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on May 16, 2017
What on earth happened in Season Three? No mention of whether Veronica got the Lily Kane scholarship, she gets accepted to Stanford in S2 and then...doesn't go. They don't tell us why or even pretend like it was a thing, just threw them all into the same lame college together so the show could continue. Honestly, I would have liked the third season more if she'd gone on to Stanford, ditched everyone from Neptune and found some mysteries to solve up there. I also thought it was a little lazy to just continue the shaving head mystery from S2. But, I understand that teen shows that go to college always experience growing pains (hello, gossip girl. And The OC). And Veronica Mars was so ahead of its time that I still forgive them, because I loved this show.
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on January 23, 2016
I don't know why Amazon is asking me to just rate and review Season 3 because I have re-watched all three seasons over the course of a few weeks. I had also watched most of the episodes of the series when it originally aired on UPN and the CW. I also donated a small amount to the Kickstarter campaign that funded the movie a couple years ago. In short, I am a fan. I enjoyed the series because of the modern noir detective elements the Rob Thomas incorporated into the storylines. I also, basically fell in love with the title character, Veronica that was created by Thomas and personified by Kristen Bell. At the heart of the series is the relationship of Veronica and her father Keith, a disgraced former sheriff. It also explores the way that a girl from a working class background uses her intelligence and skill to solve the mystery of her best friend's murder and to deal with her redefined relationship to the wealthy former friends and her sexual assault which she only vaguely remembers.

This series was very well written and acted by a stellar ensemble cast. It is a shame that because the series was on a smaller, less well known network, it didn't get a longer run. I am happy that more people will get the chance to see it on Amazon Prime. Yes the majority of the cast are teens/young adults, but there are also elements that anyone who enjoys mysteries, film noir, or detective stories of any age will enjoy. If any of those things describes you as a viewer, this series is worth watching. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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on April 22, 2015
Some long-term mysteries are finally answered in this final season of the TV series, in which Veronica packs her bags -- apparently with snappy dialogue -- and heads off to college.

While the format of the first two seasons (one season-long mystery) has been replaced, the overall satisfaction of the individual episodes remains the same. Unfortunately, the season does seem to end abruptly, so it's great to know that the crowd-funded film released in 2014 is out there to tie things up. If you enjoyed the first two seasons of the series, the third will likely be rewarding.
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on September 26, 2016
I continue to revisit all seasons of Veronica Mars as this series was one of my all time favorites! I think I binge watched about 7 or 8 episodes in a row. The Veronica Mars cast is great. Wonderful actors all around, and I can't think of anyone else who could've played Veronica better than Kristen Bell. Season 3, just like it's first two seasons, is as witty as ever. Full of quick come-backs and smart one-liners Veronica and the cast don't disappoint. Even though I will forever be on board the epic love train of Veronica and Logan, I can appreciate her relationship with Piz in this 3rd Season. Of course, I was not thrilled that the series had to end after Season 3, but I feel they left it as open as they could by ending with Veronica in the voting box. The kickstarter movie (years later) was able to piece together Veronica's remaining years at Hearst and her family and love life hadn't changed since Season 3.
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on June 15, 2016
This was a quality program that I had heard of but had not seen but was so pleasantly surprise and binge watched it when I was sick. It has great characters, storylines, with a fine cast. I learned they had a loyal fan base and there was a movie made based on the series. Only reason I missed this show is that I had a infant at the time it was running on TV so now all these years later it has been available for me to enjoy on Amazon Prime.
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on November 15, 2016
The last season of the Series since it was cancelled. It was really a great show. It felt like the drama was a bit overdone at times, but I really like the strong female roles. The bond between Veronica and her father is priceless, and it helps show that kids can talk about serious topics with their parents. You are left wanting more...
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on May 5, 2016
Loved Veronica Mars! I read about it once, but I forget parts. They were all ready to start shooting the next season, but the network screwed up and cancelled it instead. Way to communicate! Really is a shame because it was/is such a good series. Much better than "Supergirl"! I mean what is that anyhow? Some young alien superhero that is supposed to save the world, yet she is so awkward and innocent that she goes thru life rather half-a**ed.

In contrast, Veronica is very well put together, confident, independent, bad-a**! Straight A student, outspoken, and kind to basically everyone! Such a great role model!

There has been talk about making a second movie. I really hope that it happens.

Not sure where it takes place, somewhere just outside of San Diego, but I really want to go check it out.
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on October 16, 2016
Veronica Mars is a great show that is often overlooked: Rob Thomas, the writer, has succeeded in creating a rich world that's believable and dramatic at the same time; well rounded characters who make you love them and hate them and whose motivations change (as they do in real life). And of course, the acting is great.

This show would've been best served by ending after season 2. The world is really richest in high school, and unfortunately the college years suffer from a complete change in environment, while also trying to hold onto Neptune and high school characters as much as it can. The new characters are also not that great, and it makes the whole scenario and set up seem less believable.
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on July 10, 2014
For the devoted and the potential Marshmallows:

I know what everyone says. "Season Three paled in comparison to the first two seasons". I'm not sure that's fare though.
Season three has its faults I know. For starters, the storyline with the Fitzpatrick's wasn’t as ominous as I’d like. I hate Keith Mars as the Sherif, but Vinnie Van Lowe is not even remotely plausible as a respectable lawman. And Tom Foyle (James Jordan) is not fooling anyone in that wig and glued-on facial hair. For most fans the biggest issue is that the series finale was abrupt. This is probably because it was never intended to be the series finale but became so due to cancelation of the series. If you look at it as a stand-alone episode though then it is awesome and very much in the tone of the series. But my biggest quam with season three is that Veronica is not as angsty and hard-shelled as in the first two seasons. Love has made her less of a bitch, and I like her bitchy. This is finally redeemed in the final episode, aptly titled “The Bitch is Back”.

Despite the negative points of season three, it also had many great attributes. Mac (Tina Majorino) is finally getting the screen time she deserves. The world is introduced to the gorgeous smile of Stosh ‘Piz’ Piznarski (Chris Lowell). And that argyle polo shirt from seasons one and two makes a season three appearance, on yet another Veronica love interest. However, my favorite thing about season three is that despite the camp that we have all grown to love it also has that dark underbelly that made the show so compelling. The rape storyline is intriguing and well balanced with some of Veronica’s lighter cases. The writing is still fresh, witty and cynical. Kristen Bell is still brilliant as Veronica, Jason Dohring is broodingly chilling as Logan Echolls, and of course Enrico Colantoni hams it up as Keith Mars and makes us all wish that we had a wise-cracking/private investigator for a father.
Don’t listen to the charlatans. The price for this DVD set is reasonable and season three is totally worth that price. Buy it, watch it, love it!
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on July 25, 2016
I recently "found" Veronica Mars and have binge- watched seasons 1,2&3 and the movie. I love how the friendships and relationships are developed and maintained. The father- daughter relationship is so loving, nurturing and mature. The integration of good moral themes (honesty, integrity, trying to do the right and just thing and holding people accountable) is refreshing. Love the witty, pithy writing, the great acting and incorporation of 60's & 70's music lyrics (as well as current music selections.) So often if a young adult is portrayed as smart and strong, it's at the expense of the parent(s) / adult(s). Not here. There's no "either /or" portrayal-- but "yes / and" . Well done!!
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