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on April 19, 2015
Definitely a feel good movie - starts out in chaos and conflict but everyone discovers what they really want and gets it in the end - just like real life (:>). Think of it as several Hallmark of Lifeline movies all going on at the same time. The best part was that the unfolding of people's stories, needs, and how it all came together. There were as well some touching moments as people faced aging, usefulness, change, adaptation, and regret.

Of course,the movie had the obligatory reference to racism, being Gay, and standing up for the love in your heart woven into the story line in order to make it a proper Hollywood vehicle as well as taking on being widowed, loneliness and codependency.

The corniest part of the movie is when the hotel manager confronts his mother with his love for a girl his mother does not approve and the mother, resolved in her refusal, is suddenly wistfully taken back to a day when she stood for love over the dictates of her parents. Pllllleeeeeessssseeee! Would have been more honest if the mother just disowned the son and they struggled through life courageously.

If you are in a place of stress over the problems in your life and the horrendous things happening in the world's news, a little fantasy where everything works out in the end of a two hour movie might be the relief you need.
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on April 21, 2015
Being sufficently Anglophile, we enjoyed the cast as each were introduced in their roles. Then, it was nearly serendipitous to see our heroes traveling to the same country, the same city, and the same hotel together. We all seem to arrive together with increasing differences, then divide into individuality. From England to India, from relatively separate social castes and life styles to one hotel not exactly "best exotic" seemed to be an incredible deficit of cinematic plot. But, there was something joyous in learning more of each character and their relationships with others and most personal sense of the world. The cultural shock of moving or leaving an old civilized, European nation of the world (UK) to living in retirement amidst an ancient civilization based on different cultural values and belief systems that are seemingly incomprehensible to Western civilization folk seems most appropriate for viewing. Then, the fun begins. Most creative and innovative use of the talented ensemble to bring life to a hotel perched on the brink of generational family disaster. In the space of 48 hours, we watched this miraculous, life giving movie three times; and our enjoyment grew, and our fascination moved to complete understanding and appreciation. We hope you see this movie at least once in your life.
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on August 2, 2017
This movie is very sweet and good natured. A lovely tale of several Aging British residents who have come to the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in Jaipur, India to retire. The hotel they arrive at is much less than "exotic" or fabulous as it's described in the literature, but the adventures are rich and exotic in themselves. The character of Sonny, played by Dev Patel is a wonderful young man, filled with hopes and ideals to truly create a magnificent place for the Seniors to reside. They all start out befuddled and uncertain as to their decision to move half way around the world to this place in hot, crowded India. But, together and individually they find out more about themselves as they explore this exotic, foreign land. Many famous British actors are on display here including Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy and Tom Wilkinson, and not least Dame Judy Dench. I found it sweet, funny and poignant. I highly recommend it.
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on July 9, 2015
Good movie, engaging, funny and interesting. Takes the viewer on an adventure in India through the lens and point of view of each character in a way that really makes you think about how one reacts to new and/or very different cultures. Gave me a new awareness of how easily one can go into a new situation or place where we have already tacked up pre-set expectations for how things will be or should go, and perhaps even have let cutlural stereotypes creep in regarding a culture or its people.

Watching this film made me think about these things. As I saw some of the characters begin their experience, entering into India and its cuture, but these ladies in particular were coming in already weighed down by their own sets of expectations and others bulging with stereotypes about India itself, its people, its food, and even their accomodations. In one case the character was just plain racist to begin with! But observing them all from day 1 til the end of the film, during their experiences in India and at the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, it was a great study in human adapability. Some were bogged down at first and disappointed that what they had imagined the experience would be like was definitely not what they got....pre set expectations ripped away. And while some of them adapted, let go of those expectations, stopped trying to make new ones, dropped the sterotypes, and in one character's case, finally dropped those negative racist ideas about India and its people. It was only then, when those characters dropped all that baggage, left it behind and just embraced the adventure, that they began to truly see and experience India, it's culture, it's people, its customs. For those charcters in the film who let go and actually wanted to experience the real India, they found it a place of dazzling beauty, bursting with bright colors, many new and interesting places and things to be explored and experienced. They found a country full of amazing people and realized those sterotypes served no purpose other than to cause hurt and were happily discarded.
The one character who never made any efforts to embrace the adventure, see the culture, meet new people or try new things and carried her baggage and negativity the whole time. ...she was the only one who was miserable.

I think it was smart to showcase that contrast in the film, it really drove the message home, and also added extra layers to the plot. By watching her stay negative, complain constantly, refuse to try anything and miss out on the entire experience...caused her to be the only one who wasn't changed for the better. In sharp contrast however, her husband did tbe opposite. He got out there and experienced everything he could, tried to squeeze every drop out of his daily experiences....and you could see it change him, he come into the man he wanted to be. And in the end, his wife was the one that set him free, finally getting honest that neither had been happy in a long time and their marriage was a shell. She set him free, because by her leaving him there in India and telling him it's over, he didn't have to do what I think he would have done otherwise out of loyalty...tried to stick it out with her. So they both got what they wanted, and perhaps needed, in the end.

