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on December 19, 2014
As a former ex-USSR citizen, I always wondered why wars were fought. Every molecule of my brain refused to believe that people did it for pure altruistic and patriotic reasons. This book puts it right:
* Why America fought in WW1
* Why Russian revolutions occurred and who benefited from those
* Why people in other countries are so gullible when receiving foreign aid.
* How the large bankers took advantage of those countries by legalizing smuggling, just for them, not the common folk
And most importantly:
* How the common US folk is paying for all of it out of its own pocket through the hidden tax of inflation.

A true eye opener. Gotta love America for letting a writer publish such an indispensable journey into history political deceit. Other countries like Russia would have probably made the author disappear, the way it has always been done.

A word of caution:
This book may make you angry. However please do understand that everything it talks about happened, happens, and will continue to happen so long as the earth is populated. Just accept it and find a way to be prepared for the future, as the past always repeats itself.
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on August 13, 2013
Everyone on the planet must read this to understand this 'steering' to oblivion(Police State). The top of the pyramid has all fingers and toes in sight, however... The left and right hand are often quite blind to each other (no excusing puns here) and most of the time are not really at the same dinner table. One hand does a spot of dividing and finally the left, drops in for some ruling. Offering up the chaos to begin with and organising the solution. I found the chapter on the Russian Revolution an interesting one.

Of course 911 happened after this book was written. Notice the word conspiracy comes up all the time with 1 or 2 star reviewers. This is the word associated with disinformation. Distracting the great herds to think back inside the tidy box so we can all go back to sleep again. I love how G E Griffin shows how just about anything is up for the brown apple here. If its science, education, defence spending, war mongering in particular, govt 'contractors' and last but no means least: our health and food on a really private level has been so warped with what is being done in secret in 'plan sight'.

In thinking about 911, the attention to detail was not the execution of 911...(the blindingly obvious part of suspending Physics 101 for a day), the Patriot Act was rammed through, on the premise of this act and executed with the same precision of the 1913 plot. G E Griffin makes it so easy to see how many of the 'cells' sliding around in the long grass were propped up for that "Big Day" out. I wonder what the party was like the night of 911 when the nano dust to speak. WH Bush said exactly 11 years earlier (Sept 11 1991)in Congress about the NWO being the 'BIG IDEA". 911 is just one of 100s of one of these operations. Griffin shows the back drop of so many successful operations from the last 300 years and from this book we are able to immediately see the glaring finger print.

THere is no doubt the 2 party parliamentary system (designed by this group for easy tampering) in every single western country (bar none) have well and truly been dragged into the Resource Extraction Mafias sphere of influence. Germany was sorted with smelling salts after WW 2 so they could trip around the multi party system just for kicks. The buying of the media at the turn of last century was the only true way to start on such a campaign of war and terror from the Great War to this farce of a war in Syria where Assad is blamed for the work of this hugely sadistic group. Al jazeera is now under this wing of control as the 4 reporters that tried to tell the truth of what was happening in Syria right at the start of the conflict got their marching orders: were made quickly redundant.

I can rarely read the papers anymore its so full of it. This book is quite magnificent. Im waging with my brother to read it and if he can find something untrue in it - Ill pay him $100. I should update this review when hes finished to let you know if my brother did any "funny money" extraction from me.
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on July 5, 2017
A tremendously informative book that taught me a great deal. It reveals how the Federal Reserve and the bankers who control it have cheated the middle class, the working class, and the poor ever since the Fed's inception in 1913. This is what happens when you let bankers write the laws governing banking. If you ever wondered if it's true that our system is rigged for the rich, this book provides undeniable proof that it is.
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on August 19, 2013
This book is one of the greatest exposures of the evil that the Federal Reserve has become that exists today. It is a scholarly book with every assertion, episode, accusation and characterization documented with original support references.

I am a CPA and a financial and social conservative. I have been aware of the dangerous and illegal activities of the Federal Reserve for years. I thought I was well informed on the Creature until I read this book which has been on my reading list for twenty years ever since I read the book "The House of Rothschild". If I didn't get my Kindle as a present recently it would probably still be on the list and unread.

I have known for years that the FED. creates money out of NOTHING but I have grossly underestimated the extent to which this has taken .place over the last 100 years and the extent to which it has favored Foreign Nations throughout its history at the expense of the American Taxpayer . To say that the activities of the FED are illegal is a gross understatement. According to this book the people who have been running the FED (mostly Banks to big to let them go bankrupt) are not only guilty of grand theft but also of high treason. The activities of The FED can be directly tied to The Great Depression and most of the financial bubbles that have taken place since its creation.

Most Americans believe the FED is part of the U. S. Government, It is not. It is owned and controlled by banks which includes control indirectly by foreign banks.

