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When you see the choreography in this film of the surrender of America's Most Wanted Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader of THE OFFICE and BOSTON LEGAL) at FBI headquarters, you may think you're watching a dance of sorts. But instead of dancers pointing their toes, it's FBI agents pointing their guns at Reddington. Why did Reddington, a former agent himself gone rogue, and a fugitive for two decades, turn himself in now? And why is he only willing to talk to rookie agent Liz Keen (Megan Boone of LAW AND ORDER: L.A.), who is going to have a very bad first day on the job.

These are only a few of the enigmas in this new drama BLACKLIST. Here's the setup: Reddington is willing to unveil the identities of hidden criminals and terrorists - with whom he seems to have more than a nodding acquaintance - who are on his personal "blacklist" to the FBI if they will obey his demands. Besides communicating only with Keen, his other demand is a suite at the Waldorf --where he seems so comfortable that all that is missing is his bunny slippers.

James Spader as Reddington owns every scene he is in, and he is probably going to be a major reason why we will watch this show. Another reason will be Liz Keen who proves she is more than a pretty face and smart mind. She's pretty fast with the Waldorf hotel pen, too. "Profile yourself," demands Agent Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix of 24) of Keen to determine why Reddington will only work with her, and if she's up to the job of dealing with terrorists and Reddington. (We hope "profile yourself" doesn't become a standard question on job interviews because of this show.) Between Reddington and terrorists, we don't know yet who is going to be more dangerous.

