Customer Reviews: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Season 3
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on October 18, 2008
85 Snazzes on the 100 Point Snazz-o-Scale.

This is a very good Jimmy Neutron DVD Collection.
-First, about Jimmy Neutron, in case you don't know. Jimmy is a Boy Genius, a cartoon from Nickelodeon. He invents all kinds of wonderful devices, from a simple Hovercar, to a Shrink Ray to Books On Gum (Something Amazon should explore.) Adventures and silliness always follow! Jimmy is often accompanied by his friends, Sheen and Carl, his best buddies; his robotic pet dog, Goddard; and two girls and love interests named Cindy and Libby. (Jimmy with Cindy, Sheen with Libby. Carl? Check out the last episode in this collection.) The animation is simply superb; three dimensional computer graphics with astonishing attention to detail, reflections, shadows, mirrors, and moving backgrounds. It's not Pixar, but it sure isn't the Fairly Oddparents either. Better still, every episode is at least funny, and at most fall-on-the-floor hilarious.
-The Collection is very good. Though I know many Neutron fans were disappointed Nick didn't just release the series in its entirety. But some Jimmy is better than no Jimmy. Still, there are no DVD special add-ons at all, which is disappointing. No behind-the-scenes, storyboards, commentary, or anything. Just the shows. It should be noted that the DVDs are formatted in DVD-R so they will probably not work on older DVD players.
-The shows are worth having but many fans will miss the whole "Jimmy-Cindy" thing, which there isn't much of in this collection. Most think Season Three is the season Jimmy and Cindy really started to like each other. Stranded and the Lady Sings the News (two very popular episodes) are not featured. But many other great ones are, like The Tomorrow Boys, The N Men, and Lights! Camera! Danger!

On Season Three you will find:

Disc 1:
Lights! Camera! Danger!
Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen
The Incredible Shrinking Town
One of Us
Vanishing Act

Disc 2:
The Tomorrow Boys
Who's Your Mommy?
Clash of the Cousins
Jimmy Goes to College
The N Men
The Evil Beneath
Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius
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on July 30, 2011
Great DVD but JN needs season sets. Episode summaries:

Disc 1:
Lights! Camera! Danger!: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby join a movie with a demanding director (Professor Calatimous in disguise) where he wants them to do death-defying stunts that can easily kill them.
Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen: Libby is taken by ninjas and Sheen must learn karate and save her.
The Incredible Shrinking Town: Jimmy shrinks the whole town of Retroville.
One of Us/Vanishing Act: Jimmy hears of a new young children show called "The Happy Show Show", which is about an elderly lady. Soon, everyone loves it, but Jimmy and Cindy learn it's hypnotized everyone and that the elderly lady is an alien./Jimmy spends time with a magician.
Fundemonium: Hugh makes a fortune creating a brand of children's toys, but the Nanobots soon get inside them and control them to destroy Retroville.

Disc 2:
The Tomorrow Boys: Traveling into the future, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen find out Libby will be the future dictator of the world.
Who's Your Mommy?/Clash of the Cousins: Carl gets pregnant with and alien baby./Jimmy's detector tells him that one of his relatives at his family reunion is evil.
Jimmy Goes to College: Jimmy's grades are so great, he is allowed to skip middle school and high school and go straight to one of the finest colleges in the world.
The N Men: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby transform themselves into super heroes with super powers.
The Evil Beneath/Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius: Jimmy travels to the Bahama quadrangle to solve the mysterious disappearances surrounding it, only to find a mad scientist is kidnapping them./Carl wants to impress a girl, and Jimmy lets him be the smart one for a day.

Also nice for the fans.
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on July 7, 2016
Jimmy Neutron has been one of my favorite shows since I was a kid and it is even more enjoyable as an adult. The shows are better than the movie, and even though the episodes tend to be a little goofier, I really like season 3. You'll never get tired of seeing the adventures of Jimmy, his wacky friends, and his awesome cyborg dog Goddard :) It's appropriate for children, but there are a lot of jokes and plotlines that make it worthwhile to watch as an adult that you don't necessarily notice as a child.
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on April 2, 2014
These are great cartoons. They're like visiting old friends from the past.
You can always count on Jimmy Neutron cartoons for good, clean entertainment.
I originally purchased them for my husband but I enjoy them too.
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on December 28, 2014
this is for instant viewing episodes 14 and 15 are the same. And 14 is not the episode described. Cannot find a way to inform amazon to fix this and im not sure if its the same problem if you were to purchase the season
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on December 30, 2014
I have been watching this show for years and it has taken a while for us to stream it online.But if they were asking the quality of the amazon prime connection i would give it a 3. It would take like 4 tries to get a connection because it could not hold it because there to many customers on amazon or something.

Andrew Nichols (son)
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on August 11, 2014
"Jimmy Neutron" was one of Nickelodeon's best animated series. The writing was often clever, the story lines weren't run of the mill, and the writers didn't treat their viewers like imbeciles. (The animation's done very well, too.) It's a show parents can enjoy watching with their kids.
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on October 14, 2013
This should is good, my two year old son loves to watch Jimmy and his friends. He especially likes Sheen!!
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on July 7, 2014
Jimmy Neutron is one of my & my grand kids favorite animated series!
I love the show for its references from when I was a child I.e. The Flintstones Yabba Dabba Dooo! As well as other references👏👍😊

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on August 7, 2014
Very cool. Really sophisticated science information in there with these little characters. The toddlers I sit for 2 & 3 1/2 seemed to love it. Getting science information in there to youngsters is fabulous!
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