put with this double pack, but i will give Terrorvision another chance and view it again.
The transfer on the blu-ray for video dead is a little grainy, but it's the only edition to buy besides the VHS.
I read on here peope say they are having problems with the DVD, saying video dead skips towards the end of the movie. I ended up watching my DVD copy of Video Dead, along with the blu-ray, and my DVD copy dosen't skip at all. Perhaps some of these were like this, and some were not. I can only confirm my DVD copy of the video Dead plays great, along with the blu-ray.
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on April 22, 2017
Awesome picture quality! A movie that features "uncle Rico" from Napolean Dynomite calling the monster a b*tthole is automatically the best movie ever!
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on April 24, 2013
I actually got this to get Video Dead, and to my surprise Terror Vision ends up being equally as good if not better! Both are very cheesy and fun to watch. Terror Vision has less horror and plays more like a bizarre Weird Science style film with vibrant colors and extreme stereotype characters. A fairly wealthy swinger couple for parents, a wacky survivalist grandfather, a valley girl punk rock daughter along with her metal head boyfriend and her younger brother who is the most grounded character in the film face-off against an alien "pet" who accidentally gets slingshot to Earth instead of incinerated and beams into their dish and through their TV. Video Dead is a weird Horror film about a couple kids cleaning a newly bought house for their parents only to have this old beat-up TV left in the attic become a gateway for ZOMBIES! A very interesting twist on a zombie film, from the way they act to the way to destroy or get rid of them... not your average zombie movie! The bonus features are very good, especially for Terror Vision and picture quality is pretty good considering. This certainly has been one of, if not the best blu-ray i have bought recently with a high fun factor.
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on July 21, 2017
I remember watching Terror Vision when I was a kid on USA up all night with Gilbert Godfrey. Great nostalgia from the 80's. Great price too.
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