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If you're a fan of the TCM series -- and why else would you be watching this? -- then the chances are that you'll love this entry, a prequel to the remake of the original cult classic. Made on a relatively low budget, the movie is gritty, claustrophobic, and often downright uncomfortable to watch. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to take a shower afterward, and for the right audience that is by no means a bad thing. Our setup -- young Thomas/Leatherface losing his job at the meat packing plant, with violent consequences -- soon segues into meeting the inevitable victims, two men and two women. Set in the Vietnam era, there's an element of social commentary going on with some conflict between two brothers, one of whom went to Vietnam and another who burned his draft card. This turns out to be significant to the plot later on when they fall foul of Leatherface and his clan. The standout performance undoubtedly comes from R. Lee Ermy, doing his second turn as the sadistic and perverted 'Sheriff' Hoyt. Ermy is electrifying to watch. You hate his guts (no pun intended) but at the same time find yourself rooting for him to win. The one bad point about the plot is that we know, broadly speaking, how this is all going to turn out, thanks to the events of TCM itself: Hoyt and Leatherface have to survive in order to appear in that next movie. However, this is really an origin story for both characters, and the fun and fascination is all about seeing how they got to be who they turn out. Fans of the franchise will love this prequel. Others most likely will not.
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on March 29, 2016
Wow this remake to me was miles ahead of the original movie. What a hard edge nail biting seat of your pants wild roll-a-coaster movie. Love the characters and the incredible origin story. This movie just rocks. If you love dirty visceral hard edge SAW type movies, here's your sign. Here's an extra bonus R.Lee Ermy as Charley Hewitt now Sheriff Hoyt. Kick Ass. After watching all the Texas Chainsaw movies, this one is by far my favorite.
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on January 7, 2014
Ever since this came out back in 2006 I have to say that I have held this one near and dear. You need reasons? OK. I'll give them to you......it's the goriest most sadistic, over the top, edge of your seat thrill ride that will surely have you shaking in your skin by the time it's over. I tend to analyze movies a bit so i'll just go ahead and tell you what I have noticed in this one that sort of differs from the remake. (spoil alert!) First of all this is supposed to be a prequel. I'm always cool with seeing "the beginning" of terror to curtain characters. Two characters iv'e noticed wasn't in this one who was clearly in the 2003 remake which was set 4 years after this one. Leatherfaces sister. She was the one who stole the baby in the remake. You could clearly spot her in the scene where Jessica Biels character was running from Leatherface right into a trailer where a large woman was. Now the large woman was in "The Beginning" so that begs the question where was the other girl? Second character was the little kid. Jedadiah who had to have been 9 or 10 years of age in the remake and since "The Beginning" happened 4 years before the remake he had to have only been 5 or 6. Another mystery the filmmakers decided to ignore. I'm done ranting now. I apologize. Getting back to the matter at hand. Despite those "little" continuity errors I would recommend this to anyone who has a strong gut and is a hardcore fan of a bloody, gory ol' time!
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on February 13, 2013
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning(2006) is a prequel to the 2003 remake of the 1974 film. It's a mix of good and bad. It has the kinds of plot holes and gimmicky storytelling that we saw in the Star Wars prequels! The film tells us where Uncle Charlie stole a cop car and a uniform and how Leatherface found his chainsaw. Two brothers try to ditch the draft during the Vietnam War. They end up getting picked on by bikers and hunted by Leatherface and his family! The tone of the film is very dark and grim. The visuals in the film are a caricature of the year 1969! Some of the period detail was taken from Easy Rider(1969). You can hear the song "Vehicle" in one scene. This film is also jam packed with blood, guts, and sadism! R. Lee Ermey is quite good as the overbearing Uncle Charlie. Curvy, sexy comic actress Diora Baird is quite good in the film. Jordana Brewster(The Fast and the Furious) is decent as the film's female lead. Jonathan Liebesman(Darkness Falls) directs. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is a decent horror film.
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on March 4, 2017
It was for my brother. He was happy to get it.
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on July 21, 2017
R Lee Ermry da man nuff said total classic
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on October 26, 2007
The Film: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-The Beginning-Unrated
Year Made: 2006

Let me start by saying that when I review a film, I like to do so without compairing to others. To read exactly what I think of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 version, feel free to read my review on that film. I'm not going to compair, I'll just tell you what I feel with this film on it's own merit. Lets begin...

The package. 4 Stars. The cover looks brutal, with what would be a face of a person that Leatherface cut off and did some nifty stitch work. I was dissapointed that when I opened up the CD case though, mine had no inlay inside at all, only the disc. hmm Not sure if this was normal or not but thats it. The extras on the disc are very nice and the CD is easy to pop out and yet the holder holds it into place very well. I hate when cases are put together bad and it's a nightmare to pop out the disc, this one is no problem. So all and all, I love the cover art, but was let down by the fact, no inlay at all.

Spook Meter. 5 Stars. WOW, what can be said here except well, BRUTAL. This film is just creepy. I will never look at a sheriff the same way again after seeing the sheriff in this film. The family is creepy and the sherrif played the role extreamly well. I don't think I would ever want to meet that guy face to face, he played the role that well. I did not sleep to well after watching this film. This film is very intense, brutal horror plain and simple. This is not a "fun campy" type horror film by any means. This is a film that was made to make the viewer very umcomfortable and it does a great job at that. We see in this version of the film just how Leatherface became who he turned into later in life. I really liked how this movie started and did a great job explaining different things. Well acting overall, some parts I thought with some of the kids could have been a bit better acted out, but the sheriff and the family more then make up for that. Leatherface is very intense, I love how he at times would turn off his chainsaw for a moment and seach around for his victim, then start it back up when it felt he was near them. Little things like that can really add to the creepy feel and it did. He did not have his chain saw going all the time and when he did have that thing revved up well... hahahha read on.

Gore Meter. 10 Stars! Oh wait.. It only goes up to 5 stars max. Ok, 5 stars!! The blood, gore is very extream in this film! While some horror films show the action and then leave a lot to your imagination, this film goes the other way in a big way! Just remember if you watch this, it's fake blood and people are not really being killed. You will have to say that to yourself a few times to get through this. I don't like to give much details away when I do a review. Let's just put it this way. Most all horror films don't even come close to the gore level that you will see when watching this. If you have a weak stomach, AVOID this movie. Personally I LOVED all the blood and gore. In this film it just came together very well.

Profanity Meter. 5 Strikes. I can deal with gore, I can handle a creepy movie and thats fine. I was dissapointed that the profanity is also very extream. I just personally find profanity to actually take away from a film. Lucky for me I have a DVD system that cuts out language and it was working overtime when I played this.

Sexual Meter: 1 Strikes. Nothing sexual in this film, just a ton of violence and gore.

Final thoughts: This film does what it was meant to. It explains things very well and it is not a comfortable film to watch. With that said, overall I was very pleased with how well this was made. There are a few setbacks that I named above but I really overall loved this film. If you want a to watch a horror film that will freak you out and does not hold back the brutal violence, this IS the film to watch. I have to say, I really hope there IS another Chainsaw film in the future. I love this film, and I can't get enough of the Hewitt Family!! Leatherface! Keep that chainsaw warm and I hope you return to the big screen again soon!!!
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on March 30, 2017
Thank you
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on November 8, 2016
Wonderful movie :D one of my favourites and excellent condition
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on November 14, 2015
This was on television but I couldn't finish watching it so I bought the movie. After I received the DVD it came on TV again. It was suspenseful and I enjoyed it. The plot is a bit far-fetched. It's hard to believe that two strong and healthy young men and two girls couldn't overpower an old man. That's Hollywood writers for you.
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