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on September 21, 2012
Have not seriously read a book for ages and this kept me on my kindle whenever I am on the move. Not the typical self-help books out there that tells you what you should do. He strikes a cord with me because I know what he said is true. That we choose to escape, that we think we cannot accomplish and keeps denying ourselves the ability to excel further. I am now trying to put to practise what I have learnt, in my behaviour and ways of thought. I want to make full use of the journey that remains in my life.
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on May 30, 2012
I thought this book was terrific, and covered different yet related content from Brendon's other materials. It really forced my mind into some dark corners to identify things i'm doing (or not doing) that were limiting my high performance potential. I have both the book and the audiobook, and confess I preferred absorbing the content via audio vs written version, which i preferred based on his writing vs speaking style. I purchased 10 copies of the book and gave them to colleagues who are feeling like they are going through a professional slump, with great response / reaction. Brendon's videos and reference materials are a particular highlight - dont miss them! Worth the price of the book on their own. Enjoy, Lorri Rowlandson, Toronto Canada.
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on December 1, 2012
Having just purchased this book, I would highly recommend it. The personal story behind the creation of the book provides a glimpse into the author's struggles to write the book having experienced an accident prior to its completion -- which, in and of itself, is motivating. So far I would say it is personal, sincere, and very "hands on."
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on May 9, 2017
I ordered this Kindle book on 4/21/17, but it was never delivered to my device and never appeared in my content. I contacted Amazon regarding this and they informed me that the order was not delivered but was credited back to my account on 4/27/17. Customer Service was not able to determine why my order was mysteriously cancelled (not by my request), but suggested I could reorder the book. Now the book is priced $5 higher than when I placed my order. Hence, the classic Bait and Switch routine.
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on December 1, 2012
Even though I have not been able to implement all of Brendon Burchard's advice (notably difficult for me is the advice about water, sleep, and friendships), this book has helped me to firmly establish one habit which has been CLEARLY beneficial in terms of time management and orienting my day. Recommended !
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on October 3, 2012
Alot of rephrased ideas from Steven Covey, Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar, but if I gain a nugget of information that will move me forward in my quest of the pursuit of happiness, it is invaluable. This audio series delivers. Thank you Brendan
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on November 30, 2012
FINAL REVIEW PART 11- The Drive for CONSCIOUSNESS and MORE--December 19, 2012

What a way to end this book; even the acknowledgments are packed with power!
The graphic description of Brendon's near death experience at the age of 19, trumps anything I have heard, written, or imagined, ever. It is no wonder he has poured so much authentic wisdom into this book. It is a total review for the experienced and a jump start for those just entering the world of business and just the facts of life itself. See the compelling quotes I took from the end below:

"I pulled myself through the space that use to be a windshield, cutting my arms and legs and the skin on my stomach, and I stood, somehow atop the crumpled white hood of the car..... he realized for the first time that life could really end...There was no pain, no feeling, a nothingness of silence for a moment that I will never forget...God had reached down, comforted me, and handed me a life' golden ticket--a second chance at life......The sheer expansiveness of the universe, and our improbable ability to thrive within it, should astound us all....But a greater unknown also moves through us, giving us life and spirit, taking it away....He gave greater focus on "chance encounters." Just when I thought the brilliance was over, in the conclusion, Brendon introduced an 11th human drive; CELEBRATION! The world will indeed celebrate your efforts. Listen. It is out there that destiny calls. Be bold and ready yourself. It is time to charge once again." On to Paulo..

Pages 219-241 Brendon Burchard--"The Charge"

REVIEW PART 10- The Drive for CONTRIBUTION--December 18, 2012

This chapter will set many people free. While tempted to include more, I can only recommend that EVERYONE, regardless of your status in life, read this book..I repeat, Brendon is anointed and appointed to write it. As I get to the end of it, I find myself struggling to find more time to "eat the last bite...." It is emancipating! Below are the quotes that moved me in the limited space to share.

