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Tetra 77854  Whisper Air Pump, 60 Gallon
Size: 40-60-Gallon|Change
Price:$17.75+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 25, 2016
When I first got this air pump and hooked it up, I thought people were crazy saying how quiet it was. It drove me insane. It was so loud. Then I decided to take it apart. Inside there was a screw loose. Once I tightened that screw it was amazing. I honestly cannot even tell this thing is on now. The bubbles in my tank are louder than this air pump. It pushes more than enough air for what I need. I have it hooked up to a sponge filter in a 10 gallon Betta tank. Bettas do not generally like a lot of movement so I ended up hooking the sponge filter up to a two way gang valve to bleed off some of the air without putting any back pressure on the pump.
I have to say that I am now a believer. I will recommend this pump to anyone that asks about a quiet air pump. I can't imagine spending the amount of money that some people are asking for another brand when Tetra has this available.
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on September 1, 2017
For the money, these are great. I just wish they had the dual adjustment valve that some others had when I purchased them at Walmart. It's not very noise and does the just. I use the dual valve on them with the knob to adjust the amount of pressure you want from this. It does the job.
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on September 28, 2017
I love this pump. It is powerful and it stays put. I have another pump that vibrates so much. It slides around because of the vibrations.It's very annoying. This pump so far hasn't done that. It's very quiet and does a good job. I would order this pump again and highly recommend it.
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Enthusiast: Petson April 6, 2015
I decided to purchase the 60-100 gallon pump after a friend let me borrow her 10 gallon pump for a hospital tank I set up. The small pump is so quiet I ordered a large one for my 75 gallon tank.

This thing is way too loud. There is no way I could use this as it would be incredibly disturbing to sleep with this thing running.

I am going to look around for another pump that is more quiet as the rest of my setup is nearly silent. All I hear is the sound of falling water and it is very relaxing.
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on August 20, 2016
I take great pride in my aquariums and really enjoy relaxing and watching the fish. There's nothing worse than having an air pump that makes a ton of noise to ruin the whole experience. I have been using this Tetra Whisper 40 - 60 Gallon Air Pump in my 65 gallon octagon tank now for over a year and it's still working as great as the day I plugged it in. It's super quiet and provides more than adequate air to the two air stones I have it connected to. I have mine in the bottom of the aquarium stand and can't even hear it running. The air bubbles it creates make the more noise than the air pump. Don't get me wrong it isn't totally silent but it's the quietest air pump I've ever used and I've had aquariums for many years.

This air pump does have two air outlets. And it provides plenty of air in case you want to put in a T-adapter or splitter and put air to more items in your aquarium. I would suggest using silicone tubing because it much more flexible, last longer and provides a tighter fit on the connections to prevent any air loss. The air pump comes with a T-adapter and 2 valves to regulate the amount of air bubbles in your aquarium.

All I had to do was add two lengths of air hose and two air stones and plug it in. It's been running nonstop ever since. I would suggest adding a check valve to each line of air hose to prevent water from coming back into the air pump and ruining it in case of a power outage. They are cheap and it's a good safety measure to save the air pump.

I can't say a bad thing about this Tetra Whisper Air Pump. It's a great pump that lives up to it's claims. If you are in the market for a new air pump you won't be disappointed with this air pump
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on December 17, 2016
I ordered one of these maybe 2 years ago and it still going strong. Haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood) it's plenty powerful also. I've been running 2 12" air stones in my 40 gallon breeder for a semi-bubble curtain using a cheap air line splitter. Idk why but one stone always wants to hog all the air even with everything being exactly equal including tube lengths so I put a valve in going to the stone that hogs it so I can turn it down and equalize the pressure for both. It says for use with 10 gallons but I see absolutely no reason why you couldn't use this with a 55 or even a 65 gallon with a single 18" air stone. I have a saltwater project coming up so I'll snag another.
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on December 1, 2016
At first I loved this pump. However after a short period of time it started to get louder and louder. Now I am not sure why they call it "Whisper," because it is the farthest thing from WHISPER.... More MEGA VIBRATING NOISE!!!!! Honestly I feel like I made a mistake. I do not want to purchase things that I have to take apart and move stuff around. Please if you are looking to buy this DO NOT!!!!! Do more research and find a pump that will actually run smooth and quiet.

Pros - Blows strong and produces a lot of air...
Cons - Over a short period of time it becomes very noisy.

I strongly advise you to spend a tab bit more time and perhaps a tad bit more money....
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on March 4, 2012
I'm on my 3rd pump in 4 years... but I will probably by another.

This pump is super-quiet when you first get it however it ALWAYS grows louder with prolonged use. At its loudest it is still quieter than most other pumps I have used thus the reason I will continue to use this model. But I do wish it remained as quiet as when you first install it. The air it produces remains strong despite the increased noise level.
I use one of these for a 55 gallon goldfish tank and have tried several arrangements with different air disks/ stones/ statues etc. I have merged both air outlets into one tube and two tubes independently and this doesn't really change things, the noise level will increase over time

Amazon's price is GREAT compared to what Petco/ Petsmart sell it for.
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As the other reviews say this is very quiet. The air the 60 version puts out is 'Ok' but not stellar. I'd go one size bigger than you think you need.

Also, someone else reviewed this and said to place it on an old mouse pad. I agree! If you do this it becomes 99% noise free, just a 'tiny' hum. So that's a nice free/cheap upgrade for this.
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on March 28, 2017
Quiteat whisper
I have a shock, really it was like a shock.
I was trying to change my air tubes this morning by pulling the air tubes. I found one of the air outlets broken inside the tube. I got shocked badly surprised really.
Can you help in this problem?!!!!
It works for only 7 months then i got broken air outlet. It is far to imagine an air pump like this. I think it is bad manufacturing. Please help
review image
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