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on May 9, 2017
Where has this been all my life!!

After years of removing meat from coconuts with a knife - and risking serious damage to my hands - I recently became aware of this tool as a result of reading an article in my local newspaper - The Las Vegas Review Journal. I immediately went on Amazon to locate where I could purchase one. It arrived on schedule...but it was not until yesterday that I finally got around to opening a coconut. What an incredible job this tool did. Typically, in the past, the best I could do was to remove broken chunks of meat. This tool allowed me to remove the entire half in one piece. This was important to me as I am now able to make attractive wide shaved slices for my cakes.

Don't hesitate! If you frequently cook with fresh coconut, this tool will make the chore almost fun.
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on March 20, 2016
This coconut tool does not require as much work as other items I've used and gets the meat out in one chunk. I tried various spoons, knives, and a grapefruit cutter tool to try and get the meat out, before I decided to spend money. Those items took a huge amount of force and they cut my finger because the cutter tool slipped. Those random tools I had at my house were tiresome to use and only produced broken chunks of meat.

The tool is safe because it is blunt enough it won't cut you but skinny enough to get in between the meat and the shell.

It works really well. I use a drill gun with a wood bit to drill the coconut eyes out and dump out the milk. Then I use a hammer and tap all around the coconut to break it in two pieces. I use this coconut tool to popped out the meat and a potato peeler to peel the skin off the meat. You do need to use a little muscle and go around the whole coconut half with the tool to get the meat to popped out in one chunk. So I insert the tool between the meat and shell, twist it a bit to separate the meat, then turn the coconut half a little and insert it again and again until I have gone around the whole coconut. Then I go around one more time except I insert the tool deeper in and then the meat pops out in one chunk.

I have seen youtube's wear people use a meat clever or a big knife to crack open the shell....I use a hammer. It's safer and does just as good.
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on August 30, 2017
It takes a little adjusting and learning to use this tool, but once you've learned how to use it,it does a good job of getting the meat out of the shell. It doesn't split or husk the nut, but once husked and split, a few minutes of work with this tool will pull out large chunks or entire halves from the nut shell. I recommend using garden gloves when using this tool, as the handle isn't overly comfortable and the blade can slip when you're getting it started. The blade isn't cutting edge sharp. but it could still cut a finger at the force that one usually uses when doing anything with a coconut. I cleaned five coconuts in about an hour one afternoon, and had I been using a spoon or ice cream scoop, it would have taken at least twice that long.
No regrets about buying this as it is a work saver.
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on December 31, 2015
I've always loved coconut water. I admit that means I was buying the name brands you can easily find in the stores, and I did like them.
I don't know why I hadn't tried a real coconut, but finally I did. the problem was after I got the water out, I was stymied by the difficulty getting the meat out. It just seemed like such a chore it wasn't worth it, plus the risk of ending up in the ER w/ a slashed finger - "yes doctor that is what I was doing."
But then I thought there had to be a tool for this and got on Amazon. Voila!
The rest is history. Now, not only do I get real coconut water, which is exponentially better than the boxed/bottled stuff in the store, I get healthy coconut meat which, if you venture to check, has a whole host of healthy uses for it - eating it straight of course, putting it in smoothies, salads, etc.
I tried going back to regular coconut water and I just can't drink it anymore, but I don't care. I have a coconut drill to get the water and this little jobbie makes it easy to get the meat, and there are plenty of videos on youtube that show you how to do it.

Suffice it to say - with both tools you can enjoy the coconut water AND the meat, and when you figure it all out it pretty much breaks even in terms of cost (just check around! - some places do try to gouge you with the cost for 1 coconut).

Hope this helps.
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on February 10, 2014
**FULL DISCLOSURE** I get compensated with free coconut tool for writing a review.

So how can you trust my review? Couple things to consider.

1) I have never written a review for any other products on Amazon because I am just too lazy. So if getting a second coconut tool is enough to get me to write a review that should speak for itself.

2) I am uploading 2 pictures worth more than any review I could ever write. The pictures show a half coconut shell with coconut meat removed fully intact! Take a look at the pictures (in the user uploaded area) as they say all that needs to be said concerning if the tool works or not.

After using this tool the first time I realized if I did not try to "cut" the meat out but instead pry it out it worked beautifully! The meat would come out whole rather than in pieces. It does take a lot more strength in the hands and wrist to pry it out whole...You have to stick the tool deeper down between the shell and the meat and then twist it a couple times. Then remove the tool (which will also take some effort because it is now wedged way down between the meat and the shell) and do it again as you work your way around the coconut. After doing this a couple times I came to my senses and realized why do I really care if the coconut comes out whole? It looks cool but it always gets shredded up anyways! With that in mind I am now able to get the meat out of a coconut in very little time. It takes about 2 minutes start to finish. Wow is all I can say about it. Why don't they sell these thing in the grocery store right beside the coconuts? They would sell a lot more coconuts if they did!

