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on June 11, 2013
I've been hooked on this show since the very first episode. Actually, I started out watching the Lifetime movie version of "The Client List", which was also good (but much different than the series so far). Jennifer Love Hewitt is perfectly cast as single mom Riley, who starts out working as a massage therapist at "The Rub", and eventually takes over as the owner. She is beautiful, confident, yet sweet and loving toward her family, friends....and even her clients. She has helped more than a few men, listening to their stories and offering tips to help them improve their own relationships with the women they love. (OK....yes, this IS a Lifetime series after all!)

This is a fun show to watch, with interesting supporting characters, and I look forward to watching a new episode every week. Sadly, season two will be ending with a two-hour finale on June 16th. I'm rating it with 4 out of 5 stars, only because I think the writing could be improved in certain areas. But I love this show, and I am really looking forward to season three (hint hint Lifetime....)

I'm hoping that Amazon will upload the latest episode soon -- I NEED my fix already!!! Very addictive series. Trust me, you'll love it!
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on April 20, 2014
This will contain some minor spoilers but nothing major

This is one of the "edgier" cable shows (without being nearly as edgy as some given that it is on lifetime) that sometimes to devolves into cheesy guilty pleasure. Jennifer Love Hewitt's character takes over The Rub in this season. And it basically revolves around her being the boss, trying to ward off an attempt by a local strip club owner to get his hands on the client list (which could have been solved if she just burned the damn thing after she memorized the list but then there would be no story) and her family life (especially after her husband's reappearance at the end of last year).

There is really no overt sex on the show, it is all teased an implied. There is some swearing that gets by, but the worst thing there are a couple s-bombs. There are more than a few hilarious replacements for the f-word (mainly in the form of "fun buddy"). This season does again end on a cliff hanger that leaves the possibility of a big reveal to Evan and Kyle. The former who is now on the police force which further complicates things through the season.

If you do get the DVDs be aware that it is one of those situations where Amazon burns the episodes onto DVD-R so their are no subtitles or special features of any kind. Just the episodes. You also want to check your discs right away because the first version they sent to me had the second disc burned twice. Even though disc 3 was labelled correctly it had the exact same episodes as the second disc. So make sure you check that so you can get a replacement right away if need be.

You pretty much know what you get with this show. Pretty much a nighttime soap opera. JLH in major cleavage revealing outfits, a lot of cheesy lines, but a pretty good overall story. Plus the awsomeness that is Greg Gunberg who has much more of a role in season two than he did in season one.
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on May 10, 2013
I love this show! It has a great story line. Most people probably look at it and think oh no way am I going to watch a show about a massage therapist that gives happy endings but it's not just that. That is only a fraction of the show. It is mainly about a woman whose husband left her and her struggles of trying to keep her home and provide for her family all on her own. It teaches people that what she does is wrong but some people feel like that is their only option and the drama of the show is just awesome! So lesson to people who are thinking about watching this show....don't judge a book by it's cover!
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on June 23, 2017
Good Character Development, Good Acting, Good writing. I am about to watch the final episode of the second season. I have thoroughly enjoyed each episode. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a brilliant actress in every way. She is obviously beautiful and her expressive face is enviable in her believable use of expressions. I hope she can do more seasons of this even though it was cancelled. It is worth the money to watch the seasons on Amazon. I love all of the characters and the stories. I needed an escape due to may things going on in my life and I will hate to end the last episode.
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on March 20, 2014
I enjoyed this show! It was one of my all time favorite shows! Why? Well, The Client List told a story about a mother whose husband )*SPOILER* if you haven't watched Season 1) left her and her kids with a mountain of debt. This story shows viewers that a mother will do what she has to do in order to take care of her family. Season 2 dealt with the return of her husband after he had been gone for a year. Along the way in this season, New characters are introduced and the stakes are raised as more threats other than the police arise. Most people were upset with the season finale as there is one question that remained in every fans mind. However, in my personal opinion, it ended on a note that could have served as the series finale other than the final line. I hate that it was cancelled, but I can't wait to add Season 2 of The Client List to my DVD collection!
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on November 2, 2016
I don't think that this is an authentic new DVD set. I have season one and it is very different, even the packaging. There is no option for subtitles or other languages, no previews and you cannot pick scenes only episodes. It just seems off to me. Even the images on the case seem lower quality. You can watch it and the show itself is fantastic! Sad it was cancelled. Love Jennifer love Hewitt but yeah if you want the real set, I don't think this is it. If you like to read the subtitles, you can't and if you need to watch it in another language, you can't do that can watch it tho!
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on August 18, 2014
I love true stories. The scandal and intrigue of this story does not disappoint. Jennifer Love Hewitt is sexy, strategic and determined. Not to mention her singing a sweet lullaby and she rocks, 'Let's Give'em Something to Talk About.' Cybill Shepard is classic. And Loretta Divine simply shines. Every episode yields a surprising twist that makes you want more. Easily 5 stars. I'd love to talk to the decision makers that cancelled the show after 2 seasons.
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on April 22, 2013
This show is pretty formulaic and corny much of the time. Luckily, Jennifer Love Hewitt is good in spite of the cliched writing. What is this corny old-fashioned morality? A prostitute running a massage parlor who doesn't have sex with her clients (until last Sunday). Why can't they at least say "have sex" instead of "sleep with"? (Heaven forbid that anyone would say f***.) I guess this is supposed to be a family show, although I don't think it's appropriate for young kids. I have known escorts who are somewhat like Riley. They were in the sex trade because it was a way to make quite a lot more money than waitressing. When they were honest, they even enjoyed the sex much of the time. But if they could, all of them would have been doing something else. As this show demonstrates quite well, the constant secrecy, fear of the police, and fear of exposure is very difficult to deal with. In fact, I know only one escort who used her earnings to finance law school. She recently left the entire sex business behind, without regrets, and got married to a nice boy from a nice family. I am happy that Riley has finally admitted that she is "that kind of girl", but her guilt is killing her. Will she ever see that she is still a good person and a good friend and a good mom and a good leader? I'm waiting to see.
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on June 3, 2014
I ordered this video and Disc3 was labled disc 3, but the contents were the same as disc 2... I contacted Amazon and they sent a new one... Again, it was like Deja Vu... So I returned both box sets... I ended up purchasing from an Amazon sponsor and received the box set and disc's 2&3 were actually disc's 2&3... I have purchased litteraly thousands of dollar's of merchandise... And this is the first time I've ever had a problem like this... I have placed a few orders since and everything was a-okay... As usual...
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on August 14, 2013
The Series went just the way it should have-and the ending was done well--Issues were resolved-and Riley ended up in a "Good Place"--The other Prime Characters seemed to also find Resolution--This will be an excellent addition to anyone's Video Library once the DVD's are Released--Loved Jennifer Love Hewitt-!!
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