Customer Reviews: The Beauty (Bride Quest, Book 4)
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on January 9, 2001
In 1183 Ceinn-beithe, Jacqueline decides to take the vows of a nun, disappointing her mother who does not feel the calling is right for her beautiful daughter. Along the so-called safe road, four men, none soldiers, accompany Jacqueline. However, neither her nor her parents reckoned with Angus wanting vengeance on her father for betraying his family. Angus abducts Jacqueline as a pawn in the long-term clan feud.

As Jacqueline becomes acquainted with her kidnapper, she realizes that his obsession comes from the real murder of his kin. However, she believes her stepfather is innocent of any wrongdoing, but will do whatever she can to help Angus regain his birthright as she now loves him.

THE BEAUTY is a typical medieval romance except for the depth Claire Delacroix imbues in her lead characters. The duel of words between Jacqueline and Angus seems real and is THE BEAUTY of the tale. The secondary cast and the feel for the twelfth century augments the tension between the prime duo. In her fifth "BrideQuest" novel (see PRINCESS, DAMSEL, HEIRESS, AND COUNTESS), Clair Delacroix keeps her story fresh as if this was the opening gambit in the series.

Harriet Klausner
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on February 2, 2001
The basic plot and theme were interesting enough, but this is another romance novel that I really feel was just rushed through, with somewhat sloppy results.
The heroine had this "fear of men" which was told to the reader often enough - but not really demonstrated. The motivations of all the characters was stated in an overly straightforward manner - again and again and again. And both the dialogue and narration, as an another reviewer mentioned, were filled with "'twas" and "zounds", which would have been fine if it did not read in such a stilted manner.
The plot was actually quite good, and the characters themselves were interesting and fairly believable (although the heroine's attempted rape seems to have left her curiously unscathed.) All in all this is an acceptable romance novel, at least compared to most in print, but I do think that better editing would have made this a much more enjoyable story.
I wouldn't recommend this one unless you really have nothing better to do on a rainy day, but I haven't given up on the author. I think she could do better, and I will read her books again, hoping for better results.
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on January 19, 2013
Jacqueline of Ceinn-beithe has decided to become a nun, much to the displeasure of her mother. On way to the convent, she is taken by Angus MacGillivray; Angus mistakes Jacqueline for a daughter of a hated enemy, Cormac MacQuarrie, who he believes to have murdered his family and taken control of his former home. Jacqueline pleads that she is not the woman he believes her to be and that in fact Cormac MacQuarrie is dead. Angus's companion, Rodney, tries to persuade Angus to let the girl go and forget this plan but Angus states he will keep Jacqueline for the ransom that her father will give. Angus has been gone for fifteen years on crusade, many believed him to be dead. None of his family still live, but he is determined to regain control of his home, Airdfinnan, and nothing will dissuade him. Jacqueline fears Angus at first and not because of his many scars left from being imprisoned and tortured; but she begins to try and see the man beneath and understand his pain.She decides that she must help convince him to turn from his life of banditry. To be sure, she is a very curious person and continually asks questions that Angus refuses to answer but her wit, concern and perseverance begin to pierce some of the hardness in Angus. I enjoyed this book very much; there is pain, tenderness,subtle sensuality and humor all interwoven in the story.
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on March 17, 2015
The stories continue without missing a beat. Drama drama drama! Tales of tortured returning crusaders have always been among my favorites this tale weaves in a terrified maid who is convenient bound from fear. I won't grant spoilers let's just say that this reader thoroughly enjoyed the journey and is looking for word to book 3.
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on May 6, 2016
Jacqueline de Crevy knows there are only two options for a woman either marry or become a nun and she decides to take the vows of a nun. She’s being escorted to the convent when her party is attacked and she is kidnapped by Angus MacGillivray. Angus has come home from the Crusades after fifteen years to find his family murdered and his birthright seized. Angus thinks he has abducted the daughter of the man who he believes has destroyed his family, Duncan, chieftain of Clan MacQuarrie for betraying his family. He has actually abducts Jacqueline de Crevy, the step-daughter, who is in-route to the convent to become a novice. Angus decides to use Jacqueline as his pawn in the long-term clan feud. Angus has sworn to reclaim his rightful lands, regain control of his home, Airdfinnan and he’ll use any means including Jacqueline to accomplish his goals. The romance gets off to a rocky start as Jacqueline is initially frightened of Angus and their friendship evolves. Angus tries to please and coax Jacqueline, not force her to his will and the sexual tension between the two becomes sizzling. She begins falling in love with Angus, but can a lady and her battle-scared knight find a love to banish all the torments of the past. A great book I really enjoyed.
Copy gifted from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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on May 23, 2016
The Beauty is the second book in the Bride Quest II trilogy.
It is the story of Jacqueline, who is the daughter of Eglantine, heroine of the first book, and one of the reasons for the flight/fright of that book.
Jacqueline has sworn to wed only for love--to date no man has looked past her beauty and in disgust Jacqueline decides to pledge to the convent. On the way mayhem ensues by the name of Angus MacGillivray. Angus has come home from the Crusades to find his family murdered and his birth right seized.
After much confusion, uncertain identities and good guys gone bad, love prevails with some interesting surprises, and all is right with the world, even though it takes a while to get there.
The Beauty does quite well as a stand alone. The main characters from Book one are the support cast in this book and are so well explained one need not read the first to understand the second. This would be a great beach weekend book.
Copy gifted by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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on July 8, 2016
This was a well-written, interesting, romantic story. It can be read as a stand alone, though it is the second in a series with related characters. Set in Scotland in 1183, Jacqueline de Crevy has decided to join the convent rather than marry someone who only wants her for her surface beauty. Angus MacGillivray has returned from the Crusades after 15 years to find his family dead and their family holding stolen. He wants revenge and plans to kidnap the daughter of the man responsible, the chieftain of Clan MacQuarrie, not realizing that leadership has changed while he's been gone. The interactions between them were riveting, and I had a hard time putting this book down. I can't wait to read the next book in the series! Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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on May 24, 2016
Jacqueline de Crevy had endured a mock funeral led by her m
family and she is headed to the monastery to devote her life to study and service.

