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on July 25, 2016
Haven't read this one yet but, I borrowed this book from the library years ago. I saw it here for a good price and had to have it. I bought "Ask and it is Given". Fantastic book as well which i highly recommend too. Get both of them. You'll be glad you did. You need all of you to ignite LOA and people are always pushing their feelings away considering it a weakness. Ehhh (buzzer).....wrong. You need your emotions because as i read "Your emotions are the antennae of your thoughts". I'm an HSP/EMPATH so my feelings are always on and as a kid growing up people always tried to make me temper my emotions. Ehhh (buzzer)....wrong and and i knew it was wrong. I believe that we need to use all our senses. That's what they are there for.
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on April 24, 2016
I don't know what I would do without Abraham's books....Emotions are our way of communication with God, Source, Creator, our Soul....what ever you want to call it. We have to tune in and stop trying to turn them off!
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on November 22, 2015
The Hicks and Abraham are amazing for no nonsense advice, and a clear guide to metaphysics and spirituality. Their meaning is not clouded by the convoluted buzzwords and explanations so often connected with these philosophies that can easily turn off individuals that are seeking straight forward Truth. I heartily recommend all their books. Each is strong in its own right, read concurrently they are a tour de force.
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on July 30, 2013
As most people who read self-help books, for many years I am a sufferer of anxiety and fear. Sometimes, my fear comes to be panic. I trace back these fears to the education I suffered in childhood and which, among other mistakes, made me believe in a God who is more ready to punish us than to allow us to be happy. For example, God gave us the sexual pleasure, but the Church makes us believe that this pleasure, out of wedlock, is a mortal sin and condemns us eternally to hell. If our father was authoritarian and severe a person, it's no wonder that we believe that our father in heaven is alike, with far more power to punish our faults. And it is no use telling us, at the same time, that both parents love us and that the punishment is for our good. The fear was introduced to always, in our credulous minds and hearts . The basic belief that we are sinners, guilty and not worthy of a happy life is rooted in us, for the benefit of the authors of self-help books and to our unhappiness.

As I was reflecting on my fears and anxieties and reading books that could help me overcome them, I began to realize that everything depends on our thoughts and the emotions that are associated with them. What many of these books tell us is to have positive thoughts. But I found out that there is no positive thinking without the negative thinking. Our mind is dual: when we think of "day", that thought brings the thought "night"; When we think of "life", we also think "death". Which of the opposing thoughts will be predominant in our mind? Depends on the beliefs that are stored in us. In my case, as one of my core beliefs is that I am a sinner who deserves to be punished, the thought "death" has more power than the thought "life", because it is in accordance with my belief.

Later, and after having read a few more tens of books, I realized the concept of "resistance". I realized that trying to impose, by force, a positive thinking against the negative thinking, which made me feel anxious, had as a result give even more power to negative thinking. In the war between what I want and what I feel (what I believe), the winner is always what I feel. So, try to change my negative thoughts, opposing them with positive thoughts, is resisting negative thoughts and this resistance is precisely what feeds negativity.

So if resistance isn't the solution, what to do?

While I was going through these dark emotional experiences, with fear as the dominant factor, also had wonderful experiences, what I call " eye winks" of God ", as if God wanted to tell me that I'm never alone and that He is not how I was taught. These experiences are what the authors call "synchronicities". I will tell one of the most stunning.

In 1971, I was on a beach in Africa with my wife and a 2 year old daughter. On that day, the beach was deserted. The closest one was over 500 feet away. I felt absolutely at peace with myself.

I love the sea and the day was splendid. Then came to my mind the thought that that paradise was about to end. The vacation would end the next day, because we had no money to go on.

Without losing my peaceful and happy state of mind, I asked my wife how much money would be needed to stay one more week and she said it would take a lot of money - about 500 dolars. Indeed a lot of money in 1971!

Relaxed, I stretched my arms back and buried my fingers in the sand. I felt something touching my fingers of the left hand. I grabbed it and ... It was a 500 bill folded in four, buried in the sand, right behind me.

Out of the blue (or rather the sand) was there exactly the money we needed to stay an extra week in that paradise. Neither more nor less!

In the year that I had this experience, I had never heard of.Law of Attraction, positive thinking, visualization, Silva Mind Crontol, the power of now, power energy, quanta, manifesting desires, etc. What happened was totally spontaneous. And I had many other identical experiences, of which much later-and thanks to some books that I have read-I got an important conclusion: whenever I'm quiet, without wanting it to happen something, without worry for not having what I would prefer to have, without making any effort to have that thing, I get it. This has already happened to me dozens of times.
This means that all the practices and techniques I have learned in these self-help books are wrong? In other words, any technique is a form of resistance? And the secret is to accept rather than resist? But what exactly is to accept?

