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on March 19, 2014
Recommended for anyone with a wide open mind, and who has already done their homework on UFO's. Admittedly I haven't finished the book, but I will and soon, and I'm one who doesn't finish a book if my interest flags mid-read.

He not only brings a whole new paradigm to the UFO world; he gives exercises anyone can do to enhance their own perceptual abilities, and the technical instructions for repeating his discoveries. He photographs entities that are visible only in the infrared ranges. I hope for photos of entities only visible in the ultraviolet, if not by him then by someone else!

His heroes are Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner (already favorites of my own) and Dr. Ruth B. Drown, and Dr. Franklin Thomas, new names to me and definitely worthwhile knowing.
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on June 6, 2013
I almost gave up reading this book- it does not start out highly readable, due to the sentence structures and use of words that even I, a National Spelling Bee contestant, had never seen or heard. The last half deals with concepts of several of my favorite fringe scientists and the persecution they endured. I really have little interest in UFO's but can still recommend this book highly.
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on July 8, 2013
This was a fascinating description of what's "out there" in the infra-red range. And a great introduction to other alternative researchers.
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on February 16, 2015
Fascinating read.
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on December 17, 2011
I first learned about this book a few years back while reading up on "sky critters". I wanted to learn more about them (and how to photograph them) so knew getting this book was essential.
I haven't read the whole book, yet, but WOW, not bad at all! SEVERAL pages of pictures by Trevor Constable and others using his advice on techniques! Several pictures from his first book are here, and many updated shots as well.
All in all a good book if you like UFOs or just enjoy "different" things! :-)
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on October 20, 2014
The cover of this book depicts 1950s UFO contactee George Van Tassel's idea of what a UFO looks like. Trevor Constable recounts how he visited Giant Rock to hear Van Tassel and a selection of strange disembodied voices. I read and quite enjoyed Constable's first book, They Live in the Sky. However, this was a let down. He seemed to have become obsessed with good vs evil religious thinking. Some examples: "By the year 2000 - if there is one for our species - hosts of young investigators in exobiology will be in full pursuit of the critters of our atmosphere"; "Ahriman has yet to incarnate, but he is coming soon"; "The Ahrimanic powers know that if we come to understand what is behind UFOs - spiritually no less than technically - the earth will be redeemed for Christ." He reveals himself to be a fan of Meade Layne and his Ether Ship theories of UFOs originating from "Etheria". Layne reckoned they were manifestations of thought forms. I don't see how that reconciles with his notion that UFOs are space animals, unless he considers that all forms of life are thought forms, but he doesn't say that.

The chapter on Wilhelm Reich vs. the UFOs at Organon I found to be most interesting. Jerome Eden has written on this in Planet in Trouble and Scavengers from Space, but they are out of print, so I would recommend this book for anyone wishing to learn more on this matter. Constable interviewed Reich's associate Robert McCullough and his recollections of events are of interest. The chapter on Ruth Drown and radionics is good too, but overall I was disappointed in The Cosmic Pulse of Life.
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on September 13, 2010
The book is very wordy, and it is not easy to read. Sometimes it jumps from one point to another. There are also times where it overgeneralizes several aspects of its discussions and lacks specific evidence. Other than that, some of the middle chapters better written and more specific, thus, easier to read.
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on November 20, 2015
poor picture quality, interesting ideas.
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When researching my book, reference to Trevor James Constable's "Heat Critters" and their link to UFOs was barely on the radar screen. After reading this updated version (2008), it is clear that Constable brought forward sound evidence of strange things in our skies captured on infrared film as early as the 1950's, which is astounding. Constable's frustration with the science establishment, a thread that runs through the entire book, is well founded. I, being a mainstream scientist, am very familiar with its myopic approach to UFOs and unexplained phenomena. I was previously completely unaware of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and Dr. Ruth Drown who together form the philosophical, experimental, and technical developmental basis for orgone energy, a new type of energy discovered by Reich, but not accepted by mainstream science. Constable presents the case for this type of energy called "life energy" and more. Reading the book will expand one's mind on a number of levels including the elevated level of language that Constable has command of. Constable also discusses what he sees as the dark side to UFOs and the beings behind the phenomena. Is Constable basically correct? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure: UFOs and related phenomena exploit space-time and energy in ways not yet understood by science. This is the story of one man's quest to understand these phenomena outside the narrow sanctions of official science.
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