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on June 4, 2011
I picked up Texhnolyze without knowing the first thing about the series. It has a very techno (imagine that), futuristic theme, and if you've watched Lain it includes some of that surreal mixed media effect but to even better result in my opinion. As opposed to the standard introduction to a show where the opening theme is a song showing all the characters and usually accompanied by karaoke Texhnolyze starts out with music, no lyrics. The ending theme is on par with what we've come to expect, a moody acoustic sequence. The two musical styles harmonize each other, moving together in a strange symbiosis through the show. It might seem odd to say such a thing about a soundtrack, but this show makes everything go together and every facet is important.

Extras included on disc one are: an interview with Ueda and Yoshitoshi Abe, alternate dialog outtakes, previews (they mercifully skip them at the start of the DVD but if you want them they are there), and credits for the show.

The show starts off in a dank and dirty place, it appears to be a decrepit locker room complete with dingy mirror, tiled shower stalls, flickering lights, and a clicking fan. Our silent and slightly bloodied main character is reliving a boxing match, the scenes are granulated like a bad television signal. From there we move on to another scene, a strange woman with him, and then another. The show has little dialog in the opening, it relies on you carefully watching the myriad presented to you so that you can understand what is going on.

Of course as soon as you think you know what's going on something changes, we're left wondering what's reality and what's going on between the few characters already introduced. It's as if the viewer is being dumped straight into the disparate parts of each persons day and yet some of it, maybe all of it, is just a dream. The colors of every different moment are highly saturated, and it's clear we're in a futuristic society where our interactions with the world overlap with another, digital / mystical layer to existence.

I was struck by how stark the world is, the silence, the lack of animals (minus a lizard seen in the first episode), the missing grass and trees, the decay of buildings, roads; seemingly all of our world. It's so empty and painfully lonely. It's really no wonder that they cannot bring themselves to speak much of the time. Even in the cities people are quiet, detached, as if they are trying to simply get by. What words are there in a place so desolate? When characters do immerse in dialog it's been clearly well thought out by the director, just enough to explain and confuse what's going on at that particular moment.

By the end of the first disc we are made to understand that there is a Salvation Union, Raffia, Organo, a Sage of Gabe, a surface, and an "underworld". We know that we are in Lukuss. Dialog increases but the show is still heavily dependant on visuals. We know what it means, at least a little, to be Texhnolyzed. What precisely all of that solves, means, and teaches us remains unclear the more we learn. There's a sort of intrinsic beauty to that, it leaves us wanting more, and as confused and unsure as the characters each holding a piece of the puzzle but unable to put together the complete picture.

This is a great start to a series, a lush and well drawn foray into a world we're just beginning to grasp and the politics and people of the time. It isn't for children, while it doesn't have excessive violence, it isn't sensationalized in battle sequences when it occurs. There's a cold brutality and chilly compassion involved in the episodes that start the show. If you're a fan of the surreal and technological, pick it up and have a go.
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on December 29, 2004
As you watch the first episode of this series you will find yourself emersed in a bizarre world where little seems to make sense. The entire first part of the series in fact is presented as avant-garde cinema, though as the story progresses the defining characteristics of this unusual world seem to become more apparent. This, however, is not to the fault of the series as it still maintains its grip on the interest of the audience and slowly reveals a complex story which demands attention. This is certainly not a pick up and put down series and demands a level of thought not usualy expected in the average anime audience, but for those searching for something more diverse this is worth watching.
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on March 19, 2016
love it for was well protected
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on July 6, 2004
ok so at the start I have only purchased the first dvd wit box set. I will be gettin the 2nd.
These 4 episodes are very vorin indeed. It is way to confusin to tell what is goin on and wow this show's 1st episode is the worst 1st episode of an anime I have ever seen! I love dark shows but surprisingly I have been disapointed in 2 of the 3 that bought!!! This show and Witch Hunter Robin just seem like average shows especially Robin. The only one that is above average is Berserk and I mean way above. Berserk is excellent! I recommend to the people that want a dark, superb anime show than get Berserk that show is phonemonal.
Anyway now I am lost in this show. I nhave only seen the 4 episodes once. I will rewatch them when I get the 2nd dvd. The only intereting parts I liked were when it focused on the doctor lady and the main man giving'em his cybernetic parts.
This show at this time is average but maybe it will and could get more interesting. Oh by the way get Now and Then, Here and There cuw wow is it fantastic!
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on March 13, 2006
Texhnolyze is not only one of the most unique anime series ever produced, but frankly, I would not feel I was going ut on a limb by saying it is simply one of the mosty unique, and moving pieces of motion picture ever done, particularly so if this is limited to the animated medium.

