Customer Reviews: Commander's Kitchen
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on July 4, 2012
The wise man mentioned in the title of my review is Phil Robertson and that quote comes from the first cooking segment of this video that I bought for my wife. I watched it with her because we're both big fans of "Ducky Dynasty" and we weren't disappointed. The two main things that make this a great video are the recipes and the Robertsons, who are shown preparing 14 different dishes.

Maybe the most important thing to know about this video is these AREN'T recipes that sound like they came from an episode of "The Beverly Hillbillies". In other words, there are no segments on cooking squirrels; to a large extent these are pretty "mainstream" dishes like ribs, potato salad, meatloaf, pralines, and banana pudding. Yes, there's also one recipe for frog legs, but other than that you won't find much in the way of "exotic" ingredients unless you consider duck or crawfish exotic. In fact, if you've cooked at all it's a safe bet that you've used almost all of the ingredients in these recipes. For example, "Armadillo Eggs" are made from jalapenos, cream cheese, breakfast sausage (e.g., Owens or Jimmy Dean), bacon, and butter. Trust me, there's nothing here that would make a person as queasy as some of the ingredients used on the popular cooking shows. Here's a list of the recipes prepared in the video:

Crawfish Balls
Crawfish Pie
Pie Shells
Blackend Crappie
Frog Legs
Potato Salad
Armadillo Eggs
Duck Wraps
Willie's Meatloaf
Mexican Cornbread
Cream Cheese Pie
Banana Pudding

The other thing that makes this a great video is the Robertson family. Believe it or not they come across as even more real and natural in this video than they do on "Ducky Dynasty". The cooking was apparently filmed in their own kitchens and they LOOK like real kitchens, complete with refrigerator magnets and other clutter you'd find in a real kitchen, as opposed to those sterile movie sets you see on Food Network shows. Even better, the people doing the cooking act like they're just going about their regular cooking business while explaining what they're doing to a friend.

The bottom line is that if you're interested in (as Phil calls it) "eating well" and especially if you also enjoy watching the Robertsons, you should buy this video. To quote Phil again, it's "as pretty as a red wagon coming down a long hill with a little puppy in it."
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on August 21, 2012
Oh My Gosh!!! These are some of the best receipes I've ever used! Great Southern cooking and simple to make. Got to get it. Make your family Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
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on December 24, 2012
We saw the TV episode when her CD was being produced in the kitchen...way funny! It was even more fun (and informative) to watch the finished product. Watch out Rachel have some serious competition!
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on October 30, 2013
Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson is a natural born teacher and an excellent cook. This DVD features him carefully showing how to fix several favorite specialties, along with dishes prepared by his sons Alan, Willie, and Jep, kinfolk (Jay), Alan's lovely wife Lisa, and of course, that cute little rascal Miss Kay! There's even a montage of the boys of Duck Dynasty hunting, set to lively music. This is one fun DVD. You're gonna be hungry and drooling by the time it's over ... better have some "ham samiches" handy (thanks to John Godwin, we're craving 'em!). As Phil says, "If you're a skinny little yuppie girl, this is the show you need, right here." This is real food for real people, nothing pretentious, with outstanding meats, seasonings, and methods. A nice recipe booklet is enclosed. Recipes Include:

Phil's Crawfish Balls: Phil is right, folks nowadays eat too much slop and not enough delicious, authentic food. Watch him masterfully put together the most delicious concoction ever, with crawfish and crab meat. It's not just about great ingredients; Phil's careful methods create something extra-special. What a lucky family, they grew up getting to eat these morsels!

Next comes Jay's Ribs. With a smoker, some Duck Commander Phil Robertson's Cajun Style Rub, and a few secrets Jay shares with us, you can't go wrong!

Kay's Pie Crust (for Crawfish Pie). Of course that little Miss Kay makes a tender and delicious pie crust. She also uses this crust for her chicken pot pies. Heaven. Phil knows he's a lucky man indeed.

Willie's Crawfish Pie: Using the pie crusts above, and with wonderful Louisiana ingredients for the filling, including healthy dashes of Duck Commander Phil Robertson's Cajun Style Zesty Seasoning, Willie cooks a savory pie that is beautiful to behold and irresistible.

Phil's Blackened Crappie. For those who may be somewhat ignorant, crappie is White Perch. "When it comes to blackened fish, smoke is a good thing," instructs Phil. The results are mouthwatering. I could eat snack on this all day!

Phils' Frog Legs. This delicacy features Louisiana's finest bullfrog legs, with the best meat. Phil has a special method: frying the marinated, seasoned, and battered legs till golden brown, then placing them in a heavy iron pot with olive oil coating the bottom, layered with chopped green onions & parsley. He covers the pot and places it the oven for 15-20 min. This ensures the succulent meat will simply fall off the bones...

