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on July 25, 2016
Haven't read this one yet but, I borrowed this book from the library years ago. I saw it here for a good price and had to have it. I bought "Ask and it is Given". Fantastic book as well which i highly recommend too. Get both of them. You'll be glad you did. You need all of you to ignite LOA and people are always pushing their feelings away considering it a weakness. Ehhh (buzzer).....wrong. You need your emotions because as i read "Your emotions are the antennae of your thoughts". I'm an HSP/EMPATH so my feelings are always on and as a kid growing up people always tried to make me temper my emotions. Ehhh (buzzer)....wrong and and i knew it was wrong. I believe that we need to use all our senses. That's what they are there for.
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on January 26, 2016
This book help me understand a bit of the law of attraction that I had no clue I was not in place over.
A must buy must read book for those seeking change....
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on April 15, 2017
I love this! Really learning how easy it is to think better much less auto-pilot kind of thoughts working with this material!
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on May 18, 2015
This is one of the core books in the Esther and Jerry Hicks' law of attraction philosophy. All the books have to be redundant to instill the concepts while each one focuses on aspects of the law. If one reads various authors of loa , (law of Attraction), the same concepts come up. The way the Hicks write about the law is an excellent system to apply the law. A good work for your collection.
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on November 16, 2007
In my opinion, this is the best articulation of the Abraham message written thus far. The opening chapters are succinct and offer the inspiring teachings in a nutshell, that our thoughts consist of vibration and we attract like vibrations into our reality. The vibrant message of this book is that our emotions are our best indicators and serve to help us measure our alignment to our "inner" self and the rockets of desire we have chosen.

The process of choosing to focus on a particular outcome is what brings that outcome to fruition. This book is the attempt to educate people to what they can do in order to "move upstream" and to allow themselves to line up with those more positive outcomes. The included CD is a sample of Esther speaking as Abraham and the work she does as she and her husband Jerry travel across the country to do their day-long seminars. If you are at all interested in hearing the Abraham message, I would encourage you to buy the book and listen to the CD.

The Abraham message has added much to my life and I believe it can do the same for others. I think it fits well with Christian teachings (or those of any religion) as an adjunct to the idea that God is within each of us. The information presented is an attempt to help us understand that we create our own lives through the projection of our vibrational thoughts; as outward physical manifestations of the perceptions eminating from our own core belief systems. I find the message extremely uplifting and have therefore concluded it must come from a positive source.

As I trust in my own ability to recognize truth, and believe others have the ability to do the same, I assure anyone looking to find deeper meaning in their lives has nothing to fear by simply investigating the potentially life-altering information contained in this book.
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on July 5, 2014
By this book (and the others in the series and look honestly at your own life to date as you read. You will be amazed to realise that the positive things you have created, came about because you focussed on them for long enough and followed the teachings that Esther provides, and that the same is true of the negative things that you have experienced.

These are great books and the DVD's are also (to my surprise) incredibly useful and insightful. If you let them, these books will change your life for the better in ways you cannot even begin to imagine yet.
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on October 22, 2007
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - Abraham, Jerry and Esther.

There are no words that I can express that would fully articulate the gratitude I feel for discovering the works of Abraham-Hicks teachings, which was first unveiled to me by way of the book and movie "The Secret". Their works have opened up a tightly closed flood gate unleashing the joyful freedom of the water that is just rushing through every part of my being. It is nice to be alive and well. Soon with a little practice and reconditioning it will be magnificent.

I believe their words and the powerful wisdom behind their words will place you on the path of self awareness, truth, and empowerment. It will have you looking from the inside-out versus the outside-in. It will rock your world and evolve your thinking in profound ways. For the first time in your life, after experiencing a bit of discomfort, maybe even some sadness about the unpleasant time wasted and strong negative emotion about yourself, you will feel extreme clarity - many ah-ha now I get it moments)- freedom within and peace of mind in the knowing and letting go of all that stuff that drags you down, down, down so you can begin a new chapter in the art of living, knowing, experiencing and receiving more of the good stuff you so badly want to bring into your life.

I would highly recommend this book to all that are struggling and grappling with emotional discord and haunted thoughts that keep them from living a healthy, fulfilling, rewarding, rich life. I do think you would get something wonderful and valuable out of this reading without any prior exposure to earlier Abraham-Hicks teachings; however I will acknowledge that it was very helpful for me to have some prior knowledge, a basic understanding and introduction, of their teachings before delving into this particular reading for me to truly comprehend and get the most out of the messages expressed in this book. Therefore, I would recommend reading at least one of their earlier works such as "Ask & It Is Given" and/or the "Law of Attraction" first. It will only enhance your appreciation of what you are receiving from "The Astonishing Power of Emotions".

Also, I would like to add that I have bought many self-healing, self-enhancement and professional clinical/research based books in the past in pursuit of my wanting to lead a better more purposeful life than what I was experiencing, but no other has spoke to me in a natural, fluid, commonsensical kind of way or has connected and renewed my spirit like the Abraham-Hicks books did and still do. Needless to say, all other books have been recycled and donated with the hope they will be of value to someone else, but for me the Abraham-Hicks Teachings are the rocket launchers that set me straight and in the direction I so desperately want to go. They gloriously sit in my home library just waiting to be referenced time and time again and shared with another if they so choose.

Unleash your power from within forever more - live in hope, joy and abundance!
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on September 19, 2016
This is not just a book, it contains astonishing life's nourishing messages offered fresh from the oven of the Universe!
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on November 22, 2013
This book has helped me so much. I've always been so trapped by resentments, fear, doubt, etc. Even though I have grown and overcome so much of that, there were certain relationships and patterns in my life that I still struggled with and didn't see a solution to. It's only been about a week since I started the book, but I feel a different energy. To be able to rise above resentment and fear is freeing. This book came along at the perfect time, I was really ready for it.

The book makes an analogy of a river/flow/stream that each of us is in, our path in life. When we are flowing *with* the stream, we flow toward our desires. When we try to row *against* the current (trying too hard, being fearful, focusing/obsessing on what we *don't* want, being motivated by fear), even though it feels like the "right" thing, we are headed away from what we desire. It talks about the "Law of Attraction," but the main point of the book is how to *allow* good/positive things to come to you. It is repetitive in some ways, but that works for me, because when there is a new concept I need to absorb, repetition helps to reprogram my mind. It gives many examples of life situations in the form of a question/situation paragraph, then a chapter of response.

I highly recommend the book. If you want to read some excerpts, go to the Abraham-Hicks website and read some examples. If they resonate with you, then I recommend buying the book. I liked the examples I read on the website, but it was reading the book, with the repetition and many life examples that helped me make a shift.
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on June 4, 2016
Abraham fan through and through. I rediscovered Esther and Abraham recently (after almost 10 years) at a most challenging point of my life. Every word resonates. Every word rings true. There is no doubt that the books by Abraham have helped me enormously - guidance broken into little bites that you can easily understand and put to use.
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