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The Bridge: A Novel
Format: Hardcover|Change
Price:$12.25+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

I loved this and every book I've read so far by Karen Kingsbury! I am a 75 yo mostly retired psychologist Who became a believer around a year and a half ago. I found out about Karen after watching The Bridge movie on Hallmark Channel. Her grasp of human beings and faith is incredibly profound. I continue to be informed and encouraged with everything I read by her. I honor and admire her brilliance and love and wisdom and compassion and insights. I recommend her unconditionally!
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on August 3, 2017
I purchased "The Bridge" from an online source, one we all know of. It wasn't Charlie Barton, but it's one of the books I read and re-read every year! It's that good! I can't help but wonder what "message" Charlie and Donna might have had for me that I might have used in my life. I've been very fortunate in my life...God has always driven my life and I've seen some things that could have only be classified as a another miracle from God! This was a fabulous read!!! One that leaves you wishing you could stick around just a little longer, to see what else happened! Read this, you love it just as I have!!!

Trust me!! I can only hope she writes a sequel !!!
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on December 16, 2015
I loved this book. I started reading it because I had watched the hallmark movie of the same name. The movie left you handing with to be continued.. the book is much better than the movie. I am now started on my second Karen Kingsbury book.
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on September 1, 2017
Although the story keeps your interest, I wish more had been written about the characters in the more recent setting. But I can see why this story is a favorite. You definitely feel what the characters do.
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on January 16, 2013
This story follows two main set of people. Molly and Ryan and Donna and Charlie. Donna and Charlie own a book store, the Bridge, where Molly and Ryan spent most afternoons while in college. Unfortunately a great flood has completely ruined the bookstore and Charlie and Donna are on the verge of losing everything. Molly and Ryan now living separate lives are brought back in the common goal of helping save the Bridge. This novel leaves you with the "It's a Wonderful Life" feeling as everything gets tied-up nicely just in time for Christmas.

This book was a short book, probably bordering a novella versus a novel. This makes it an easy introduction to Christian novels. It's nice for the beginner Christian novel reader since its not overwhelming with Bible verses and references. I personally felt it could've used more but its good to not have the reader feel "preached" at or overwhelmed. The characters are very connectable. I believe most people can connect to the "one that got away" feeling or the feeling of loss.

Unfortunately even the best novels have some downfalls. One for me was it could've been longer. I felt like I was just connecting with the characters and then it abruptly got tied up in a neat little bow and was over. I did miss how she in the other book read had one verse that was the focus of the book. I wish she would have done something like that in this book.Its a very short, sweet novel which captures the Christmas season. I also felt this was slightly overpriced for the length of the book. I bought it from the Kindle for 7.99. Its short enough that this busy mom of 2 small children read it in 3 short settings...maybe a total of 4 hours. In fact approximately the last 15% of my Kindle addition is acknowledgements and group discussion questions. I felt a bit cheated.

I do think this one is worth a quick read, especially if you're wanting to try out Christian novels or want a quick read. Its short and sweet and leaves you believing in love and miracles.
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on October 18, 2014
I Love Karen Kingsbury!!! Every book, chapter, sentence and word speaks to your heart. Just an Amazing writer with a love for God that transcends generations, race, male/female, doesn't matter!! Started and finished today...and that included grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and watching grandchild!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story telling...
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on November 25, 2012
Kingsbury has written a heartwarming holiday story of faith, love, and second chances. The Bridge is a bookstore in Franklin, Tennessee run by Charlie and Donna Barton. Charlie is struggling to save his store after a flood destroys all of his books. After he gets turned down for any financial assistance Charlie feels like he has nowhere to turn. Molly Allen, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, lives alone in Portland, Oregon. Five years ago Molly spent the best two years of her life at Belmont University, where she met fellow student Ryan Kelly. The two had fallen in love over books and music, but misunderstandings and unspoken words resulted in them both walking away. When they hear of Charlie's struggle they both go to Franklin to discover if God does offer second chances. This short and sweet holiday read starts on Black Friday and ends on Christmas day brining the spirit of holiday to life with family and community coming together in generosity. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a heartwarming story this holiday season.

"He called it The Bridge because that was how he felt about books. They connected the past and the present, the present and the future. Books brought people together and gave them a path to worlds they wouldn't otherwise experience."

Appeal Notes (May contain spoilers):
Pacing: Medium/Fast
Character: The perspective rotates between the four major characters, Megan Allan, Ryan Kelly, Charlie Barton, and Donna Barton. There is a nice balance between these characters, though Charlie and Donna are minor characters compare to Megan and Ryan.
Language: Easy to follow, filled with desperation and drama.
Location: Franklin, Tennessee, Portland Oregon.
Comments: In The Bridge, Kingsbury provides a wonderful holiday inspired story. There was one scene involving Charlie and his "family" that had me crying right along with the characters. This story is unlike many of her other novels in that God and faith are a footnote to the story, which some fans may not like. The end of the novel has a reading group guide and an expert from Kingsbury's next book "The Chance".

For more reviews visit my blog [...]
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on November 3, 2012
Normally it's frustrating for me when I read a story where two people are separated unnecessarily simply because they didn't take the time to speak up and clarify things which leads them to believe something that isn't even true. This is one of the themes that runs through The Bridge and even though it's a common plot device, it can be irritating. Having said that however, it's a story worthy of your time anyway.

This is a story about two college age kids, Ryan and Molly, who find one another during their time at school and create a bond that will last a lifetime. One of their strongest memories is the quaint little bookstore where they spent so much time together called The Bridge. Because of miscommunications and misunderstandings, they leave their feelings for each other behind and each go their own way.

Many years later, the owners of The Bridge bookstore find themselves in dire straights. A massive flood has ruined their stock, they can't get a loan to rebuild and they are way behind on the rent for both the store and their home. Donna and Charlie Barton are salt of the earth and have opened their doors and their hearts to customers of The Bridge for over 30 years. When it looks like things couldn't get any worse, Charlie is in a serious accident and when Ryan happens to see the notice in the newspaper, he decides to rally years worth of customers to help Charlie and Donna. When Molly arrives, Ryan realizes that he has never stopped loving her, but does she feel the same? Will they part once again without saying what needs to be said? Will Charlie survive and be able to reopen The Bridge?

This is a nice love story that finds the reader wishing that someone had just said something so all of the heartache could have been avoided! It has four strong lead characters and it's an easy read that will help you remember that sometimes love really is forever. Karen Kingsbury has an appealing style of writing and the cover of the book is beautiful.
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on November 14, 2015
I am thrilled to have the honor of saying that I have purchased The Bridge and that I absolutely LOVED IT!!!! It touched my heart and soul so deeply and I will treasure it as one of my all-time favorite books. I love Molly and Ryan and of course Donna and Charlie!! I love how Karen wrote about love, hope, faith, and more importantly the power of God. I would recommend this story and author to anyone and I have every intention of reading more from her. If you want to read a story that will make you cry, open the cover to this one and be prepared to have tears dripping from your face lol. Better get some tissues :-)
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on April 7, 2017
This was such a fun story! I loved how the past and the present come together. I would love to have a real life Bridge to visit!
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