Customer Reviews: The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You'Ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong
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on May 27, 2004
It is refreshing to see real-world data being used to show real-world FACTS...that more law-abiding people carrying handguns, and allowed to own guns in general, lead to less crime - and less violent crimes being committed. Do NOT get caught up in the liberal and media biased - they want you to only believe what they believe - and THEY are WRONG! Not only does Lott prove how more legally-owned guns reduce crime, he debunks the scare tactics of anti-constitution anti-gunners who use mis-representation and lies to form opinions. Read this book to see the truth on gun ownership, and silly things like mandatory gun-locks & pistol 'fingerprinting' (what a waste of OUR money that is!), and ridiculous laws like the "assault gun ban", "waiting periods", "gun show loop-hole", "gun free zones", etc. that do NOTHING to reduce crime, that in fact raise crime rates - and only succede in taken away YOUR constitutional rights to self-defense...laws that actually make it easier for criminals to murder, rape, and rob without fear. Do not be a passive victim - arm yourself with the truth, and a good weapon, and train hard - the situation in this country at a time of war is not getting any better. As a former cop - I know the threats are real - and I know police can not always be there to defend you and your family. And mis-guided liberals are always poised to make it ever harder for YOU to live in freedom (read the new 'assault ban' which makes any semi-auto illegal), so now is the time to educate yourself. Why listen to hypocrites like Rosie who are anti-gun, but 'need' armed guards because THEY feel threatened, or Sarah Brady - who committed a felony by straw-purchasing a rifle and then giving it to her son? Why let liberal politicians like John Kerry or teddie Kennedy tell YOU what HE thinks is best for YOU and your family, when he doesn't even know the facts?
An easy read that shows there should be NO more doubts about all the benefits of gun ownership - less crime, legitimate self-defense uses, safety, etc. No more hype to play on the emotions of the less knowledgable - just the facts!
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on March 6, 2005
This is a follow-up to his 1998 book "More Guns, Less Crime", which showed that rising gun ownership was resulting in lower violent crime statistics. He proves with statistical facts that Gun Control laws do not reduce Gun Violence, but have increased gun crime every time they are tried. Since the 1998 book came out before 9/11 happened, he now talks about how gun ownership surged after 9/11, and that again gun crime has gone down (further proving his point). He also talks about how the public falsely believes that guns don't do any good, because the press never reports on stories where a gun in a citizen's hand saved lives. Everything has all the statistics to back his claims up. This book proves once again that the gun-grabbers argument is only based on emotion. Highly recommended!

This book does not talk about constitutional rights; it stays focused on gun crime statistics. The 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual's civil right to own firearms, which scholars have proven time and again to be the true meaning of the amendment. Nobody educated disputes that meaning anymore. Yet someone in another review falsely tries to equate the right to own a gun to the right to own a car, which the constitution does not guarantee. Not only do law abiding American's have the freedom to own firearms, this book shows that when the good guys have guns, gun crime goes down.
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on January 4, 2004
I wish we could get every policitican to read (and study) this book. Lott, a professor of economics, has done some top-notch research into the results of gun-ownership in the United States.
Common sense (much lacking in this country, I might add) would tell us that when you give people the tools (and the right) to protect themselves, crime will decrease. Lott's research supports this, but puts actual figures to the benefit of guns.
There is much empty rhetoric on each side of the gun (ownership) battle. Research such as this is important to show the truth about what's going on. Simple truth: Guns save lives. Yes, accidents happen. But far more lives are saved (and could be saved if ownership laws were loosened) each year than the comparative few that are lost. Lott's documents this. He also tells why some (flawed) studies fail to show a societal benefit in owning guns.
By trying to outlaw guns, and simply by making guns harder to purchase and own, anti-gun politicians and other hoplophobes have blood on their hands--blood of thousands of innocent victims who would not have been victimized had citizens not been denied the right to protect themselves.
This book would be easier to understand if I'd paid more attention in my Statistics class in college. . . there are a lot of statistical terms therein that were a bit over my head. But nonetheless, it was well worth reading.
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on April 1, 2003
As a professor of statistics, I laughed out loud when I read an earlier reviewer write: "I can't believe John Lott has a doctorate and gets away with such flawed research. He 'randomnly' called a little over 1000 people and made a conclusion for the entire nation. Can't do it with such a small sample."
Flawed research? What an intellectual ignoramus! Not only can't he spell 'randomly' correctly, he doesn't understand anything about statistics. He puts randomly in quotes when even a beginning student in statistics recognizes that this is REQUIRED if sample information is to be credible and representative of the population being sampled.
And if 1,000 people aren't enough to draw a conclusion about the entire population, Mr. Einstein, how does the Gallup Poll forecast national elections with an accuracy of +/- 3% by talking with only 1,100 people?
