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on October 28, 2012
This is a completely different "sky is falling" Book. It is worth reading for its original and well researched point of view.

This Book is intended to be a 2012 edition of an earlier published book. In many cases the Author has updated the Book. In some cases, he has not. For example, the Author writes, on page 52, "No investment outlook written in mid-2012 would be complete without some mention of the upcoming presidential election." This indicates that the Book is current as of July-August 2012. Yet a few paragraphs later, he writes "Overall, 2012 should bring us short bouts of excitement followed by long periods of relative boredom--kind of like 2011." Huh? This indicates the book was written in 2011, and is predicting events that will take place in 2012. Incidentally, this statement occurs in Chapter 2, which is supposed to update the Book to mid-2012. There are just enough passages that have not been updated that make you wonder where else the Author has been sloppy. Personally, I found this issue to be irritating, but not fatal. The Author provides such an original view point, so contrary to what he calls the "Conventional Wisdom", that the Book is worth reading.

If you are looking for specific investments to protect yourself, don't buy the Book. The Author is, in some ways, no different than many other authors of similar books in that he wants you to sign up for his newsletter, individualized investment management, etc. [See the Author's website--it's not hard to find]. About half way through the Book there is a specific pitch for the Author's individual investor services and website and newsletter. This type of 'bait-and-switch' always rubs me the wrong way.

Furthermore, just about every potential investment, from stocks, to real estate, to bonds, to insurance, to T-Bills, is referred to at some point as an investment that will eventually fail swiftly and spectacularly. You want to throw up your hands and say there is no safe investment.

The Author does recommend various investments (p.256). Most are a bit past the sophistication of the average investor -- TIPs,foreign currencies, commodities, etc. Furthermore, the Author is clear that you cannot prosper simply by taking his recommendations on any investment vehicle. He repeats, over and over again, that the individual investor will avoid losses only by following his advice, and only by "active portfolio management". Just about every investment vehicle reccomended by the Author will eventually become a bad investment. When will they go bad? Very quickly. Thus, all investments require "active investment management". (See e.g., p. 145 -- "[E]ven TIPS require active investment management.")

Few individual investors have the expertise or time to be "active portfolio managers". The Author has clearly structured his Book in this manner to drive you to his own website and investment services. This by itself would normally cause me to give the Book 1 star. But the Author's predictions are so out of the mainstream, and so clearly presented, and so well reasoned, and (apparently) well researched (many, many graphs and charts from independent sources to back up his claims), that I stuck with the Book. If this Book had been written by someone not selling a separate product, for example,a lone macroeconomist crying in the wilderness,it would probably have skyrocketed to number one on the bestseller list.