"Too many people don't recognize the fact that just being who they are is contributing significantly to the world...that being our best ultimately inspires others....Steve Jobs was a creative guy...he contributed, he mattered, and he will be missed....There is no reason at all that you can't contribute with your wisdom to the world and, at the same time, get paid for it....Profit and purpose are no longer mutually exclusive terms...we can all have an impact at work and in our careers simply by helping others....In the end, that's how we gauge the meaning in our lives."

Pages 205-216 Brendon Burchard--"The Charge"

REVIEW PART 9- The Drive for Creative Expression--December 17, 2012

For me, this has been the most rewarding and exciting chapter. First, it validated who I am as a creative being. Secondly, it put into words what I have observed over the last decade. Thriving and surviving at work today requires ALL of who you are..When asked by others what I am most proud of, my response is: " I did not let them "fix" me." The quote below from the book is just a thumbnail of this message.

"If you can't tap into your creative self and fully express your ideas and unique talents, strengths and perspectives, you'll likely find yourself unemployed....Keeping a job today isn't about doing a "good job" or being the smartest or the most pleasant to work with...now you have to be an innovator adding new value and competitive advantage through your creative input and collaboration....The world wants to see more of YOU in your life....People want to find their unique voices in the world, but voice is not something you "find"; it is something you share...Creative expression is about sharing the essence of who you are in the world..."

Pages 188-198 Brendon Burchard--"The Charge"

REVIEW PART 8- The Drive for Change December 16, 2012

This "tool" (to call it a Book is an understatement) is like having a wrapped gift and it take everything you have to not open it up before its time. I am not looking ahead as I am enjoying the unwrapping. There are teasers to alert that more power is coming and though I have zero tolerance for delayed gratification; I know this would have the effect of cutting a butterfly out of the cocoon. Brendon has the hammer of change and the nails to hold it together. Below is my growing list of take aways as written... Stay tuned....

"THE STANDARD BEARERS OF THE STATUS QUO! The challenge is that we have an epidemic of half-interested wimps running the world. We've let ourselves be neutered of any real desire or grand ambition for change by heading the advice of the "realists" and the standard bearers of the status quo, who tell us to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). But these types of attainable goals never spark the imagination or fire the will. We are now in a culture flooded with goals and spreadsheets and work plans that inspire NO heart, NO drive, NO courage...To find clarity, you have to have choices...Something inside of you will wonder, What if.....Same system, same results. New system, new results..."

Pages 155-156 & 162 Brendon Burchard--"The Charge"

REVIEW PART 7- The Drive for Connecting December 10, 2012

Once again, Brendon has nailed it! Popular, Pompous, or Private people will find this chapter unsettling and in some cases, demeaning and beneath them. I consider it to be one of the most powerful reasons social networks are growing by leaps and bounds. I find it revealing and well worth implementing on multiple levels.. The quote below is the take away..

"If you are not getting the quality of friendship you need from one peer group, go build a new one and focus more of your time, energy, and sharing there. From now on, be on the lookout for remarkable people whose path the universe has allowed to intersect with yours. Notice them. Ask them to lunch. Keep in touch... "It is well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others."--John A. Holmes, Jr
Pages 131-132. --- Brendon Burchard--"The Charge"

REVIEW PART 6- The Drive for Caring December 9, 2012

This book is deceptively deep and gets to ther core of who we are at this moment in time...these are all thoughts and needs we have been taught to ignore or suppress because we think we already have it down. The take away for me in this chapter is listed in the quotes below:

"Emotion is the spark that compels us to care......Better self care is the foundation of all personal development....We are so busy trying to keep up, manage everything thrown our way, and please others that we tend to care for ourselves last. That's why the majority of the general public is dehydrated, overweight, stressed-out, and sleep deprived.....It is time you start caring more for your self. You should deeply care about how you feel, what you think, what you want, what you need, and what makes you feel happy...." pages 100-102--- Brendon Burchard--The Charge"

REVIEW PART 5- The Drive for Congruence December 7, 2012

Brendon is anointed and appointed to do this work, so many people are struggling with this! Here is my take away today,

