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on May 4, 2015
After purchasing 2 other PMP Prep books and feeling extremely discouraged, I was fortunate enough to have several PMP colleagues recommend this book. Best decision when it came to studying! I read the entire book all the way through, took notes,and made my own flashcards. I passed on my first try! I couldn't be happier. I love the way the chapters are structured and how each process is described: What it is, Why it's important, When its performed, How it works, inputs tools and outputs, etc... I struggled with getting through the PMBOK (and another previously purchased prep book) due to the dense, redundant and honestly just plain boring writing. I would recommend this book to anyone!
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on January 18, 2013
I took the course and passed the exam my first time! This is the only book that I read or studied. I opened the PMBOK Guide a couple of times and saw that it was the exact same material so I placed the Guide aside and ONLY read and studied this book.

What makes this book so great?

1) Every chapter covers a Process and has a paragraph header that reads: "What it Is", "Why it is Important", and "When it is Performed", and then explains the inputs, tools, and outputs. While reviewing for the exam, I asked myself these same questions and tried to recite all of the inputs, tools, and outputs for each process.

2) With this purchase, you are given a site key to access their online quizes,tests, and other great prep information for one week; I saved this free trial for the week prior to taking the exam. While have GREAT study tools that would help during your reading of this book, having access to their quizes and tests just prior to the exam really helped.

3) I did not find any errors or typos in this book, unlike the provider I took the class from.

Lessons Learned From Studying and Passing the Exam:
1) I would take Velociteach's online class, not a Boot Camp class or any other class from another provider. I DO NOT like online coureses, but I actually found Velociteach's online class, that they give you access to during the one week free trial period, MUCH better than the classroom experience. It is more thorough, gives you time to comprehend the material before moving forward, and would give you access to all of the study materials that I only had access to for one week.

2.)There so much information, that I wasted time/energy trying to organize it all. Several chapters into the book, I stopped taking notes, making flash cards, etc. and focused ONLY on comprehending the material in this one book. (Also, your provider should give you all of the study aids you will need so don't waste time creating what you are going to pay for.) Whenever I saw a tool, input, output that was previously mentioned, I made a note on each page that was mentioned, referencing all other pages that item was mentioned; this helped me understand how everything tied together. For example, Analagous Estimating is listed as a Tool on page 120 and page 170, so beside each paragraph on each page, I referenced the other page..this little step really helps as you keep picking up more and more information.

3.) My instructor advised us that after the class we should: study two hours a day by taking an exam every day- this shows your weak areas; take the exam once you have passed practice test by 80% OR higher; and take the exam within three weeks of taking the course. All of this was EXCELLENT advice.

Hope this review helps. Almost forgot ... in case you didn't know, this month (January 2013) PMI is releasing the new PMBOK Guide (5th Edition)and will be giving revised exams based on the updated Guide starting sometime this year. So, you might want to consider this before spending to much time studying this version, which will be outdated in the near future, and before you schedule your class.
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on April 9, 2015
I've found the best PMP exam study book. It's clear. Tells me where to focus. Removes the mystery of PMI's exam. Explains the PMBOK Guide in a way that I can follow. Doesn't waste my time with extraneous details. The graphics, formulas, and writing style are easy to follow and relate back to real-world experience. The section on scheduling and network diagramming settled my nerves for that portion of the exam. Tons of practice questions were a real help. The explanations that followed each question put me inside the head of PMI. Best of all, this book helped me pass and earn the PMP ...on my first try! Thanks!
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on February 8, 2016
Best PMP preparation book. Easy to understand. I passed the exam using this book.
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on October 13, 2013
October 15, 2013 review update:

Update on the version I received from Amazon just today.

Ordered - 13 October 2013, Amazon chat verified it would be the 2nd printing, and that I should contact them if there was any issue.

Received - 15 October 2013, "3rd printing", September 2013 - Even better than expected.

There you have it. All good. Cheers

October 13, 2013 initial review:

I'll add my "official" review once I've studied this book. I've gone most of the way through the 4th edition, but I missed the window and need to be up to speed on the fifth edition due to the new testing requirements/changes.

I saw reviews talking about mistakes in the first printing and I wanted to be certain that I didn't receive the 1st printing, which I saw at a local BN bookstore today for $99.95.

I just completed a chat with Amazon and have been assured that the copy I just placed an order for is indeed the 2nd printing.

I'm a fan of Andy Crowe and wanted to get this immediately, but only if it wasn't the first printing.

I hope this is helpful.

