Customer Reviews: The Cannabis Breeder's Bible: The Definitive Guide to Marijuana Genetics, Cannabis Botany and Creating Strains for the Seed Market
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on November 29, 2005
If you are new to growing then this is not where you want to be going. So you have been warned. There are other books that are designed for beginners and advanced cannabis cultivators like "The Cannabis Grow Bible" by Greg Green (the same author as this book). However if what you want is the science of the cannabis plant from a botanical perspective with information on modern breeding concepts and how the seed/clone industry works, or if you want to expand your cannabis knowledge to the cutting edge then read on.

The book is divided into a number of sections. It starts by introducing us to the cannabis genetics market "an overview of the cannabis strain market" and explains what cannabis seeds and clones are all about and the differences between the two. It then covers the science of breeding "Basic Breeding" and explains the various principles involved. By the end of that chapter you will understand genetics and can apply these models to any living organism. The author then explains how parent plants are used to create multiple strains "Donor Parents, Pollination and Seeds" which clarifies why several strains all have similar parents, for example Kush, Masterkush, Jack Herer, Jack Flash, Blueberry and Flo, before taking about compatibility issues when attempting to breed new strains. You can see all of these different standards in action if you investigate the seed market. This book tells you how they do it. The next section of the book goes into the science of cannabis cells, DNA, evolution and mutations. Here you are shown a number of mutations that seem to occur naturally with the cannabis plant with ways of forcing mutations in the cannabis plant by using mutagens that you can buy from a local gardening store or the chemist. This is a big topic that explains all those strange things that growers see when cultivating cannabis. The process of Tissue Culture is explained and anyone who wants to try and produce several hundred cuttings from a single plant in one go without any regeneration of the mother plant can do it by experimenting with the methods outlined in that chapter. It works and involves slicing leaves into small samples for culturing in small dishes. Before you could only generate as many clones as the mother plant had branches to give up for it. Now we can slice leaves to produce much more. There are many intervals in the book where breeder's talk about their work or explain how they go about creating strains or the market is explored to find what growers have been buying and what growers like to see from their plants. There are methods here for quarantining foreign cuttings so that you do not accidentally bring plant diseases into your grow room. Gender related issues, an interesting debate that still rages on today, is explained using both scientific principles and real world growing situations. In the "The Cannabis Grow Bible" we are given methods of sex reversal for producing seeds from a female by a procedure called selfing (also covered in this book), but "The Cannabis Breeder's Bible" shows us how to actually completely reverse sex in the cannabis plant. How to turn a female into a male (note: not a hermaphrodite but an actual male plant). This is some of the most amazing cannabis knowledge you will ever read. The end section of the book is a complete morphology of the cannabis plant which talks about each part, piece by piece, a sort of `cannabis anatomy'. All the different ways that cannabis can be continued either by seeds or cloning by cloning and pollination are covered along with pollen and manual pollination techniques. You get lots of information on hormones between the pages. Polyploidy is correctly explained for the first time in any publication. There are notes of Cannabinoid Biosynthesis with some molecular structure diagrams. If you have any advanced question about the cannabis plant then "The Cannabis Breeder's Bible" is exactly where you should turn. If your question is about horticulture and cultivation then consult "The Cannabis Grow Bible".

This is a complete cannabis book full of illustrations, photographs and a huge color section. It goes into such a diverse range of cannabis topics, across the board stuff, that you will turn to it time and time again for advanced cannabis information. As a sequel to his other book "The Cannabis Grow Bible", it just goes to show how important that book is for any and all cultivators. Owning both of these books is a must for anybody who wants to have a very good cannabis reference library. You can't go wrong with both of them and knowing the information here will help better your judgement about some of the pseudoscience that is put out there by other cannabis publications. This is the one that gets it right.
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on June 4, 2006
To have gone through this book and come out the other side is a profound experience, like some sort of a futuristic biology class that specialized in the stuff that gets you best baked. I would not hesitate to force any kind of plant lover to gravitate towards this book like it was about a rose bush or an apple tree. It is a progressively deeper and meaningful insight into the world of plants and the humans who care for them. On one page we are getting an illustrated history of the evolution of the cannabis plant and on the next page how to use materials to enhance the genes that make flowers big like they where back in the prehistoric ages. It is unparalleled in the way its advanced scientific information is brought out in a practical and applicable manner to your grow. The best part is that we can have it all now. The fact that Greg Green is a cotemporary makes now the best time to repeat what he is advising because you can do it the same way with the same stuff. The evidence is in the book. Nowhere else, anywhere else, has anything, even remotely addressed the kind of topics in this book, let alone experiment and produce consistent results with them. This kind of detail is avant-garde marijuana research. It is influencing and changing the way cannabis cultivation is done on daily bases.

Chapter 1: Overview of the Cannabis Strain Market

Chapter 2: Basic Breeding

Chapter 3: Donor Parents, Pollination and Seeds

Chapter 4: Compatible Breeding Models

Chapter 5: Plant Cells, Growth and Hormones

Chapter 6: The Code of Life

Chapter 7: Evolution and Mutations

Chapter 8: Tissue Culture

Chapter 9: What the Market Wants

Chapter 10: Quarantining Foreign Cuttings

Chapter 11: Breeding Talk

Chapter 12: How to Protect Your Work

Chapter 13: The Breeding lab

Chapter 14: Product Testing and Dealing with the Consumer

Chapter 15: Seed Gender, Plant Gender and Sex-Inherited Traits

Chapter 16: The Effects of Chromosome Modifications In Cannabis

Chapter 17: The Evolutionary Conduit of Dioecious Cannabis Plants on the Outcome of Inbreeding Depression with Cannabis

