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on April 29, 2016
UPDATE: Here it is a year and a half later (added another photo). These things are still going strong. Soles are holding up nicely and show no signs of impending breakage. Love 'em.

I use these for Hiking in Hawaii. I had a pair of Chaco X2s for like, a decade. I even had them "re-webbed" (as they say) after a wandering cur ate the straps off in Cambodia. I only chucked them out after the sole split in two.

Here's the thing: Chacos KILLED my feet if I wore them all day. I would get horrible shin splints on my right leg and in the instep of my right foot (the slightly flatter of my arches). But I put up with it because by nelly I had paid a hundred bucks for the darned things and I was going to wear them.

Nowadays I do a lot of hiking in a wet, rocky place. Everything I read on the internet says that Chacos are still the best. That they are the chosen footwear of river guides. That they dry the fastest and stink the least and all the cool kids are wearing them and blah blah blah. It's cult-like, and I must've gotten sucked in the first time.

When I got them wet, they were heavy and really hard to wade in. I know they're not "water shoes" per se, but they're heavy and there's so much drag with those monstrously thick Vibram soles. When I tried to wear them on a rocky beach in Hawaii, they felt like weights on my feet. Also, when I'm trying to balance on rocks, I like to somewhat *feel* what the bottom of my foot is hitting. The soles of the Chaco sandal are SO thick that there's almost no grip on a smaller curved surfaces, making it hard to balance. Imagine walking on a field of smaller rocks (like, say, a field of textured bowling balls). It would be much easier with these Tevas than with Chacos because of the give in the sole. If I was just wearing Chacos on pavement or in areas where I was worried about stepping on hypodermic needles, they'd work great, but I actually do stuff in nature and need to get a sense of what's under my feet. I hike enough that I would dish out the money on a pair of Chacos again if they were the right shoes. But they're not. So I went looking for something better.

These Tevas have a much better grip than the soles of the X2. The tread has more little grippy parts (indentations? bumpies? Whatever. 😄). I got the cheapest color for my size because, let's face it, all "sport sandals" are ugly as sin. No point in putting lipstick on a pig, as Nana would say. These are comfy straight out the box and have a flexibility I like. I can't say for sure, but I don't know if these will last quite as long as the Chacos. However, price-wise I can buy 3 1/3 pairs over the next decade. Based on the construction and reviews from old people buying another pair, I anticipate they will last longer than three years, so it comes out at a better deal either way. PLUS I don't get leg cramps after hiking any more or feel like I'm balancing on a tightrope when on smaller rocks.
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on June 13, 2015
I love tevas. I usually wear a variety of Teva mush sandals. This was my first athletic sandal. I normally wear 7s in my other tevas, which is a size smaller than my running shoes but usually. 7 for dress shoes to give you an idea how they fit. These I got in a 7 they fit but with no room to spare, unlike the mush flip flops. I probably could have gotten a 7.5, if you like any room at the end. The first day I thought these would absolutely be returned. They constricted across the top of my ankle and rubbed my little toe. I wore them around the house just to see if anything changed. After multiple strap adjustments, they are comfortable. I went for a two mile hike today carrying about 30 lb backpack and they worked great. I think the fit was my fault. I felt to be "athletic" they needed to be secured to my feet, it's amazing if you loosen the straps how they still stick to your feet. I originally bought the for backpacking camp shoes and just in case I need to switch out my boots for awhile. Now after about a week of having them they are my everything shoes. Great in the garden, pressured washed the roof, climbed ladder fine good grip, went out with jeans and these sandals last night, great around the house for cleaning (tile floors nice to have some cushion). Fortunately I got these for less than original price, but they would still be worth it if I hadn't.
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on January 3, 2018
Each summer seasons and I order a new pair of these substantial Teva. As a landscape designer I wear them daily throughout the summer. I use them to dig holes using shovels and have never once had a problem or breakage in the sole. Likewise the straps are sturdy and adjustable such that even a slender foot like mine will fit well. The only reason I purchase new ones is because the old ones become rather dirty and worn looking but please remember that I am a landscaper who wears them to install Plants Mulch and much more.
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on September 2, 2017
i bought these sandals to wear on rainy summer days when i'm unable to wear my "cork sole" sandals. they are ok for my comfort, i am so used to a negative heel, these shoes are a challenge for me to love. they fit my narrow feet well, the sole is thick enough for a shock-proof walk. the straps hold the shoe on well, altho' the amount of velcro sometimes feels excessive. i'm glad i purchased them, but i can not wear them all day, every day like i can my negative heel cork soled sandals!
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on October 31, 2016
Not as good as some of the Tevas that I own. But nice looking and they go well with all my blues. I have a problem with the upper ankle strap. The design makes it hard to pull the strap out to remove my foot. My other pairs were designed differently and, in my estimation, much better. All that being said, I still like them and they are pretty comfortable.
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on September 20, 2016
It is hard to find a woman's size 10.5 shoe. Shoe makers usually skip from size 10 to 11 for women's shoes. Size 10 is usually too short for me and size 11 way too long. Two of my friends who have Teva sandals recommended them to me. After looking at Tevas on Amazon's site, I bought the style that came in 10.5. I'm overjoyed. They are a perfect fit and look well-made and very attractive on my feet. One of my friends who recommended Teva was wearing hers at the beach, so I bought them for that purpose. But I have yet to wear them outside because I have not returned to the beach. I'm an avid hiker and the sandal's soles look like those on my hiking boots. So I'll wear them in warm or hot weather the next time I visit a National Park. The hiking-style sole is the other reason I bought this Teva style.
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on August 24, 2015
So this is my experience. I first ordered a size 8.5. It fit okay, and then I saw that size 9 was cheaper by like $20. I tried the size 9 at a store that sold the item first, and it fit like perfect with a tiny space that didn't even matter because the velcro is adjustable. Another thing is that I'm younger so my feet might grow which I was scared of that's why I didn't stick with the 8.5. Just a piece of important advice, IF YOU WEAR A HALF SIZE, I WOULD JUST GO UP A SIZE, because it can be so much cheaper like mine was.