Angus MacGillivray recently returned from the crusades has sworn to find revenge on the man who stole his birthrite and murdered his family.

Boldly, Angus attacks Jacqueline ' s party and takes her from her horse. He intends to hold her hostage until a ransom can be negotiated, but will Jacqueline be more trouble than she's worth ?

I enjoyed the witty banter that Angus and Jacqueline share. I also enjoy meeting the people that help them along their journeys.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, although I also read it earlier as past of a set.
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on December 16, 2001
THE BEAUTY is Jacqueline's story, but unlike many historical romances that are told from only the point of view of one of the
featured couple, this story showcases a very special couple: each with a unique voice. The BEAUTY is a sort of medieval Beauty and the Beast tale, but it is so much more.This second installment in the Scottish trilogy of the Bride Quest series by Claire Delacroix is sure to delight readers with its unique blend of both humor and deep emotions.
Jacqueline, Eglantine's first born daughter had barely escaped a betrothal that had ended in disaster when she was almost raped . She of all the daughters of Eglantine is the quiet soul with an inner beauty that out distances her outer beauty; at least that is how she believes others see her. But despite her many gifts she possess she is terribly frightened of men and is seeking a life as a Bride of Christ.
Angus MaGillivary is a battle weary Crusader who in the darkest days at Outremer held onto the dream of home. Yet, upon his arrival at Ardfinnan in the Scottish Highlands all was for naught when he learns his home has been taken and his family are all dead. In an act of vengeance he and his often times funny side kick, Rodney decide to capture Mhairi, daughter of the man who he believes has destroyed his family. Blinded by the vengeance(no pun intended as our hero is blind in one eye) he captures the wrong maid with the resulting effect his heart and life will never be the same.
Although freightened of Angus, she learns despite his barbarian methods he is not a man to fear and begins to let down the barriers she has erected to keep men at bay. As they travel they experience a number of events that help develop a tenuous friendship, especially when she meets the mysterious Edanna who helps her to see Angus and what he could become when past wrongs are corrected. With the knowledge he will let her go back to her family when all is said and done, she begins to fall in love with this tortured hero, and in the process becomes more whole herself. But will they come far enough to have a life together?
As in the case of her other books Ms Delacroix effectively uses secondary characters (Rodney for humor, Edanna for mystery and Father Michael for gentle spirituality) to move the couple toward their satisfying end, even if they don't have a clue they deserve to be together. She even has a few surprises
that caught me off guard but none were red herrings and will delight the readers.
THE BEAUTY is a wonderful adaptation of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast sure to provide readers with many satisfying sighs of satisfaction. As in the case of the other two books in this trilogy, Ms Delacroix's greatest strength is creating brilliantly formidable heroes who in the company of their soul mates are gentle and loving, if a bit slow to realize they deserve the gifts bestowed on them. Although it could have been set anywhere outside of Scotland, it should be read for the plot and characters who seem to fit well into Ms Delacroix's medieval voice.
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on March 21, 2016
I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. When I started this book, I was a little disappointed it seemed to move slower than first book in the series. I kept reading and the story was well worth it. The plot really began to develop and move quickly about a quarter of the way into it. I loved how Jaqueline was able to overcome her fear of men by facing her fear head on and eventually losing her fear to become sassy and confident. Angus was a scared, honorable man who overcame all to reclaim all that was lost. With a HEA, nobody could ask for more from this story.
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