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The Companion Bible
Format: Hardcover|Change
Price:$42.87+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 5, 2016
After years of research, I have the 1611, 1537, 1599, the KJV, NIV, etc, etc, I have all different years of publication of bibles and by far, The KJV Companion Bible with the appendix by EW Bullinger and by Kregel Publishers, not only has a outline for each chapter, the right column has all the research for what was printed. The appendix, by EW Bullinger, will remind you of the best written/researched "cliff notes" you have ever seen! (Yea, I'm that old!). I continue to be in awe of how the Holy Spirit guides EW Bullinger, even through his other works.
I contacted a group from the United States that have studied off the original manuscripts in Israel for over 60 years and they speak and read fluent: Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic. They use this bible. I love this bible so much that a person would need to pry it from my dead, cold hands-before I ever give it up! I have learned so much from this bible and EW Bullinger. Mr. Bullinger is so well respected, no one will change the couple of misspelled words in this work. God inspired the bible, He is the author, II Peter 1:21, p. 1865.

Amazon has the best sellers and best pricing on this bible. How do I know? I bought my first copy from this site-years ago. Since then I have bought several more copies.

I wish Amazon and their sellers continued success and prosperity in all areas of their lives.
Thank you for your professionalism, going the extra mile in answering questions and following up on orders for your customers. (Sooner or later, I'll be back to buy another copy.)
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on February 4, 2017
This purchase has been probably my most important choice of Bibles ever. It puts me in awe of all its profound and vast, information in a print that is so comfortable and makes such a great aide for studying. I enjoy the definitions and information on each page, but am still absorbing its functionality. All in all, I thank Amazon for making it so readily available and for such a good price!
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on January 7, 2017
I found very useful info regarding historical background and matters of original language meaning and translation of words. In this respect, I consider this book one of the best Bible commentaries you could ever find. Very well researched and documented. I don't agree with the opinion of the author regarding the cessation of spiritual gifts after the book of Acts. This is the only reason I give it a 4 star.
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on November 24, 2011
A few months ago, I ordered The Companion Bible, How to Enjoy the Bible and Great Cloud of Witnesses. I want everything this man has written. I am totally amazed at his scholarship.

After having his scholarship at my fingertips, I have wished so much that I could have had all his works from the beginning of my adult Christian walk. I had no idea that some of the things we have embraced do not originate in scripture, like the intermediary state between death and the resurrection. And, I think most importantly, he has convinced me that it is vital that we learn that God has dealt with mankind at different times in different ways, which he calls dispensations.

Without understanding dispensations, there will be utter confusion in reading the Bible, he writes. He teaches that the books written directly to and for the Church are Romans through Thessalonians, but that "all scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;" (2 Tim. 3:16). Even so, not all scripture is directed to and for the Church. The Church, Bullinger says, is making a terrible mistake by taking unto itself scriptures that are meant for Israel, or taking the scriptures meant for the Kingdom unto itself. He believes that the four gospels are written to the Jews and Jewish Christians revealing that Christ had come as their Messiah and King, and the book of Acts is a transitional book where the Kingdom was still being presented to the Jews, though rejected. He believes Hebrews and some of the other epistles are written to Jewish Christians. He believes the gospel Jesus revealed to Paul was not freely preached until the gospel of the Kingdom had been rejected, shown in Acts 28. So by his rightly dividing, we begin to understand why we, as Christians, are to remember that we are separated unto the Lord as His Body, "called out ones" during this grace dispensation while we await His return for us.

Getting a clearer understanding of the dispensational system of study has been a very vital help for me in sorting out scriptures that appear to contradict.

Bullinger, though, is accused of being Ultradispensational by some well known church leaders (threatened by him, no doubt). For me, after following the way he proves his points scripturally, as well as making use of the ancient documents he had available to him, I wonder how anyone cannot believe that he is more right than wrong? I love the way he believes that even every word was divinely placed exactly where the Holy Spirit meant it to be placed in scripture, and I love his personal love and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. He has stirred my heart to search other evangelical works to check him out, for instance on heaven as we've been taught it, hell, judgment, rapture, and many others, along with "without exception, without distinction" (which shows he's not a Universalist, as some have believed).

