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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
The Complete Oz, Vol. 1
Format: Paperback|Change
Price:$14.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 1, 2013
First let me start by saying that the Wizard of Oz was deeply embedded into my psyche long before I read the corresponding book. Every year they would play the Wizard of Oz much in the same way they'd show "A Charlie Brown Christmas" each year. It was a family tradition. And as I grew up I began hearing more about the movie, such as Judy Garland wasn't most people's first choice as Dorothy (though I grew up with her as Dorothy and I can't say that she wasn't right for the part...as to me she was Dorothy). I heard about the munchkin who was supposed to have committed suicide (only to find it was a rumor based on an ostrich type bird loose on the set)..and then I learned it was based on a series of books. But most were out of print when I found out, and I wanted to own them, not just read them from the library. So I waited. Eventually I picked up an ebook from Amazon, and while I love the Kindle fire I must honestly say I prefer physical books. There is nothing like closing a book after reading that final page. A sense of closure after committing yourself to immersing yourself into another world.

I read the original book that the movie was based on, I was already informed that the movie took some liberities and combined some elements from other volumes. So I didn't expect to read a play by play of the movie. Though different, the story is still profound. A Joy to read. I then read most of the second book. But, by then I realised I must find this series in hardcover. I searched from time to time on amazon and finally found they'd be releasing it this year. So I ordered the first volume, and have received it. The second is on the way. I had figured they might do an all in one Omnibus edition at some point, much like you'd find in Barnes and Noble or in ebook form. I am glad they chose the route they did. The first book contains the first three stories. Presented in a decent sized print (no bible sizes like most Omnibus type volumes)..it looks beautiful..my only wish is if they had made the design the cover (as the barnes and noble versions do with their leatherbound classics).. but the cover looks great and I feel as if I am holding a classic. I am unsure though if they play to include the non-Baum written Oz stories, as I only see five volumes listed and that should be enough for is stories. I do not know who wrote the subsequent volumes, or if it was based on his notes or whatever, but I am the type who does not believe once an author has passed that it's ok to continue his stories. Star Trek and Star Wars have so many books based on it, but it originated in a different medium. Star Trek started on tv then went to features, and star wars was in features as well as an animated story. So I do not mind them having many different authors trying their hands with the characters (though I only accept official sources as canon). But when you have a series of novels, and that is where it started, then I do not want someone who had no hand in it before, adding onto the storyline. That would be like a new cartoonist writing the Peanuts strip. So for me I only consider the Baum-written books the ones I must own. Hopefully if they are released to finish the set, it will be seperated.

That being said, these stories are great..and I look forward to reading the entire franchise. I am only doing this review now because I want others who search for Classics to know that this is out and that it looks great and is constructed with high quality. That is what I would want to know before I invest in collecting a series of this size. Also the price is right:). Hopefully other classic series will get this treatment as well (such as the Time Quintet)...Anyone wanting to enjoy classic literature and to add to their own libraries then this is a definite must have. A Great journey through a wonderful place filled with fascinating characters. You'll feel like a kid again...

Update: Due to questions I have received I feel Obliged to tell everyone that these editions are text only, and are NOT illustrated. It seems geared more towards adults who might read them to their kids or enjoy now that they are older. I have heard the bradford exchange has a unique collection of the baum books (replicas) that comes with bookends as well as slip covers. I believe those are $19.99 each though. as with anything they carry it's more a collector's item than just for casual fans. But if you are interested in just having a copy for your library these will do.
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on February 14, 2013
I started reading the Oz series on my e-reader and wanted physical copies so I ordered this book along with Volume 2. I got to the 2nd book at around the chapter dealing with the 'Flight of the Gump'. First, I bought these locally in paperback (all they had) and after realizing hardcovers were available online, I returned them and bought the hardcovers online.

After getting the hardcovers, I went to find the spot I left off in The Marvelous Land of Oz and wasn't seeing the chapter. I noticed the top of the right page said "Road to Oz" which is a book in Volume 2, not Volume 1. So I thought I was being silly and looking at the wrong book, but nope, I was looking at the right one. One page (Page 310 I believe) was for "The Marvelous Land of Oz" and the next (page 311 i think) was for "Road to Oz" It kept going on with "Road to Oz" for about 42 pages and then switched back to "The Marvelous Land of Oz". I opened the 2nd volume to verify that it matched exactly and it does (same page numbers and everything). So there are 42 pages missing from "The Marvelous Land of Oz", causing it to be unreadable.

