Customer Reviews: The Complex: An Insider Exposes the Covert World of the Church of Scientology
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on November 14, 2008
The above title refers to a phrase uttered in the movie "Serenity." It refers to the fact that the dictatorial government can't squelch information once it is out in the public domain.

Apparently scientology is trying to get this book shut down by claiming defamation, blah, blah, at usual. This review may be removed..if that's the case so be it. Since Amazon is too chicken to carry this book, my recommendation is to go to Eason books online and search for the author by name and order the book.

And to scientology....You can't stop the wave.
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on December 2, 2008
This personal account of the author's involvement in the cult (Church of Scientology) is captivating and chilling. His story is an accurate portrayal of the inner-workings of the Church of Scientology.

Many ex-scientologists have had the courage to speak out and all of the stories were filled with tragedies and bone chilling personal accounts. This true story of John Duignan and his escape from the cult is sure to have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

This book "hit home" for me because the way the author got sucked into the cult is exactly the way it happened to me as well. I was one of the lucky ones. I got out of the cult early on. I did not suffer like so many other scientologists do, though I did get harassed by the cult.

People sometimes ask me, "Why do famous actors stay in Scientology if it is so horrible?" I have an answer for that. It is because actors are high profile, rich, and they are a public relations boon for the Church of Scientology. Actors do not have trouble paying for scientology courses and the cult wants to keep them as happy as possible to avoid a PR disaster should the high profile actor speak out publicly against the cult. Furthermore, being a member of the Church of Scientology has become a Hollywood "fad." One actor (Jason Beghe) has quit the cult and is now speaking out. You can see the video at:

(copy and paste the URL in your browser)
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on November 21, 2008
Great book, well written. Thanks to Eason for carrying this book.
This is a must read for any Scientology critic or if you are considering joining Scientology.

Scientology crimes are being exposed!
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on December 9, 2008
I ordered this book from Easons since Amazon was not taking orders at the time. I found this book both riveting and very sad. It is hard to believe that these atrocities are happening in the US and world wide today. I never heard of the Sea Org (Scienotlogy's own navy) until this past January. Slave labor camps,coerced abortions,mind control,family disconnection,cruel punishments are ALL mentioned in this book. Celebrities who support this cult should read this book so they will know the truth. They are kept in the dark about the crimes of Scientology, and they don't realize they are being fleeced. John Duignan explains just how the money is taken in and where it goes. He mentions how members will stop at nothing to "keep their stats" up. Lies, betrayals, and more. John endured a living hell. And to think he had to ESCAPE his own "church"! A must read. Everyone should get educated about Scientology and how it's a dangerous orginzation, not a church, and ask why Scientology is still TAX FREE when they are nothing more than a BUSINESS that harms it's members in every way shape and form.
BUY THIS BOOK, you won't be disapointed.
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on December 25, 2008
For the past 13 years I have been studying Scientology and I thought I would never find another book about the sinister organization that would surprise me: this one did. The heart-wrenching tale of depravity and abuse suffered by the author at the hands of the malignant business brought tears to my eyes.

There is much in this book that is cheerful: the knowledge that human rights activists and civil rights activists, who have protested in defense of the human and civil rights of Scientology customers, has been and are liberating Scientology victims' bodies and minds; the knowledge that Anonymous, protesting in defense of the human and civil rights of Scientology customers, is helping Scientology customers flee the criminal organization and regain their lives. That is the cheerful part.

There is also the sad, horrifying, and cautionary side to the book: the crimes and human rights abuses that are ignored by law enforcement, but of which Scientology salespeople, staff, management, and customers are inflicted with on a daily basis by the vile organization.

The book clearly explains how life as a Scientology customer, salesperson, or staff member is much like life as a battered wife who feels there is no escape, no hope, no family or friends to turn to. Anyone who has been affected by domestic violence will see the parallels and find hope in this book.

While reading the book I could not help but compare the author's narration of life "in Scientology" with that of life among cancer victims. Family members of Scientology victims are like family members of cancer victims: just one person, afflicted with either cancer of Scientology, adversely, malignantly effects one's entire family and friends.

The best part of the book is about blame. The author noted that individual Scientology customers, salespeople, management, and staff are not as a group "the enemy" of law enforcement, civil rights, and human rights--- it is the organization as a whole that is the enemy of that which is just, fair, legal, moral, and ethical. Many of the individuals are to blame, but not all.

Finally, the "editorial review" is absolutely WRONG when it states this book is "... the first time ever, a former high-ranking member of the Church (sic) of Scientology is lifting the lid on life inside the world's fastest growing cult." Many others got there first: L. Ron Hubbard's son, Ronald DeWolf, got there first; so did Cory Benton; so did Jesse Prince (the Number Two guy in Scientology management, according to David Miscavige himself), Stacy Brooks, David Mayo, Scott Mayer, Gerald Armstrong, and dozens more.

Thank you John Duignan and Nicola Tallant, for the sake of Scientology victims past and current, for stepping forward and offering hope to them. I hope and pray this book will encourage more Scientology customers to demand their civil and human rights back, and to eventually find the courage to recover from the abhorrent business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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on December 9, 2008
The book was a wonderful and informative read. I almost felt that I was right there with John as he described his actions and views year after year while working within organized scientology.

In reading through the chapters I got a strong feeling of the conflicts John must have gone through as a decent human being trying to help others while caught up inside an abusive organization where horrible truths are hidden behind religious cloaking and corporate veils.

