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on October 10, 2015
The Japanese CD Capitol Albums Vol. 2 of 2006 beautifully reproduces of the American Masters and set list of the American LPs in both Stereo and Mono. The Japanese edition contains the original mono versions songs, which does not have the problem of the most US vol 2's mono; a mistake on the release did not original mono versions. This is one of the two Capitol Albums box sets, though missing some of the later Beatle US albums (no volume 3 was ever released), remain the best way to get the authentic mixes on compact disc unavailable elsewhere.

Only way to get the US version of Rubber Soul (Capital made the album more of a folk rock album) or The Early Beatles mixes that a generation of Americans grew up on.

This Set makes an excellent companion to the US Vol 1 Capitol which didn't have the problems of Vol 2, however, the Japanese Vol 1 did have issues. Unfortunately the people at EMI/Apple don't seem to put any concerted effort into getting things right.

If you want the Dave Dexter masters (Duophonic fake stereo, added Reverb) do not purchase The Beatles The U.S. Albums. Apple being Apple, The Beatles The U.S. Albums are not straight reissues. Wherever Capitol had originally released in a duophonic mix (fake stereo made by slashing the treble on one channel, and the bass from another), they have now been replaced with a true stereo mix from the 2009 remasters. The 2009 mono masters are used also used instead of the US masters. The set may have the same song lists, but are the UK 2009 "remixes."
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on January 17, 2017
I bought both volumes when released from circuit city and yes I received the bad version of rubber soul with the bad remasters which was accidentally pressed with the safety copy then I was notified via email that the cd (rubber soul) can be returned via a capitol reissue campaign so I called the number and received a cd return envelope. and was instructed to return the defective cd only not the outer sleeve and I will receive the corrected copy in a week. I did and the new copy I got in less then a week. and was the corrected MONO set list. now whether this is still available as a service you will have to contact universal/EMI good luck.
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The good news is that for American Beatles fans we get the albums the way they were originally released in the U.S. The sound is extremely good considering the age of these mastertapes. The gems here are "The Early Beatles", "Beatles VI" and"Rubber Soul". "Rubber Soul" was altered as well but Capitol curiously chose to remove 4 songs and replace two of these with acoustic tracks from "Help!" creating a much more folk-rock sounding album when compared to their British masterpiece. Each one has its merits incidently this one does have the false intro for "I'm Looking Through You" that was on the original stereo issue.

"Beatles VI" actually came out before "Rubber Soul" and featured tracks from "Help!", the earlier "Beatles For Sale" and single tracks such as the gorgeous B-Side "Yes It Is". The stereo tracks sound extremely good. "Help" has some terrific songs on it but the American release was always weaker than the British although I have always liked the James Bondish intro to the title song that wasn't ever on the original British release. For those purists that want Ken Thorne's score it makes its CD debut here alternating with the album tracks as on the original album release. Unfortunately Capitol elected (according to Bruce Spizer)not to recreate the gatefold jacket due to time constraints--that's too bad as it was a nice feature of the original packaging.

"The Early Beatles" features the oldest songs from their catalog--it's actually a reduced version of their first album "Please Please Me" featuring many of the tracks from the Vee Jay release. "Help!" and "Rubber Soul" also feature the stereo mix. The stereo tracks sound great although keep in mind that they have that odd mix with instruments primarily in one speaker and/or vocals that George Martin elected to use early on (it was in case someone listened to a stereo LP on a mono player so it would create a fairly natural sounding "fold down" to mono). The stereo imaging is similar to the original release on vinyl from what I can tell.

The box this set comes in isn't all that great. The long box features a box that folds over to house the CD cardboard holders. Two complaints here 1) The packaging still looks cheap even though it's been improved and 2) the cardboard holders should have had plastic sleeves to hold the CDs in so they don't get scratched up. The reproduction of the album graphics are closer to the original ones although, again, they've been modified for the CDs. The pictures are much cleaner and clearer looking.

