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on April 8, 2014
I purchased The Cult of Common Core this morning and read the first couple of chapters. I had to read a few passages out loud to my husband because they were so damning of the Common Core Standards.

I have carefully followed this story for the past couple years and have written quite a bit about it on my blog.

This week in the media I sense a real terror brewing as various states are being pummeled by anti common core activists in their locales. Here in Utah the teachers have been threatened with huge fines if they attempt to disclose any details about the testing that is currently underway. And students across the country are also being threatened with huge fines if they disclose to anyone what was on the test. The increasing panic behind the threats makes me certain that the average American would be revolted if they knew what was on those tests. Brads disclosure in chapter one of his book that the test is not set up to assess student knowledge so much as to flag which teachers are problematic to the system makes it obvious that a brainwashing of the American School Child is underway in our country.

In chapter one he shares details about the three days he spent in Chicago in March of 2013 after being asked by the Arizona Department of Education to fly out and work on the PARCC test.

"After the first of three days working on the Common Core test things just did not seem right.

...My Common Core handlers' demeanor caused me to become suspicious that there was something else going on and things were not quite as they seemed.

...In answer to questions I had about a student writing sample, my Common Core handler blurted out, "We don't ever care what the kids opinions are. If they write what they think or put forth their opinion then they will fail the test."

...I have always taught my students to think for themselves. They are to study multiple views on a given topic, then take their own position and support it with evidence. "That is the old way of writing, "my common core handler sighed. "We want students to repeat the opinions of the 'experts' that we expose them to on the test. This is the "new" way of writing the Common Core."

I discovered later that this was not just some irritated, rogue Common Core handler, rather this was a philosophy I heard repeated again and again. I pointed out that this was not the way that teachers teach in the classroom. She retorted that, "We expect that when the test comes out the teachers in the classroom will imitate the skills emphasized on the test (teach to the test) and employ this new way of writing and thinking."

I began to feel sick. What had I gotten myself into? This new way of thinking was to make our students into little brainwashed automatons that will just spew back a position on any topic given to them? Was I unwittingly playing a part in this scheme? Would other teachers really teach this "new" Common Core way?

They I remembered that the Common Core method of evaluating teacher effectiveness ties teacher pay and teacher evaluations to student test scores. The new data systems under Common Core would enable central command to see what you are teaching in the classroom with online lesson plans, grade books, student grades, online textbooks and test scores. You bet your ass many teachers will adjust their teaching."

I believe politicians should guarantee complete immunity for any teacher from loss of job, fines, and/or harassment who has the courage to speak out about what is happening in their classroom! Taxpayers have the right to know what sort of nonsense is being done with our money. I would also encourage any student, parents, and/or teacher who comes across anything problematic with a textbook, test question, homework assignment, or fuzzy math problem to go ahead and take a photo of it and upload it to the internet for everyone to see.

I have zeroed in on math on my blog and the various examples of math nonsense have been revolting to see: [...]

Thanks Brad for writing such a great expose', I look forward to finishing the book this week.

Jenny Hatch
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on May 8, 2014
Brad McQueen, a school teacher in Arizona, was sufficiently well-behaved to be invited to work on the Common Core assessments in Chicago. That's how he came to know the beast from the inside.

Little by little, he heard parents complaining about the burden of Common Core, the irrational homework, the frustration of the kids, the pathetic fact that children were not learning more math but less math. He saw that the main opposition to Common Core was coming from ordinary parents, especially the mothers. Their example inspired him to join their cause.

Once radicalized, McQueen started making speeches and working on a book, recently published with the title "The Cult of Common Core: Obama's Final Solution for Your Child's Mind and Our Country's Exceptionalism."

McQueen is unapologetically hostile to this hostile takeover of American education. He is optimistic that the Cult can be defeated.

There are 75 pages of text and 25 pages of key names and groups (i.e., the guilty). In short, the book contains everything you need to understand why Common Core is bad and should be entirely repealed, and how we can accomplish that.

I would recommend that everyone who is fighting Common Core buy a few extra copies and pass them around. I've been writing articles against Common Core for five years. Every time I think I know how bad it really is, I learn some more horror stories, as I did in this book.

McQueen writes boldly and bravely. Here are a few quotes I particularly like:

"America is one of the most racially and religiously diverse nations in the world. The decentralized nature of our state education systems better respects our diversity and breeds originality and individualism, the exact opposite of the centralized, one-size-fits-all, homogenized national Common Core model. Homogenized, orderly nations don't save the world from tyrants; they breed tyrants that America has to save the world from."

"President Obama, who never met a current event he didn't like to interject himself into, is publicly mute about the Common Core. Privately he is its key proponent." [Obama and his Chicago buddies Bill Ayers, Arne Duncan and David Coleman are the creators of this social-engineering monstrosity.]

"So to make kids `college and career ready' they want to lower the bar to college, not raise the bar of achievement. These Common Core people in their contradictions are like viruses continually mutating and replicating as they spread their infection."

"I have gotten to know a very different Bill Gates as I dug into the cult of Common Core. Now I see him as that creepy old man sitting alone at the edge of the playground with his hands in his pockets asking kids if they want some Common Core candy."

" too shall we defeat this leviathan called the Common Core. It is a very American story and I have a feeling that it will be written by a coalition of Mama Grizzlies and Bad-ass Mothers!"

QED: all the politicians who promoted this thing should be voted out of political office.
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on April 21, 2014
This book puts all the pieces together. It is the complete picture of the making of Common Core and why it must be stopped. I was so inspired by how well the author took all the bits and pieces of research ( most of which I had already discovered) and put them together so cohesively. As a retired teacher, I can testify to many of his experiences in this book. I plan to buy several copies and hand them to my local school board.
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on March 19, 2015
This is a simple, basic book to give you an overview of some of the issues and concerns with this scam known as common core! I learned some things I had not heard before in my quest to find out why our federal government would "incentivize" this program to individual governors to sign on to such a horrendous joke!

