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on May 27, 2015
First time Flip Flop owner. Not my thing really, but after a winter of tracking mud into the house, I needed some house shoes. Wife has an original Mush pair that has to be over 10 years old. These are a little different compound but still comfortable. I expect them to form fit as hers has. They do run small from a standard shoe. I'd say about a half size. I'm a solid 10 in lots of shoes but the 11's fit (no half sizes) better for the way I walk. I've noticed lots of fit styles in flip flops from super big to exact foot size. Perhaps it's personal preference; the 10's "fit", but because there's no side support, my foot often slid off the side when walking. With the 11, there's more coverage and feels more comfortable. Only about .25" more behind the heel, but greater width. I think the debate of fit is more foot width and expectations. I think a size up is warranted though for expecting a common fit. Will they last 10 years? I don't see why not. Will I become a flip flop convert? We'll see.
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on November 5, 2016
I'm going to start this review by clarifying that I have a lean, narrow foot. I have a C toe and a B heel. So this review is biased towards a narrow foot. That being said, I have tried about twenty different sandals to find a couple that fit reasonably snug. So for comparison purposes this may be a useful guide for people. My preferences are light weight, comfortable, with a heel strike that has some padding. I also like moderate arch support. I don't want a lot of flop in my flip. I don't want a negative heel. I'm going to list the sandals I've tried, and give a brief comparison, which should be helpful to everyone. I'll start with this one:

Teva Mush ll - (9) These are by far the lightest of the bunch, weighing in at a mere 92g each. They're also comfortable with a fairly narrow footbed and a snug thong. So, yes, I love these. And at $25 they are a bargain, even though they won't last as long as some of the more expensive sandals here. The middle of the heel-strike is a little harder than the surrounding area and some people have complained about it, but I haven't been bothered by it in the short periods of time I've spent in them.

Reef Mens Leather Fanning ll - (9 Mens) These are the heaviest of all the sandals I've tried, weighing in at 219 grams each. The footbed is comfortable but more firm than some of the others. Nice looking. They have an average fit, (fairly snug), but they were a little lose on me. I think these would last a long time. Unlike with the Reef Draftsman, I did not feel the bottle opener under my arch. Comfortable, but expensive and heavy.

Reef Leather Slap ll - (Mens 9) Oddly, this sandal was a full size shorter than any other Reefs I tried, (A full 1/2 inch), so order up. They weighed in at 205 grams each, making them the second heaviest in this comparison. Had they been the same size as the Fanning ll's they would have been the heaviest. Average fit. These are one of the most comfortable sandals in this line-up. Very cushy heel.

Reef Phantom LE - (Mens 9) This leather sandal is much lighter, weighing in at 142g. Somewhat more snug fitting than average. Very comfortable and attractive. Reasonably priced. This pair was a keeper for me.

Reef Phantom Prints - (9) Weighing in at 113g, these were the second lightest sandal of the bunch. Snug fitting and comfortable, these are my personal favorites. Reasonably soft heel-strike with an average width footbed and just the right amount of arch support. They won't likely last as long as some of the heavier sandals, but they can be had for half the cost. I've seen them for $20 on up, depending on color and size.

Reef Phantoms - (Mens 10) These synthetic sandals seem to be made elsewhere from the other two Phantoms listed above. The fit is much different. They are wider in the footbed and sloppy fitting. These are made for a wide foot. Again, they are fairly light, weighing in at 134g, and I got these a full size up from the other two because everyone said they ran small. I think they run just a half size smaller.

Reef Draftsman - (9) This is a leather sandal with no additional heel support. It also has a bottle opener on the bottom. Nice looking, fairly snug fitting, and fairly light, (About 156g) but this sandal has an issue. As others have indicated, you can feel the bottle opener under your arch. I don't think anyone would be comfortable in these for long. I sent these back.

Reef Crew - (9) This leather sandal is fairly light at 138g each. They have a slender footbed and a somewhat snug fit. I like that, however, there is no additional heel support and they run as high as $60.

Reef Twinpin - (9) These basic synthetic leather sandals are fairly light at 137g each, and they have a slender footbed, but the thong is very lose and has no additional heel-strike.

Sanuk Fraid So - (10) These sandals weighed in at a modest 139g each and were really comfortable and attractive. I loved this sandal. Unfortunately, they have a very wide footbed and a very lose fitting thong. Yep, fraid so. But if you have fat feet, you'll love these.

Sanuk M Fraid - (9) These leather/poly sandals weighed in at 175g each, making them one of the heavier sandals here. They have a slender footbed, (A full half inch thinner than the Fraid So), but with a sloppy thong.

