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on June 25, 2016
Test of Metal is rather imaginative, and it has very good pacing so you'll never get bored reading it. I'd recommend it to most fans of fantasy and the card game. Just don't expect too much. No aspect of it makes it stand out from most other fantasy books that are being mass produced these days.

However, if you are annoyed by stories that revolve around time travel, you'll be better served by picking up something else instead. Messing around with alternate timelines (or "Clockworking") is absolutely central to the plot.
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on December 11, 2013
I still haven't finished it yet, but so far its definitely been 4 stars. Tezzeret, the main character, provides an extremely entertaining perspective on the mutliverse. His dialogue and interaction with other characters (and himself) is humorous, witty, and insightful. The plot, while not the most thrilling or mind-bending, is still quite solid and takes some clever turns thanks to the liberal application of complex magic.

The action is frequent and explosive, and the author skillfully brings to life the spells and creatures of MTG. While not overly detailed, the pace and urgency of the writing seems to mirror the state of mind of whichever character is experiencing the action.

I may be biased in that both Tezzeret and Nicol Bolas (another character) are two of my favorite Magic: The Gathering card characters, any fan of the game (or swashbuckling fantasy) will find an entertaining story with colorful characters and insight into the MTG universe.
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on July 2, 2014
There was so much potential here, the concept was brilliant... but this book ends up going in so many different directions and is jumbled up with nonsense... I really wish there was more done with this book. Tezzeret is an awesome character, and the first half of the book does a pretty good job explaining his story and life a little more, but the second half of the book was straight up terrible. Not worth the read in my opinion.
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on November 8, 2015
Loved to read through these characters. Undoubtedly, Bolas is my very favorite character in the MTG universe and this only helped to keep that feeling going. If you want to read something filled with adventure but also with brain bending concepts of time definitely worth picking up. #bolasislife haha
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on January 4, 2013
Having never read anything in this series and being unfamilliar with Magic The Gathering as a whole, I picked this up solely because I am a fan of Stover's works and I was not disappointed. The main character is not a hero, but he is a character I came to admire for his attitude and actions in this story. Good book, fun read and another Matt Stover character I enjoy so well worth the time and money to pick up.
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on January 6, 2014
If anyone knows Tezzeret, it's Matthew Stover. From the intriguing opening chapter to the epic finish, Stover had me pulling for a character I'd previously ignored/disliked, showing the reader just how clever and powerful the Esper artificer really is. This book makes a great follow up to Agents of Artifice, almost acting as a more exciting sequel.
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on December 16, 2014
Fantastic book for Magic: the Gathering fans. Tezzeret is a a perfect choice for a main character since he is a mix of villain and hero, victim and oppressor. And of course, he always has a sarcastic sense of humor. I would love to read more about him.
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on August 25, 2016
It sucks. This is Magic the Gathering fanfiction, and the bad kind at that.

It's written like the author read previous book, Agents of Artifice, and thought that Tezzeret was this misunderstood, tragic figure and that Jace was a miserable, undeserving twerp. So naturally this book makes Jace into a scummy, manipulative tool and Tezzeret into Magic Jesus. No really, there are scenes where Tezzeret heals the blind and rises from a "tomb" as the book describes it. Also Tezzeret is right about everything and solves impossible puzzles while describing everything in a condescending tone.
Towards the last third of the book a time-travel mechanic is introduced, and it is pretty cool in concept but massively overused. It's like the author heard that Dr. Who joke about the ball of timey-wimey stuff and didn't get that it was a joke about the convoluted plots that stories about time travel tend to have. This book's timey-wimey ball is played completely straight and makes the plot convoluted.
Tezzeret is also joined by a voice in his head that is constantly berating him while making terrible jokes. His name is Doctor Jest and he is terrible. Almost everything he says sounds like it would be said by the lead in a bad teen movie. In fact, there is a lot of bad dialogue. Such as:

" 'How should I call you?'
'Anything but late for breakfast.'
My hand went from my ear to my forehead. 'You did not just say that. Please. You didn't.' "

Finally the last two chapters that serve as an epilogue completely invalidate the rest of the book. Literally undo the character development of the hero and reveal the villain to be a doombot.

0/10 Skip it and pretend it doesn't exist.
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on November 7, 2014
Was a good read, with an entertaining twist at the end that I do not care to spoil. It was nice seeing Tezzeret as more than just a card, and his character is far more nuanced than it was when he was simply an antagonist in Agents of Artfice.
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on April 6, 2016
After reading this, it has become my all time favorite book. It's really awesome. I need to read more from this author.
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