The booklet is great with rare (and not so rare) photos quotes from the band and a brief essay by Bruce Spizer who has written a number of books on the band's U.S. releases. Again I would have liked to see sturdier packaging but this does improve slightly on the previous packaging. Evidently the first set didn't set the world on fire like Capitol had hoped selling only a million units so I was surprised to see Capitol move forward with this release. Hopefully they'll release the last set and include "Yesterday and Today", "Hey Jude" (aka "The Beatles Again").
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on July 22, 2016
These boys are going to make millions! These guys are better then The Bay City Rollers! What talent!
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on January 9, 2015
Currently, this is the 'best' pckg of The Beatles' US albums on CD, but the competition for this 'award' is pretty pathetic. This volume from 2006 contains 'The Early Beatles'; 'Beatles VI'; 'Help!'; & 'Rubber Soul'. The only reason I prefer this box is that, at the very least, it does use the correct Capitol mixes originally used on the LPs. The re-mastering is the usual---sounds very loud + all the highs & lows are essentially whacked off, leaving you w/nothing but the mid-range. On the earlier albums, where the group was constrained to 4 tx or less, it doesn't sound as bad. But as the group became more creative in the studio, using more instruments & vocals, it makes a big difference. Everything has to be 'squeezed' into the mid-range. It's as if all the tx have to compete for space. The result is rather like a muddy mess, & it can become difficult to hear all the instruments used. After the new US albums set was released by Apple, this pckg was suddenly going for as much as $250! Apparently, it's been re-released, probably due to popular demand when the public found out what a rip-off the new set was, as it didn't even use the original Capitol mixes for most of the songs, making the entire project pointless. For now, it's the best one can do, as far as official releases go. Alternate, 'rare' versions are out there that sound exponentially better than this, but these have become impossible to find. My biggest gripe is that 'Yesterday & Today' wasn't included in this set.
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on August 27, 2015
Both the stereo and mono versions of these albums allow you to hear the music either the way you heard it on your record player or over AM radio.

I bought the Parlephone albums several years back, but always felt a slight sense of disorientation listening to them I guess that's the result of listening to the Capitol ones over and over and over. You know, I can still tell you which song is coming next!

So, if you were first exposed to The Beatles via these LPs, buy this set and the one with first four albums and relive every wonderful moment.
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on June 26, 2013
This package,like its predecessor,is so complete as to merit nothing being said about it.You buy it because you want the complete Capitol sounds,plain and simple,and in the song order you first heard the songs in,therefore the experience that shaped everything in you that was Beatles.And you get.With this set and the first one,I can experience that time,that time when there was these guys that were making music/sounds that were like nothing else coming from across the ocean,save for The Kinks(for awhile).Some say(The Beatles included)that what Capitol did to the Parlaphone tapes,and the original albums, was a travesty.Aristically speaking,they are correct.But what The Beatles music did to the American mind can only be represented by that.And it's all here,in Time Machine City.
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on March 2, 2017
Used. Discs were in excellent shape! Burn these to your iTunes account and save the discs! Captiol messed up the 2009 remasters with the UK mixes for the US ALBUMS set, so these CAPITOL ALBUMS are the sets you want.
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on March 15, 2014
I love this box set. I remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show that Feb night in 1964 and was hooked. I bought the EU versions when they put them out on CD in 1987 but I've never gotten used to the song listings. I'm glad I can play the album like I remember it. The sound quality is excellent but the packaging is a bit flimsy. The cardboard it's made with is thin and uses a thin plastic insert to hold the booklet. The booklet has tons of photos and tidbids about the recording these albums by each Beatle and George Martin. If you're like me, you'll want to get this set. And listen to the albums like you did back in the day.
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on September 13, 2011
I am a fan of the Beatles, and I already had the complete collection of their CDs released in the 1980s, which reproduced the British vinyl albums from the 1960s. I knew some songs were slightly different in American albums released by Capitol. I had the vinyl album "Yesterday and today" (the one with the famous "butcher's cover") and I was surprised at hearing a different version of "I'm only sleeping". I also bought recently "the capitol albums vol. 1" but found no notable differences. Though I was confident I would with this "vol. 2" and I was not disappointed...

In each CD, the songs come first in stereo and then in mono. It is interesting to discover some songs in stereo because they were only in mono in the British CDs, and vice versa.

I jumped when I heard the stereo version of "I"m looking through you" ("Rubber Soul", stereo version) as it opened with two "false starts" which are not in the British album. Then I listened to the mono version in the same CD and there the fade out is longer, with a phrase by Paul McCartney I had never heard before. Another big difference can be heard on the song "Help" ("Help - original motion picture soundtrack") which is the EP version and not the LP one, never published in a CD before. You can hear the difference in the second chorus when John sings "and I'll do appreciate your being round", this latter "round" being in a different key than the British CD version (just compare them!).

Another interesting thing in this collection is the original soundtrack from the film Help altogether, which didn't exist as a CD before and is not at all like the album "Help" because here there are tunes written by George Martin for the film.

Now, what for people who are not big fans and don't care about these differences and don't even have the British CDs? Well, I just have to say the music is very good! I would particularly recommend you to listen to "Rubber Soul", which, even amputed from great songs which can be found in the British album and in "Yesterday and today" (unfortunately absent from this collection) is for me one of the greatest pop albums of all times.
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