This is a very dark, melancholy series, and is very challenging for the viewer at points. I just completed it for my second time through, and only now do I fully appreciate the depth and feeling this series has to offer.

Texhnolyze is science fiction, a story about a humanity divided between the worlds of dark and light, at the twilight of our time as a species. But instead of dwelling on the science fiction and technological aspects of the story, it instead focuses on the human stories that are at the core of the series. The characters all evolve, and provoke the viewer's sympathies. It is nearly impossible to label individual characters as "good" or "bad" here, rather, we get to experience the cast of players discovering themselves, and learning about the world they inhabit.

I cannot recommend this series enough. If you are a fan of Lain, Boogiepop Phantom, and other dark, heady anme series and films, don't even hesitate to pick this series up immediately, as it will be one of the favorites of your collection (especially upon repeated viewings, which it absolutely demands). And I think anyone who appreciates true, 21st-century art in its purest form will take something from Texhnolyze, as it is simply deeply moving and provocative, as well as totally gorgeous in its presentation, music and sound design, acting and writing. Five stars, and I would give it six if I could. One of the best.
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on April 12, 2004
"LUCKUSS, the city of despair and violence..."
This is definitley a unique anime, the story is complex, the characters are clouded and the dialog is minimal. Basically it takes place some kind of city thats beneath the surface of earth. This underground city is being run by gangs and there is a technology that can replace lost limbs when cut off... which seems to happen alot down here.
Episode 1: the first episode is rather confusing... there is barely any speaking and you're forced to understand the story through silent happenings and flash backs. We are introduced to the main character who doesn't speak once but seems to be a professional fighter.
Episode 2: the still unnamed main character gets a arm and leg cut off by a gang that he seems to be running away from. there is quite a bit more talking in this episode, and it basically shows us his journey through the city without his right arm and left leg.
Episode 3: a woman finds the still un named man missing limbs and takes him to a facility.. there he gets texhnolyze limbs created for him.. but will he allow them to be put on?
Episode 4: finally.. the mysterious man gets his texhnolyzed limbs... and what does he do with them? he tried to destroy them. He isnt happy about it and he goes wandering through town.. the end for now
The packaging art is nicely done and is the reason i bought the anime to tell you the truth (cool artwork). the back of the case uses a unique description by showing us some short profiles of the main characters in this volume. episodes in this anime are referred to as "Rogues".
All in all this anime seems to have surprised me.. after viewing the first episode i felt that this anime was definitley not for me.. but after finishing the other 3 episodes i started to grow interested in the plot and i now plan on purchasing the next volume in june. on a side note i really enjoy the opening and ending songs.. the opening is performed by juno reactor so you better believe its some kick ass techno, and the ending is a group/performer that i am unfamilar with but he does a good depressing acoustic song.
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on April 1, 2004
For those who were thoroughly enraptured with the Lain series, this new one will probably keep them just as interested because of the many similarities they have (or appear to - I've seen only the first 4 episodes so far).
The setting for this new series is a dark, rather run-down city called Lukuss, where people generally try to remove the limbs of their opponents to survive. The title "Texhnolyze" refers to the technology used to create new limbs for those who have lost them.
The first episode is a strange one indeed: there's no talking at all for almost the first half, and I was generally confused through most of it. In fact, I was confused through most of the episodes...but after letting them sink in after my initial viewing, they began to connect and make sense.
The focus of the story (at least for now) seems to be this prize fighter named Ichise, who has one arm and one leg violently removed by Onishi and his henchmen when Ichise basically steps out of line (the first episode basically describes how and why, though not clearly). Onishi seems to be the leader in control of the city of Lukuss, though he is constantly attacked by "freedom fighters" who are against Texhnolyze (the details on this are not fully explained as of yet either).
Ichise seems to be closely involved with Texhnolyze and its development, although details are also sketchy. This and other things will most likely be explained in later episodes. In any case, by the end of the 4th episode, he has two Texhnolyzed limbs to replace his missing ones.
Without going into any more details, other interesting characters are Ran, a little girl (a reminiscence of the girl from Lain?)who can see bits of the future, her grandfather "the Sage" (he has something to do with Onishi, but that's vague too for now), and a really mysterious character called Yoshii, who comes from the "surface-world" outside of Lukuss. The ties between all these characters are already becoming evident, and it really will be interesting to see where this series will go.
As for look and feel, it's a lot like Lain (the ever-present glowing train tracks always reminds me of the humming power lines in Lain)...although I find myself even more disturbed by these 4 episodes than all of Lain already. And the sci-fi aspect is even more prominent here than in Lain.
Even if you're not a fan of Lain, you can't deny that it was a very unique and interesting series that should be sampled at least once. The same, I think, should go for Texhnolyze. It may very well annoy the hell out of those looking for a direct and clear plotline...like Lain, it is definitely not designed for the impatient viewer. But like Lain, I think it will be a rewarding experience for those who definitely believe that nothing is what it seems.
For those interested, there's a holographic cover card that comes with the first disc...probably a special edition addition.
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on June 9, 2004
Since I'm a writer, as well as a fan of SF and anime, I thought I'd like Texhnolyze. I really like it-- but it's NOT easy to understand it. Others have detailed the plot, so I won't try; but I will give impressions on some things that struck me right away from the first volume.
First, it's a very quiet story. No dialogue of any kind for more than ten minutes, then it's mostly one-sided (talking on the phone, to others who don't talk back, etc). Most of the setup is done in dystopic, frequently violent images, couples with disturbing sounds. For the first three episodes (out of four), this lack of spoken narrative is the standard. The slower pacing of each episode is a definite benefit, giving the viewer more time to "look around" in Texhnolyze's world.
Second, the use of clean lines and frequently washed-down colors adds to the bleak atmosphere of the episodes. The dream sequence in "Rogue 1:Stranger" is awash in white haze, with very little clear detail. (It is interesting to note that, given the plot of this series, white is the traditional color of death and mourning in Eastern cultures).
Next, the concept of a character whose clairvoyance is limited to only one of several possible futures is interesting, because psychics are not usually portrayed in such a limited way. Ran, the young girl in the (cat? fox?) mask is more realistic and sympathetic because of her power's limits.
Finally, the concept of a "Mob"-like corporation that provides its operatives with superhuman abilities for its own ends bears a certain resemblance to The X-Files, Star Trek's Section 31, and some episodes of The Outer Limits, so that will appeal to fans of general SF.
All in all, Texhnolyze has a strong beginning in this disc, but the violence and density of the plot make it unsuitable for younger viewers.
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on May 3, 2005
Texhnolyze is, so far, an outstandingly original anime. I have only seen Volume 1, but I just can't get the plot out of my head. There are five main characters in all of this first volume. That means that you really shouldn't have that much of a problem keeping track of these people. Also helpful to those of us who don't speak Japanese, the names are simple, short names. These are all names you can pronounce by the end of the fourth episode.

