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on February 12, 2001
"The China Threat" is another in a series of books attempting to get Americans to look past their expectations for financial gain from trade with China -- to confront the reality of China's empty promises on missile proliferation, to understand their hostile intentions towards America, and to realize Beijing's utter lack of interest in democratic reform and human rights.

In the 1970s through the fall of the Berlin Wall, China and America enjoyed a marriage of convenience as they confronted the Soviet threat. Sadly, American foreign policy vis a vis China did not adjust to the end of the Cold War -- and Beijing naturally took advantage of this.

Gertz carefully chronicles how China has managed to buy or steal our most critical national security secrets. He documents how China views missile and nuclear proliferation as a way to threaten the United States (the enemy of my enemy is my friend). He sets out some sobering scenarios for Chinese aggression in Asia -- and even in our own backyard.

No one should doubt the seriousness of the China threat after reading this book. Clearly China will present as great a threat to our safety and freedom as did Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

Reviewer: Chuck DeVore is a Vice President at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He served in the California State Assemblyman from 2004 to 2010. Before his election, he was an executive in the aerospace industry. He was a Special Assistant for Foreign Affairs in the Department of Defense from 1986 to 1988. He is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army (retired) Reserve. DeVore is the author of "The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America" and the co-author of "China Attacks."
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on June 14, 2016
Important fact about China is its inexorable philosophy and strategies to acquire its world hegemony through rejecting democracy.
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on June 24, 2015
China economy reach their limit. China can't sustain their economic growth anymore . The cominist party worry Now Chinese people not United . They will stir up problem outside their border . From now on things will get bad for their neighbor countries . China try to get their people United . Good luck China I can't predict what going to happen in the world in the next decades . China will be super power or split in to 20 different third world country ?
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on February 2, 2001
I'll keep this review short and to the point, precisely because that's what the book is. Twenty years of bumbling policies toward China have left our doors open for an impending (and, per Gertz, inevitable) switch and take. We look to 2004 as the year when Taiwan changes its name from the Republic of China to the Republic of Taiwan, and thanks to (mostly) George Bush (the elder) and Bill Clinton (the philanderer), our hands will be tied when China lashes out with a series of short-range ballistic missile attacks on the newly born country.
Gertz's assumptions on Panama's role in the impending melee (which I believe are a bit heavy handed) are far outweighed by the known variables - Los Alamos, Wen Ho Lee, and the rest of the usual suspects are rounded up and dissected accordingly. The results of the autopsy shows that the US stands to face a severe lesson in embarrassment unless strategic movements are enacted now.
This is a highly readable book, and it can be absorbed in the span of a few hours. Pick it up today!
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on January 12, 2005
Although I am not political in any way, shape, or form, this book, among many others is well written and very informative with cold, hard FACTS. China is well on its way to becoming the next rival of the USA in place of the former Soviet Union. In fact, according to a number of reliable sources, the next enemy of the U.S. is panning out to be China as the main ring-leader in connection with North Korea and Iran and what's left of the former Soviet Union. And what makes the situation far more frightening than any other period in history is that these nations are far more trigger happy with nukes than any other nation that has rivaled the U.S. or any other for that matter. People need to understand that China itself is not the problem. The problem with China is the PLA that controls China and they run the country like the Taliban did Afganistan, except with far superior military technology. But don't take my word for it, read all the pro and con arguments about China and judge for yourself.