Chapter 18: Cannabis Plant Morphology and Breeding Traits

Chapter 19: Advanced Floral Traits

Chapter 20: Advanced Breeding Principles

Chapter 21: The Basics of Cannabis Photosynthesis Chemistry

Chapter 22: The Scientific Classification of Cannabis, Cannabinoids and Cannabinoid Receptors

Chapter 23: Force Flowering Concepts and a Correct Approach to Calyx Development

It is thanks to fresh new invigorating material like this that we are finally going to get a pause in the factory pumped out marijuana cultivation articles that get rehashed every year. For anybody who wants to be blown away by a Marijuana book, be blown away by Greg Green.
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on October 13, 2007
I bought this book with the hopes of learning something about genetics, and I learned that the author should devote some time to reading "marijuana botany" by Robert Connell Clarke. Unfortunately "The Cannabis Breeders Bible" is not a "definitive guide to marijuana genetics" the book is more like recycled garbage from a bunch of other grow books. It does nothing to explain the real deal with breeding like identifying strains that are compatible and in turn can breed. He puts it in a manner saying all you have to do is find a male and find a female and voila you have seeds. Any good cannabis breeder knows this is not the truth. Anyone looking at this book should just buy "Marijuana Botany" and leave it at that. The Cannabis breeders bible did nothing more than waste my time.
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on June 20, 2014
This is not a well organized book, and it does not deliver on the information you expect to find. Moreover, it is terribly edited, which turns you off even more as you realize not much thought and care went into its production.

When you purchase a breeding bible, you want a book that will tell you how to breed cannabis. This book has two chapters which do that, although you won't get much out of them. The author has a smorgasbord of chapters which reveal his own opinions about the theory of evolution, basic plant biology, the cannabis seed market, etc.

When it comes to the two chapters about how to breed, poor Punnet squares are drawn to illustrate shoddy, hasty descriptions of parts of breeding techniques, such as test crossing, back crossing, etc. The other chapter is not the author, but some breeder the author knows being quoted and is a hasty, crash course description of his own strategy without much detail.

This is not a bible, it's a compendium of various facts about the cannabis plant, its commercial market, and a bad introduction to basic plant genetics and breeding.
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on March 25, 2014
Probably too advance for my needs, yet very complete and infused with information including genetics of plant propation and heriditary chains . . . take some time to read and review the information in this text.

Claudette Curl, MLIS
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on June 23, 2014
If you are at all interested in Breeding Cannabis. Look no further than the Breeders Bible by Greg Green. Stocked cover to cover with an attention to extreme detail for breeding, back crossing and locking in desired traits ect...... A Great reference guide! Its a great read for growers as well. It sheds light and terminology on Genetic problems one may mistake for environmental or nutrient stress.
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on July 22, 2014
Hoping to find information on inducing mutations, in skipping to the chapter on evolution and mutations all I got was pretty much a creationist tirade repeating age old chestnuts such as that "evolution is just a theory" and there are no good mutations (though content elsewhere in his own book clearly demonstrates otherwise), and a host of other arguments that have been debunked decades ago. It was neither appropriate nor at all accurate. His lacking acknowledgement of something so fundamental for plant science and science in general undermined confidence in any of the rest of the book.

Reading the other poor reviews I have to reflect and agree that it wasn't very well done or well organized, the best was the inclusion of an article by someone else. You learn some techniques for making males from feminized seeds, and even supposedly switching the sex of a mature female. Good for when all that's available of a strain are feminized seeds. For that he gets an extra star. This helps break potential monopolies on a strain. But...I don't even know if they work really, again, my confidence is gone.

He goes over how to isolate traits by backcrossing with parent material, but this could be easily found elsewhere, if you didn't learn it in high school biology already. On that note he invokes the somewhat outdated mendelian model that greatly over simplifies things... Not everything is strictly dominant or recessive.

I get the feeling I'm reading the findings of a long time hobbyist, that while perhaps having some success, never had any real science training beyond high school and some stuff found online. This perhaps can be most evidenced by a line on page 82 that reads: ""Silent Mutations" are another type of mutation, but they do not appear to change DNA and can only be seen in gene sequencing."

Given that genes sequences are composed of DNA, this flabbergasts me. I will be returning this book tomorrow, hopefully they will have the Marijuana Botany book mentioned by another reviewer.
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on February 9, 2013
I would have to say that if you are ignorant to basic genetics and biology you stand to learn something from this book. There really isn't any content which is key to cannabis over any other plant though. You could take a book about biology and gene expression in plants and relabel every reference to another plant to cannabis and you would almost have this book. Add a few shameless promotions of some specific breeders and seed supply companies and you have this book.
I expected more about how to increase yield of fertile seeds, how to reliably get feminized seeds, maximize clone success rates, information on what specific traits are dominant and recessive, what strains have which traits and are good sources as parents for desired characteristics. There should also be some cataloging of plant features which visually indicate certain tendencies and traits.
There is a whole lot that I feel is missing from a book titled such as this one, and it falls flat as a rewritten basic text that could apply to any plant.
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on December 26, 2013
After borrowing "The Cannabis Breeder's Bible" from a friend, I knew I had to have my own copy. It is a great book that take an in-depth look at cannabis breeding for both herbal connoisseurs, and serious growers. The author, Greg Green introduces readers to the basics of botany/biology, (genetics, etc) and really explores areas of study that are crucial to any seed/clone business. This book will make you very knowledgeable about the cannabis plant, it's worth a purchase even if you aren't a "pot person."
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on April 11, 2006
This is one of the best books about the cannabis plant I have read. It is dedicated to the science of the cannabis plant. There is some advanced growing material in here also but the cannabis plant is talked about for nearly 300 pages without getting boring. You will reference this for life.
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