If your state is using common core it is time to educate yourself on this! I am appauled that more American parents are not DEMANDING that this systematic dumbing down is stopped! They are teaching kids math that is illogical and emotional! Kids need to understand the "relationships" the numbers have! Are you kidding me? And 2nd graders are being taught to misspell words! I'm not kidding! Kids are taught to be good little obedient citizens and look out for the "greater good" (communism anyone?) yet this program has been sold to us as a way to encourage creative thinking and individual learning when in reality it does the opposite and aims to teach our kids to follow along and be like everyone else.

Did you also know a big component of common core is data mining? Tons of personal info on your child and your whole family is kept. This includes things like your religion and if you own guns! Now why does the federal government want to know this about me? And why should I allow it?

Common core is such a disgrace that I refuse to subject my kids to the dumbing down and undoctrination and am paying for private school that doesn't use common core! I feel awful for the families who are unable to do the same so I speak out and am trying. To get it repealed in my state. Thanks bill gates!

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know. Bill gates is also behind world wide vaccination campaigns under the guise of saving the worlds children, however over 47,000 children in india became paralyzed after being injected with a live virus polio vaccine that was not allowed to be used here because it was causing polio like paralysis! So instead of destroying it, he thinks its ok to inject indias kids with it!

Also a bill gates tetnus campain in Kenya for only child bearing aged women (how odd) was causing massive miscarraiges and infertility! The doctors administering the vaccines sent some off for testing at an independent lab which found a human hormone had been added to the tetnus vaccines that just happens to cause miscarraige and infertility! Guess you never heard about this on the mainstream news! This information is available in the media in other countries, but for some reason our media never informed us!

It is time that we move beyond waiting for controlled information to be spoon fed to us and seek out the truth for ourselves! This book is a good start and now I intend to pass it along to help wake others up!
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on July 30, 2014
I have recommended this book to many of my colleagues (I am an educator in his 4th decade of public school teaching). Politics makes strange bedfellows. It is obvious to me that Mr. McQueen and I have very different political views. Obvious because Mr. McQueen makes his political views very obvious throughout the book. McQueen and Glenn Beck are anti-Obama, anti-Common Core polemicists who both do a lot to alienate progressives from the left. But despite that, I find myself on the same side as they are on this issue. And so I can and have recommended this book as a quick study into some of the most troubling aspects of the push for (and the burgeoning push back against) the Common Core. This book is part of the arsenal in arguing against this despicable (and unconstitutional) movement in public education. Though his focus on Obama/Duncan is obsessive and misleading (the movement started with a Nation At Risk in the Reagan years, and burgeoned in Texas and went nationwide with Bush II and his No Child Left Behind), he still presents enough important talking points, in a short and direct writing style, that I think this book is an important addition to the literature. I would just recommend you read "Test and Punish" by John Kuhn to understand the underlying politics and real history behind the movement, because you will NOT end your reading of this book with the real story on that.
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on August 4, 2014
The author was a Common Core insider and a public school teacher so he knows the subject well. He explains it clearly so no reader will come away with any allusions. Common Core is a one-size-fits-all standardization of teaching that was dawn up in a secret group of textbook publishers and testing companies who actually now have copyright on the program. They were assembled by the National Governors Association with funds from the federal government and pushed on the states along with subsidies that most governors couldn't resist. The tests are set up to find out what the students don't know so many fail and the testing company gains more revenue for retesting. The Common Core proponents advertise that their standards are more rigorous than the states but many states present standards are higher some much higher --but Common Core is different in many odd ways that confound teachers. This short book is full of interesting facts and some humor and even sarcasm. The appendices list the members of the development group and also lists who and where the money comes from and the dollar amounts. Parents need to be aware of just how detrimental this program is to learning.
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on December 14, 2014
Concise, well written book - written by a teacher that was actually invited (twice) to be a part of the creation of Common Core. Provides excellent insight into the actual purpose of Common Core, which has nothing to do with education and more to do with dumbing-down our children, and indoctrinating them with false and incomplete historical facts, all the while actually being a facade for an incredibly invasive data mining and data collection operation. The collection of over 400 pieces of very private information starts when the children are very young (pre-school) and continues through their adulthood. Bill Gates and many others have invested billions to create this facade to collect this very private information because once they have it they will make many billions more by selling it, and in the mean time they'll make billions every year by being the only source for the "new" text books and the "new" Common Core tests. Common Core is very evil! Fight it with all your might.
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on April 10, 2016
I had only heard snippets as to why Common Core isn't what it's professed to be. In a very short and fast read, Mr. McQueen shares experiential information about what is clearly bad news for families and children's education in America. A word of warning. Reading this book could lead to home schooling your kids.
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on December 30, 2014
I let me mom read this book. She is a retired teacher. She liked it so much she had me buy 2 more copies so she could give them to friends and family that are still teaching. If you have blinders on, this book will probably offend you. If you think somethings isn't right about common core, this book will confirm your worst fears.
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on May 15, 2014
This is required reading for every person concerned about the direction this country is heading. If we lose our children, we lose America, and Common Core is designed to do just that, steal the minds of our children. We cannot afford to sit by and let this happen. I have seen a lot of "interesting" educational programs come and go during 40 years in the classroom, but this is the first one that actually scares me.
I bought the Kindle edition of this book, but now I am ordering hard copies to share with my friends and co-workers. Common Core has to be stopped NOW, and this book gives you the ammunition/facts that you will need for the fight.
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