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on February 12, 2014
I've seen the "Heston" version of "The Ten Commandments" so many times. This version is much more realistic in costumes, settings, and story line closer to biblical times. The strong portrayal of Moses' doubts of leadership, faith in God, and honesty is very strong--nothing "pretty or frilly" here. Am giving the DVD to a priest friend who will surely appreciate it.
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on May 20, 2016
As others have stated here before, this is not a completely accurate retelling of the Biblical Exodus account. It could be useful to watch this movie to then study the word to see the differences, AND it is entertaining, and done well enough to get people to watch it and maybe wonder what the actual account of Exodus says? Of course there is some Hollyweird garbage in it but that could also be of use as a motivation to study Exodus? The production values are high and effects are well done, and it is OK to watch imho. The price is certainly reasonable at less than $5.00 with Prime shipping. In fact I think that we'll watch it again tonight.
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on June 5, 2013
Although this movie has some very good techno scenes( such as crossing the Red Sea) and is way more realistic than the version that Ben Kingsley did, there are several sections that are not true to the Bible. The scene where Moses sends his wife and children crying are not in the Bible, and the scene leaves the viewer with a bad view of Moses. The truth was, according to Exodus, Moses left his wife and children with his father-in-law , when he first started back to Egypt. In chapter 18 of Exodus, his wife and children were returned to him and he lived the rest of his life with his family. Gershom, his son, is mentioned in I Chronicles and other books as the descendant of Moses. The man playing Moses, in my opinion was not very well cast. I never related to him in the role of a Hebrew man or as Egyptian royalty. The main character of this movie should be able to carry the whole movie, gain the viewer's sympathy and I kept asking "where's the real Moses", of course I meant Charleton Heston. This is one "Cleopatra" that should never been remade....when it is perfect don't try to fix it.
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on March 16, 2017
Really good movie to own for something different from my very favorite 10 Commandments with Charleton Heston.
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on June 24, 2016
Inspirational. Excellent Performances. Powerful message about the true Divine Guidance. Great Cinematography, costumes, specially special effects.
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on May 12, 2017
Good acting, but it deviates from Scripture too much.
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on March 3, 2017
In good condition. Satisfied with product.
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on September 21, 2006
There are good and not-so-good aspects in this retelling.

The good aspects:

a) The best thing about this retelling of Moses' story are the great special effects. The 10 Plagues features cool CG effects so that Pharaoh's bedroom is filled with frogs, there is a hail shower which bursts into flames, etc. (The naturalistic explanation of the Nile turning into blood as the result of red silt is mentioned.) The parting of the Red Sea was done very well with the new special effects -- the naturalistic explanation of the Red Sea parting is implied with the showing of an underground eruption / earthquake which causes the waves to part. The shot with the Israelites walking through the Red Sea and the Egyptian cavalry pursuing them was breathtaking. Furthermore, the depiction of God's presence through the pillar of fire / cloud and the writing of the 10 commandments was very well done. These special effects lead you to appreciate the power and awesome work of God who victoriously challenged the gods of Egypt through Moses.

b) Another good addition is the more prominent roles of Aaron and Miriam. Linus Roache does a great job of portraying Aaron as Moses' assertive spokesman; The actress does a good job of portraying Miriam as a gifted prophetess who struggles with jealousy. (However, Moses' wife is not given much of a prominent role)

c) The portrayals of God's cleansing of the bitter waters and the provision of manna. This version shows the hardships of living out in the desert and depicts how God came through repeatedly to provide for His people in marvelous ways. Through Moses, God cleanses the poisoned waters for the people to drink and He provides manna from heaven. As far as I know, this is the only movie about Moses that show these events.

The main deficiencies of this version are the following:

a) The portrayal of Moses -- Dougray Scott portrays Moses as a very gloomy guy who is given to bouts of uncertainty and impulsive anger. In earlier scenes of Moses as a slave, Moses seems to stare into space as though he is on drugs. Overall, he seems to be very morose. There is a scene after the Red Sea parting when Moses is supposed to be celebrating in victory but he is grieving over the loss of his Egyptian friend who perished in the Red Sea. As I watched Scott's depiction of Moses, I kept wondering to myself whether anyone would have followed him. I prefer the charismatic and assertive "Charlton Heston" version any day.

b) The over-emphasis in the added storyline of Moses' Egyptian "mom" and "brother" -- This is a plus and minus. Pharaoh's daughter, who saved Moses and raised him up, is given more of a role in this movie. It is interesting to speculate how Moses dealt with Pharaoh's daughter, and whether they had a close relationship. This retelling shows that there was some heartbreak on the part of Pharaoh's daughter as she sees Moses challenge the Pharaoh and unleash all the plagues upon Egypt. There is also Moses' "brother" who later becomes the Pharaoh's guard. This added narrative Moses' relationship with his "brother" is where this movie adds too much to the biblical version of Moses' life (in the book of Exodus). The Bible does not mention anything of Moses' relationship with Pharaoh's daughter or his Egyptian "brother" , yet this version emphasizes these relationships as key main storylines in Moses' life. This detracts from a biblically faithful depiction of Moses.

c) This movie implied that God was a harsh and cruel God who punished the Egyptians with great severity. Why did God allow the Pharaoh's daughter and Moses' Egyptian brother (simply because they were Egyptians) to suffer when they repeatedly showed their affection to Moses? Moses seems caught between a rock and hard place -- he wants to save his Egyptian friends but he is called by God to proclaim God's message and unleash God's judgments upon Egypt due to the hardened response by Pharaoh. His friends have to deal with God, not him.

d) The main storyline is weaker than the original "10 Commandments"

I preferred the Charlton Heston version because the script and storyline was much more compelling overall (exception: we could do without the original's overemphasis on Moses' relationship with Ramses' wife). There were several scenes in the original that I really loved:

a) Moses' selection of Zipporah as his wife
b) Moses' respect for Pharaoh's daughter whom he treats like his mother
c) Moses' selection of Joshua and his preparation for the people to enter the Promised Land at the end
d) Its reverent portrait of God, who is the real center of the story of Moses

I agree with the other reviewer that this version ends with a very bleak note with the judgment of the enemies of Moses. This version should have ended with Moses preparing the people to enter into the Promised Land.
This would be much more in keeping with the theme of "freedom" that runs throughout this movie. God freed the Israelites so they could be their own nation under God and enter into the Promised Land.

Therefore, there are pluses and minuses to this retelling. Overall, I prefer original version due to its better storytelling and script, and Heston's assertive portrayal of Moses. The main attraction of this version is the updating of the special effects -- you really see God's power and glory demonstrated in the 10 Plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, and the giving of the 10 Commandments.

In spite of these reservations, I recommend you all to watch this movie and make your own comparison. It is a worthwhile way to spend 3 hours in a meaningful and wholesome way. This movie helped me to appreciate the power of God in using an ordinary man to lead the Israelites out of freedom from slavery from Egypt to be His covenant people.
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on December 26, 2013
I love this movie it show us the survival of a mighty nation. A people, who's struggles and suffering demand are attention and,respect. And show us there faith in a greater measure in a God promised to them,never fails and,One True God compassionate in a whole hearted love for His People,and His mighty works being fully seen through a man chosen for His pleasure to free a people God Created to be with Him.
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on July 10, 2015
My favorite Moses movie. The actor is also my favorite as well. He has appare in so many of my favorite movies, from Mission ImpossibleII as the most handsome vilan to Prince Charming in Ever After... So he nailed it for me when he played Moses!!!
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