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on September 2, 2011
From the reviews I've read, many readers have enjoyed this book. As they say, not everyone has the same taste, life would otherwise be boring.

Emma comes back to a small town in Texas with her two to be adopted daughters. She takes them to see a local doctor and finds that he is none other than her old boyfriend Travis. The reason they stopped dating is because she moved away with her parents who enjoyed traveling around the world, without even warning him.

Travis and Emma find that they are still very attracted to one another and while Travis is very interested in picking up where they left off, Emma keeps pulling back. That itself is what annoyed me. The poor doctor does everything he can to please this girl and she keeps pulling back from him. I am not giving anything away as you will find this very early on. It goes on and on. Emma encounters problems with the adoption and while Travis is there for her she continues to pull back. I got sick of it. While he tried to distance himself he always finds himself in that old pattern trying again and again....and again. Be done with her Travis! .... is what I thought. Anyhow while the ending was good it was so incredibly rushed that I actually turned the page and was shocked it was over.

Maybe it's because I've read several really good books just prior to this one that I'm not happy but for me, it was mediocre at best... glad I didn't spend much on this e-book. I won't give up on the author however but if her next book is written in this same pattern, I'm done.
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on August 31, 2013
The I love him / I cannot love him is starting to grate on my nerves. It seems to be the underlying current in most of the books I've read recently so it's getting old. The contested adoption story line was pretty far fetched, also, IMHO.
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on July 29, 2014
First of all, having several friends who have adopted children from some of the poorest regions in Africa, knowing how extensive, exhausting and specific the process of qualifying as an adoptive parent actually is... There is a very slim chance this young woman could have adopted on her own, much less have been referred multiples with potentially severe past/present health conditions. Nor could she have been granted custody/guardianship if she didn't even have a stable home for them (authorities would not allow her to adopt these children and franticly try to find somewhere to live). All of that comes before you ever lay eyes on your first referral.

I loved Travis' character, but I didn't like Emma's. She feels like she's never really had a backbone so the first thing she decides to do to "prove herself" is to adopt two toddler girls from Africa? She also laments never fitting in with her family and wanting one so desperately. She sounds too incredibly unstable to be adopting two little girls. I'm the first to admit that I'm not a perfect parent and that I don't have all the answers... But if I traded places with Emma I might have a nervous breakdown. She is so full of anxiety, wringing her hands all the time, expecting Travis to come to her rescue. It's hard for me to respect someone like that, even if she's just a fictional character.

She did have a big heart. That was evident, and probably her best quality. But I found it really hard to root for her when she took on such a huge responsibility without seeming to give much thought to concrete plans for success.
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on March 16, 2014
This started out as a typical girl who dumped guy returns to town and the initial attraction is still there. Complication s in resuming where they left off. Girl is in process of adopting twins from another country. The guy became a doctor who is in a six-month relationship yet he still wants the one who left him. Throw in a couple of newly jilted and the desire for revenge. About 3/4ths of the way through the suspense and potential for never-ending heartbreak I found myself in tears. This is where it became a very compelling read.
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on May 29, 2014
While I wanted to really love this one, I found it was at times a little to codependent for me and that Emma as a little bit to immature for my tastes.

I thought it was a well written story and it had an unusal story plot. I loved that Emma was a sweet person and a compassionate one who wanted to help the less fortunate. But, I thought she was a times a bit unstable herself and might have been better served to deal with her own issues and insecurities before taking on a set of Haitian Twins with obvious problems of their own.

All that aside I loved that when she did commit to the twins she went all out for the welfare and was ferious in her defense and her love of them I only wish she had been as committed to the supposed love of her life. I also was not taken with the sometimes a bit on the preachy side of the Christian content.

Don't get me wrong, I am Christian, I just prefer not to have it constantly inserted into what I am reading. I read for fun and relaxation and I find that having to deal with religious contexts hampers my enjoyment. So, my advice if you abject to this type of story this is not for you. While it is nicely done it is still apart of the story.
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on October 9, 2013
I wish I could have given this book another 1/2 star as I did enjoy the characters. The heroine, Emma, has recently adopted twin Haitian orphans and brought them back to Galveston, the only town that comes even close to feeling like home to her. Raised by rich parents who constantly trotted the globe, dragging Emma with them, she never knew the stability of steady relationships. Their constant disapproval of the choices she made undermined her self-esteem to a debilitating degree, leaving her unable to trust her own decisions. When her old boyfriend re-entered her life unexpectedly as the twins' new doctor Emma felt unworthy of his continued interest in her. Her sense of guilt over the way they had parted years before shamed her deeply. There follow the usual denial, misunderstandings, villains, supporters, etc.

The Christian values expressed throughout the plot are excellent and I'd have no problem recommending this book to any of my Christian friends. I do take issue with the extreme rapidity of the ending, however. There was no explanation of how the forces against Emma were defeated, no mention of how or if the villains would pay for their actions, nothing. I felt like I had blinked and bam, everything was gone. Those characters were interesting enough to deserve their own book and if one is written, I'll be happy to read it.

This is my honest opinion, even though I will receive a new book for writing this review.
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on July 19, 2012
I understand the reviewers who say Emma's uncertainties became exasperating at times, but it made sense with the instability of her past. I still thought the book was interesting. I would have been happier if Lucy and Stephen had been charged for bribing the judge, and I also wondered why the judge ruled as he did. It was a pleasure to read a clean, enjoyable romance, however.
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on December 16, 2014
I'm honestly not sure why I finished this book, when I did finish I actually asked myself that very question. The basic story idea is good, but the way it's executed isn't so great. The ending is very rushed and doesn't even make sense and I found myself just wanting to slap the main character the entire time I was reading.
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on August 15, 2012
Texas Whirlwind is a well-written, creative romance novel with an interesting theme. Main character, Emma Hayes, adopts Haitian twin girls and moves to a small town in Texas where she once lived for a year. Having traveled with her parents all over the world for most of her life, it was here she left a heartbroken young man fourteen years prior. Upon arriving, she takes the girls into a Medical Clinic run by her ex-boyfriend, who is one of two doctors at the clinic. While Texas Whirlwind will keep the reader's interest, I found Emma to be entirely too insecure and too much emphasis put on that insecurity. I've read too many books with insecure women lately. The men all come off as saints to put up with such nonsense - Travis is no exception. He exhibits saint-like patience. Overall, I did like the story and Ms. Blythe is an excellent writer. I loved the religious aspect which emphasized prayer. Overall, an entertaining read.
Dawn Kurtz, author of the Christian novel: Secret of the Mexican Doll
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on February 7, 2015
I have become to enjoy Bonnie's books more and more. At first, it frustrated me at how short the book was - like I was so into the story that I wanted more. Now I view her books much differently, as just what they are, short Christian Fiction. I am content in the in the assurance that I will be able to read them in a couple of sittings. Texas Whirlwind was so refreshing. So many times we find ourselves "second guessing" God, even though we have prayed for his guidance. Feeling like Emma, that we don't deserve the gifts God is giving us, instead of accepting the fact that our Heavenly Father loves us relentlessly and longs to give us more then we may even ask or think.
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