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on August 1, 2017
Man I could listen to esther allllllll day long. I always grew up rejecting the idea of marrying someone who has been on earth before me. But esther is an exception.

However I think she'd like to remain single to join with Jerry after she transitions. Having said that there are a lot of spirits that have something of esther in them.

Well this review was not about the book but if a book causes you to like the idea of marrying the author then I think you should read it.

Ok the marry esther part was a joke if you didn't notice that. It was just exagerating how much respect and love I developed for her through her books.
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The second of the Hicks books that I've read - and this one largely mirrored the first. There is a component where Esther and Jerry discuss their relationship with "Abraham", their name for Collective Consciousness. Then they take the reader through elements to discuss the power of positive thought, the impact of vibration on the manifestation of desires, and the interrelationship between the mind and physical creation.

The middle of the book contains affirmations and analysis of several example issues (like the overbearing parent or the bad job), as well as a description of the 22 levels of the Emotional Guidance Scale. They then walk the reader through example exercises and techniques to raise the vibrations from dismal to hopeful and beyond.

Whether you buy into the Collective Consciousness, the mediumship of Esther, the concept of vibratory resonance, or the New Age thinking, the principles of positive thought, impacting the subconscious, and viewing things in a positive light - or glass half full - espoused in the book is useful for anyone. The book is a quick and easy read, and the techniques it contains should be effective in promoting positive thought and positive results.
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on November 24, 2011
Of all the Abraham books I have read, so far this one is my favorite. I should add that I have not read their vortex book yet, and I am looking forward to doing so.

The first half of this book is an expansion upon the ideas presented in Ask and It is Given. I think the information presented here was even more stimulating than the previous book. The chapters on Vibrational Relativity and Finding Alignment are particularly helpful. Also helpful are the chapters on Improved Vibrational Relativity and The Action Journey and the Emotional Journey.

This book also contains some of the best processes Abraham has offered. Most notable is the Focus-Wheel, often mentioned by Abraham elsewhere. This is where Abraham first explained the process and gave examples applied to various situations.

The biggest problem I found in this book was wading through the several chapters on Vibrational Relativity regarding.... Also the several chapters regarding balancing desires and beliefs. These chapters become very redundant. I think they would have worked much better formatted into tables. That would have made the information much easier to scan and reference.

That complaint aside, any Abraham book is worth reading. They do the best job of presenting the mechanics of manifestation.
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on October 1, 2007
It took a closer reading of this book to fully appreciate it, having read 'Ask And It Is Given' and 'The Law of Attraction.' If you are new to these teachings, I recommend, you read one of those first in order to fully appreciate what is presented here. This book focuses on the NOW, in making sure you stay aligned with your higher non-physical self(and thus source energy/God/universe), moment by moment. Exercises and examples are offered to help you get back on track towards alignment no matter what your emotional state. Yes, there is some repetition from other books, but that is what it takes to "get it". And while I was initially disappointed that some of the same processes discussed in 'Ask..' were repeated here, I realized that these were specifically chosen given the theme of this book, and the fresh examples offered, provided another incentive to use them! For those who have understood the basics, and then get stuck occasionally, or want to ratchet up their alignment with source, this book is a must. For me, it reinforced some fundamental points:
i) that more important than want you desire, is how you FEEL about that desire, and the vibration you offer.
ii) feeling good about something or a situation is more important than being right or justified in your negative emotion/judgment of it.
iii) nothing is more important than feeling good.
(For those who are critical of 'feeling good' or see it as selfish while African children are starving, recognize that unless we feel good, we are unable to be of benefit to others or focus beyond our immediate needs, let alone anyone else's. Also, as we move up the emotional scale toward peace/love/joy, our perceptions of 'self' is also more likely to change to embrace all beings as part of the interconnectedness that is the Universe, and one with Source. This is more likely to result in creating more compassionate deliberate intentions and manifestations to benefit all beings!

Ultimately though, this book is about making the most of our time in this physical plane, using our consciousness and thoughts to keep us in alignment with source energy in order to experience joy and abundance.
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on March 28, 2006
"Ask and It Is Given" just blew me away, and once I had really read it through several times (and started having success in manifesting), I wondered what else there was. I found my way to the Abraham-Hicks website where I was able to download a long recording of Abraham actually speaking. Wow.

I then noticed another book available, "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent", and its table of contents preview seemed to suggest that there was lots of new material inside.

UPSIDE: "Deliberate Intent" contains some vibration-raising exercises for relationship problems, work-related problems, etc. that go further than the first book.

It also includes transcripts of sessions where people actually asked Abraham for help with their own personal problems (Abraham Live-Questions and Answers). A lot of it was surprising. I wish there had been more of that, because it was so educational.

DOWNSIDE: A lot of the book covers exactly the same material as does "Ask and It Is Given", only it is worded and organized differently.

I don't think it's so much a problem of the authors "padding", as it is this: the process of manifesting as laid out by Abraham is deceptively simple; so simple in fact, that one can only elaborate on it so much and that's it.

"Ask and It Is Given" is still my all-time favorite book of this genre, and I rate it one star higher than "Deliberate Intent". They are both good books, but the former will always be the magical key of manifesting for my money.
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on February 18, 2006
Although I personally prefer "Ask and It Shall be Given", their previous book, because I am fond of doing the "games" or processes (and have had tremendous results), this book also has the processes listed in the back, just in abbbreviated form. But it it is easy , good Abraham reading with some new pearls of wisdom. THIS STUFF SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN EVERY SCHOOL IN EVERY COUNTRY- THE RESULTS WOULD BE AMAZING! Abraham's words of wisdom on how to be true to yourself and mainly that happiness is a good thing- the only thing that really matters- and that we can have all we desire in life is truly liberating -these teachings make so much more sense than the superficial, sometimes ridiculous things we are taught in this country. Buy it- change your way of thinking and your life!! Then, buy every tape/CD you can get your hand on and learn to feel good, love life and bring into your life what you truly want.
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on March 3, 2013
If you've read "Ask and It Is Given" but find it hard to put into practice what you've learned, I highly suggest reading "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent." It is a superb follow-up to the first book. The second half of the book is all about how to apply the concepts and use the processes. The detailed examples describing different real-life challenges and Abraham's explicit use of the processes give you a very good idea of how to use the processes in your own life. Also, the language is a step further from the first book, which really helps you "get" the concepts and truly understand why your desires are not manifesting. This book really makes it clear how you truly are the creator of every circumstance in your life, "good" and "bad." And how you truly can manage your resistance in every moment, and allow allow allow!
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on March 11, 2015
This book offers profound clarity in why we are here in this physical world as non-physical brings. We are all encompassed and empowered to loving what is in every sense and dimension just my simply allowing it. Our emotional journey offers us the key to having abundance through fun and joy in being who we really are.
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on July 23, 2017
This is an excellent book to read if you are just starting out with the Law of Attraction or want to add to the knowledge you already have. It will clarify some questions you may have about manifesting. On the other hand, you can get the same information from their Youtube videos.
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on August 19, 2017
If you've read one Abraham Hicks book, such as "Ask and it is Given", then you have read them all. They just get more and more manic from that point on.
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