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Size: 40-60-Gallon|Change
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on June 6, 2015
I'm so used to the sound aquarium pumps that I find the noise level is acceptable. It is very powerful, however I would recommend going up one size. They last about two years, then the diaphragms split. When actual Pet Shops were still around I could buy replacement diaphragms for three bucks and keep the pump going forever. Now all they sell are rebuild kits that cost as much as the pump itself. I'm going to try using plumbers silicone grease that is certified safe for food service use to try to extend the life of the diaphragms. You do have to keep a handle on back-pressure, which means using quality air stones and check valves. Two years of continuos use for sixteen bucks isn't shabby, and they make great paper weights. If you hear the pump getting louder look for a back pressure problem. I just sent back a Hydrofarm pump back because it was anemic ( I should have known the French can't make anything). All the Whisper pumps are cheap workhorses, I only wish I could walk into a real Pet Shop and get parts. It seems wastefull to throw the pump away when all you need is two diaphragms.
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on May 17, 2017
I bought this air pump from Amazon, but it was defective. There was no air coming out. I contacted Amazon and got a replacement. The second one works! The pump is very quiet and gives adequate air for 10 gallon tank. It doesn't come with a hose, but a valve for adjust amount of air. I bought a hose and a splitter for two air outlets. The price is also great! At my local Petco store, it costs triple the price.

Only con is the shape that take a little bit more space than a tradition air pump, but the design makes it to be quiet.

I do not know how it would last, because I have it only few weeks. Will update later...
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on June 2, 2017
Purchased this to run a large sponge filter for a 10G plant tank that was previously powered by a junk Walmart brand 40-60 gal rated pump. That one died and was making all kinds of noise so I paid the money for this one thinking it would be much quieter! WRONG! This one is almost the same in terms of noise, plus every once in a while it will start making this loud (I want to call it grinding, but it's not since it's just an electromagnet) noise... You have to move it around or smack it to make it stop. It does however provide plenty of air for the sponge (it should, it's rated for 60 gallons in a 10G plant tank). You do have to follow the directions and use the included Y adapter to couple both outputs together into one or it doesn't seem to work correctly and is louder even still...
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on July 19, 2016
I am on my 3rd year with the same two hundred gallon air filters for an 80 gallon tank with Koi and Goldfish. Fish started out a couple inches 3 years ago and now are between 5 and 9 inches. Just purchased two more of these air filters for a 100 gallon tank to split up fish. They are still quiet and working great. As long as they are on a flat surface and no water backs into them they last a long time.
Out of all the air filters I have used these have been the very best for me. I believe in making sure my fish get plenty of air and a great filter.
My water is crystal clear and having large Koi and goldfish together since they are not clean fish are doing great.
I believe they need lots of air which my fish love to stay happy.
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on June 1, 2017
Now I know why it's called Whisper. Pairing a pump with an airstone is important to effectively aerate your aquarium. Provides more than enough airflow for 2 airstones Pm0606 Micro Oxygen Bubble Diffuser Air stone stick forever contious smooth bubbles with an air control valve, 100% High Qualitiy Very good for shrimps , Guppy, Tetra, Betta (stick). This pump and the aforementioned airstones (I reviewed the airstones as well) perform very well in combination to produce the smallest bubbles that I've seen to date. One of these airstones needs approximately 1 L/min of airflow.
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on May 19, 2016
I had to return the first one. Not only was it loud but it would vibrate itself off of the table. This second one doesn't shake and is quite a bit quieter, but I still wouldn't want this running in my bedroom. I can hear this in the room on the other side of a staircase and across a hall. I really wasn't expecting complete silence, but I was hoping it would be quieter than this. I am using the 60-100 gallon unit for an undergravel filter in a 55 gallon tank with goldfish, and I feel that it is just the right size for it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 3, 2016
I started out pleased with this pump but I can't say the same now. I purchased it at the end of August, it is now the beginning of November and it's gone from a background hum I was able to adjust to in about two weeks to a really loud buzzing, that then drops back to the original noise level, and then goes back up to loud buzz, all at random intervals. It's driving me crazy! I wish it was still in its return window, I'd send it back so fast. It was reasonably priced, I thought, until I realized I was essentially renting a working pump for two months. One reviewer mentioned opening it and adjusting the magnets, but I did open it, and I couldn't find anything adjustable. I gave it two stars instead of one only because it does move the air, and is still doing that, and the dual outlets make it possible to run two things off of it, which is nice. I adjusted it originally by putting a t-join in and only running one item, and then got a second air stone and was able to utilize the second outlet. It was a great pump until it decided to compete with my filters waterfall and desk fan for attention. :( I'll be finding a different brand of pump to try next. I can't recommend this product. $16 for two months of proper performance is not cost effective.
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on January 7, 2016
The 20-40 gallon pump works great as an air supply to your tank. There's only one output though. In regards to being whisper quiet, eh. It's not too bad but there is definitely a constant buzzing if the volume of the room is low. I've never spent much money on air pumps, so I don't know if it's possible to find one that's truly quiet. My tank is in my office, so with all the other noises (computer, laptop, radio, etc...) I don't even notice it.

My pump's output is being split into two medium sized bubblers, and I still have to throttle what's coming out. It's a performer for sure.

In all this pump hasn't missed a beat in the 6+ months I've had it running continuously. It's got great output, and is "kind of" whisper quiet.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 8, 2017
Wasn't expecting much and I wasn't surprised nor disappointed . I'm using this in a 10 Gallon with a 4 hose gang valve. I'm only using one of the tubes so far and having this connected to my air stone is no problem. 40 is NOT too strong for 10 Gallon as long as you have a gang valve and something to control the air through your air stones. Glad I went with this than the "10" version. More flexibility and power . More movement in water is always good
review image
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on July 15, 2017
Working great! I bought to pump bubbles through the compost tea I'm making, as per others' recommendations. It's working great! I did purchase something different originally and it just didn't seem to do the job. Nice plus, the hosing you have to buy to go from the pump to the water is the same size as mom used with her oxygen tank so we had tons in the house. Check with someone on oxygen and you might get some free :-)
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