And what has this to do with the fear, stress and anxiety?

Some of the books I read gave me a glimpse of what is acceptance. To accept is to be attentive to what is happening in me and outside me. If I'm afraid, acceptance is to see this fear in me. Is to observe the fear, rather than react to it. That way, I don't add any thought to fear; I only notice. I can assure you that, when I do this, the fear will go away after a few moments. Why?

The answer is a surprising discovery that I don't remember seeing reported in any book. I discovered that fear is ... the fear of being afraid! We do not are afraid of this or that-God, the devil, death, disease, misery, flying, etc. We are afraid of being afraid, period. And, so, when we give our attention to the fear that we are feeling rather than trying to avoid it-and we accept it as we accept the wind in the trees, what we are doing is not being afraid of being afraid.

And, if we are not afraid of being afraid, then we have no fear at all.
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on January 26, 2016
This book help me understand a bit of the law of attraction that I had no clue I was not in place over.
A must buy must read book for those seeking change....
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on May 27, 2017
Whether you are new to the work of Abraham Hicks or otherwise, this book covers a wide range of human experiences and dilemmas and provides solid responses to each.The book is a different experience from listening to audio excerpts of seminars. Highly recommend!
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on September 4, 2014
Hicks public 'expose' after all their books is a financial disaster for them I bet but the books are still good. Just don't get caught up in the hype of the channeling crappola. To turn your life around is MORE than just visualizing etc but these books help you at least realize that your mental FRAMEWORK must be renovated to get to the point of reworking your life. It takes WORK--not just wishing.
I liked the way it shows emotional power and how it can either wreck or restore your life. We all carry around a lot of rubbish and most of it is from the PAST. We lose the present that way. This is a good start to get that going in our lives--just don't get caught up in the guru hype. Use it as a practical reference and realize ya gotta do the WORK to get that piece of pie!
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on November 21, 2009
I was eagerly anticipating receiving this book as I so thoroughly enjoyed "The Law of Attraction" written by Esther & Jerry Hicks via Abraham. I immediately devoured every word and was not disappointed in any way!!! This information not only makes so much sense but also gives me hope that we will all one day come to understand the vibrational aspects of our selves. We can learn how to control our vibrations and incorporate this knowledge into personal growth, expanded wisdom and generally improve our lives. It also gives me a better understanding of why we came to Earth, what we can hope to gain in this experience and how we can truly believe in a life in another dimension when we die. This book imparts universal understanding on so many levels. I give this book TWELVE THUMBS UP!!!!!
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on October 7, 2009
On the whole, I liked the book. The most valuable thing to me was understanding what Abraham was referring to when using the "upstream/downstream" short hand. It helped me spot when I was heading upstream and how to convert my experience to downstream. Knowing that alone can make life much more pleasant. The book has many examples on converting your upstream experience. They do tend to be a bit repetitive (which is why it lost a star) so I faded out after about 16 or 17 of them when I realized there were a total of 30+. I am already using what I learned, and feel better for it. Learning how to convert upstream thinking to downstream thinking was worthwhile for me.
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This book by Abraham-Hicks follows in the tradition of the others - a reflection on the power of thought and the "Law of Attraction" as it pertains to the reader, and the reader's vibration and "Vibratory Escrow" interacting with the material world.

The book focuses on the ability of the reader to "go with the flow", and point their thoughts "downstream" and begin to vibrationally align with the challenges facing the reader. The book is comprised of three parts:

Part 1 discusses the theory of the power of your emotions in developing your reality and your thoughts.

Part 2 provides some 35 examples, ranging from death of a loved one to divorce to mean coworkers. Each example provides a brief analysis of the case, as well as a series of progressively more positive "downstream" thoughts that will help the reader align with the vibration of the situation.

Part 3 is a transcript from an Abraham-Hicks seminar, where "Abraham" discusses the elements and importance of how the "river" or "stream" works and the impacts of physical death on the reader.

Whether you buy into the Collective Consciousness of the "Abraham" entity, the mediumship of Esther, the concept of vibratory resonance, or the New Age thinking, the principles of positive thought, impacting the subconscious, and viewing things in a positive light - or glass half full - espoused in the book is useful for anyone. The book is a quick and easy read, and the techniques it contains should be effective in promoting positive thought and positive results.
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