"To live in a consistent alignment with who we think we are, how we want others to perceive us, and who we want to become.... to show up in every situation as the unique, gifted, true you--it is the stuff of congruence....In the end, our self image is a self fulfilling prophesy.....So if you are running your life on an old, outdated, past self image shaped by others' opinions and actions, then you are in big trouble...your efforts starting today should go toward defining who you are today...If we think we are lions but we act as mice, we secretly loathe ourselves. an ALIGNMENT is needed..." Brendon Burchard--"The Charge" page 78-80

REVIEW PART 4- The Drive for Competence December 5, 2012

While the entire chapter is riveting, the quote below struck me with what I have known for yearsl ( I call this: THE INADVERTENT COMPETENCE IMPOSTOR).

"The challenge for all of us, at work and in every other area of our lives, is the modern pace of change. When so many people are seeing their roles change continually...it's hard for them to understand where they fit in. We have to learn more and learn faster than ever just to stay afloat. Just staying "in the know" at work is harder than ever amid the constant stream of change...We want to impress our teammates--especially now that we are all so socially connected--so we do everything we can to seem as though we "have it together." That means we don't often ask for help when we need it. We hide our inadequacies and vulnerabilities for fear of being found out...Worse, we avoid conflict so that our teams love us and we can keep up the image of the fun, collegial, and happy culture we are suppose to be creating....." Brendon Burchard--The Charge" page 68

REVIEW PART 3--CHAPTER 2---The Drive for CONTROL...December 4, 2012
Favorite Quotable: "If we seek too much control, it prevents us from experiencing the diversity, color, and joy of a more flexible and released life...no control means no choice..." Overall, I was pricked, activated, and motivated by Paulo, the friend who "had it all," and discovered that there is no such thing; (as long is there is life, there is more. The brain wants nothing more than to think.) Not sure what he was looking for, Paulo followed the coincidences in his life and committed to doing something new. (I call it following God's clues.)...I am excited and I feel validated...Stay tuned..

REVIEW PART II. December 3, 2012
The quote below from THE CHARGE mirrors my life and the transition through the "THREE LIVES" scenario in "the chapter entitled: "Out of the Darkness." The description of the person living a charged life is totally accurate!! I simply call it "The risk of being who you are." I am excited about the continuance of this road map to my new reality. I can personally validate what the quote says below through my own life experiences. With the exception of the anticipation and expectation of what is to come next in my own life; in other areas and for many reasons in my own mind and life; I have flat lined. In spite of it, I find that what Brendon said on page 24 is true: I "exude a grounded, positive, even energy, engagement, and enthusiasm in life regardless of the situation they find themselves." No one would describe me as "flat lined!" The energy I have flowing is plenty for others; it is just a new place to begin for me. I needed this "spark!" As a result, I plan to follow the map to my authentic conclusion. I will say that this book will not be received well for those in denial. One has to be totally honest with him/herself to be willing to read, recall, discover and then recover. It is what I intend to do... Stay tuned...

"It is often the human condition to comply obediently at first, then to assert but still cooperate or compromise, then finally, to discover choice, calling, maturity, and heightened drives for freedom, expression, and contribution. The Charged Life, then usually calls to us after we have done what we are suppose to do, become who we thought we were suppose to be, lived as we thought we were suppose to live. Then the safety and comfort and compromise get to us, and a stirring of restlessness and revolution sends us off in search of greater adventures and meaning. When we find it, the Charged Life feels unlike anything we have ever known. It has an even energy of enthusiasm about it that seems to endure no matter the circumstances or challenges we face."
Page 23 of "THE CHARGE" Brendon Burchard

