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on February 14, 2014
If you're a baseball fan (and even if you aren't), you probably wonder what goes on behind the scenes. In this funny, absorbing book, Jason Turbow tells you all about what goes on behind the scenes in our national pastime, particularly as to the baseball code, the unwritten "rules" of the game. The code has changed over time and no one is supposed to talk about it to other players, but, in general, the code boils down to respecting one's colleagues.

Ballplayers who dig in too much in the batters box, who admire the home runs they've just hit, or who violate any of the myriad parts of "the code" will soon understand the error of their ways as the other team, or perhaps their own teammates, will do something to let them know where they've gone wrong.

Turbow provides a lot of stories from the distant and the recent past to illustrate his points. This was a baseball book I simply could not put down.

Cheating, sign stealing, doctoring the baseball with a foreign substance, and other such things are also covered, as is the "kangaroo court" whereby teams enforce their standards on their teammates. If a player does something stupid, his wallet will be a bit lighter, once the kangaroo court is through with him.

I'm a long-time fan and an old school sort of person so this book really resonates with me. I absolutely loved and learned a whole lot about the game I love so much. Highly, highly recommended!! One of the best baseball books I've read in a long time and I read at least a dozen of them per year.
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on April 14, 2010
I brought the book with me to Camelback Ranch near Phoenix AZ where I watched a number of Dodger spring training games. I live about 7 hours drive away in So. CA. As my 23 yr. old son was driving, I commented to him, and quite sincerely, "I've learned more about the game of baseball in the first 48 pages of this book than I learned in my whole life." May I mention that I'm in my 60's and watched the Dodgers play at the LA Coliseum before they even built Dodger Stadium. I consider[ed] myself a student of the game. I was wrong, not to mention naive. There are three chapters that more or less deal with the cheating that goes on in the game, from corked bats, doctored balls to stealing signs. What's more interesting is the seeming acceptance of anything you can "get away with" in the game. That's why the atmosphere was so conducive to the steroid era. My advice to fellow baseball fans: buy it, borrow it or "steal" it (if you can get away with it).
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VINE VOICEon April 8, 2013
The authors have recorded a great bunch of baseball stories based on the theme of the unwritten rules that players of a sport follow. Most of the stories I have never heard, though I am a long-time fan of baseball with a collection of 1955 Brooklyn Dodger cards and dozens of my hero, Willie Mays.

Baseball has a pace all its own and it makes it more enjoyable when you know more about it. I think for a non-fan this book would be mostly puzzling and difficult to understand. And even for a fan, I found parts repetitious and the middle rather slow. (That's why I gave it 4 stars.) But how can you not love stories of the pranks these guys play on each other, especially when they involve some of your favorite players.

Some of the stories are so funny that they had people looking at me oddly as I tried to keep from busting out laughing while reading this book in public. And if you have a family member or friend that is interested in baseball, you can't go wrong with this book.

4 stars.
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on August 10, 2015
My husband is quite a baseball aficionado, so I purchased this book as a Christmas gift for him last year. Because he's such a huge fan (not only has he watched and gone to as many games as possible since he was a young boy, he also played Little League for 8 years, and coached for more than 20 years so far), it's hard sometimes to find books that offer something different or new that he hasn't already read a thousand times. This book had a lot of interesting tidbits and stories he hadn't read about before, so he really enjoyed it. My 14 year old son enjoyed it as well. I would recommend this to all truly devoted baseball fans.
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on June 3, 2017
This is a great baseball book that I wish every player in the younger generations would read. Enjoyable and easy to read - quite funny at times, too
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on May 12, 2010
When it comes to baseball, I've done it all: played, coached, announced, compiled stats, scouted, ushered, and even sold beer. On most occasions, I figured I've learned just about everything there is to the game.

Until I read "The Baseball Codes".

While not a literary masterpiece, TBC wonderfully held my attention throughout all of its 200+ pages. Every chapter had tidbits, insights, and anecdotes about the game that could only have been relayed by a skilled and enthusiastic author such as Mr. Turbow.

How many fans know that:

1) It's often the pitcher who gives signs, not the catcher.
2) Carlton Fisk had a career-long routine about where he sat in every team plane and bus.
3) One of baseball's brawniest players was scorned for not participating in brawls.
4) Bob Feller used WWII technology to steal signs after he came home from combat in the Pacific.

Mr. Turbow relates each of these and many, many more.

The last few pages of TBC are about Rex "Hurricane" Hudler. A hustling, free-spirited utility man, Hudler's last career at-bat makes for a perfect ending for Mr. Turbow's classic. Regardless of what happened when that last pitch came toward Hudler (I won't reveal it here), he upheld the unwritten rules have made baseball and this book so unique.
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on June 17, 2017
Now I finally understand what the signal are...... So cool
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on June 2, 2014
Found this to be an interesting read as a baseball fan. The unwritten rules seem to be the way the players sort of police themselves and protect the integrity of the game. There are many aspects to them that the casual fan may never have thought of. Now when watching a game in the future and seeing a player moved off the plate or taking out an infielder with an aggressive slide, I can maybe discern the bigger picture of what is going on.
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on March 18, 2015
Too many highlights to mention, but the best was probably Tommy Lasorda's "r-rated" yanking of a pitcher who couldn't just hand the ball to the manager and walk off the mound. Soccer is indeed the "beautiful game" while baseball is the lovely game with so many hidden things some of which this book covers quite well. New fans and longtime fans will both have things to take away from the book. The audio version is also very good.
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on September 5, 2016
The print is microscopic! My eyes aren't that bad, I wear 1.25 readers and I still can't see the words. Disappointed because I wanted to read this over the summer on the beach but when I opened it no way! I'm going to buy the kindle edition because the book sounds interesting.
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