The overall point is to just jump in, experience it all eyes open. Embrace the spontaneous, roll with it when things don't turn out exactly as planned, get out there, see new places, immerse yourself in new cultures, see what this world has to offer. We have such a small drop of a lifetime compared to eternity. Let's use what we have to explore, to find joy, to experience the new, the unknown and the known. To seek personal growth through learning new things, meeting new people, helping others, seeking the beauty in the world, both in the big things and the small. And don't forget to laugh and not take everything too seriously!
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on February 21, 2015
I really wasn't old enough to remember who Maggie Smith was from child hood motion pictures. Only as an adult, when I saw her in the Hogwarts role of Professor Minerva McGonagall, it was like seeing an old friend again. It has therefore been a pleasure to explore her catalog of theater accomplishments on the internet. ("At my age I don't even buy ripe bananas") sounds maybe just a bit like Phyllis Diller. But it summarizes a basic sentiment of this group of British seniors who (with a little help from the world wide web) make the intrepid journey to India as an investment of their golden years.

I've known some folks who ventured to foreign lands after age 60. But mostly NOT. The character played by Judi Dench was perhaps the most logical extension of a role I'd come to be familiar with from the Brit-com, As Time Goes By. Of course this isn't really the same character. The independence of the war nurse and business woman she formerly developed during the love story of Lionel & Jean becomes, I think, resurgent as Judy tackles the role of a bereaved widow, and discovers a place for at least one elderly role model in the emerging tech market of modern India.

As I've been seeing trailers for a reprise of this movie, I'm looking forward to it. As India presents the world's largest democracy, fictional accounts like these are maybe a speculative venture at portraying the type of real world enterprises growing from east/west collaboration. We can only hope reality will follow such an optimistic course.
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on May 4, 2017
We had seen this years ago but watching again was like the first time! The cast, story and setting were entertaining and fun to watch. The story is more relevant today (at least to us) than it was when we saw before. I'd recommend highly.
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on October 23, 2015
We really enjoyed watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The characters are believable and it had me missing the time in my life when I lived in India. At the end of the movie, I even told my husband that I think I could retire there. ;) The movie is fun! It is appropriate enough to watch with the whole family, yet it would appeal less to children and young adults and more to people who are middle-aged or senior citizens, or at least people 20 and up who have an interest in India and senior citizen issues. The writer and director handled various issues and India with respect. We are looking forward to watching the sequel!
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on March 24, 2015
Wow!!! This is such a good movie. Another movie that is great for when you have to watch with your girl. Everybody will love this movie. Fabulous cast and they all do a magnificent job at their parts. I'm not one to notice 'acting' that much, unless it's either very bad or very good.... and this was very, very good. A delightful movie for everyone. Even my mom who hates cursing in movies. Great character studies and fun while also being very touching and moving at times. It may not look that exciting but everyone will like this movie. Definitely don't judge this movie by it's cover. This may be the best movie I've seen all year. (That didn't involve a gunfight, car chase or large hooters). A very lovely film!!!
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on March 9, 2015
This reminded me of a film genre popular during WWII - some of us are still around - where lots of stars were in the cast (of thousands, of course) of a story featuring a boarding house, hotel, or stage-door canteen. Their appearances were usually little more than cameos, but wotthehell, there was a war on. Here is a new crowd, but the roles are anything but cameo. Almost everyone is stretched, and India is really the star. I suppose this is the influence of Bollywood, but suddenly I would like to go there, noise, trash, crowds and all. Above all, the street color, exuberantly rendered, is stunning. And for a change the Indian actors are real people.
Download, buy, or even stand in line at the local Bijou, but go see it; you'll be glad you did.
And fear not, this is emphatically NOT another freak like the "Grand Budapest".
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on June 17, 2014
I've watched this movie so many times I've lost count. The cast is excellent. The storylines accurately portray the problems, the hopes, the differences, the realities, the expectations and the disappointments my "baby boom" generation finds itself in these days--during what many believed would be their perfectly planned "golden years". Every time I watch this movie, I wish I were courageous and healthy enough to experience such an adventure no matter what might be the outcome. I love all the actors. I can almost smell the camels, the elegant, etc, etc, etc. I can imagine the adrenalin of being in such traffic. I can go on and on. The movie is great entertainment. It touches the realities we are facing in today's world. The actors are great. Etc,etc,etc. I'm so glad there's a 2nd part on the way.
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