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on March 19, 2007
just like developers buy up surrounding land to put the squeeze on those they want out of the way, China has virtually surrounded us, sucked our manufacturing and foundries away. With a flick of the switch they can put a serious hurt on the US, and then see the gas prices soar. Certain administrations have allowed CHina to now control our economy. If you dont think so you are in serious denial. Even Dole shifted there pineapple growing to China.
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on January 15, 2001
... get ready for a scare. If anyone has any questions just how bad the Chinese Ministry for State Security can be, this is as good a place as any to find out. Mr. Gertz does seem to rely heavily on the Cox report, but for those of us that haven't actually looked at it, this will definately give you a dark interpretation of it.
I have to say that the author's dripping dislike of the Clinton administration gets tiresome around the middle of the book, we get the point. Judging from the titles of his other related books, Gertz didn't limit his Clinton-bashing to just this book and that makes wary first-time readers like me rather tentative in reading more of his publications.
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on January 22, 2001
Another scary book, like Mosher's "Hegemon". Showing the many ways in which China regards the U.S. as an enemy and acts accordingly. Whether they are justified in doing so is an irrelevant argument if you are on the U.S. side of the ocean. I note that most of the 1 star reviews simply shriek that the author is a racist or Americans are terrible because they read these racist books etc., which seems increasingly to be what passes for discourse on the merits of a set of propositions, as opposed to actually dealing with content. There is one one star review which actually deals with the content and for which I have great respect.
Otherwise, folks, I think the author has done a good job of investigating and reporting on facts which a lot of people, particularly in the Clinton administration, do not want to think about because they are so giddy with the prospect of the exciting things happening in China on the business side of the ledger. Too bad; if anyone thinks that the communists at the top of the country, when confronted with a choice between economic benefits for all and political power for themselves, would choose the former, they are in for some disappointment.
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on March 16, 2002
Bill Gertz writes about the apparent threat that China poses to US national security. The Clinton/Gore policy of "engagement" is put into question as the author argues that US national security is being sacrificed in the wake. Gertz supports his claims in detailed narratives about topics as the Chinese control of Panama Canal, the presence of PRC spies leaking valuable US nuclear secret, and the importance of the functioning Chinese democracy on the island of Taiwan.
The blame is largely put on Clinton/Gore's soft "panda hugger" approach to Chinese foriegn policy. Gertz goes as far as to claim that the policy's failure to be cautious,actually helped communist Chinese government to advance their nuclear strengths. Much is cited on the 1996 illegal campaign contributions to the Democratic efforts in reelction.
Gertz succeeds in proving a seemingly valid arguement in the dangers of a China threat, but sometimes goes a bit far in right wing view. The reader can question which view to endorse for the achievement of world peace. Clinton/Gore's policy is aimed at combating the negative international view of the US being an excessive world hegonomy. Gertz digs deep into secret documents to interrupt this sentiment with announcements of covert US-China concerns.
Although not threatening to the books thesis, the absence of bibliography and footnotes leaves me puzzled and wondering where the sources come from. Every respected intellectual work should be accompanied with scholarly notes to aid the advanced reader. This absence teamed with the prose often reading like a fiction novel(such as the intro to Chapter 5) work to discredit some ascpects of the author's points. However, the book remains a must read for American citizens seeking to form an educated assesment of Chinese foriegn policy.
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on December 16, 2000
Gertz has hit the mark in The China Threat! After reading all twenty prior customer reviews, it's obvious that he has struck a nerve. It's either 5-stars or 1-star, and it's apparent that there is a movement afoot to discredit this book without basis. Gertz warns us that the Chinese threat is all-encompassing, that they try to discredit their critics as many of the reviewers here have tried to do to Gertz. I would not be surprised if the Chinese were at work here, trying to minimize the number of people that will read this book!
Spying and stealing secrets is nothing new, but we have let our guard way down in the past eight years, and the cost to this country will be felt for a long time. History shows us that great nations come and go, and we must remain strong and vigilant or we are doomed to the same end. Gertz backs his story with fact after fact, and builds an eye-opening irrefutable case against the Red Chinese. Only those that stand to be exposed by this would take offense with his revelations!
With the new Administration we have a chance to right some of the wrongs of the recent past. Make no mistake, the Chinese communist regime would love to dominate our country and the world and they will go to any ends to do so. We have been lax too long. The THREAT is real! Read the book, judge for yourself.
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