The Federal Reserve needs to be audited by The U.S. Government to confirms the history of its atrocities and then closed down. To be replaced by a government controlled institution capable of honestly performing the complex duties that our government turned over to this organization over 100 years ago.
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on June 18, 2013
Once in a while I read a book that changes my view of the world. It's akin to having blinkers removed from my eyes. Books on that - short - list include 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance', 'The Naked Ape', 'Games People Play' and, now, 'The Creature from Jekyll Island.'

The book could be superficially seen as yet another conspiracy theory book, a style of book which I generally dislike. When people like Robert Kiyosaki recommend such a book though, I decided that it was worth reading for self-education.

Like most people I know, I've wondered how on earth we came to the Global Financial Crisis that is destroying so many lives and futures around the world. I'm familiar with the usual answers: 'Consumers and countries overspent and now it's time to pay the piper', 'The rise of China', and so on; but none of those answers provide a framework within which to understand how we got there or why we keep essentially being told that this was inevitable but that Government is protecting us - a nonsensical story if ever I heard one. This book does provide that framework.

The index alone is interesting, particularly for a book that is written about such a dry subject as the Federal Reserve! I had a smile just looking at the format of the index. At the beginning, and in many places throughout the book, the story reads almost as a cross between a biography and a detective story, spanning a century of conscious financial abuse and mismanagement for private gain. There are whimsical stories that beautifully illustrate the central ideas. The first point the book makes is that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal, nor a Bank. It is instead a cartel of bankers, one of who's primary goals is to shift responsibility for bank losses from their collective shoulders to those of the taxpayers - in this case of the USA. There are other serious points, which the author freely admits might seem at first like overstating the case. He goes on however to, in my opinion, amply support his conclusions.

I found myself hooked from the beginning. Unbelievably for a book like this, I found it difficult to put down and I specifically made time in my day to read chapters when I could, even at the expense of sleep.

This is a scary book, one that opened my eyes to some serious economic history. One that provides a good argument in support of the assertion that the banks have literally hijacked the US economy; causing enormous hardship to the taxpayers, an enormous devaluing of the dollar, transfer of US national wealth to their own pockets and its movement overseas; and that they are essentially in the process of doing the same thing globally.

Is the book correct in its assertions? The argument convinced me although you'll need to draw your own conclusions. As an example though, the day after completing the book I read a news article discussing a British proposal to jail senior bankers who breach their fiduciary duty. Despite having an MBA I would previously not have been able to put many of the arguments into any significant context. Instead, I suddenly found myself clearly understanding the papers' conclusions and understanding why this idea is so critical to solving the GFC for the long term. Without measures like this, the Creature from Jekyll Island is likely to survive, to continue its quiet digestion of our collective global wealth and to reach out again in just a few years to bite us - but much harder next time.
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on February 14, 2013
Although I'm only about 1/3 into this book, it is helping me very much understand how the Federal Reserve was formed. It is not a conspiracy book, it is a book showing how things came to be. It is well backed up with research references.

It is a very large book so no way that I could read it in one sitting. I do like how the chapters are organized as they are nearly self-contained, meaning I could go to which ever chapter without having to read the previous chapters.

Too bad this is not required reading in High School or College, especially for Political Science Majors. If they did, a good chance the Democrats and Republicans would be kicked out of office(s) for treason.
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on November 27, 2015
Information that every American should get in all level of schooling so we can put a stop to
actions of a few that control the U.S. government.

This book highlights the corruption of money, how it is created out of nothing, and how it is used to exploit, take over
countries, people including the U.S. Government.
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on February 6, 2016
Absolutely THE definitive volume on the subject of the Federal Reserve, period. It's a book that I am personally sure most all central bankers around the world would not like you to read. Fact, logic, and reason will trump talking points every time...G. Edward Griffin simply destroys the myths surrounding how money is really created, and has been manipulated for centuries. A must-read for any student serious about learning how economics really works.
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on February 18, 2015
This book is excellent if you like to learn about the history and development of the Federal Reserve, where you find out that it is not Federally owned and is not a Reserve, that it mainly operates for the protection of the big banks (and the super rich) that are to big to fail. The theory is that in the process of protecting the rich it sacrifices the economic welfare of the rest of the population by recovering their noncollectable loan loses from the Federal Government, which in turn pays for it through taxation & inflation. I don't agree and didn't like the last part of the book where the author paints a dismal & pessimistic future for the countries (mainly the USA) in the world. I don't completely disagree with boom/bust created by the manipulation of the money supply and the FED discount rate
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on December 26, 2015
This book explains why our Country's economy has gone to the pits and why there is so much conflict and struggle throughout the world as well. It's an excellent starting point for those who really want to understand why the United States has gone through so much economic upheavals in the past century.
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