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on June 2, 2013
Tetris Axis doesn't try to reinvent anything Tetris, but it does improve upon the last DS game, Tetris Party Deluxe, most notably in the new online modes. It is, quite frankly, a BLAST to compete against up to nine other players at the same time. The only things I wish they would fix is to remove the blowing-in-the-mic mechanic (something which no game developer should EVER include) and there needs to be intelligence on the part of the game to figure out when a player has abandoned their 3DS and, for some reason, left it on. For session after session, we had to wait for the full 60-second timeout because 'Amanda' wouldn't confirm her choice, and every time the game included her in the list of available players, even though she was clearly AFK. That was dumb, and I wish the developers would issue a multiplayer update like they did for Mario Kart 7.

The 3D modes in this game are not really fun or necessary, and after a while my eyes started hurting, so I just stick with the regular 2D games. I do wish they had grabbed some of the unique modes from the old Tetris DS game, such as Push, and put them into this game. Tetris: Axis replaces Tetris Party Deluxe well, but not Tetris DS. That's a shame, but hey--overall, this is one of the best Tetris games it there, and it's pretty cheap to boot, so I'm glad I picked it up.
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on July 10, 2013
If your a competitive player like myself, get yourself a copy of Tetris DS if you do not own one already. This version of the game is great for kids. Some of the new modes are fun, along with the 3D animations. For serious players, the 3D is not a deal breaker as you can turn it off however the 3D animations you cannot turn off and this hinders game play considerably. Every time you have a Tetris or similar line-clearing feat the game stutters every time to display an obnoxious animation of blocks being blown up which also covers the game area. Again, this will not bother people who stay in Single player mode, only multiplayer and only those who are competitive.

As for the multiplayer modes, classic versus has not changed except for the fact that you can hardly find anyone to play. The majority of players are playing modes that have items enabled and there design flaws with how some of them are used (such as switching play areas). If you are a competent player it will certainly provide a challenge as you will have five people teaming up against you with items. This I enjoyed however it does get old considering the only reason you will lose a game is due to the cheap value the items bring and not due to a skilled opponent.

If you are not expecting to play online and only against the CPU (in classic versus mode), you will be disappointed if you were competent with Tetris DS. Compared to Tetris DS, the highest difficulty rating in Axis (10) is CLOSE to level 4 in the DS version. For competitive players, level 4 difficulty in Tetris DS is an easy stepping stone to the complete 180 in difficulty that level 5 provides. Again, if your not competitive nor have you played Tetris 3DS this should not bother you.

Bottom Line: I love Tetris. I own every version of Tetris that was released for portables since Gameboy (I still have my original Gameboy with Tetris, and the box it came in). In my opinion, Tetris DS is the best version when it comes to competitive, one-on-one, play. If you already own the DS version I would skip this one unless you can get it for under $10. If your not a competitive player, then I encourage you to get this or any other version of Tetris as it is truly an amazing game.
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on March 19, 2013
Tetris: Axis is a game for the Nintendo 3DS it has more than 20 game modes which includes: Marathon, Computer Battle, Fever, Survival, Jigsaw, Shadow Wide, Fit, Tower Climber, Bombliss Plus, Stage Racer Plus, Capture, Master Mode, Sprint, AR Marathon, AR Climber, Nintendo 3DS Local Play, Nintendo 3DS Download Play, World Battle and Friend Battle.

Using the Question Block AR Card included with your Nintendo 3DS system, you can see Tetris games unfold in the real world with these amazing new modes!

AR Marathon

A miniature Matrix appears right on your floor or kitchen table in this mode, where you need to clear 50 lines as fast as you can.

AR Climber

In this mode you'll have to get really active, and rotate yourself 360 degrees around the AR Card as you stack Tetriminos around a cylindrical field.

Multiplier Mode

Playing with a friend can be even more fun—especially when you can challenge up to seven other players at once. With lots of ways to play, you and your buddies will be battling for a long time to come.

Local Play

Up to seven other players in five modes - VS Battle, VS Stage Racer, VS Shadow Wide, VS Capture, and Co-op Tower Climber. All you need is one game card, and a Nintendo 3DS system for each player

Download Play

You and your friends can compete for Tetris dominance in three modes via Download Play - Marathon, Fever and VS Battle. Only one copy of the game is needed, and a Nintendo 3DS system for each player.

Online Play

Test your Tetris game skills against players from around the world via online play. Choose specific friends in your Friend List, or pair up with a random opponent.

I didn't really talk about the other modes because there is nothing really to talk about, at least for me. Overall Tetris: Axis is a great game with some odd game modes but more then worth the price. I have been playing Tetris as far back as the NES and it's nice to see Tetris has come full circle from 2D to 3D. Still a great game even if it is 30+ years old.
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Nothing really fancy or hard to learn with the exception of coordinating the blocks just right but hey that's tetris for you. For a puzzle game the extras are decent but rarely used as for myself this helps pass the time and for the price($20) not to bad either. So if you like the bejeweled game then this is another good one to add to the collection.
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on September 3, 2014
I would have given this five stars, but there is no way to get rid of the dancing mii. It is very distracting. You can however change it's appearance, dance & outfit. lol I also have a hard time getting the blocks to fall, where I want them too. You need a very light touch with the control pads. If you are a bit heavy handed, you might consider this. You can change the music playing in the background. The default music, especially with the dancing mii, may not be to your liking. I changed it to something more relaxing, you might wish to do the same. There are about twelve different songs to select from, if you find the default song irritating.
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on November 7, 2011
Tetris is perfect for handhelds; from the original GameBoy pack-in to Tetris DS. This is a great game for short games on a bus or train to longer sittings on the couch. Tetris is a classic so there isn't much point going through the detail of the game. There are three main modes: Marathon, VS. CPU and Online. In addition to these modes there are also puzzle games, AR games and challenges.

This really is a great buy for the 3DS, unless you have Tetris DS. Tetris DS has a lot more appeal with the fusion of tetris and Nintendo games, characters and music. The DS version is hard to come by so if you're looking for a tetris game, Axis is what you want.

How does this compare to the iOS version? Having controls that you can feel and touch means you don't have to worry about where your hands are. There is no comparison and the price for Axis is well worth it.
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on May 25, 2017
Tetris: Axis Tetris: Axis
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on September 3, 2017
thank you
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on June 22, 2017
If you are thinking about getting axis or ultimate, I would go with this game. It has more game modes and a longer play and replay value.
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on December 17, 2015
Many tetris games here. In 3D. With changable characters, and music. I only wish you could play it in retro mode - just a setting to go back to GB/GBC graphics and play it like you would on a gameboy. The controls took a while for me to get used to, and I wish you could adjust them., as I was used to playing tetris a little differently all my life.. But other than that, it's pretty great.
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