The knife itself is not sharp but there is still the fear I am going to ram it into my other hand that is holding the coconut. Again...after a couple uses I realized this is not likely to happen. The knife is not sharp enough to go through the coconut shell and should be used more for prying than cutting.

The tool itself is very sturdy and seems well built. I was surprised by the quality and the design as it seems to be a heavy gauge stainless steel (which I am doubting they would use/sell at this price) but only time will tell if it truly is stainless steal. Also the handle fits very nicely into the hand and has a comfortable grip. I can not tell if the blade goes all the way through the handle. If it does this is an unbeatable deal but I'm not willing to destroy my tool by cracking open the handle to find out. The handle is very thick which allows you to feel more in control when sticking it between the coconut and the shell as well as when you are trying to pry the meat out.

Now I am able to enjoy fresh coconut whenever I desire it. No more hassle trying to use a butter more letting the coconut go bad in my fridge because I dread the thought of trying to get the coconut meat out of the shell (like I said earlier I can be pretty lazy...and a battle with a coconut is a pretty good reason to find something else to eat...)
review image review image
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on August 28, 2017
After spending a few months last winter on an island in Panama, I developed a passion for eating fresh coconut. I used a machete and a pocket knife to get the meat out. I continued this practice when I returned to the states. Then I came across a video about this coconut tool.

It is a one-of-a-kind brilliant solution. It makes it so easy to pry/pop the meat out. It's like it was made for it!

So now, instead of harvest one coconut (or a half a coconut) at a time, I harvest several and put what I won't use immediately into the freezer. It is so quick, easy, and convenient. If you are eating fresh coconut and don't have this tool, I encourage you to get one immediately. Nothing else like it.
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VINE VOICEon May 15, 2017
After a recent trip to Jamaica, I have become addicted to fresh coconut. I was trying to clean them using a butter knife, which took forever, and made a mess. So I checked Amazon and found this tool. I've used it a half dozen times now and it is awesome. The first couple of times I was twisting it too hard, which broke the shells. I now take it slower and go all around the coconut, the last time I was able to pull out all the meat in 2 pieces.

Pretty cool, and 2 half shells if you need that for some reason. It's really easy to use, and a huge time saver.
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on August 28, 2017
I have received this tool a month ago but didn't get a chance to use it few days back. I have tried on 2 coconuts. One is exactly broke into half like in the video and it was easy to take the meat of it. The other one didn't broke into half. It was broken into small upper half and big lower half. This big one has bit difficulty but not very tough. Before I tried all kinds of tools like different knives, spoons etc and hurt my hands every time. This tool is really great with a blunt edge which is not harmful to your hands, but I guess it needs little bit of practice and knack to use it. And thank you for posting a video which is very helpful. I highly recommend this tool.
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on June 20, 2016
I really am an advocate of eating coconuts so I was glad to finally upgrade to this tool after trying to remove the meat from the coconuts using a spoon and a knife. This tool is leagues better than that way. I first saw someone use this tool on youtube from a juicing channel that I watch.
I immediately ordered the tool and the next day ordered a whole box of coconuts, about 20 of them.
I will admit that it took me about 3 coconuts to get the hang of the tool and the technique down, and after I did now I can scoop out the meat really quick and in nice intact halves. The design is really fantastic in that it leverages your strength in just the right way. Getting right under the meat and lifting it with ease. Now I can scoop out lovely looking pieces and enjoy in no time. I can scoop out the meat at a nice easy pace of about 30 seconds.
Its easy to wash and the handle is very sturdy. My cousin watched me use the tool and he was totally impressed how easily you could scoop out the meat. I am sure you can still use the old way to get the meat out, but really for the cost of this tool it is much better use of your time in the long run for sure. If and when it ever fails, I know exactly where to get another one. Thank you
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on May 24, 2017
Who ever thought there'd be such a thing as a coconut knife? Wow! Went searching for something to remove meat off of coconut easily and found this. Thank you, thank you to the maker. Wife buys young coconuts all the time. She has no problem getting through the husk, or splitting it using my Kabar Cutlass machete, but was struggling to extract the meat cleanly. Now, she's all set and is a happy camper. Knife is very sturdy with non-slip rubber type handle. It'll take awhile for her to destroy this thing, believe me.
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