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Bobber - Floating Hand Grip for GoPro HERO Cameras
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$21.85+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 17, 2012
I recommend! I use mine for Scuba Diving and tether it to my BCD using a retractor. Last week, I was diving off San Miguel Island and the camera untethered. This happens at times when diving and usually means a lost camera in the kelp. However, in this case, the camera floated to the surface from 80 feet and we could see the yellow grip clearly in the swell. The Bobber saved my GoPro II from being lost and is great grip and accessory for water sports.
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on February 16, 2016
So I bought this for a diving/beach vacation to make the GoPro easier to hold.

This does exactly what it is supposed to do and looks good as well, many people forget that without a handle, the GoPro is totally awkward to hold because of its small size, this makes it so much easier.

Now, whilst I really like this product and never had to rely on it doing its job whilst diving, I am a bit nervous about having this doing its job from 90' down. The reason being that I would have to ascend to the surface fairly fast to retrieve the GoPro if it somehow managed to 'break free' from my vice-like grip. An ascent to retrieve my GoPro before it floats away is not something I would wish to do. Personally, for most recreational scuba applications (less than 110' total water depth) I would prefer to dive down and retrieve the camera and take longer on my ascent at the end of the dive.

So, in summary, great for vacationing and I love this product but question about its use from the perspective of a deep recreational dive.
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on June 10, 2017
There are two versions of this item. The OLD one has the metal ring that gets the bad reviews, makes tinkle-tinkle sounds, rusts, and also has the older non-captive nut. Then there is the NEW version that is shown in the pictures with a new captive nut (like the GoPro 5) and a new lanyard design.

I contacted GOPOLE, and they confirmed that they redesigned it, and the new one addresses the problems. BUT, I still got the old defective design one. GOPOLE still is selling the old one and are liars. I also ordered one directly from GOPOLE, and I still got the old one.

Disgusting company. They don't care, and just send you whatever -- even if it doesn't match the pictures.
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on August 3, 2015
A great bobber but does make a lot of noise with the metal on metal while doing water sports. I didn't like that you can hear the metal cord ring rub against the strap attachment. The wrist attachment didn't work also for me because it didn't hold tight and the little black clip wouldn't lock in place for me to have it stay on my wrist.

The things I liked about it:
The grip was great.
Really bright yellow.
Floated great!

The things I didn't like:
Metal on metal wrist strap.
Price seemed a little high since I can add rubber to the 5 bucks rendition of a similar product.
The lock on the strap didn't lock in place.

What I could of done different with it, a work around for it:
Take off the metal ring for the strap and attached a new strap to remove the metal on metal sound.
Replace the strap with another one

It's a great bobber and does the job well, with the work around that could be put in place it would of been perfect for what I needed it for.
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on June 21, 2012
It's a must have when you are filming in or around water, and it works great. A little expensive for piece of plastic though, and it didn't come with a nut to screw in too, which is fine because I have plenty with my other mounting equipment. But for 30 dollars I think they could put a 10 cent nut in there.
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on January 11, 2015
I got this as part of a holiday package with a GoPro camera. Honestly had I been buying such a hand held mount, I probably wouldn't have chosen this one but since I had it, I have used it and I like it. I got the GoPro primarily for Scuba diving and I got in a local dive park trying out the camera and I used this hand grip. It floats and is a bit larger in diameter than some but I find it fits my large hands well and I don't think I need one of the long extension handles. It came with a screw in lanyard and another screw in connection with a carabineer, I did notice that the lanyard had nearly come unscrewed by the time I had finished diving. Make sure you have it screwed in tightly, maybe even a drop of the weaker holding Loc Tite to ensure that it doesn't come unscrewed at an inopportune time.
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on January 15, 2014
I bought this because I wanted to take the GoPro in the pool and on the water slides while on vacation. This looked just the trick and it totally was.

It's a small yellow sealed air filled plastic tube with a GoPro connecting mount on the end. It's easy to grip and none of us including the kids have dropped it and that's saying something all on it's own. If you drop it in the water it inverts and just bobs up and down. We would happily pass it to one another in the water and the kids loved it. I would say it's pretty indestructible. The yellow is a great marker so even if you are boating on a lake and drop it off the boat you are going to get your camera back.

On the water slide it was long enough to give you just that extra bit of reach so that you could reverse the camera and film us on the two person slide. Very fun footage. As with any GoPro connector you can set the angle so setting it at 90 degrees and holding your arms out in front of you and diving in the water gave a fantastic shot, especially when there was someone waiting under the water. The Bobber basically gave some stability to hand held filming as well as helping you not lose your camera in the water.
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on December 1, 2013
As my upcoming trip to Aruba was approaching, I knew that I would be bringing my GoPro's with me again as I did the year before. So I stumbled upon this in a video on youtube to keep the go pro from sinking so I HAD to try it. Ordered up and on my way to Aruba, I used it as soon as my first day there. The bobbers yellow floater/handle is great and gives such a great way to hold the camera when filming in or out of the water. I used this wherever I went because the handle was so convenient and the strap made sure I did not leave anywhere without it.

When i first used it in the water I tested it out by throwing it in the pool and it came right back up to the surface. GREAT!
So then I swam underwater very deep in the ocean and let it go and it very quickly came back up to the surface, so at that point I knew I could trust it. The bright yellow handle made it very easy to spot in the dark water compared to if it was just the camera by itself. I was able to throw it to my friends when we went on the Jolly Pirates cruise, or when we were jet skiing and had no more worries of it sinking.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone who owns a Go Pro and plans on using it near waters!
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-Floats really well
-Easily identifiable
-Easy to connect
-Several key chain options

-The lanyard makes a lot of unwanted noise that the unit picks up (squeaking/scraping sounds)

I bought this for a trip to Bermuda. I was able to use it for several days in the water with my GoPro hero3+. I also had a floaty stick on, for the camera itself, in case it fell off. I used the waterproof housing. I found that it floated face down with this set up and remained above water. Grip was sufficient diving under water and it worked well for capturing the wildlife below. What I now know is to not use the lanyard because of the awful background noise it makes from moving around. I'm not sure of another option for a lanyard or if your going to just use background music on your video it wont matter. Great Product though and I recommend it.
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on June 19, 2014
Just finished our first scuba trip with our GoPro and The Bobber worked great. It made the GoPro easier to use - the big handle made it easy to grasp and my videos were more stable than holding the camera. The wrist strap felt very secure - no problems at all. When you have to jump into the water with the giant step from the back of a boat, you want to make sure that you won't lose your camera, and that you can hold it securely so it doesn't pop up and hit you in the face. Neither of those happened! Did not have to test the floating capabilities, but because of the bright visibility of the handle, I felt very secure. We kept The Bobber on the camera for most of the trip on land as well - it made it easier to grab/find the GoPro in the backpack and functioned as a mini-extender.
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