I just read in another review that the writer, after the third chapter, got "bogged down in minutia," because, he thought, Bullinger evidently wrote to other scholars and not to ordinary Christians. Probably the reviewer is referring to the way Bullinger uses literary structures to outline passages (as Bullinger shows, this proves the Bible is a divine book). He uses advanced grammar to explain word meanings and sentence structures in the Greek and English, and he reveals figures of speech in the Bible that help reveal false beliefs that are common today. For my hungry heart, these are some of the ways that show the depth of his scholarship, and utter commitment to the Word of God as divinely written. On the point the other reviewer brought out, it is true that without having these tools, the reader won't be able to get to the deepest depth of the biblical "meat" he presents, but the way he uncovers false beliefs alone is cause to respect and appreciate his scholarship. I found so much to rejoice over, to be encouraged and challenged with, so much to delight in, so much to breath a sigh of relief about, so, I would encourage hungry hearts, do not stop reading. Let's go forward patiently studying with him, because in learning about some of his advanced tools - figures of speech, advanced grammar, and literary structuring - we can find deeper riches in Christ - it's a lifetime of meaty study about our Lord Jesus Christ.

As I go on to build my Bullinger library, I hope next to get the Lexicon and Concordance (The Companion Bible does not have a concordance). More than likely, it will open up a lot more than even the detailed notes and Appendixes have done included in the Bible.

The Companion Bible: Enlarged Type Edition
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on May 25, 2012
The Companion Bible is a classic work of genius.
That being said, however, the binding/cover does not "appear" to be 'leather bound', it appears to be 'bonded leather'.
Now I know that 'bonded leather' is real leather, but it is not one piece of leather, as in 'leather bound'.
It is lots and lots of tiny little pieces of leather fused/glued together to look like one piece, but it never feels the same.
No where on the inside does it indicate what kind of leather it is.

I just put this info out there for anyone that might be interested.
Overall it's a fair reproduction of the Companion Bible, which is a classic to be sure, but I'm not sure the price justified.
If anyone has additional insight into the binding/cover of this edition, please leave a comment.

This review is for Genuine Leather Edition
ISBN-10: 082542237X
ISBN-13: 978-0825422379
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on April 7, 2017
this bible is only for those who are serious about the Word and i am. Thank you.
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on February 28, 2016
This Bible is an absolute must for a serious Bible teacher. The wealth of information given includes definitions, Bible layout and incredible insights. into God's perfect Word.
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on August 27, 2017
The KJV Companion Bible with the Appendix by EW Bullinger which in my eye was a Great Bible Scholar.
This is a much deeper study Bible than any Bible that I have ever read. This is a Super Choice in a study Bible,
I really enjoy this Bible. This Bible is a very deep Bible & it brings GODS Word to a more Simplier Understanding.
This Truely is one of the better study Bibles. Ever Christian needs to have one of these Bibles.
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on April 22, 2007
This is actually the 2nd copy of this Bible that I have bought. This one I bought for my cousin and her husband (Wycliffe missionaries [...] When I showed them my copy, they thought it would fit well with their focus on language and translation.

The appendix is worth 50% of the price of this Bible. The "in body" notes and layouts are worth the other 50%. The KJV translation is an added plus for some, and it will not be a factor for the rest, because this probably won't be your reading Bible... which implies that you are interested in learning more than just what others say.

BTW - This Bible is available is several different covers. I have found that for THIS Bible, the hard cover works best for me.

My daughter went and bought one also.
I'm not a fan of Bullinger's theology, on several levels (Theologically I'm reformed and preterist, Bullinger's dispensational and pre-mil), but the academic appendixes are worth the price.
Oh, don't get the paperback. There's no way it will hold up.
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on February 25, 2014
This bible is widely used for reference to get the most accurate meaning in Hebrew & Greek for any bible student. Its a large heavy book that I use for reference only. It stays at home. Too big to haul to church. :-) It is the King James Version with alot of side bar notes & references. I purchased this book because it was recommended as a great study guide if u used it along with the bible by Shepherd's Chapel with Pastor Arnold Murray who just recently passed away(02/12/14) ....Heaven just acquired a "Warrior" for the 2nd coming... This book has alot of material to cover but its worth having in your biblical library. Once you get the meaning of all those side-bar symbols & meanings than it is easy to follow. I'll be honest its not an easy book but it gets easier to to follow ...
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