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on November 17, 2016
My fault for not reading the *concise* part. I owned this book on the past. The big, real book. This is a condensed version. So if you want the original book, this isn't it. Its a smaller, condensed version. Fyi
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on January 1, 2015
Although the content of this book can sometimes appear downright manipulative and dangerous, it contains an extraordinary understanding of human psychology and what makes people tick. Highly recommended if you want to learn how to persuade and avoid being persuaded.
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on January 2, 2017
I'm in a book club and we chose this because I don't know why. It has some really great tips that I plan to implement in the future. I thought I ordered the regular one but received this. I'll will be buying the regular size because it lacked the examples that my friends had in theirs.
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on March 16, 2016
This is an extremely powerful book!

Though that statement is pretty vague it is completely true. This is not your typical pua book that teaches you how to get laid, if your looking for that look elsewhere. This book is something different. It gives you a basic outline, of the whole entire world of seduction. Now, this knowledge can be used for good or bad, it is up to you to decide how you use it. Though, I recommend not trying to ruin peoples lives, because karma will come and get you back. With that being said, you may read this book, and wonder how do you actually use what it says, and to that I say, this book is an outline for a test, the test being that girl, you have all the study materials to help you get an A, but to actually get the A you must study the material and, master the art of seduction, failure to do so will result in a grade lower than an A, and your seduction may not work very well.A lot of the information in the book can be hard to understand, but once you completely, familiarize yourself with the contents of the book, and develop a unconscious competence, for all the material in the book, your ways of seducing will become those of a master seducer, add a little NLP, and speed seduction and any girl is yours. Due beware though this book is a tool, and a tool can be used for helping or hurting, whatever you do with the tool, can come back to provide you with abundance or karma. Make sure you know what your getting into before you delve into the world of seduction. Good Luck!
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on July 4, 2015
Growing up, I've been extremely shy, anti-social and quiet. I never knew how to carry myself or never knew how to act around those i wanted to impress. I partially blame it on being an only child but that's just my theory. Ive been studying alot about body language and trying to educate myself and this book is a staple for anyone trying to better yourself and ego. Its easy to read and gets to the point.
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on March 28, 2017
Best books. I got this for a friend having relationship problems. So many things people need to know that could help them so much in their lives. Plus, it's a great history lesson, too.
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on February 7, 2010
I love this book. Let me tell you a bit about myself; I have been told, my entire life how attractive I am by men and women, and yet, I always seem to end up with a broken heart. Of course, the men that I am not interested in chase me like crazy, but I don't want them, so it has always annoyed me and made me uncomfortable, and made me wonder... gosh how do I get the men that I WANT to act like the men that I DON'T want? What is the key? The men that I do want, always seem to be unattainable.... or, when I do get them, I get so nervous and try so hard that they eventually dump me. I have always marvelled at women who, physically, were less attractive than me, get the men that I wanted! I never understood it... until now. Look, I am not looking to use men or break anyone's heart, I just need an answer to my own heartbreaks and insecurities and nervousness around men that I really want to be in a relationship with. I don't want to be used, and I don't want to hurt anyone. This book is very empowering. It takes you out of your nervousness and puts you in your head, in control. It is like having something to occupy your mind when you are nervous... instead of using that nervous energy agains yourself, you have a plan, you are prepared, you can succeed. Think about our military, our police force, our fire departments... they train, and train, and train, so that when they are in those tough situations, they don't have time to panic and make a mistake that could cost them their lives, they fall back on their training and they are able to do courageous and amazing things. This book is a training manual. Not a training manual to manipulate, or hurt, but a manual to give you confidence and something to think about when you are about to; once again... blow it. This is a very important book here, we are talking about our lives. Finding love and happiness in a relationship is one of the most important thing in life... why not use a manual to help you do that? I don't agree with the critics who say that it helps people "manipulate". Not true. We all naturally manipulate, we are all children really, just trying to figure out how to get what we want... most of us just end up going about in a way that hurts us and hurts others. This helps us find love and keep love and keep it exciting. I especially loved chapter 20: "Mix pleasure and pain." It is okay to not be nice all the time! It is so exhausting to try so hard not to upset people and not to want to displease people.... only to find out that it has been backfiring! Of course you want to be sweet, but it is okay to speak your mind and stand up for yourself... not only is it okay, but it is attractive to the opposite sex. I am so glad that I bought this book. It is very freeing, honestly, this is a great book and an easy and entertaining read, but most importantly, can instill confindence and help to create a stronger person. *note* ha ha .... I have noticed a lot of things in this book that men have used on me! Now I know........ also empowering. Knowledge IS power :)
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on July 14, 2017
I'm sure its a good book, but I just couldn't get into it
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on February 10, 2017
Literally one of the finest books I have ever read!
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on December 24, 2016
A timeless guide for the universal mechanisms of seduction. Though many complain of the morality involved, that's for each person to decide -- the observations contained are, regardless of morality, pragmatic and insightful in their bold look at how human psychology interacts with the realm of Eros. A must have in your library of love.
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