It was like going on an emotional roller coaster ride with the author. I could see John trying hard to believe the lies that form the bedrock of organized scientology, trying his best to still be a decent person while somehow trying to function in an organization run by a horribly abusive person.

After reading the book it is my belief that John was like many others who joined organized scientology because they truly wanted to help people and because they were fooled that Hubbard and scientology were more than they really were. But once in they are caught in a web of lies where staff are abused on a huge worldwide scale, families destroyed, human rights violations are the order of the day, children are horribly abused and neglected and much more combines to form the inner workings of a highly abusive cult.

I think this is an important read for anyone who may wish to have anything whatsoever to do with organized scientology. I believe this book can go a long way towards answering questions about how can otherwise decent and intelligent people get caught up on staff in organized scientology while enduring all those abuses.
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on December 6, 2008
Amazon's decision to pull this book due to the pressure of Tom Cruise and the "church" of scientology is beyond disturbing. This book,is a truthfull and candid account of the author's time under the control of the cult. The decision to not make it avaliable is the same as a mob of zealots gathering to burn books they find unacceptable. For anyone who has a love for the ideals of free speech Amazon's actions are reprehensible. And to anyone with a knowledge of the sinister nature of the cult it is horrifying to think they are able to so easily manipulate a huge company. Amazon has lost my business, just a small drop in their multi million dollar bucket, but I hope that many others will recognize the evil behind Amazon's action and stop buying from them. Perhaps a loss in their bottom line will make them relize what they have lost by selling out the company's integrity.
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on December 21, 2008
With all the celebrity hype, I'd always wondered just what this "Scientology" was all about. As a movement, it seemed oddly secretive and vague, and the followers appeared totally and unquestionably devoted. (Not a good combination, in my eyes.) I remember seeing the tv ads for "Dianetics" years ago without having a clue what they were was marketed as a self-help book, but who knew it was the handbook for Scientology? After reading John's story, and finding out the true "answer", I am appalled that more cannot be done to stop this evil empire that feeds on the minds of innocent people.

"The Complex" is tense and upsetting. As a reader, you are torn between feelings of anger/disbelief (that someone could be taken in by such an apparent sham cult) and empathetic understanding (that once they got ahold of your mind, you were basically helpless to protect yourself). I found myself thinking about times when I have been depressed or felt lost in the world, and wondered if this could have so easily been my story. I would hope that I'd have had the common sense to listen to my initial instincts and run away fast, but Scientology is designed to make you question those instincts and ensnare you fast.

Wow...I won't soon forget this book.
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on September 7, 2009
The Complex was published in 2009 in Ireland. This book is probably one of the most recent explosive exposes revolving around the cult of Scientology and the dangers of being a member.

John Duignan had joined Scientology in Germany when he was 22. He was led to get a free personality assessment by an attractive recruiter when he was feeling particularly down and depressed. Mr. Duignan seemed to be having an identity crisis, which seemed to begin with the loss of his parents. He goes into great detail about his feeling of security and belonging once joining Scientology and how he moved up the ranks to their elite Sea Org. It is very apparent, as well as appalling, how those who are lost and are looking for answers get sucked in. You see the way he was basically brainwashed into thinking like a Scientologist, whose goal is to absorb its teachings and never question the validity of anything that is seen, heard, or experienced. He looked at the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, as one might revere a God. He became ensconced within the inner walls and learned to live by Scientology creed and nothing else.

What becomes apparent throughout the book is the stripping of individuality the members suffer and the financial ruin they are left with. They are threatened and have to disconnect with persons who are considered "suppressive", many times breaking up families and marriages. They are taught no education, and many have been in Scientology for years and since a very young age, so they have no job experience. Children of Scientologists have their own rules and aren't treated as children, but little soldiers to brainwash.

John Duignan started waking up from his sleepwalking nightmare when Tom Cruise was at a function to receive a special award for his faithfulness and dedication to Scientology. It was then that John realized he was just as dedicated, although not rich like Mr. Cruise, and he was living in truly deplorable conditions. If anything, his dedication was MORE than Cruise because Cruise wasn't living in the trenches. This was the beginning of John's Internet search (which was forbidden) into the movement he had been a part of for so long (over 20 years), and he started seeing the other side of what Scientology really was. His realization was he was living a lie all of this time and planned his escape, though it proved to be a difficult one.

Once again, Scientology had tried to stop The Complex from being published, even using Fake-Boy Tom Cruise, their Celebrity Pet Puppet, to conveniently "visit" employees to treat them to a special screening of his most recent movie. It is indeed curious how the ban on this book coincided with Tommy Boy's movie.

While The Complex is available at present on Amazon in the USA, it is still unavailable in Canada and the United Kingdom. It's amazing to me how Freedom of Speech could be tampered this way when this group is destroying so many lives. Even more curiously, though John Duignan appeared to be showing up in the press as late as March of 2009, I could not find his book on his publisher's site, Merlin Publishing - either searching by author or book title.

© Diane Trautweiler. 9/7/09.
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on December 1, 2008
I assume that Amazon's inability to sell this book is linked to the annoying ad for Tom Cruise's new book that is currently running as a banner across the top of Amazon's home page. How transparent!
This book is an excellent expose of a dangerous cult and Amazon is choosing to put commerce over free speech by kowtowing to this faded movie star.
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