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on May 20, 2010
I waited to write a review until after I took the PMP. I was all set to buy Rita's book from the advice of several co-workers. However, after doing a little research, the scale seemed to tip a little in Andy's favor (and the book was about $20 cheaper), so I went for it. I found the book to be very well laid out, and I felt very confident in the book. I don't know that this is advised, but I read ONLY Andy's book. I didn't read the PMBOK. I did take a few of the free practice exams all over the Internet (and consistently scored in the high 70's - low 80s)...I did this over a 3 week period. I went in today to take the PMP, and I felt like it was much easier than I thought it would be. I felt very confident that I was going to get a "Congratulations" message at the end of the exam...and I did. I did get a little freaked out, because a lot of people on the Internet made comments that they read Rita's book, Andy's book, several other books, the PMBOK, and took 3500+ practice questions - and still found the exam to be extremely difficult. I personally think this is overkill, and either you know it or you don't. My belief is if you truly have project management experience, good logical skills to work through the questions, and a good book like Andy' will pass...on the first try!
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on May 22, 2015
This book is very useful, but I would suggest to get the latest edition because some things have changed a little bit. I passed the PMP exam two months ago and I used this book as a supplement to study. I think the author explains very well what is important on the test. The test is only difficult because there is too much information to sort through, not because the material is difficult to understand. You can read the whole PMBOK and will never pass the test because PMBOK is like a dictionary or encyclopedia. It does not tell you what is more important for the test. I only used PMBOK as a reference. The most efficient way to study for the test is to read this book, try to understand it, take a three-day bootcamp course with a great instructor and take the exam a week after that. The PMP Exam: Quick Reference Guide, Fifth Edition (Test Prep series) by Andy Crowe was also pretty useful. The last few days before the test it was an excellent reference. It is only useful after you are familiar with the material.
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on January 27, 2013
I made the mistake of assuming the PMBOK had all the knowledge I needed. Heck it is the, "Standard/Body of Knowledge," for the Project Management world. The main issue was that I failed my first try at the test because I did not have the big picture or understand what was important. I have seen reviews that say that this book has errors. Well I can tell you that those errors did not carry on to the test and the test followed the advice and lessons given in this book. This book does the two things I mentioned that you do not get from other sources: 1. What is important and what is now, 2. What the big picture is. The hardest part I found is understanding how all the processes and knowledge areas are a big web and seeing the connections.

Now I will not argue that the test in this book final and other wise was not in line with the actual test. But it was inline with the concepts of PMI and the knowledge. I equate the tests in this book as being the walk phase in the crawl, walk, run concept of education and training. Here is the testing secret however. This book has a card in the back that gives you web access to the InSite website by Velociteach. In this site you will find the ability to purchase either a set A or set B of .test questions. You can choose your poison between the two as both are effective. The system works just like the actual test and the questions are spot on.So if you want to have the real test questions then use the test bank. Yes I know it costs more money to access this but it is worth it. I only used it the week before my second test and it was a life saver. I can attest that many of the concepts and questions were just like the real test.

Now here one issue with this book but it is a concept issue only. When doing my Critical Path Method (CPM) I start at day 0. This book likes using the +1 to duration method. I find the +1 method to be counter intuitive but the answer is the same if done right either way.

The PMBOK will knock most people who are not lovers of accounting on there butt when it comes to Earned Value. USE THIS book for Earned Value Measurements. Memorize the equations in this book and you will have all the math you need to know for the test.

This book tells you what equations you need to know and only those you need to memorize. I would recommend marking it up and taking notes if needed!

In the end for me I looked and what I had marked as important for memorization and items I highlighted thru the book x3 times the week before my test and did the same with my PMBOK but only once. I can tell you this book truly puts the ability to pass this very hard test on your side!

Good luck all!
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on February 5, 2014
I just passed the PMP two days ago. This book was helpful as a study guide. It hit all the major concepts and gave some good advice, but I would not suggest it be your only guide. I strongly recommend a practice problems from a different source just to make sure you hit what this book misses. One major negative is all the errors in the book - it was not professionally edited. Also the book is physically not well made. The spine separated almost immediately.
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on July 16, 2012
This was the only book I used (besides the PMBoK) to pass my PMP exam last month. It is easy to read, well structured and has practice questions for each section as well as a full practice exam. In addition, the book comes with a week long free pass to their website. The website includes webcast instructions (non-interactive) for all sections of the PMP exam, as well as access to practice exams and a comprehensive PM dictionary. I took my PMP exam without attending a boot camp - just this book, their site (for the free one week), and Cornelius Fischner's PM Prep Cast.
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