The only thing flawed here is the reviewer's obvious anti-gun bias.
Like most closed-minded individuals, this reviewer proves himself to be Invincibly Ignorant
For like members of the Flat Earth Society, no matter how many facts and arguments against their positions they encounter, they simply refuse to admit that they might be wrong. Instead, they resort to name calling and character assassination.
I have read the book and find Dr. Lott's data and conclusions extremely compelling. I recommend this book to anyone that is open to the truth about the bogus intellectual underpinnings of the gun-control movement in America.
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on December 12, 2003
This is by far one of the best books I have read on the subject. It dispells many if not all of the myths about gun control and why it doesn't work.
I am pro-gun and bought the book to keep up on the FACTS and not the fear mongering and speculation spouted by those against guns.
Buy it for an anti-gun friend. You may just turn them around.
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on April 13, 2003
If you read it then you find it difficult to be able to argue the logic Mr. Lott presents in this book. From the beginning of the book Lott looks at how the media show their bias on guns, how polls on gun control are misleading, the facts needed but not gathered for the most accurate gun statistics, and how the facts about guns and children have been displayed in a misleading way. That information is just in the first hundred pages. All of this was conveniantly left out by the person calling this book all lies, who probably only read peices if any of the book and acts entirely on emotion instead of fact as their review was somewhat vulgar and obviously full of emotion. If you are a logical, rational and open minded human being the facts of this book will appeal to you.
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on August 29, 2003
It is summer 2003 and the political heat is getting hotter as the Sept 1994 Assault weapon ban sunset is near. D Feinstein (D CA) is up in arms about getting assault weapons off the streets to save the children. so I do a bit of research. Come to find that they are not used in 90% of crimes, nor 30% nor even 3%. So why Ban and confiscate guns that arent used in Crime, and are (shown to) be used to deter crime? This book has that answer! .......Emotions.
Lott gets rid of the illogical rational of Newspapers, media and politicians and goes to REAL DATA that says more guns = less crime. Odd concept unless you are in Switzerland or Isreal. He shows newspapers reporting thousands of words on criminal gun usage in a negative way but what about gun-defense and protection cases, deterring crime, saving a life? Hardly any glamour in that. NYTimes amongst others casually omitting that type of data, is there an agenda?
Sure there are a lot of graph type data and studies in this book but that is only because the opposite side (anti-gun crowd) uses no real data or skews the data for their -emotional agenda against guns-. So although it may be tedious to read through at points (why it gets 4 instead of 5 stars), it serves a purpose and that purpose is so that it cannot be debunked or proven wrong. The pendelum swung to near gun-confiscation in CA in the 90s and registration in several stats for firearms, now it seems the Republicans are in power and the pendelum of fear and emotional hype is swinging back towards rationality and sanity.
this would be a great book for a case study or poly-sci class on a debate for gun control or safety/crime rates as it is empirical with information and not 'spun' up.
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on December 3, 2003
I enjoyed reading this book. It was fascinating and easy to read. I thought I was reasonably familiar with the facts about guns and crime in the US, but this book by John Lott taught me more. Few writers approach these issues from the point of view of economics.
Lott makes a variety of points in this book that the public should think about: eg, media bias, the link -- or lack of one -- between guns and terrorism. I was particularly captivated by the section on multiple shootings. The idea that even if only a small number of people carry concealed handguns, in a crowd of people, the probability of their being one armed person can be surprisingly high.
It's a real challenge to talk about econometric models in a way the lay reader can understand. I think Lott does a good job at presenting very complex material in this book.
There is a lot of pseudo-research on guns and violence. People have to be constantly on guard against being misled. This is particularly true in Canada. John Lott's clear, logical presentation is a delight to read. This book will help readers in sorting out the wheat from the chaff.
John Lott is one of the few researchers who has made his data sets available to anyone who asked for them. Not all of his critics are as honest and open as he is.
I would recommend this book unhesitatingly to anyone. Anyone who hasn't already made up their mind will find something to think about in this book.
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on August 20, 2014
Very informative. Needs explanation of statical terms like "two-tailed t-test is significant at the [x] present level" the [x] may be 1%, 5%, or some other percentage. I am not an economist, I'm a retired corporate manager, however, I would like to understand the math involved.

I have read a few books by Lott, I like his verbiage and presentation. The book is very readable and makes his points well.
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on March 25, 2014
It has a lot of good data embedded with a lot of statistical justification for the conclusions but if the reader is not knowledgeable in the field he will have to accept the conclusions. I do not doubt the conclusions as I am familiar with the source but I would not be able to use the conclusions in an argument because I cannot explain them.
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