In summary, read the Book for a well reasoned original argument on why we are now in a very dangerous time, a time that is very different from other recessions/depressions/economic catastrophes. Make your own mind up, but only after reading several books on this topic. This one is worth reading if only because it is so different than all the others. I enjoyed it and I recommend it.
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on March 24, 2013
Book is not well written. Has lots of redundancies, but maybe needed in order eliminate referring back in book and emphasizing theories. Organized well, provides facts and charts to emphasize points. The message and theories are different than main stream conventional thinking. Does a good job explaining future results of current economic actions and identifies what central bank actions will be taken since writing of book and is happening now. I like opposing ideas makes you think. has some advertising within, but not enough to be bothersome. I have recommended to friends and family to read.
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on May 16, 2013
Aftershock Investor has some eye opening information is it, but it is a difficult read. The title is misleading. It indicates you should be able to steer your investments and decisions based on the information in the book, but it really doesn't give you any solid investment recommendations other than to contact the authors for advice. It seems to be a gimmick to bring in business without empowering its readers to establish their own strategy.
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on May 15, 2013
As one who has invested in stocks for about four decades, this book made me more aware of some of the potential hazards that currently exist in the stock market. I did not learn a lot from the treatment of the subject indicated in the title: "A Crash Course in Staying Afloat in a Sinking Economy." I knew that our economy became a disaster in 2008 as a result of two wars fought on credit, bank fraud, and tax cuts. Our recovery is progressing from this enormous series of mistakes more rapidly than I would have thought possible. This book helps me to be aware that our current risk in the stock market is very significant.
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on March 31, 2015
Very good and informative book - helps educate us on the impact of "QE" on our economy, the potential pitfalls we will face (yet again) and how to prepare for it. Have loaned to friends and bought as gifts. We do put into practice much of what has been advised in this book and also read his monthly newsletter. Of course, no-one can predict the timing of when the next crash will happen, but best to be prepared early than late in my opinion! You just can't expect markets to just keep going up and up - they are cyclical - and there is a price to pay for the actions being taken by the Fed and banks right now.... guess we'll have to wait and see.
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on October 19, 2012
This book is a let down. It was nothing more than an extended re-cap of the second edition of "AfterShock", the authors' previous publication. I was expecting detailed investment advice. I was sure there would be more information about LEAPS, since they were strongly advised as an investment choice in their previous book. Unfortunately, there was even less information about this type of investment. The book has very little new information, they did not even site new or more detailed data to support their ongoing suppositions about the demise of our current economy. I will say that their predictions concerning the actions of the Federal Reserve have been exceptionally accurate. I hope the authors will take this criticism of their work seriously and do the research necessary to update the book with functional and detailed investment advice. This would truly be helpful in the event their opinions on the direction of our economy continue to be correct.
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on November 4, 2012
A must read for anyone wanting a clear in depth view of what is happening within the global and U.S. economies. Denial is a dangerous response to the inevitable storm that is coming and will sweep across the globe. The good news is you get to make a choice as to how you react. Preparation and awareness will be paramount to "staying afloat in a sinking economy". Chaos and fear will run rampant - this seems certain - unless one is prepared and able to side step the stampeding herd. The authors bring clarity and a path to those seeking opportunity and safety during a tumultuous time directly ahead.
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on October 23, 2012
Aftershock Investor is a "Must Read" for the active investor. The first half of the book provides excellent insights into the economic bubbles that are causing the financial stresses and strains in our world today. The second half of the book exaggerates the implications of these bubbles and provides wrong-headed advice.

This book, written by two economists and a journalist, clearly evidences that Economists are better as historians than as fortune tellers. Understanding the bubbles and their consequences is essential information needed by all investors. Preservation of capital, by avoiding the impact of these consequences, is a matter of survival. The authors provide no real help in determining when and how to step out of harm's way, other than suggesting to subscribe to their newsletter or the investment management service. Describing simple portfolio management (eg: move out of stocks when your portfolio is worth 10 or 15% less than three months ago)is better than counseling to sell everything now, before it's too late. Suggesting we all sell our houses now and become renters is even more absurd (advice that the authors admit they are not following personally).

Developed economies go through major collapses every 50-60 years, as described (with solutions) by Moses in the Book of Leviticus and updated by the Russian economist, Kondratiev. Showing how to cope,using modern tools (eg:technical analysis, dynamic asset allocation, use of inverse ETFs), would make a better Part Two to this book.

I highly recommend studying Part One and skipping Part Two of the Aftershock Investor.
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on October 21, 2012
We all tend to be optimistic in nature. We have been through a lot since 2008 and it is NOT over. These guys wrote the book about 2008 in 2006 so they should be listened to in their latest book. The BIG Bubbles lie ahead. While I personally did not get all that much insight on where to invest because I am not a very good investor I did get a clear understanding about what is next. One of the best investment advice's I follow is to be in cash and get rid of my Real Estate. What we are facing in not your parents future. Don't spend too much time reading the book.
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on September 6, 2013
Usually, when someone comes out with a "prediction" book on economics, it's either going to be a REAL GOOD economy, or a REAL BAD economy. In truth, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

This book is easy to read, but repeats itself a lot. A good read to see what MIGHT happen. But when an argument is made that "we've never really had this situation before" and then they explain what will happen, it kind of contradicts itself. If we've never been here before, how do they know what's going to happen?
All in all, it's a good read so you can watch for signs...but unless it's a perfect storm, it's not going to be this bad (and I would say the same thing to the guys who write "Dow 30,000" books as well).
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