On to the actual sandals, IT IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING I'VE WORN. I've worn it a lot to see how it feels. I went back to school shopping that took like 5-6 hours, and my feet wasn't like begging me to go home. I don't know if it was the excitement or the actual sandals, but I love this sandal!
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on May 28, 2017
These are lovely! ive worn them to an amusement park & hiking, as well as just out running errands. It takes a bit to break them in, but after that they're super comfortable. I really like the velcro. I'll update my review if needed!

Update: they get slippery when wet, and can cause pain in my toes after a few hours. the velcro is still awesome, but it's starting to come off of the straps.
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on September 23, 2016
So my friends insist on walking a few steps behind me whenever I'm wearing my Tevas but that's fine, because my feet feel so good, my walk's spryer than theirs anyway! Only drag is I haven't quite figured out the adjustment that lets me slide them on and off easily without having to undo the velcro every time, but otherwise comfortable right out of the box!
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on August 9, 2016
Since this is my second pair of the identical size and style, I can review these right now. I've had my previous pair a year and absolutely LOVE them. They are the best fitting most comfortable sandals I've ever worn. I have literally worn them EVERY day, ALL day for a year and hiked and walked in all conditions as I've traveled around through 6 countries. Sand, streets, dirt, mud, pouring rain, walking through streams up to my ankles... everything. I took other closed walking shoes with me on my travels and wished I'd left them home. My Teva sandals are my full time comfort choice for ALL conditions.

I love the fact of the 3-way strap adjustments so I can get a perfect fit at all times. If soaking wet, I just tighten the straps so they don't slip about. If dry weather, I prefer them loose. I've worn them in super cold and drizzle rain too. I put on thick waterproof socks and loosen the straps.

The only negative thing is that the sole split on one of the old sandals just this month. But I patched it up with shoo goo and it continues to function quite well, still very wearable. I believe my 1-year of constant hard use is equivalent to 4-5 average years for most people, so the sole split was not so very terrible. I sure got my money's worth.

I'll keep the old ones for mucky use until they fall apart completely. And my new ones will be my "pretty" sandals.
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