Kay's Duck Commander Potato Salad. Phil helps with, "I'll be your assistant honey anytime." One of Miss Kay's secrets is using both sweet and dill relishes in her delicious tater salad.

Jay's Armadillo Egg's. This man-food recipe was adopted from some tailgaters at a football game. you "de-vain" the jalapeno peppers like they're shrimp. Then they get stuffed with cream cheese, covered in spicy sausage, wrapped in bacon, and grilled. Candy.

Jay's Duck Wraps: We learn that soaking the duck meat in saltwater first removes the gamey flavor. These treats also get stuffed, wrapped in bacon, cooked on Willie's kitchen grill, and glazed with honey. Jay takes these babies out to the duck-blind as a snack. As Jay says, "One of the best things in life is shooting ducks and eating 'em at the same time."

Willies Meatloaf. Trust me, you never saw an iron pot filled with more deliciousness than this spicy Cajun Italian meaty cheesy bacon-topped chunk o' good stuff.

Lisa's Mexican Cornbread. Ok, Jack. There is no such thing as too much bacon and cheese. Alan's kindly wife clearly knows how to make folks happy!

Al's Cream Cheese Pie: This lesser-known son sure knows "how to eat and how to cook." This is one of his dad's favorite pies, creamy, rich, and cool.

Jep's Pralines: That boy can cook too! What's more tasty than real Louisiana pralines? As Jep instructs, "You gotta really woop these things." And he's generous with the vanilla, as there's no such thing as too much. Enjoy!

Kay's Banana Pudding. I have a soft spot for this woman. She is strong, but tender, not a mean bone in her, and she's gifted with animals. I wait in hope of a "Miss Kay with Bobo & JJ" special, with her doing that unique dog-whisperer thing she does, like nothin' else on earth! Ok. I'm getting light-headed, and am in need of sustenance. You never saw a more authentic Banana Pudding, Miss Kay's is the best! She cooks up her custard the old-fashioned way, with real milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and instructions on tempering your eggs to avoid lumps. Adorably, Miss Kay says "banana" kinda like the little guys in Despicable Me Presents: Minion Madness. A charming woman and fine cook. Ok. Back to the recipe: after layering her dish with vanilla wafers, she doesn't over-pack nanners in, wisely knowing that what folks crave is an abundance of creamy, homemade pudding!

Thank you Robertson clan for sharing your "good eatin'" - we're really looking forward to Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen: Faith, Family, and Food - Bringing Our Home to Your Table. I also highly recommend: Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander, which we read out loud in the evenings from cover to cover. Enjoy!
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on August 17, 2012
Was a delight to simple to follow..perfect for a new handly to have a book with it too.
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on April 8, 2013
I absolutely LOVE Duck Dynasty. I love the people, love the format, love pretty much everything about the show. My wife was excited when I gave this to her for her birthday. But it leaves just a bit to be desired. It is very cheaply made, which in itself is not all that bad, but it leaves out some key things that I would like to have better explained. For example:

1) They keep talking about adding "essence" to the recipe, but they don't go into detail as to what this is. They say you can make your own, or you can buy theirs. A segment on how to make your own would be nice, or why theirs is better than any other "essence" would be helpful.

2) They keep using this guy "Jay" (not Jase) in several of the recipes. I don't know what his relationship with the Robertson family is, and I am sure his recipes are awesome, but I was hoping for more Robertson interaction. i think he did at least two of the recipes.

3) This is the one that really made me drop it down from 5 starts, and it almost cost it another star just on principle. When you buy a recipe book/DVD, you expect to get the recipe for everything they are presenting in the book/devd. But this Jay character was making some awesome looking ribs, but then he added his BBQ sauce. What's in it "is a secret" he says. WHAT? Thank you very much, Mr. Jay, but I paid for the recipes, not a mystery.

4) I would have liked to see more recipes, and some more exotic meats like squirel, or whatever else then catch in LA.

Overall, you will probably enjoy this. Before I close this, I am dropping it down one more star. That BBQ sauce thing really bugs me.
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on December 9, 2012
Love the Robertson's. I'm hoping that I learn how to cook everything just like Miss Kay! Sure would make my husband happy ha.
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on December 9, 2013
Gave as an early Christmas gift, so this is second hand info. They loved it. I watched the videos and episode on Duck Dynasty where they were filming the video and this was a must have on my list to give this year. BTW, Kays cookbook is great too!
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on April 3, 2014
While watching the hunting videos and the television show one might expect higher quailty. It is however the same great cast and as funny as expected. It also has other members of the family and friends you may not be familiar with.
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on May 12, 2014
I doubt that the Robertson's could do anything that people would not enjoy. Phil in this video is himself for sure and what makes it funny and real. LOVE the recipes and will watch it again for sure!
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