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on July 19, 2017
I did not give it 5 stars because I was hasty and should've bought it on dvd instead. Some of the episodes aren't the best quality pic wise. Some episodes are great picture wise!!! some look old and worn. If I had to do it over again I would of bought the dvd 1st season of the Bionic Woman. I sure will buy the 2nd and 3rd season on dvd!!! I have bought 2 six million $ dollar man seasons on dvd thru amazon and I bought the 3 other ones from a mall and every tv movie and 2 pilots and all the episodes from season 1-5 are in excellent condition as it pertains to picture....very good picture but I was sooo hasty because I had just gotten done watching every movie (1) 2 pilots and 5 seasons of episodes of the 6 million $ dollar man that I just HAD TO WATCH THE BIONIC WOMAN RIGHT NOW!!!! I WOULD RECOMMEND GETTING IT ON DVD. JMHO. AMAZONS DVDS ARE GREAT AND EVERY SEASON IS CHEAP!!!!!! DVDS ARE THE WAY TO GO WITH THE BIONIC WOMAN AND THE 6 MILLION $ MAN!!!!! JUST HAVE TO BE PATIENT!!! OR PAY 6 DOLLARS EXTRA AND GET IT IN 2 DAYS EVEN ON SUNDAYS AS AMAZON HAS A CONTRACT WITH THE USPS!!!
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on August 10, 2017
Have not got to watch yet but DVD's were packaged professionally and the holder, though still not perfect, is a little more sturdy than the ones on the Six Million Dollar mans package. Still just the flip holder with pin in spine. Wish they would come up with something better.
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on March 9, 2011
Writer Kenneth Johnson was assigned to create a girlfriend for "The Six Million Dollar Man" Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and then, just as suddenly, kill her off. Obviously, the talent and allure of Lindsay Wagner as Jaimie Sommers proved too strong. After receiving tons of letters from upset fans, ABC Network reversed its initial decision and ordered Johnson to bring Jaimie back to life immediately. Only in TV Land could Jaimie be brought back to life after being placed in "suspended animation." Soon, ABC had a Bionic franchaise. By January, 1976, Jaimie had her own series. Wanting to repay the U.S. government for her miraculous Bionic rebuild, Jaimie is anxious to go to work for OSI: the Office of Scientific Investigation." After getting a "cover job" as a school teacher at the Ventura Air Force Base, Jaimie moves in to a small house owned by Steve Austin's adoptive parents (Martha Scott and Ford Rainey). There were several cross-over episodes between "Man" and "Woman"; as well as actors Richard Anderson and Martin E. Brooks doing double-duty as Oscar Goldman and Dr. Rudy Welles on both series. One burning question remains: With the OSI sending Jaimie on so many top secret missions, how did she ever find time to grade her students' classroom assignments?
Lindsay Wagner herself was the key to "The Bionic Woman's" success. Wagner's performance is all the more extraordinary considering how outlandish the storylines are. The series holds up amazingly well, while the weekly plots do not. Yet, Lindsay brings a central warmth, believeability, and intelligence to Jaimie that somehow makes the entire series work. Lindsay/Jaimie is the perfect combination of beauty, bionics, and, most importantly, brains. The best Season One episode episode, "Mirror Image" has Lindsay playing two roles. In addition to Jaimie, she also portrays Lisa Galloway, a Southern woman (recruited by an evil doctor and associates, of course) who undergoes plastic surgery to become an (almost) exact double of Jaimie. With Jaimie on vacation and too quickly presumed dead, Lisa takes her place and attempts to kill OSI boss Oscar Goldman. I already have "Bionic Woman: Season 2" on Pre-order. Lisa Galloway returns in the Season 2 two part story "Deadly Ringer." Season 2 also features Jaimie's classic battle with the evil Fembots. I can't wait!
Just put logic aside, and enjoy "The Bionic Woman" for what it always was: good escapist sci-fi/fantasy, occasionally campy, fun.
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on February 13, 2014
No prob with the buffering or other tech issues. This was free with Amazon Prime so no complaint there either. It's funny how memory works. As a child, I loved this show but time has not been kind and now it is as dated as the Beverly Hillbillies. With my older and clearly much more cynical eyes and mind it shocks me how bad the acting is. Jamie is a bit histrionic at least 1 time every episode and often on the verge of crying. Not a very good quality for a secret agent if you ask me. But then again I wonder how Almost Human will stand up in 2044. But in the end nostalgia trumps all and I will watch the episodes and enjoy it as long it is free and there are no frustrating buffering issues. Hence the 4-star rating I give it.
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on January 24, 2011
After waiting patiently for many years, THE BIONIC WOMAN (1976) has finally come to DVD! I watched this show as a kid and loved it along with The Six Million Dollar Man The Complete Series and its temporary replacement Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season.

I finally had the time to finish watching all of the DVDs in this SEASON ONE set and I loved every single minute of it! Not only do you get all the crossover episodes from "The Six Million Dollar Man," which introduced Jaime Sommers, but you also get the follow-up episode that brought her back to life after she died on TSMDM, or so we thought (I always wondered about that, hahaha) and the pilot episodes for BW.

I used to sit glued to the TV set when THE BIONIC WOMAN came on and I must say that I'm still impressed as an adult viewer. I'm amazed at the production value that went into this series from the special effects, to the actual shots of actress Lindsay Wagner (Jamie Sommers) or Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman) landing in a helicopter. Even Wagner's stunt double looked like her from a distance, whereas Lynda Carter's double on "Wonder Woman" looked rather man-ish at times.