REVIEW PART I.As a professional speaker and facilitator, with a focus on performance and motivation; I have read a wide variety of books; more than I can count, by the world's most renowned authors. In most cases, during my membership of the National Speakers association; I actually met some of them, including the late Og Mandino. Abraham Maslow is one of my favorites!! I have written two books on my own. I know how to seek solutions with an open mind and heart. While I have just started reading this book, I am renewed in encouragement. Though he is young, Brendon has researched and assessed our present situation correctly. All we need to do is observe the reliance on drugs and other vehicles of escape being taken because people are attempting to take a new trip with an old map. I have watched the videos prior to reading the book. Simply and strategically; Brendon is right in two areas: #1 The book is an assault on boredom and #2 The baseline of human motivation has evolved over the last 50 years. I am a living witness. Using Abraham Maslow is a perfect example. While much of what Dr. Maslow promoted is still valid; how we get to Self-actualization has changed drastically and is changing daily. We need to acknowledge that. It was worth the price of the book to receive these confirmations. I plan to savor every word and to be expectantly waiting for the "aha" sparks that I know is in the book. No, it is NOT a magic wand, we have to do the work of an "internal charge." One can only drive the miles and expect to discover what is on the road to change. I know that the greatest challenge to change is to suspend what I think I know after all of these years. There are no guarantees; personal accountability is still needed to achieve personal evolution. It is not about reading and reviewing; it is about RESPONDING, PERSONALLY. This book is just a simplistic approach in what is emerging as a very complex society, to the new normal of motivation. No clicks, just courage is needed. It is not for the faint hearted! Stay tuned. The quotes below are from the book and has moved me to accept the challenge to charge. I accept full responsibility and accountability for what it awakens in me, especially the challenge to charge. STAY TUNED..
"Be bold and ready, it is time to charge again...Feeling a restless desire for something more...Surrounded by a million choices we are freed from the constraints of need and yet, at the same time, challenged to find our focus and meaning in life. What we want today is very different from what we wanted a decade ago." Brendon Burchard, "The Charge"
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on July 11, 2012
The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive
In The Charge, Brendon Burchard, top motivational expert, asserts that even in a restless, overworked and sometimes mundane world, it is possible to live an extraordinary life. He identifies 10 drives that are the force behind our humanity and these drives include: the desire for greater control, congruence, competence, challenge, connection, creativity, contribution, caring, change and consciousness. Burchard proposes that by seeking to fulfill these drives, one is able to experience a happier life and to live their passion.

Burchard is an inspirational trainer and I like the fact that his books, including this one, come out as thoughtful and well researched. Admittedly, there are piles and piles of self-motivation books out there. Yet, Burchard has a way of mixing psychological truths with familiar narratives and this serves to inspire you to want to achieve a better life. I have read most of his work and I have found them very useful. I like the question he poses: are you caged, comfortable or charged? It gets you to aspire for a more vibrant life.

This book is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for motivation to turbo charge their life. However, the book needs to be read over and over before understanding the underlying philosophy.
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on May 15, 2012
The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive is a life-changing book. It is truly provocative in a way that makes you reflect on your own life, your values and your aspirations. As a work in progress for many years, I can see a whole new level is possible. This book resonates on so many levels.

Brendon generously and fearlessly shares his own insights and experiences with compelling stories to illustrate each of the drives. He provides very specific guidance about what to think about and what to do in order to fully activate the drives. The questions he poses for the reader's reflection will produce deep and profound insights.

This is a very important book for anyone who wants to grow and make a greater impact in your world and the world. While it will provoke a high degree of introspection, it does so in a truly accessible way. You will be able to relate to the thought process and follow it, reflect on it and make some decisions that can change your thinking and change your life.

I will be recommending this book to friends and clients and I will be re-reading this book many times.
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on July 6, 2012
There's something about Brendon Burchard that makes me want to trust him. Every time I am reading one of his books, I feel that something special is happening - like he was put here for a reason. Sure, the information here has been reiterated time and time again down through the years, and when you read from chapter to chapter, from drive to drive, you feel that this is another instruction manual that you must follow and try to fit in with other 'self improvement' blueprints. But every now and then, Brendon lets his true self in, and you see not only the years of study he has put in, but the real reason he does what he does. Brendon truly believes that he was given a second chance in life and lives every day in thanks for it. If you get nothing more out of this book than the knowledge that life is grander than any one of us and the clock is ticking so make it worth it - that would be worth its weight in gold. But I'm sure you'll get much more!
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