For the first half of the first episode, there is no "dialogue." You only hear the characters grunt, sigh, and occaisionally scream. At first, this seems confusing, but later you'll realise that dialogue really wasn't neccessary. At the end, you see what appears to be the main character, named Ichise get his right arm and left leg cut off. At this point, we still don't know his name. Also introduced in the story is Ran, a girl who can see the future, and Yoshii, a stranger from the surface. With his arrival, you learn that Lukuss, the city in which this story takes, is miles below the Earth's surface.

Over the next few episodes, two other characters are introduced. These are Onishi, a high ranking member of the Organo. The Organo isn't really explained outright,although the implications have me thinking it's a crime syndicate. You are finally led to Doc, an expert on the process of texhnolyzation. She finds Ichise and gives him a new arm and leg.

The presentation is somewhat uneven, which is why I give it only 4 stars. Sometimes, it is very surreal and dream-like, and at other times, it is very harsh and realistic. While this isn't really that bad, it does disrupt the flow of the story a bit. And by the way, the story moves very slowly in the first three episodes, and picks up for a dramatic cliffhanger at number four.

All things considered, this is one of the best new animes I have seen in a while. However, don't buy this if you aren't willing to put insome time and thought into it.
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on July 3, 2004
Texhnolyze... surreal, dark, mysterious, unpredictable, interesting, intelligent, highly complex...
I guess if I could sum it all up in one word, it would have to be masterpiece!
I watch alot of Anime and from the selection of titles that I have seen, that have been released this year, Texhnolyze is indeed a rare treat! Fans of Lain, Evangelion, Boogiepop Phantom, Ghost in The Shell, Akira, Haibane Renmei, The Soultaker and Witch Hunter Robin will very likely enjoy this engaging series as it is a highly complex puzzle to be solved, revealing itself in bits and pieces at a time. The pacing of the story is slow in this first volume but it is one of its strengths as the focus is brought down on realistic character development and gives a chance for the viewer to familiarize themselves with the surreal environment. However, things start to take off in the second volume as more answers are revealed about the main players in this story as well as the beginnings of the roles that they will play.
Texhnolyze is not an easy story to understand, and for this reason it would probably be best for the average viewer to watch one episode and then take a little time to reflect upon it before continuing on to the next chapter. For those persons that are just getting in to Anime, I very highly recommend this series if you found the original Matrix or Twelve Monkeys rewarding.
To stay true to the series, it was my intention not to reveal too much of anything about this story or it's characters but for those of you who are interested in going a little deeper...
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