Customer Reviews: The ABCs of Money
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on April 18, 2013
3 stars because it was free. My main complaint is the author's condescending and "I am the greatest of all" attitude. She constantly let us know that she ALWAYS picked the right investments, ALWAYS warned people of things that were coming (the depression, etc) and that she has NEVER made a mistake or given bad advice (that's her tone throughout the book). And the main annoyance (although since this is free I guess I can see why) is the constant "Read my other book for more information." I gained a little knowledge and I do like her easy to remember way to spend (10% donation/tithing (she urges donations including time too for her career and gaining connections, so I don't really like her motive but I can't argue that donating time and money is always a good thing, but I prefer people to do it because they LOVE it, not to get them further along in life...), 10% savings, 10% investing, 20% FUN (yep, fun - she talks about enjoying life which I do like that part too:), then spend only 50% of your income on bills and the necessities in life). All in all, it's a great formula but one I think a lot of overspending people would find hard to stick to. A lot of the book deals with debt and getting out of it and things like foreclosure, knowing when you should sell or rent, etc. I skipped some of those parts as we don't have credit card debt, but she does offer some great advice for those that do or for those that may lose their homes. I would not buy this book, but for free it was pretty good advice if you can ignore her attitude issues!
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on July 19, 2013
The author spends way too much time telling the reader how smart she is and how she has all the right answers. Humility is not her strong point. Based on her comments she is a financial and economic prophet. Stay away from this book unless you enjoy repeated arrogance.
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on September 22, 2013
The ABCs of Money by Natalie Pace begins by asserting that "protecting your future required a new game plan." On the heels of her two successful books, You vs Wall Street and Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is, Pace released The ABCS of Money for free. Inside, she gives you tips on how to decrease your debt, handle real estate, pick stocks on Wall Street, differentiate between safe and unsafe companies, and increase the value of your hard assets. She references information that can be found on her website,, and provides several charts and diagrams that illustrate her points.
ABCS of Money is only available on as an e-book, so some mention of how disappointing I found Pace's misuse of her media is appropriate. After the second of an ultimate dozen references to newsletters on her website, I screamed at my screen, "It is an e-book! Just link it!!!" Seriously, you can link a citation to the website, allowing any reader with Internet access and curiosity to quickly explore your resources. Additionally, the pie charts and tables she provides areoly helpful if they are big enough for the reader to actually read them on a typical e-book device.
I found The ABCs of Money to be annoyingly helpful. Not in the sense that I learned so much that I found it to be annoying, but that while I did expand my knowledge of finances, I found her method to be annoying. Her self-promotion and references to her more expensive books was just silly. And while I found the foreword by the chairman of TD Ameritrade to be insightful, the chapter devoted entirely to extolling the virtues of TD Ameritrade significantly cheapened it. I would only recommend this book if you are going on a financial literature reading spree.
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on January 27, 2013
Informative and very intuitive. I see this as more than just another book but an economic tool. I trust this author. Recently went through a bankruptcy and foreclosure. This Book continues to help me improve my credit. I never knew there were so many way's to be creative with finances thank you Nataile :)
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on June 10, 2013
It has a good information, but I found a lot of part where I feel that the writer is trying to sell me the whole collection of her books, starts to talk about something that isn't in the book content I didn't finish this book eager to buy another from the same writer...
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on June 30, 2013
I didn't expect much when I downloaded this book while it was free. This book was a VERY pleasant surprise. I was an accounting major in college (before moving on to other things), and have always been savvy enough with budgets and money. However, I recently realized that I hadn't changed my "buy and hold" habits of yesteryear, that had been so successful in the past but are not good now. Reading this exact point early on in her book I think hooked me from the start.

The author has her own "digging out of debt" story, and I think she did not start out in her career as a financial advisor or analyst at all. Her pointed advice cuts through all of the "noise" out there to quite simply explain how to approach whatever situation you are in, so you can maximize your financial security. What I liked the best, I guess, is that I agree with her advice. She has enough common sense and smart advice in there that I want to read more. Then, she gets more detailed around various markets for investment, and stock techniques. I want to learn and explore more, and it is the first book in a long time that I have gone back and reread.

Her tone could be quite annoying. Looking at her website, her google hits, her media work, etc, I found myself not annoyed. I just figured she is out there marketing herself, her brand, and her work. I hope she has continued success, but I did find the tendency to write things like 'I was perfectly spot on' (paraphrase) vs something like "it turned out that my predictions were accurate" a little strange. But it's got to be a hard niche so I can't judge.

She does offer a 'free 21 day coaching' (paraphrase) for people that write reviews on Amazon, and then share the review. I'd put that as a disclosure except that I don't know how to share a review and doubt I would :-)

Her advice seems very solid. If nothing else, this book reinforces the fundamentals of financial security in this day and age.
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on February 9, 2014
Well it didn't give me what I was looking for-I was looking for info on how to cut household bills and how to go about paying off credit cards-mostly talks about stock market and investing, Im too old to get into that (59).
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on April 21, 2014
She is preaching some basic platitudes such as 1) Get out of debt, 2) Do not spend more than you make, 3) Pay yourself first by putting money into 401K or Roth IRA. 4) Do not invest in companies which have too much debt, 5) The higher the investment return interest, the higher the risk, 6) Gold may not be the safest investment, 7) Diversify your investments with stocks, bonds, and real estate by "Buying Low and Selling High", and 8) Invest in Green Power such as Solar and Wind power while the capital costs are low. To make it a quick read, there are not a lot of charts or footnoted facts. There are some better economies which are not in debt like the PIIGS or the US, so I guess the message is consider moving. Since she predicted the Dot Com bust and the Housing Great Recession, the message is to stay tuned for other development like the failure of Social Security when the number of retirees exceed workers. I'm not sure that you can dodge all of these bullets and still make it to retirement heaven.
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on March 4, 2013
The concepts in this book are simple to understand and enact. Inertia and fear prevent too many people from taking an interest in investing their own money. Unwarranted trust, in so-called money managers, limits the goals and aspirations of many more. Natalie Pace gives a step-by-step overview of a safe, empowering, methodical path to successful financial freedom. This isn't a get rich quick book! This is a simple set of lessons in starting early and learning investment methods. Her ideas could easily be taught in high school and they could give teenagers the confidence to handle their own financial futures. I have met a formerly homeless guy, who was tens of thousands of dollars in debt. These methods worked for him, so what's your excuse again?

The ABCs of Money is an up-to-date intro to some methods of safe investing. Natalie Pace has another recent book called You vs Wall Street. This covers many of the concepts in more detail. It is still of tremendous value but is in need of an update.
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on June 17, 2013
Once again, Natalie has provided an informative, valuable, and easy-to-read source book without the fluff and ego-centric vernacular that seems typical of this genre. Great information, clearly conveyed. A must-read for anyone interested in investing.
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