As Reddington alternately goads and mentors Keen into using her profiling skills to anticipate the terrorists' next moves, we wonder what Reddington's game is. It's clearly a game that he is enjoying. And we sense Spader, the actor, is enjoying playing this rogue agent gone wild role which is another reason we'll keep watching this show. Besides choreography in the cinematography (check out when the villains slide down the ropes into waiting boats), the dialogue is witty - what there is of it between explosions etc. - and the pace is intense. USA TODAY says it's Fall's best new drama. In some random polling, about 70-80% of viewers said they were going to come back for some more. Interestingly, James Spader only signed on to play "Red" three to four days before filming started. Have a hunch by the end of the season, we can't imagine anyone else but Spader playing that role.
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on December 17, 2016
Getting to know the characters again was amazing! Nobody but James Spader could ever play the part of Raymond Redington! He is amazing with how he can calmly look at someone while he shoots the man next to him and makes a comical comment to make a point! All while looking as relaxed as can be!!! And his surrounding cast...His Lizzy especially...so awesome! Her character grows right in front of you throughout the season. And all the FBI characters that play a role are also excellent! What a cast! What a show! And this is just the 1st Season!!!
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on October 8, 2014
Spader is very good and very watchable. While his female sidekick is good...only in American drama do female leads still have lipstick on and their wigs in place after a major assault. This, I hate. Watch Prime Suspect or any other good British drama and see how real women actually look under stress. And her whole reaction to her husband's ambiguous status also strains credibility. It weakens the whole show.
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on December 6, 2013
James Spader is an amazing actor. I was enamored with Spader in Stargate 20 years ago. He has an amazing movie/TV screen presence that makes you just "pay attention." I found his sense of humor initially in "The Practice" and subsequently "Boston Legal" as charming as well as hysterical. I so enjoyed the scenes of his with William Shatner. Spader's breadth of character bloomed in his role as Alan Shore from humility to arrogance in significantly effectual scenes. I was thrilled to know he had another TV series. Initially, I felt that it was a dark, deep, moody international drama show. And well it is dark, deep, and moody! It is not my "Mother's" kind of drama. But is definitely mine! -The Blacklist- incorporates interesting new characters every episode. Megan Boone is difficult for me to warm up too. I think they are going to let her show some guts and time and time again it seems that she wimps out somehow. I would really like to see if she does "have the right stuff." She needs a little bit of Buffy's strength of character. The peripheral weekly-characters are also weak-minded. Who is the old lady that is managing this scenario? If they want her to be a hated bitch, they have achieved their goal. Normally, I love to hate the bad guys, but for this character I just hate her, YUCK ! James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington has an outstanding performance and when anyone is in his scene, they shine as well. Spader's strength of presence attaches somehow to everyone around him and you just like them all just because they are part of something memorable. I recall scenes of Spader and Shatner on the balcony on Boston Legal. Shatner was such a heavy hitter but James Spader was ready to meet the challenge. Today, watching The Blacklist on Amazon without commercials - It is my favorite show. It is dark, it is deep and it is moody ! My kinda show! You just got to love Red Reddington !
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on May 20, 2014
By now most people have been watching the show so going into specifics would bore you, and if you have not seen it, I might spoil it for you. So I'll keep it short. I have always thought James Spader was a great actor. I think you give him any role and this guy can elevate it. I cant imagine anyone else for this role. For those who have not seen any of it yet, I would say watch the first three shows, if your not hooked by then? It just may not be for you. You have the FBI, And the CIA involved so you get a lot of action scenes, you have Spaders character and another character Lizzy who is a government official, and the show revolves around these two characters. I am telling you, look at other reviews, you have mystery, plots that twist and turn, tons of questions that just keep you guessing and wanting more, and the week does not go fast enough so you can watch what happens next. You have an all star cast, But Spader really is a powerful character in this show, and I would say he even holds back a little, meaning his presence could be so powerful that the other characters could get swallowed up by him. But the writers and Spader leave plenty of room for you to connect with the other characters. If you love mystery novels or shows, DRAMA for sure, absolutely perfect writing, and there is no one particular story line. There are so many different story's, so many twists, you never know which road your on until they want you to know, and you know they are just leading you on this roller coaster of emotions during the telling of this mystery of a story. There are so many parts, and eventually most likely at the end of the series, everything will be tied up before they call it quits. But the ride to get there is going to be one of the most entertaining and on the edge of your seat rides you will be on while you watch this show. I say give this a chance. Watch it through 3 episodes and see what you think. If you look, you will see most people love this show. I watch the Following, and I am a loyal fan of that show. And I am a huge fan of Kevin Bacon's movies, but the Blacklist is just number 1 in my book. You find out what the Blacklist is very early on, as in the first or second episode. Start from the beginning, and Most will not be able to stop. You will either catch up with season 1 which has ended, on Amazon or you will order the DVD. This is a show that does not come along very often. Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, Friends, Cheers, Seinfeld, Mash, and I can go on. This show is one of those. Just different material. You would be missing out on something really special with this show. Give it a shot. You wont be sorry. I guess you can call it a crime Drama, with a ton of mystery that you only find out a little at a time. Enjoy.....
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on September 15, 2017
After each episode Liszt keen States the words okay we're done to reddingrton the professional criminal played by James spader.it is like a bad marriage. She finds out he killed her father okay we're done. She finds out he stabbed her husband okay we're done. But in the very next episode she is begging for his help with somethng. He speaks eloquently always in riddles and not much ever gets resolved.
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on December 31, 2016
Amazing comeback by the legendary James Spader. An instant cult classic, underrated, makes me speechless, every episode is a crazy ride, and really does leave you wanting more no joke. Great supporting cast, and not a little adult tv show. Blood, murder, deception, betrayal, some cursing, and very film noir like feeling when hearing James speak. Fine quality dialogue and acting from everyone. A+ for me no doubt, love and adore this show.
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on December 3, 2013
Simply outstanding!! keeps you anticipating the next move. Very well written.The writer of this show deserves a big two thumbs up!
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on June 4, 2014
This show has it's pros and cons, for sure. At first, I was not sure about the casting of this women who is the strong female lead. She has an odd demeanor, somehow. She seems too young, too naive, and not tough enough for an agent/profiler in her job description, but then it kind of goes along with the story, because she is new, it starts out first episode with her first day on the job. And we do see her grow, get tougher and less "naive," and by the end she has a strength and morality, well you don't know how she is coping with it. There are many soapy twists and turns so I refuse to give spoilers. Anything I initially questioned about this show has turned around and redeemed itself to the point it's definitely on my list of favorite shows and I am a loyal follower. I admire James Spader, his acting ability. He is super smart, (his character,) wounded, of course, psychologically, but somehow learned to handle it in a way he's become somewhat of an underworld guru, truly a hero, a mysterious one, but one that we trust implicitly, and we are on his side knowing there is a lot of good in him. You also get the satisfaction of having his do this vigilante stuff, turning in all these criminals that do not have a conscience and are truly evil. The show is truly refreshing.
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on November 24, 2013
Fantastic, Riviting show. I can`t wait to see it every week and when it`s not on for a week or two i actually miss it....ALOT! That may not seem like much to some of you but if you knew me?? Tv shows or movies are not at or close to the top of my list of things to do. The Only shows i can put in this 5 star category over the last decade are The Wire, Sopranos, A certain show about a Motor Cycle Club with a name (Sam Crow) and who in the heck would NOT put Heisenberg in their? He Breaks Bad! Ok, BAD joke!

Shows pretty close to the top are Chicago Fire, which is getting better as it goes. It has beautiful shots of a Great City,Lots of drama and some cool relationship stuff among all firefighters. Of Course the US version of Shameless and even Nurse Jackie (most of the time) and early (Much earlier) Weeds was different and cool at points.

Other than those....... I dont think i watch TV shows or movies unless they are Documentry type films/shows.
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