Sanuk Beer Cozy - (9) This fabric sandal has a wide footbed and a sloppy thong, but weighed in at a respectable 134g each. These have a very cushy, comfortable footbed. People rave about how comfortable they are. But you need to have fat or wide feet. Dang!

Teva Men's Classic - (9) This is a very basic, uninspired sandal with a ruff, heavily textured, old school footbed. Perfect for some people, but I found them uncomfortable. It's light, but not as light as the Mush ll's. The thong was more loose than the Mush ll and it runs a little more money.

Teva Mush ll (Canvas) (9) I listed these as well because the canvas thong fits more loosely than the regular Mush ll's and weighed a little more. Other than that they have the same footbed.
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on June 4, 2017
I bought these in men's because I wanted more room. The women's seem too narrow. I don't have wide feet but since these were for comfort I figured I go with my first instinct. Good thing. Btw, they take about a week to stretch to your foot.
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on May 17, 2017
Very comfy. Fits nice, and I love that squishy feel to a flip flop. They have the form fitted and other kinds, but to me, that squishy feel that comes with the black-base flip flop has the right feel for summer. Cleans easy, fairly durable.

I got an 8 and I"m an 8, and it fits nice a snug. These hold on my feet well. It's nice to get a pair a flip-flops that stay on and don't go flying away. Order your shoe size exactly, these will fit like a glove.

I normally have wide/thick feet, so sometimes order an 8.5. I ordered an 8, because I figured the wideness didn't matter too much on a flip flop. Very snug, but still fits well. Love 'em.
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on August 2, 2016
After maybe only 3 weeks of wear, these flip flops broke and became very worn quickly. Would not recommend as these get worn very quickly.
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on September 17, 2017
These are my 3rd pair of Teva Sandals. I wear a 10.5 shoe and the 11 fit perfect. My 1st 2 pair were Mush 1 Sandals. I don't see much difference between Mush I and Mush II. I finally threw my 1st pair out after 15+ years. They were still sound, but the tread had worn off the bottoms. If you ever walk in the rain with smooth bottom sandals, you will quickly realize how slippery sandals can be. I am 65. I have worn many types of sandals over the years... Teva is my favorite open-toe sandal. If I want to go hiking or walking in bump prone venues likes rock concerts and amusement parks, I wear closed-toe Keens.
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on November 23, 2016
Absolutely love these flops, they are well cushioned but not overly soft and seem to mold to your foot just fine---I'll certainly pick up another pair or two in the very near future, just to have some extras. They do run a tad small--I generally wear a size 10 dress shoe, 10 1/2 in running shoes and ordered a size 11 here and they fit perfectly. Durability seems, at this early stage of only having them for a few weeks now, to be above average.
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on October 16, 2013
I can't say enough good things about these sandals. I've owned many pairs of Teva's over the years and I'm so happy to have a new pair. These particular sandals are more of a rigid foam than other pairs I've owned which basically means for me that I'll have to wear them in a bit before they get real comfy. I noticed the more rigid Teva square on the heal that some others were complaining about but I don't think it will be an issue. It is still a spongy material and I think will wear down just as quickly as the rest of the sandal. They are pretty thick for a sandal, which is good for me because I wear sandals everywhere and tend to burn through them pretty fast. Although I have two pairs of Teva's now that are easily 8-10 years old and they're just now getting to the point to where they might have to get tossed or used for just around the yard stuff. I don't know why some people are saying Teva's only last a year or two. I wear mine everywhere and do everything in them and I get much, much more use and years out of mine. I know my size in Teva's but for others, be cautious. I normally wear a 14 shoe but in Teva's I wear a 13, so I would say they run just a little big. The color is just as shown in the pics and description. They are extremely well built and I'm looking forward to breaking these in and wearing them all the time.
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on December 16, 2015
Excellent product. I've worn dozens of flip/flops over the years as have most folks. They come & go so often it is easy to lose track of which ones were good and which were not. Unlikely, after wearing these babies, you will ever forget again. The pad is cushioned well enough that your foot never experiences fatigue. The strap is well anchored and will not tear apart under reasonable duress. In short, they are very comfortable, all the time. Very solid, durable, and the quality is apparent. I wear these exclusively all summer, 24/7. I recently had one pair that lasted two seasons, which is pretty remarkable if you live in them during the summer months. Highly recommend.
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on October 11, 2017
Pretty much the only shoes my hubby wears.
He has a size 16 foot so shoes that fit and feel good are a luxury.
We normally purchase 2-3 pair at a time. Not because they aren't durable, but previous shoes have "gone out of style" due to changes. We don't take the chance with his shoes of we find something that works.
Cushy and supportive, which can be a fine line to walk in the shoe world.
Be WARE, cats love to chew them. We no longer have a cat so its not an issue for us anymore.
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