I DID find my spot in the paperback version before returning it, so the issue was only in the hardcover version.

I have contacted the publisher over a week ago and haven't heard back.

For right now, I've decided to just not purchase the books as they are not available locally (in hardcover anyway) and I'd want to know the issue was fixed before ordering them again. With that said, if anyone reads this that owns the hardcover version, I would greatly appreciate a comment letting me know if you have this issue as well. I assume it was an issue with a certain printing run of the hardcovers or something. Not sure how this could have been a completely isolated incident.

EDIT: Since this appears to be an isolated incident, I'm going to increase the stars to 5, because the look/feel of the books are GREAT and I don't feel that the 2 stars was deserved for an isolated incident.
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on August 1, 2011
This would be a nice volume of just the text of the Oz books, except for one thing. I knew when I ordered it that the W. W. Denslow art wouldn't be included. No maps of Oz as well, but I was okay with that for the price I was paying for so many books collected in one volume. The problem is with the layout. I like to have books that I can read without creasing the binding. Yeah, it may be an minor OCD thing but I hate to have books with creased or broken spines. I take good care of my books so I don't like when they get damaged on the spine. Reading this book is almost impossible to do without bending the spine really hard because the margins on the right side of the left pages are so small. I know this may sound like a minor complaint but it still gets on my nerves from time to time.

I love revisiting books like this from my childhood. It really brings about a nostalgia rush which I enjoy and reading lite children's lit like this from time to time is something I find relaxing. The books are still entertaining and they really do whisk you back to different time. However, I really wish the publisher had spent more time picking out a better layout for the type set.

For some sort of comparison of reproduced volumes of early 20th Century American publishing, I'd point out the Ballantine versions of Robert E. Howard. The huge difference here is that Ballantine is a real publishing house and Trilogus (who published these compilations) seems to be not much more then people publishing on Lulu.

So if you want a cheap version of these books then this is okay. The original text is here and it is a classic series. Unfortunately the layout is ultimately symptonmatic of a lazy publishing company.
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on May 23, 2013
This is an excellent story. It is a little more violent than I remember so would not recommend for small children. I did not realize the series had so many books but look forward to reading them all.
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on November 23, 2009
I understand that Baum's Oz stories are now out of copyright and that this book was compiled by these freely available stories. I apologise if I'm wrong. But this would take into account the somewhat shoddy layout that this and Volume 2 possess.
Lines of text will inexplicably break into two paragraphs. Inverted commas are in the wrong places. Capital letters of names come and go. While it does no harm in the reading of such lovely tales (my first time and enjoying them immensely), these grammatical and printing errors do jar a smooth reading. Punctuation and the like should be invisible to the reader and, at times, I can't help wishing that the publishers had taken just a little bit more effort and its production.
Also, two columns would have made this so much easier to read, both for the eye and for ease in reading.
It should be noted that these annoyances can't ruin a good tale, and the Oz books are good tales, so points lost only for the publication, not for the content.
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on April 3, 2013
The pages are see through and greatly resemble those of mass market books (beige in color & rough feeling). The printing is also less than desirable, with tiny black spots all over some pages (covering a 2-3" diameter).
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on May 8, 2011
Pretty accurate description online about the book. It's true it doesn't have any pics and the stories seem to go on and on but the layout is very tasteful. The writing seems to be slightly larger than most printed works of writing and its divided well so you can easily pick up where you left off. Overall very satisfied with this book me and my family look forward towards reading this amazing piece of written art!
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on January 30, 2013
I got this set of books for Christmas, and so far I like what I have read! Being an Oz fan, I was eager to get the full collection, even though many people have complaints about the publishing (Baum's books went out of copyright). However, I would have liked to see the illustrations, and sometimes the way the book is set up makes me feel like I'm reading an encyclopedia. All in all, I love this set!
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on July 12, 2012
"Nice set to use". If you want a good value for the complete Oz series this is it. Buy volume 1 and 2. Nice coffee table set of books.
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on September 21, 2014
Arrived in excellent condition! Final book to my physical series and I downloaded the Kindle series as well! Thank you!
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