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on October 17, 2017
I really enjoyed reading this series although Erikson's universe of places, players, etc, is so vast that he wasn't able to wrap up all the myriad of story lines and he warns the reader of this fact in a written statement at the beginning of book 9 (or 10). Reading the series, there were times when I thought certain things to be chronologically out of order. At least two of the books could have been released before instead of after the one I had just read. It still worked well enough to have me read the whole series, whereas, I almost gave up on Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series somewhere in the middle bc I got so bored. Tg I didn't bc the last few were so excellent thanks to Brandon Sanderson. Anyway, Erikson was commissioned to write 9 for under 1 million Euros, I read somewhere. I believe they sure got their money's worth out of him...
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on September 4, 2017
I find this last book in Steven Erikson's malazan book of the fallen top slow pace. What do I mean by that? Well about 700 pages og this book is mainly about walking, whining, thirst and philisophy while the remaining pages are awesome. However I got less answers than I expected which, for me, kinda destroyed the total reading experience of the entire series. It's still worth reading all ten books but keep this in mind... 3.5 stars for this book and 4/5 for this series Because the crippled god didn't finish off the series as I would like. I would recommend that you alsl read Esselmonts books (like malazan novels and Dancer's Lament) by the way! I find Esselmont writing more intersting ( faster pace, less whining and less philosophy) and the stories is still very good!
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on November 25, 2017
This tale has been such a good friend for many weeks now. At its heart is the soldier who fights not for things but for life, for love of family and friends and for innocence. For me it speaks of my father, a marine veteran of the WWII pacific theater, whose greatest joy was to be immersed in the warmth of his family. I look around and find these Malazan marines among us now. I know that my freedom to seek happiness has been paid by them with the sharpest coin. I will always stand for them; I have nothing else worthy to offer.
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Top Contributor: Cookingon December 19, 2012
This final book does give more meaning and closure to the 'Book of the Fallen'. Clearly, a must read for all who have enjoyed the previous books; but, dang - this thing took me months to get through?! The last hundred pages went quick; but, the first 800 were like walking for weeks through an endless desert with no water or possible hope of an end to ones suffering. Oh yeah, that is exactly what happened in those 800 pages. You can't help but appreciate the Soldier's nobility that Erikson does so well throughout this series... especially, in this last one.
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on March 14, 2014
The Crippled God only confirmed my belief that Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen is the best series I've ever read. I was engaged from page 1, unlike most of the other 9 books which started slowly. The Crippled God is intended to be the 2nd half of the final volume, starting with Dust of Dreams. The only thing I can honestly say I didn't like was that it's the last book of the 10-book sequence! Made me said to think that my time in the world of the Malazans was coming to an end--until I remembered I still had Esslemont's books to go, as well as the Kharkanas trilogy. Most of Erikson's books have taken me 2-4 weeks to read (Toll the Hounds, I'm looking at you), but I flew through The Cripples God in about 4 days! I couldn't put it down! Great finish to the series, I could not recommend it more!!
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on April 26, 2013
I really struggled with the Malazan Book of the Fallen. It has taken me years to get through all the books, sometimes feeling like I wanted to abandon this dense, hard to penetrate series of brick-like books. And yet, finishing Book 10, I am astonished. Against all odds, this book completely blew me away. The author is a master. With a single image, or a phrase, he was able to vividly evoke a memory or scene from a previous book. It would strike with the force of a real memory, complete with the context, the emotions, the visceral feeling of the scene. This happened to me again and again reading this book, as plot threads found their conclusion, characters re-entered the story, and this incredible series finally drew to a close. More than half the book was absolutely riveting. It echoed the incredible battle scenes from the best books earlier in the series and then surpassed them. I found myself feeling emotional, sentimental, shocked. Par for the course for readers of Steven Erikson, but somehow it was amplified in this last book. I felt relief at finishing this monumental work, and actually a little sad that it was all done. Finally, I realize now that the author wasn't just being cruel to us, keeping things obscure and mysterious: he was actually holding our hand the whole time. The entire story is so complex, the world so strange and alien, that he was just feeding us a little at a time until we were ready for this, the final resolution. The book, and the series, are a triumph.
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on February 16, 2014
(I'm going to write one blurb and paste it for each of these books that I have purchased through amazon)
I purchased the entire 10 book set in paperback after reading them all on kindle, and as many audio books as I could find to buy.
I also have 3 or 4 of the side novels in kindle/audio format also.
This story has pushed aside the Shanarra saga to become my favorite.
They remind me of the feeling of the first few Shannara novels, lord of the rings, Game of Thrones.
They are vast adventures spanning time and worlds with great characters and stories.
The writing is very good I think (as someone who has read hundreds of fantasy novels and thousands of other books)
Do note that these are for adults. Some of the books are pretty heavy with graphic violence and rape as well as sex and adult language. I'd suggest reading each book before deciding if they are appropriate for you teenager/young adult.
All of it feels correct for the story but I'd thought I should mention it.
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on May 26, 2011
Same comments as many above: Love the whole series, Maps inadequate but helpful at times, Erikson needed an editor for the last few books, story hard to follow at times, etc. We all know the drill. Same goes for me too.

As for the Crippled God, this last book was almost painful until you hit page 600. Then everything comes together and things start happening. Unfortunately, you have to read the first 600 pages to understand the ending.

Good ending, epic battles, good twists and turns, lots of Gods and characters crying, left some things unresolved, like it would be in real life. CG helped make sense of the whole series. The whole secondary story in the Tiste Andii city would have been better as a separate story. Had little to do with stuff on Burn's sleep world main story.

Expect tons of commentary of the meaningless of life, of self interest of the "gods", of arbitrary rules and the lack of purpose behind various systems of belief. Not sure if this is Erikson's personal belief system or something he adds in to give realism to the hopelessness of the situation. These internal diatribes go on and on and on. Got old really fast.

Other wise, after page 600-ish, got really fun. Before 600 or so, felt like I was walking through the glass desert myself.
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on January 1, 2014
I loved the book & the series. This book answered many questions and brought to a close many story lines. There were many surprising twists. I could never really anticipate correctly where erikson was going with the story. There many actors within the story i thought I would hate but later I found them to have attributes I admired. iI found the worlds, people & cultures erikson created to be very interesting - each having unique characteristics.

I relied upon the malazan wiki to help me keep track of actors, races, magic and events as I went through the series. Without the wiki I probably would have abandoned the series.

There were parts I found less interesting, I am rarely interested in reading these events, such as the battle scenes which I skimmed.

This is an adult fantasy which requires thought to get through and I do not classify it as an easy/quick read but for those who make through to the end they are rewarded
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on February 25, 2014
If you've read all nine of the previous books in the Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erkison, you should know by now the running theme: "Convergence". Every book in the series is a pot boiler that builds up to a final convergence where Gods and Mortals show up by the score and battle to the death. Well, in The Crippled God Erikson manages to take parts of every single previous convergence in the series and bring them all together in spectacular fashion for one final end of the world war party.

And it's a hell of a ride. The worst part of The Crippled God is turning the final page and having to say good by to some of the best characters in fantasy to date and a world so rich and deep I never wanted it to end.

A definite must buy for any fans of the series.
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