The series looks nice and sharp and the story lines are intriguing. There's a "play all" feature or you can play by episode selection. I really enjoyed "Mirror Image," which introduced the character "Lisa Galloway," who got plastic surgery to look like Sommers, to infiltrate the OSI (Wagner in a dual role). The scenes from this episode remained fresh in my mind after all these years along with the line, "I might have yo' looks Jaime Sommers, but I sho' don't have yo' moves!" I also enjoyed "Ghost Hunter," which follows "Mirror Image" on DVD 4, because it also stands out in my mind, and has a young Kristy MacNichol as a guest star.

Anyway, the extras on this set include:

===== EXTRAS =====
* Gag Reel - 01:41-minutes
Behind-the-scenes footage of the actors flubbing line or laughing etc.

* "Bionic Beginnings" - 24:27-minutes
Present day featurette that discusses how the show got off the ground, how filming was done, and why it became such an iconic hit. Those taking part in the interviews include Lindsay Wagner (Jamie Sommers), Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman), Kenneth Johnson (Creator/director/writer), Martin E. Brooks (Dr. Rudy Wells), James D. Parriott (Writer), Alan J. Levi, Jerry London (BW Directors), Inge Rosenberg (Wagner's stunt double), Robbie Rist (Andrew - AKA "Oliver" on the Brady Bunch) and Janice Whitby (Katy Fembot).

The featurette was very informative and it was great seeing some of the lesser known actors who had memorable performances on BW particularly Robbie Rist, who played Jamie Sommers's student "Andrew" in the first few episodes and Janice Whitby who played the "Katy Fembot." I don't remember if Whitby had any lines, she doesn't make an appearance until the second season, but she had such an impact on me as a kid! Maybe she was the first fembot who got her face mask ripped off and you saw she was a robot or it was the serene, robotic, beautiful expression that lacked any kind of emotion on her face, but whatever it was, it scared the crap out of me so much so that her image stayed with me throughout the years. When I saw her pop up on this featurette, I knew exactly who it was! Too bad Jennifer Darling (Peggy Callahan) wasn't part of this featurette, because she's the only one missing next to Lee Majors. Maybe the studio is saving those interviews for upcoming season releases?

I can barely wait for seasons 2 & 3 of THE BIONIC WOMAN to be released! I want to see the Fembots, and the sentient defense system named "Alex" that tried to stop Jaime in "Dooomsday Is Tomorrow pt.2." Not to mention the return of "Lisa Galloway" in "Deadly Ringer 1 & 2." Oh boy, do I need a life!

Trivia: This is probably an urban legend but I heard that the TV series "Wonder Woman" was done as a temporary replacement for ABC's "The Bionic Woman" after Lindsay Wagner was injured in a car accident and had to stop production on BW, and ABC wanted another female hero type show to fill the spot.
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on November 27, 2010
I noticed a lot of these reviews are actually for the old region 2 box sets, or even just talking about the series in general, not the new 2010 North American release, so I hope this is helpful for people actually looking to buy, you know, the actual product on the page:

This is an excellently packaged DVD box set which not ONLY includes the full first season of "The Bionic Woman" starring Lindsay Wagner, it ALSO includes the five episodes of the "Six Million Dollar Man" which introduce the character. I hope I don't need to tell you how wonderful the series itself is--sure, some of the premises are a little cheesy, but Jaime Sommers is a relatable, likeable character as fun to watch in dialogue as she is in action scenes, and stories run the gamut from more series espionage tales (rescuing trapped ambassadors in a guerrilla-filled South American jungle) to lighter hearted adventures (Jaime's undercover operations at a beauty pageant), all of which are entertaining. An example of some of the best action TV of the 70s. The special effects are corny compared to now but certainly good use of the SFX technology of the time (and much of the commentary reveals some of the neat tricks they used to pull off bionic stunts in the days before CGI).

There is commentary by head writer and producer Kenneth Johnson on several episodes, all of which is extremely informative on both the action on the episodes as well as providing information on actors and other fascinating "behind the scenes" footage. A few others writers provide commentary as well. The extras also include a roughly half-hour interview documentary featuring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, and other stars and creators of the series, that is well edited and very informative.

Video and sound quality are as good as you can hope to get on remastered versions of stuff that was originally recorded on cheap film in the 70s. While there are occasional blips or fuzziness, that's only to be expected--I go away from watching this certain that the restorers did absolutely the best job they could to make the video as clean as possible under the circumstances.

It's a fun, heart-lifting series, ideal for people ages 7 to 107, put together in an excellent DVD presentation. I can't wait for Seasons 2 and 3.
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on January 20, 2014
They don't make shows like this anymore, what a pity. Lindsay Wagner aka Jamie Summers is a delight! This day and age when everything or almost everything is about an instant gratification, this series is filled with humor, action, love and compassion. It's all about humanity. It's a feel good show. Season 1 has 13 episodes, but you'll get bonus episodes that will explain how she became The Bionic Woman. It's also a great value, you get much for your money. I've enjoyed all the different story lines and supporting cast is great. For all you romantics, star-cross love aspect(I think) between Jamie and Steve is delicious.
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on August 5, 2013
This so captured my imagination as a kid, and still does! The characters are so rich and care about each other so deeply that we are proud to welcome them into our hearts and homes.

Lindsay Wagner was the perfect choice to play bionic woman Jamie Sommers. She has this sweetness and sensitivity that belies her bionic superpowers. And that's the point: A bionic woman, despite her strength, even in an era of women's lib, can still be a WOMAN, retain her femininity, if she so chooses!
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on January 24, 2017
I've waited for at least 40 years to see some of the episodes. It's nice to know that I can access the episode whenever I want to.
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on August 28, 2017
Great show. Well worth the money.
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